: Looking for performance items for the Northstar

03-20-04, 09:52 PM
Who makes performance items for the Northstar?

Also, I put the 2001 STS on the Dyno today and I found out it is speed limited at 130 mph. How can I change that?


- Ray

03-20-04, 10:10 PM
I would guess your car came with Michelin H-rated tires when it was new? In that sense, you're lucky the limiter is in the 130's. Only STS's with the optional W-rated Goodyear RS-A's have the 155mph limiter. I've heard you can have your cars PCM programmed with the program for a VIN of a car with all your options plus the W-rated tires, but I don't know if that's really true or practical.

Performance options can be had from Corsa (highly recommend) or from places listed as sponsors like RSM or Domestic Performance.

03-21-04, 12:06 AM
Thanks Aurora40.

I've looked at the RSM site. I was hoping for more of a bolt on mod. I really do not want to swap out the heads. Actually, I was hoping for a supercharger or something along that line.

I have looked at the Corsa Exhaust. It's really nice but the price. Is it worth that kind of money??

As for the tires.... mine came with Eagle LS tires. For the most part... they suck. I have some new tires on order. I do know what you mean about the speed rating needing to be high enough. However, it's kind of depressing when the car is being dyno tested (and just for kicks) the guy askes if I want anything special. I ask him to do a top speed run and the car shuts down. I knowI am not likely to hit 130 on the road, but the car had way more power to offer. I just wanted it to be able to perform at it's fullest potential. To bad hypertech or someone like that doesn't make a powerprogrammer for these cars. All I want to do is kick up the speed limiter.

As for running a W rated tire on the car. I think the car is too heavy for those and the weight of the car would cause premature wear.

03-21-04, 12:27 AM
As for running a W rated tire on the car. I think the car is too heavy for those and the weight of the car would cause premature wear.

The factory installed Z rated tires regularily if they were ordered as an option....and they don't wear prematurely or anything....

If you want to bump the speed limiter up you should go with the higher speed rated tires. That is really exactly why there is a speed limiter in the system....so that people will not run the car faster than the tire speed rating.

03-21-04, 02:56 PM
Like bbobynski said, you definitely don't want a speed limiting that the tires can't support. Even for a quick burst on the dyno you are taking a risk. If a tire blows up at 130mph, what do you think will happen to your car? The load on the tires on a dyno isn't really any different than the load when you are on the road.

Your car could definitely run with higher speed-rated tires. You just need one that has an adequate load rating for your car, preferably one that has the same load rating as the original tires (which I would guess were not Eagle LS's). You should definitely get at least an H-rated tire currently since your car will run up to 130+mph.

As for the Corsa, I guess it depends on what you consider worth it. It's $1000. It was worth every penny to me. I believe they dynoed a 2000+ STS with it and showed a 22hp gain at the wheels. So, 20hp for $1000, with something that has zero downside, and I think that's pretty good. There will be no driveability problems or concerns on hot days in traffic or worse fuel economy or anything like that. Just a much more attractive rear end, a heavenly sound when you get on the gas, a noticeable jump in the power, and $1000 less in your bank account. It is also a GM Officially Licensed Product.

03-21-04, 03:09 PM
Also, have you considered like a K&N drop-in panel filter? Or constructing some kind of CAI? I recall someone on the old GMForums or maybe on caddyinfo constructed a pipe from in front of the radiator or something over to the airbox to bring in cooler air. I'm also considering wrapping my airbox in Reflectix. The airbox sits right over the tranny, and after the car has been running a bit, the airbox can be very hot to the touch. I realize that plastic might not transfer a lot of heat to the air inside, but I figure every little bit helps. Besides, it's cheap (like $20 for a roll) and hardly weighs anything. So I can't see how it would hurt.

I'm not sure I'd consider a supercharger just a bolt-on mod... You could also check out chrfab.com as they do headwork and cam work for the Northstar, though this also is not bolt-on.