: How Much For The Stock Set Up?

02-28-07, 01:38 PM
My car has about 300 miles on it. I am thinking of selling the stock wheels and tires and was wondering what a realstic price was? They are brand new and have no scratches etc?:thumbsup:

02-28-07, 01:50 PM
We've been through this a few times and the only answer is...sell them one at a time as you'll do much better! Guys need them for spares but who really needs a set of 6 lug wheels other than a V owner? There are guys that will buy the set, like me, but for a real good price! Probably worth about $800 as a set and $1200+ with good tires (which yours are obviously even better than good) separately. As new as yours are, I may be a little low on the $$ but wait for some more feedback and good luck getting rid of them.

02-28-07, 02:10 PM

02-28-07, 02:16 PM
I'll barter ya some embzz...