: 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. shop wars-terrorism
  2. Who wants a dart 427? Check it out at weapon-x motorsports!
  3. Anyone in West Palm Beach that does performance mods on CTS-V
  4. Hoping to find some answers! Typical WHP and 1/4mi numbers for mods?
  5. Track attack heat exchanger- only available at weapon-x motorsports!
  6. Upper & lower pulley package-now on sale at weapon-x motorsports!
  7. Tuning software
  8. Exhaust help!!!!!
  9. CTS-V Track Attack Heat Exchanger- Available at WEAPON-X Motorsports
  10. What is the Best Sounding Exhaust Combo?
  11. V2 Exhaust Sounding The Way It Should
  12. V2 Lowered On D3 Springs?
  13. D3 Comp Lowering Springs - Blow Out Sale!
  14. 09-15 Poly Front Control Arm Bushings
  15. CTS-V Heat Issues Solved
  16. using oil!!!
  17. V2 weapon-x black friday sale!!
  18. 2016 Sway Bars
  19. What is the best tire/rim combo for drag racing? 2011 V (723whp)
  20. LSA reaching 650whp constantly with these mods!
  21. 2011 CTS-V Muffler Delete
  22. Intercooler
  23. Requesting Opinions on Cold Air Intake: K&N, AirRaid, other?
  24. drag racing
  25. Airaid CAI filter service
  26. Burned differential again - with oilcooler mounted??
  27. Tune A6(6L90E)(T43) with 3.73 Diff
  28. new V new mods!
  29. Performance shop
  30. Need wiring diagram for Ignition Coils to hook up MSD unit
  31. Supercharger Upgrade
  32. Memorial Day Special
  33. what rims fit the rear of a cts v coupe for drag radials?
  34. What MODS should I get
  35. Are there any worth the money plug and play tunes that wont void warranty?
  36. kPE Tune Special for the week
  37. Anyone know what the stock coil Packs Specifications are?
  38. ID 1000 install
  39. Fitting the Airaid intake..........some issues
  40. CAI cheaper options?????????????
  41. New aFe intake coming end of June.
  42. Someone here knows the answer! 6.2 swap into RHD CTS in NZ, need parts help.
  43. need info on ls3 parts please
  44. Does a Pulley Mod Nullify the Revised Supercharger Warranty?
  45. 600hp currently, needs injectors. should I add this 2.55 kit I have in garage? coolin
  46. Did we mess up our suspension?
  47. Cts-V 1/4 mile track time stock
  48. Engine light on
  49. LT4 In 2010 CTS-V Sedan?
  50. Just got my '14 V Raven Sedan and thinking Paddle Shifters any ideas?
  51. What a blast.This car moves out really well.
  52. CTSV Center Gauge from NORCAL SS
  53. Cts-v mids pulley advise
  54. Newbie to thee V scene. Vitness Throttle Control & InTune i2
  55. Just getting into a cts v coupe.
  56. Tuner Shop Proposal
  57. Cold Air Intake suggestion
  58. Question about tire pressure
  59. Need Advice - pulley upgrade advice & splitter/diffuser options
  60. Long Tube Headers w/ Factory exhaust?
  61. 2011 CTS-V Coupe Exhaust
  62. Looking for airaid intake in chicago area
  63. Tire options - RE11 or ExtremeContact DW?
  64. KPE & Spring Hand in Hand
  65. Best Heat Exchanger Kit???
  66. Metco Pulley Experience - Unreliable, Never Again
  67. s/c pulley got loose
  68. Multi-year power upgrade plan
  69. My front rotors changed color in one place?
  70. Pulley no tune
  71. Recommendation on wheels and tires (brand, size, vendor) for HPDE track days
  72. KPE Sport exhaust opinions?
  73. 427 LSA stroker build on Engine Power Tv
  74. Advice for Performance work Tulsa area
  75. KPE CTS-V Friends
  76. 2013 cts-v i just got
  77. Looking to buy airaid coldair intake
  78. Engine goes lean when hard downshift
  79. Carbon Fiber Special
  80. Supercharger pulley kit
  81. New 2012 CTS-V coupe owner
  82. Exhaust options - keeping stock exhaust intact?
  83. January special--
  84. KPE Year End Sale
  85. surging idle ON DECELERATION
  86. Brembo Rotors
  87. Rear end drain.
  88. Air Raid (Airaid) Cold Intake Box
  89. Hawk DTC racing brake pads on sale!
  90. Help me pull the trigger/pulley and tune...
  91. Eibach Lowering Springs Question
  92. I finally broke 1000whp
  93. Question About Eibach Lowering Springs
  94. Off to SEMA in morning. I posted some TV clips from the season to date.
  95. Finally got my diff cooler setup TRACK READY!
  96. Affect on Position Angle Sensors after lowering
  97. Cut out catalytic converters and reprogram?
  98. Replacing just the mufflers?
  99. Exhaust headers
  100. UUC Short Shifter
  101. drag setup advice
  102. 9.55 crank pulley install- additional parts needed and difficulty?
