: Great just what GM needs...

02-28-07, 07:50 PM
Cars with declining reliability:
Cadillac STS
Dodge Magnum
Ford Mustang (V8)
Mazda RX-8
Volvo S40
Source: Consumer Reports

Great, this is just what they need...

MB is doing even worse!


02-28-07, 07:56 PM
Greetings SYROB,

Yes, I subscribe to CR and saw this earlier.


02-28-07, 09:23 PM
I hate Consumer Reports. They are so biased that it is pathetic. They recommend anything foreign and hate anything domestic.

02-28-07, 10:15 PM
i have seen that in the past. they love their toyota avalon as its one of the most unrealiable toyotas and say its a best buy. they are soo dumb they should know the quality gap between jap and american cars is quickly diminishing.

03-01-07, 02:47 PM
Great... I own two on the list!

03-01-07, 04:03 PM
Someone from CR has chimed in in the comments area at Autoblog and posted the following:

I have to wade in, if only to address some errors in the list of comments. I work at CR and spent some time talking with Alex yesterday.

Here are some reasons for what people see as issues:

1) The new MDX has not been tested yet. Therefore it can't be recommended or a Top Pick.

2) A full-size pickup truck test with the Silverado, Tundra, Durango, Titan, and F-150 (including HD versions for the domestics) has not been started. Not all of the vehicles have been purchased. Therefore, no Top Pick.

3) The GTI is not recommended because it does not have sufficient reliability data. It scored very well in our testing. But without reliability data, it can't be recommended.

So what they're really saying here is: We're quite prepared to publish a report on what we think are the best cars in every category without testing a proper variety of options in every category. It's OK to stack the numbers and provide an unlevel playing field and it's OK to put it to print despite the fact that worthy competitors in each field may be disadvantaged by NOT EVEN BEING COUNTED.

03-02-07, 02:18 AM
CR actually is useful for picking up doggy doodoo, much better than newspaper because its thicker.

03-02-07, 06:39 PM
CR actually is useful for picking up doggy doodoo, much better than newspaper because its thicker.

I've found CR to be extremely balanced overall. They've had a few (public) missteps, but the only times I've been angry with a CR review is when they rate something I own lower than something I don't.

I think their rating of the STS is pretty accurate, based on my experiences. I had a 7-series a few years ago as well and I was glad to see it was still in the "unreliable" category.

But just because a car is unreliable doesn't mean it isn't fun to drive! :)

03-03-07, 06:09 PM
My guess is that CR doesn't weigh the gravity of the complaints. So the sludge problem of the 3L V6 Toyota engines that causes a total blow up of the engines (as elaborately reported recently in the Wall Street Journal) gets an equal minus as a one time malfunctioning of a sunroof. (The only problem I had with my Mercedes in years.)
I only drive German and American cars. Why?.... I lived in Europe many years. My folly was to buy 2 Japanese cars. I had a Honda Accord and a Toyota Camry. I had the Honda too brief to really comment on the durability, other than that it spent more time in the workshop under all kind of warranty repairs than with me behind the wheel. The Camry, under European driving condition (FAST autobahn speeds !!!!) was a total clunker after 90,000 mls. So much for their famed durability. When people ask me why I never consider a Japanese car, my answer is that I suffered enough.
I now drive an STS which resembles the E-class I drove before. The new E-class was too "toyotized" in its chassis tuning for my taste. Still a great platform (in comparison to the mediocre, flexing, Lexus/Toyota platforms) but to floaty for me.
So I say to all CR believers, go ahead and buy their recommendations and suffer at your own detritus.