: Weird clunk when shifting while stopped

02-28-07, 07:29 AM
Sometimes when I try to change gears while rolling or stopped and not giving it any gas I'll get a clunking sound when putting it into gear. Sounds like the engine or drive line moving, and its hard to get into gear. When this happens I can go back and forth between say 3rd and 4th gear and it will clunk every time. Its almost like the clutch isn't fully disengaged. Anyone else have this problem?

Note that this feels different then when I can't get into 1st at a light and have to go to 2nd then 1st (I do that out of habit now).

The Tony Show
02-28-07, 09:42 AM
Is your clutch pedal soft? If so, air in the lines, or bad slave cylinder.

If not, worn pressure plate or flywheel. It could also just be slop at the end of the shaft that attaches to the transmission. Your dealer should cover it under warranty.

02-28-07, 03:04 PM
I have the exact same problem. What do you mean soft?