: Is there any loophole anyone has found to take the V to a regular dealer? like chevy?

02-28-07, 09:32 PM
as the topic says..has anyone found a loophole in GM warranty that will let me take my car to another dealer besides a cadillac dealer..all the damn cars are the same; nothing but big legos, you can take a pontiac to a buick dealer and a hummer to a chevy dealer...why cant you take a caddy to a pontiac dealer?? The caddy dealer close to my house always fuks things up and I refuse to drive 50+miles for minor warranty work...the dealership I used to work for is close to my house and actually employs knowledgable techs most of which are my friends that would be happy to work on my car...but warranty wont pay....is there anything I can do? or am I alone in my quest for a competent dealer?

02-28-07, 10:42 PM
have taken the V to chevy for a few things, as they have done work on the LS6 before. They have always been upfront about not being warranty, but I didnt go there for wty service.


03-01-07, 12:00 AM
You could move here to Canada. Here Cadillacs are sold and serviced by Chev dealers.

03-01-07, 04:20 AM
As far as warranty work goes, I was told by GM that the only way that a GM badged dealership is authorized to do warranty work on a brand that said dealership does not sell is when there is no brand dealership available. Case in point would be on a road trip and having issues and the only dealership in the local small town is a Chevrolet dealership.

On another note, I tried to PAY a Pontiac dealership to change a leaking fuel filter on my ZO6 but they had a policy not to touch Corvettes so you are faced with dealer discretions. My selling dealership was booked up on the Friday before Memorial Weekend but I did get the Cadillac dealership to do the work.

03-01-07, 07:36 AM
It is up to the dealer or the AVM.
It comes down to how well the techs are trained really.
GM allows us to work on anything. The training is all combined now so they train us on systems and components accross carlines. About 15 years ago we had product specific training, but now it is all the same.

We have the power to do "crossline" warranty repairs but if the service manager doesn't want to get involved he/she can absolutely not agree to do it.
I have had the benefit of working for multiple GM franchises so there isn't much I haven't done, except of course on some of the newer stuff that is not Cadillac. You could try having a heart to heart with the Service Manager and tell him you want to bring him your business, but I am sure it will depend on what kind of work you want done.
There is no real reason that a Chevy store couldn't do work on your Cadillac.
There are of course reasons GM wants you to take your Cadi to a Cadi store. Parts is the biggest one.

That Pontiac dealer that refused to do customer pay work on a Corvette is probably out of business with practices like that.

Poopie D
03-01-07, 08:48 AM
You could move here to Canada. Here Cadillacs are sold and serviced by Chev dealers.

Not in BC...only pontiac dealers. The chev dealer wouldn't even let me book an appt

03-01-07, 09:26 AM
CP I understand...they'll take a ferrari if they think they can handle it...but ok, Ill check with the service manager over there might be able to make it work...thanks guys.