: Review of "Dyno-Proven GM LS1 thru LS7 Performance Parts" by Richard Holdener

03-01-07, 05:23 PM
This book is just out. Amazon sells it. It contains 135 comparative dyno tests of many combinations. It is a good read with lots of useful information. Testing took place at Westec in Ontario (I think), CA. Westec Dyno Facility is used by many magazines. I sat in on one of their test sessions ten years ago. They are quick and through. At the test session I was at they acted solely as dyno operators. There clients were dictating tuning specs.
It is useful to know that Westec is somewhat "affliated" with Comp Cams; and, understandably, Comp Cams are somewhat featured in comparison tests.
While the title says it includes LS7 tests, there is but one test of the LS7, a comperison test between stock ZO6 exhaust and Borla exhaust.
Nevertheless, the information contained is very useful to anyone considering modifications, and I recommend it.

03-01-07, 10:25 PM
:thumbsup: Thanks for the review!