View Full Version : Pictures 07 with mesh grille & Zinik 20s

Tom Wheeler
02-28-07, 05:08 PM
I now have 20" Zinik wheels with Toyo Proxy 4 tires and B&G mesh grille on my new 07 SRX. I took these photos today, very gray out so they are not as great as I would like them. But in any case I like the new look and the ride as far as compared to the stock 17's is not a problem. I can tell the 255-50x20 on all fours improves the handling.
I hope my first attemp to upload images to this forum works out....


02-28-07, 06:09 PM
The Zinik wheels and grille look great! Enjoy your bad-ass ride.

02-28-07, 06:17 PM
love it!

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c5 rv
02-28-07, 07:10 PM
Why would anyone want their SRX looking that great? Think of all the pride and unsolicited compliments. Look what you've gone and done. Keep up the good work!

02-28-07, 07:19 PM
That SRX looks hot. :thumbsup:

Northern SRX
02-28-07, 08:04 PM
Puts mine to shame. That is one hot looking ride! Way to go!

02-28-07, 11:19 PM
Nice mods! Makes the vehicle look great!:thumbsup:

03-01-07, 05:31 AM
jiggy!!!!!!!!(very nice)

03-01-07, 09:54 AM
simply awesome,
Don't let em give you any crap about voiding the warranty!

Tom Wheeler
03-01-07, 10:43 AM
First, thanks for the comments. Before I did any changes I checked with the dealer, they said no problem, as a matter of fact they installed the grille. The overall wheel diameter and offset is the same as the new 20" OEM sport package, so everything is cool with GM as far as that goes.


03-01-07, 12:40 PM
Stunning - absolutely stunning!

03-01-07, 05:20 PM

I have a redline 05, and have been toying with installing a mesh grille. The gray plastic irritates me every time I look at it. Just have to convince the wife.

03-01-07, 10:25 PM
looks good but if it was mine id wrap those rims up in some 20 inch vogues

03-04-07, 01:36 AM
for some reason i thought i posted in this thread:confused:

good time to add this:nothing2add:

03-04-07, 08:26 AM
Tom, If i might ask. Did the dealer charge you an arm & a leg, or just an arm to install the grille? Considering a B & G grille myself.

Tom Wheeler
03-04-07, 03:42 PM
Crestwood Cadilac in Rochester charged about $100 to install. I watched them do to the install, even though it is somewhat simple, I'm glad they did it and not me. They have an outside vendor that comes in and that's all he does for many Detroit area dealers both Cadillac and other makes as well. He knew what to do and it took him only about 45 min.

03-06-07, 07:27 AM
Thanks Tom.............good 2 know

Dave SRX
03-06-07, 09:41 PM

Great looking SRX. Recently purchased an '06 SRX & looking for iteas to dress it up. One ? you say the grill is from B & G, I believe you mean E&G?.

I also checked your tire size & seems that 265/45/20 has very little speedo change, just over 1%. With the size you have you are out over 3% to slow. Have you done a speedo check?

As I said nice to see such a nice job on yours.


Tom Wheeler
03-07-07, 09:54 PM

Thanks for the comments...you are right the grille is from E & G.
As for the tires, Based on recomendations, I asked for 255-50x20 Proxy S/T's from my friend who runs a large local tire/wheel dealer. These are the same size that comes on the 07 SRX with the factory 20 inch package. And yes the overall diameter of these are 29.9" vs 29.1" for the factory 17 & 18" packages. So the speedo will be off by a little less than 3%, but the plus side is that the odometer will be reading a little less than 3% as well....<g>
I didn't realize it at first, but my tire dealer friend in an effort to use the same diameter tires put Proxy 4's instead of the S/T's, when I looked up details about the Proxy 4's I noticed that they are not available in 255-50x20, what he did was put 255-45x20's on because they have an overall diameter of 29.1", just like the stock 17-18" tires.
I'm on an extended biz trip down here in Atlanta for the past week, when I get back in town next week my tire buddy will be exchanging and putting the 255-50x20's Proxy S/T's on. Both the 4's and the S/T's are a great riding directional all season tire, but I think the 50 series will give me just a little bit better ride, plus the tread wear number for the S/T is 420 vs 300 for the 4's.


