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Benjamin Simon
02-27-07, 04:52 PM
How much should I offer?
I have found a private seller selling almost the car I want. To refresh, I am looking for a 2005 STS v8 1SG with ACC. I prefer white, but will take black or silver. They want $33.5K and it has 25K miles.

I have found a dealer that could do $29.7K out the door (plus tax) and certify it for $1K. It is 2005 STS v8 1SG with ACC. It is Silver and only has 15K.

I know they need to sell the car. But, they want $33.5kÖ I just donít think I should pay more for a car with more miles on it from a private seller. What would be fair? I was thinking $28K.

I know they think their car is worth a lot more, but it is worth what it is worth. My friend at the dealer expects the used lux wholesale market to get even softer. If I donít buy this car, no one will buy even close to the price they want.

02-27-07, 06:07 PM
... sounds like you answered your own question ...

Benjamin Simon
02-27-07, 06:14 PM
Yes, I suppose I did. I just wanted some reassurance.
I think these people are going to think I am some type of @$$hole, but I just cannot see paying so much for their car.

02-27-07, 08:43 PM
... I guess it all depends on what's more painful ... having someone you don't know thinking you are an a##hole or paying too much for a car ...

03-06-07, 07:24 PM
I hate to say but the trade in price or wholesale value on Galves for the one with 25,000 miles would be $24,500. The trade in value or Wholesale value for the one with 15,000 miles would be $25,550. So the dealer is asking right about the right amount and the private owner really loves that car. If the dealer would certify the car I think a good price to purchase would be between $27,000 and $27,500. The private owner isn't even in the game.

Benjamin Simon
03-06-07, 10:20 PM
Thanks for the info. I talked to the lady and she thought I was crazy... Her loss.

I am pulling the trigger this Friday from the dealer.
It is a Silver 2005 STS v8 1SG with ACC with 15K miles. It is precisely the car I was looking for. It turns out the dealer is not a CPO dealer, but the car was first purchased May of 2006, about 10 months ago. A few of the 05's I was looking at where either first purchased at least a year earlier. I suppose the CPO would be a wash.

I checked the service report at my local dealership. Only a seat trim piece replacement and software update.

I am paying $28.5K out the door plus tax. I think I got a fair deal. It took me months to find a 1SG with ACC close to the price I wanted. Sure I could find alot of base model V8s, but I only wanted the 1SG with ACC. I hope I did not get busted in the chops...

KBB is worthless. It says dealer retail in $41K+ Even NADA says the trade in value is $33K+ Why are this ridiculously inaccurate?

03-08-07, 01:28 PM
KBB is ridiculous most of the time. The ONLY TRUE indication of what a car is worth is via the auction data sheets. What a similar car was sold for at these auctions is the ONLY info one needs. It's too bad this info is not publically available. The dealers would be crying in their soup if it was.