: 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. 2012 V Sedan, Billy Boat or Borla
  2. Looking for more, I have the itch
  3. Fast Motorsports Still Around?
  4. Airaid problem
  5. E-85 How many people on it?
  6. What to do with the Hideous yellow Airaid logo?
  7. Blower Height
  8. QTP Cut-outs... 3-days later and I'm still grinning like an idiot
  9. Overheating at the track
  10. Throttle body port type
  11. Norcal question
  12. Any ideas on the set up ?
  13. Headers with warranty? Corsa sedan axle back on a wagon?
  14. Sideswipe CAI Deflector
  15. Can I change my Auto trans. to a full Manual trans on my V Sedan?
  16. Lower pulley question..
  17. Tuned + 9.0 LSA Boost pulley kit
  18. Good V tuner near San Jose, Ca
  19. My '09 Cad CTS-V:
  20. Best gear ratio differential for 1/4 mile
  21. SC Catch Can
  22. Cold Air Dam Intake System for Cadillac CTS-V
  23. Street-Strip drag radials
  24. What kind of results can I expect from a wait4meperformance tune?
  25. Creative Steel V2 Adjustable Short Shifter
  26. 2016 CTS-V auto Transmission in 2009 V possible?
  27. 1,216whp/1,078wtq CTS-V Dyno Video
  28. Horsepower upgrades
  29. High performance tire options
  30. Axle-back exhaust recommendations
  31. Best Deals on Exhaust @ MarylandSpeed- (Borla, Corsa, B&B, Kooks, Magnaflow, SW etc)
  32. Just Bought 2011 CTSV ... Known Issues? Fixes? Recalls?
  33. Billy Boat high flow catted pipes install
  34. Damn D3 Research & Design did it again
  35. Twin turbo kit for Gen 2 CTS-V
  36. Kooks Holiday Sale- 15% off + free coating stage 8 bolts - Beat the price increase!
  37. KPE OE Location Upgraded Heat Exchanger - Twice the cooling surface area!! On Sale.
  38. What CAI to buy ..and best price
  39. Rear End Issues
  40. Anyone know if a 19x12" Corvette wheel will fit on the Rear of a Coupe?
  41. Wanted: stock V2 s/c lid
  42. dyno tuning in Toronto
  43. What 60 ft times should I expect with NITTO NT05 305x35x19
  44. MarylandSpeed Black Friday through Cyber Monday - The Sale of all Sales is Here!
  45. BFGoodrich G-force Rival
  47. is an airaid okay to use in winter
  48. Palmer Performance Dash Logic now for CTS-V! Intro Price
  49. Methanol or methanol - water combination as a RWHP enhancer?
  50. Calling out D3 or customers that did D3 upgraded blowers
  51. For your reading pleasure:
  52. Ported throttle bodies
  53. Installed an Airaid CAI, and Borla Full Catback..Question on safety without a tune
  54. Looking to upgrade to drilled and slotted rotors on all four corners, help?
  55. Kansas City tuners?
  56. Just bought cts-v with mods
  57. Exhaust question
  58. Front sway bars
  59. No threads for installing rear tow eye!
  60. Dynoed car with current mods...injectors maxed out
  61. Picture of what you do to tires before replacing them
  62. Full Exhaust is Complete!
  63. E85
  64. Fastest CTS-V at the Texas Mile
  65. 750whp/715wtq - Finished up the first stage of my build on my '09 6MT
  66. Replace Rotors?
  67. Anybody running the 18x9.5" Enkei Raijin for track set-ups?
  68. Stainless Works Headers
  69. Magnaflow catback owners...impressions?
  70. Last upgrades going on next week
  71. cat back or axel back
  72. Another wheel question - TPMS sensors needed for track use?
  73. Polyurethane Driveshaft Carrier Unit
  74. Zr1 heads on LSA motor?
  75. wheel and tire question
  76. Front camber question
  77. SW Pink Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness
  78. Factory stock superchargers still available from either GM or Magnuson?
  79. Ported throttle body dyno results?
  80. new exhaust
  81. Coupe exhaust Q's (headers, midpipe, cutouts)