03-08-07, 10:42 AM
why toyo's, and how do you like them?


Tom Wheeler
03-08-07, 05:38 PM
Well, first there are not to many all season tires available in the 255x50-20 size, and like I mentioned in an earlier post I have a few friends in the tire biz and all of them stated that the Toyo's are about the best choice for the money. You could go with the Goodyear RS-A (OEM on the 20" package) but they are not that great. Wish the Goodyear Triple Treds came in this size, really like them on my last car. There is Dunlop Grandtrek ST8000's, Michelin Latitude Tour HP's and Pirelli Scorpion Zero's, these are all good tires, but cost much more and don't have any ride, performance or tread life advantage over the Toyo S/T's. As far as the Vouge Tires go, it's my understanding in taking to my tire dealer friends, that these are made by Goodyear and are really intended for Cadillac dealer resale, but you can get them from other sources as well. They also tend to be pricey, but don't know much about their performance.
As far as how I like them so far, I only drove them for two days before leaving on this biz trip. For the short time I drove them they didn't seam much different in ride quality than the OEM 17's, but of course they did handle better than the tall sidewall OEM's. I'm coming home this weekend and early next week the tire dealer will be swapping the current 255-45x20 Toyo Proxy 4's to 255-50x20 Toyo S/T's. I'll let you know if the 50 series S/T's make any difference over the 45's.

03-09-07, 09:07 AM
Why go with a 255/50-20 when 255/45-20 is much closer to factory size?

03-09-07, 02:19 PM
i have the 255's/45-20's. I put 20,000 miles on them, now just replaced them with the exact same because I like them so much. Which is also why I would wonder why you would want the 50's. I could have probably squeezed 5k more miles out of them, but a nail punctured the sidewall of one, and it was down to the wearbars on the corners. Also, i am in the middle of a 4 yr lease, so one way or another, i am buying two sets of tires, (and probably 4 sets of brakes!)

03-09-07, 04:10 PM

What tires do you have on your SRX?

03-09-07, 04:43 PM
i have the 255/45R 20's 105V M+S Toyo tires, on Zyoxx 20" rims. The tires were chosen because overall they are within 5% of the stock specs.

Tom Wheeler
03-09-07, 09:33 PM
The question as to why I want to change to the larger diameter 50 series tires over the 45 series tires that are in fact the same overall diameter as the OEM 17 & 18 tires was brought up. First I agree keeping the overall as close to the orginal diameter is important and makes good sense. I was also told by my tire dealer friends and the dealership that as long the diameters are within 3% there is no problem.
Now, the 255-50x20's that I want to change to are the same size as Cadillac uses if my 07 came with the 20 sport package. I figure they know what they are doing, and want to keep a little better ride quality with a bit more rubber on the sidewall than the 45 series tires would provide. The difference in diameter between the 45 series and the 50 series is only 2.74%, so yes my speedometer will be showing 2.74% more and the odometer 2.74% less than it would have with the 17, 18 or the 45 series 20" wheels. So if my speedo was dead nuts before the change, and indicated 70mph, with the 50 series tires I would really be doing 71.9 mph. I think I can handle the <2 mph difference. On the plus side, an indicated 36,000 miles on my odometer is really 36,986 miles, kind of like free miles....


Dave SRX
03-09-07, 11:58 PM
Tom-- MY further comment is that the GM programing of the ECM for the SRX with 20's maybe different than on the 17" model, so the tire size would have been adjusted within the programming.


Tom Wheeler
03-10-07, 01:18 PM

I would think you are correct in saying that GM would change the ECM programming for 20" package. That being said, the dealer service manager told me as long as the overall tire diameter is within 3%, it's not a big deal and not worth the expense or the possible problems of having the ECM reflashed.


02-11-12, 08:50 PM
Nice Ride.

Professor Wizard
02-15-12, 09:21 AM
That does look sweet!

It greatly improves the look from the front.

I have the sport grill, and like it enough that I'm thinking I'll not be changing it.