: In Praise of Lindsey

03-01-07, 08:18 PM
Geez,where do I start.Took the car to the dealer for upper diff mount,bleed clutch(maybe)(check out clutch in general),and install a new armrest and check out the left motor mount,took the day off work an all.Service guy is and always has been cool as hell,none of my bolt-ons bother him at all.I was told car would be in half a day or so he thought,way wrong!After 6 hours I head in the shop and see the V still on the lift,ask him and he says don't know where he's at on your car,go in and ask him yourself(cool!)Well after 10 seconds i realized he had been looking in the wrong places,asks me if the car has always clunked this bad(NO)have you replaced the mount?AHHHHH,look at this,he points to the rear cradle bushings and is tightening the bolt with an impact wrench,I look at my feet and the f'n bottom of the cradle bushing is on the floor,I hand it to him and say,you think this goes there!!!!!!He reinstalls with all the pieces as I watch.I then ask to borrow his flashlight and show him where the diff mount is located,he says we'll need to get one of those(no shit)!I am realy freaking out about this,I discussed this with my guy and he's aware of the mechanics abilities or lack of,and it's not my service guys fault IMO.Service guys are boil suckers for the most part dealing with every dickhead that walks through the door.So for now i'm home in my brand new DTS rental not knowing if my cars going to be done tomorrow or next week.This might be my last dealer visit guys,i'll send pics of my car to James or take a road trip.This tech is totally clueless(his tool box is ghetto too)but I realize people have to learn on their own.We are very fortunate here to have such a wealth of knowledge that ordinary joes don't have,even when they work at the dealer.My e-mail to my service guy included,
Torque specs
Lube cradle bushings
check alignment when done

I will add more when I visit with him tomorrow

Ok,give me pitty

Here a pic of me at the dealer,i'm on bottom

03-01-07, 08:44 PM
it happens every day i bet each shop has a one good guy who's knows whats going on and the other five that work on cars don't know what the f*** there doing..... My great Dealer which was Alpine Motors is closed for which i don't know why and now i have to go to Kristal which is the worst from which i heard in Brooklyn. but iYou have to always watch them like animals.

Ak Jim
03-02-07, 01:59 AM
I like that you can call them for parts and they know exactly what you need.

03-02-07, 09:38 AM
Oh, my bp just went up 50 thinking of my last dealer experience.

Them: "Sir its normal for these types of cars to make loud creaking noises at the slightest movement"

Me: "Thats BS, I've driven the car for 4K miles with no noise now its starts?"

Them: "Sir the mechanic took me out and we verified this in other CTS's"

Me: "Let me bring back my loaner CTS so I can show you its not normal"

Me: "Your mechanics are the most poorly trained incompetents I've ever seen"

Them: "Sir those men back there are my friends and colleagues"

Me: "Your friends are idiots"

Them: "Sir what do you want us to do"

Me: "Tell them to grease the rear cradle bushings"

Them: "Ok sir, I'll see what they say"

Next day

Them: "We fixed the creaking sound"

Me: "Great what did you do"

Them: "We lubed the rear cradle and differential"

Me: "I told you so, what happened to normal for these cars?"

Them: "Sir, I meant the noise would return anyway"

Me: "Great, we can have all this fun again. I'll bring it back when it does"

03-02-07, 10:20 PM
Well ,the cars home and never going back to that dealer.They did get my upper diff bush installed,the clutch feels great and holds tight,the clunk is gone for now and shes not hopping around as bad.I will now put the car on blocks and begin the process of checking cradle bolt torques and such.

They did not fix my armrest(wtf?)
They did not bleed my clutch fluid
They did not tell me if I have a bad motor mount or not
I picked the car up with a CEL on (wtf)
They didn't wash their ****ing finger prints off the car!
They claimed they did a 4 wheel alignment(we'll see) i'll check that fact out next week.

03-02-07, 10:26 PM
RP, you need a drink. :alchi:

03-02-07, 10:34 PM
RP, you need a drink. :alchi:

03-03-07, 12:29 PM

Wishful thinking on ur part. Everyone knows I'm stalking Law5. :alchi:

03-03-07, 04:17 PM
Sorry to hear about your troubles.
How far are you from Springfield MO?
I might be able to hook you up with a tech that works at Thompson Cadillac there.

03-03-07, 06:04 PM
Sorry to hear about your troubles.
How far are you from Springfield MO?
I might be able to hook you up with a tech that works at Thompson Cadillac there.
I'm half way close,the big issue was the upper diff mount,all the rubber was gone,arm rest no biggie,i want the reg cts armrest, I just want caddy to replace this one out of spite.The clutch fluid is doable at home,as a matter of fact I intend to go a different flywheel clutch combo anyway soon.The motor mount(YUCK!)I don't want to change it but o-well it's doable at home too.The cel was prob caused by killing the car in their lot,a 300 code spark issue,no problemo.

I'll call my guy or e him and see where the arm rest is at and probably do a road trip to you guys before my warrantie expires.

I have a really good car(I got lucky)Thanks for the offer