  82. Will a CTSV coupe OEM catback exhaust fit on a CTS 3.6L
  83. Pennzoil new synthetic
  84. Car is starting up funny
  85. Exhaust cutout concerns
  86. Stainlessworks or Borla?
  87. KPE Premier ANGLE TIP Loud Mouth Stainless Cat back $1895!!! WOW
  88. 2009+ Cadillac CTSV Sway Bar Kit
  89. Does Airaid void powertrain warranty
  90. Broad handling question
  91. Borla cat-back vs axle-back - specific question.
  92. Recommendations CA legal X-PIPES for a 11 V sedan?
  93. D3 Lowering Springs!!!
  94. Stainless Works CTS-V Headers & Exhaust
  95. 2011 cts-v heavily modded, problem with stability control
  96. Looking at used CTSV that is heavily modded
  97. Airaid on 2011 cts v coupe
  98. High performance brake linings
  99. *Shocking: Performance Distributors’ SOS LSA Coil Packs!!
  100. Is there an overview for LSA fuel tuning? Car stumbles after the new 2.55 pulley.
  101. Injectors ID850
  102. Airaid install ground wire fender mount
  103. Rear Tire Size
  104. which cam?? need help
  105. ZL1 lid milling
  106. Airaid install gone awry
  107. Got my Stainless works exhaust installed
  108. Tuner in the northern california area!
  109. Full customize cylinder block and heads
  110. $50 Buck Airaid Intake Rebate Thru Sept
  111. Potential track wheel setup?
  112. Cadzilla Comes to LIFE!
  113. Engiine coolant gets up to 226* before fans comes on!
  114. boost and valve train mod questions
  115. Floatng valves
  116. Making lsa into ls9.
  117. Best Deals on Exhaust @ MarylandSpeed- (Borla, Corsa, B&B, Kooks, Magnaflow, SW etc)
  118. Big Savings on Kooks Headers! Free Ceramic Coating or Save More!
  119. widest tire on a coupe rear wheel
  120. So what do I need to install the ZL1 lid? Got Lid, gasket, and one OEM hose…..
  121. K&N air filter question on new V.
  122. Need some help Re: upper pulley
  123. 180 Degree Headers: Discussion.
  124. DSC going crazy after installing Michelin Pilot SS
  125. Does the stock exhaust fit in the back of the vagon?
  126. Finally doing it... 2.55 pulley and a tune...
  127. V2 Short Shifter Recommendations
  128. E3 plugs review
  129. Creative Steel Short Shifter
  130. Harmonic Damper Bolt
  131. Hennessey HPE 700 Package
  132. Any parts to buy now & install down the road? Scarcity of parts in the near future?
  133. Big boost HP ??
  134. Which Diff Cooler?
  135. Dont want to void my warranty
  136. 7.0L swap overheating
  137. 514 WHP W/ AirRaid, Corsa Cat Back, Lingenfelter 2.55 upper pulley, Auto Transmission
  138. New to the Forum
  139. Cheaper way to Twin your V?
  140. cat back exhaust question
  141. Quick idler question
  142. Spark plugs
  143. stage one pulley upgrade question
  144. Catch Can
  145. Is there a daily driver brake pad that performs as well on the track?
  146. Izzy, Izzy Performance Dyno & Tuning, and Tom Vanvugt, (SOCAL)
  147. Coupe borla exhaust
  148. excessive brake dust?
  149. 160* Thermostat Question
  150. Already have Corsa Sport, looking at...
  151. My Mod List
  152. Gates green belt part # for 2.85 upper, 10.00 lower, 50mm & 100 mm idlers:
  153. CNC ported Throttle Bodies in stock!
  154. Waking up a stock CTS-V
  155. Exhaust Dilemma. Kooks Headers.....
  156. Question about EFI Live AutoCal and W4Me
  157. Lingenfelter CTS-V Pulley Upgrade
  158. Unstable at wide open throttle after 80mph car wobbles side to side
  159. Wagon Exhaust - Corsa vs SW
  160. qtp help
  161. Exhaust too Loud and Backfires after upgrades Need Advice
  162. Exhaust
  163. newbie suspension question
  164. Help Needed- Problem with rear shocks- Need Advice
  165. Great sound after Lingenfelter pulley and CAI kit
  166. how much did you pay for your cutouts install?
  167. D3 Competition Springs Problem
  168. Shifting from 5th to 6th in an A6 and it won't let me at high RPM's
  169. 160 Thermostat
  170. WTT: Corsa Touring for Corsa Sport
  171. Best place to buy qtp cut out
  172. Aero / Underhood temp gains question
  173. CNC Ported throttle body for the CTS-V
  174. best tuner in nyc or surrounding area
  175. Rev Xtreme Chiller aka Killer Chiller questions
  176. Milwaukee/Chicago Area Tuner
  177. Temporary "Service Stabilitrak" Error
  178. Brakes by Cadillac CTS-V2 Body by Holden Pontiac
  179. Found new spot for Catch Can !
  180. STALLING when coasting to a stop on INCLINE
  181. Orlando, FL Shops
  182. D3 Harmonic Balancer & Supercharger Drive Pulley available
  183. BRAKES - Are new rotors required on every brake job?
  185. My 2009 CTS Lo Beams both quit, NO Ballast No Hid No power to the plugs
  186. +57HP,+32TQ w/Airaid and Tune by R.P.M.
  187. Streetslayer twin billet clutch
  188. Well that lasted less than 2 months....
  189. How to reduce blower whine?
  190. Exhaust Sale @ MarylandSpeed! (Borla, Corsa, B&B, Kooks, Magnaflow, SW etc) FREE SHP!
  191. Beat the Heat Kooks Header Sale - Free Ceramic Coating or Save More!!
  192. clutch replacement
  193. Here's an argument for just changing out your "reusable" filter
  194. 305-30-20's?
  195. Seattle Area Tuner/Shop
  196. Trying to find some mounts
  197. cts-v upgrade
  198. Top speed test M6 transmission. Found speedlimmiter
  199. Hennessy V700 Package
  200. Tranny; Does it learn
  201. performance after mods
  202. leased ctsv want to do pully swap but gotta couple of ?
  203. Pulley needed?
  204. What Mod would you do in this situation?
  205. 700WHP on a stock block??????
  206. Newbie questions
  207. Help! Point me in direction of stock exhaust
  208. DFW Dyno Tuning
  209. 109 octane
  210. ZL1 supercharger lid
  211. Anyone with the HeartBeat out there?????
  212. Church Automotive Consulting- Best Tune Experience I've ever had
  213. Questions about tires!!!!
  214. Stability track issue
  215. anyone done this with Corsa Sport Axel back?
  216. Where to start
  217. God Bless the Hennessey (HPE) Lake Forest facility & its personnel.
  218. Fuel Injectors needed?
  219. No rev match on downshift after tune
  220. Finally did some mods. 652 hp. Vid below.
  221. Is a dyno tune worth it.....
  222. Question on my V for the 630HP LPE Package
  223. Looking to pull the trigger
  224. Exhaust recommendation
  225. Pulley combo..
  226. Vagon gots new pipes
  227. QTP Low Profile Cutouts Now @ MarylandSpeed- Free Shipping!
  228. New to forum, new cts-v, would love some info
  229. Needed: Exhaust Shop in or near Atlanta, GA to install QTP Electric Cut-outs.
  230. What will a higher stall torque converter do for me?
  231. Cadillac CTS V Wagon Exhaust
  232. I did it. I finally got the balls to wrench my first mod. Lowering springs.
  233. HX expansion tank. This version looks nice.
  234. I just bought a 2010 v sedan
  235. Automatic transmission help/advise?
  236. Looking for a tuner near Northern Virginia
  237. More power. 1500 to 2000 dollar
  238. Need help w Upper pulley /lower combo
  239. PLEASE READ! Anyone have issues with Eibach springs?
  240. racingBrake 2 piece failure on track.
  241. Gen-2 Bolt in 9" IRS kit
  242. 3 in exhaust pipes
  243. Engine overheating at the track
  244. Palm beach raceway
  245. Pirella Trofeo R
  246. Kooks Tax Time Sale- Free Coating or Save Big @ MarylandSpeed!
  247. Question about pulleys, tunes
  248. Pulley swap with no sides?
  249. V2 tuning question for autos
  250. Air Intake