  103. 2012 CTS V Muffler Delete with some questions
  104. Vengeance racing
  105. Supercharger max RPM, pulley ratios discussion
  106. Mod friendly dealer in Charlotte area
  107. Headers, no tune
  108. Considering pulley and tune for 09 ctsv. Need advice
  109. Air Raid (Airaid) cold air intake
  110. Corsa intake , my opinion ...
  111. Pro guide to tire and wheel fitment
  112. Auto door lock when driving
  113. P015B Code After Straight Pipes Install
  114. Busy day tomorrow - Diff cooler and ZL1 instsll
  115. Smog compliance
  116. 09,10 trans tune versus 11 and later
  117. Sooo, I can't stay stock. I tried. Pulley Time
  118. New side blades installed.....love 'em! Best $300 ever!
  119. New REAL racing tow hooks are coming soon!
  120. Short-Shifter
  121. Short-Shifter
  122. Aeroforce Gauges on Sale with Free Shipping! - Lots of Accessories!
  123. aeroforce gauge...who has one?
  124. Next Mod + 1/4 mile time?
  125. Went to the dyno
  126. New to ctsv coupe
  127. Kooks Summer Sale @ MarylandSpeed! Free Coating or Save More!
  128. Which Heat exchanger?
  129. Long island / Nearby Performance shops for Installs and Tuning
  130. Anyone know what cam wait4me was installing with his 600whp package?
  131. Post boost Meth one jet only, love it
  132. Kit/package to beat Zr1
  133. What is my first mod on my V2 fellas?
  134. New brakes = ready for VIR
  135. Cutouts Question
  136. Kooks Summer Sale! Free Ceramic Coating or SAVE MORE @ MarylandSpeed!
  137. CTS-V Stock SC Pulley Bore
  138. CTSV Borla X Pipe
  139. How big of a cam???
  140. Renick Engineering Lowering Springs + yellow calipers: Reviews and pics!
  141. '13 V coupe pinging
  142. Need Pulley advice!
  143. GM OE Diff Cooler - They DO Exist!
  144. Stainless Works presents The Auburn Auto+Aviation Show Benefit for MS
  145. What is the best discs/ pads setup to replace stock front brakes?
  146. 613RWHP...and not going anywhere
  147. 305/35/18 in Rear of 09+ CTSV Sedan?
  148. CTS-V versus CHALLENGER HELLCAT vid
  149. Stupid question about exhaust and tune
  150. One day sale on everything!!! Breaking sales records!!!
  151. 275/40/18 up front?
  152. Toyo Proxes R888 315/30ZR20
  153. Monster clutches tax sale!!!
  154. South Florida Performance Shop
  155. Anticipated Heat Soak
  156. Do I need to the Intercooler Hooked up to run Motor?
  157. CTS-V Coupe Exhaust - Looking at B&B and Borla - Puget Sound Area
  158. New 6MT CTS-V V2 1/4 Mile ET Record - 10.09 at 150mph!
  159. Kooks Long Tube Headers Install instructions with Pics?
  160. Stainless works vs Kooks?!
  161. which springs to get... d3 with rods or the eibach????
  162. 2012 V Sedan, Billy Boat or Borla
  163. Looking for more, I have the itch
  164. Fast Motorsports Still Around?
  165. Airaid problem
  166. What to do with the Hideous yellow Airaid logo?
  167. Blower Height
  168. QTP Cut-outs... 3-days later and I'm still grinning like an idiot
  169. Throttle body port type
  170. Norcal question
  171. Any ideas on the set up ?
  172. Headers with warranty? Corsa sedan axle back on a wagon?
  173. Sideswipe CAI Deflector
  174. Can I change my Auto trans. to a full Manual trans on my V Sedan?
  175. Lower pulley question..
  176. Tuned + 9.0 LSA Boost pulley kit
  177. Good V tuner near San Jose, Ca
  178. My '09 Cad CTS-V:
  179. Best gear ratio differential for 1/4 mile
  180. SC Catch Can
  181. Cold Air Dam Intake System for Cadillac CTS-V
  182. Street-Strip drag radials
  183. What kind of results can I expect from a wait4meperformance tune?
  184. Creative Steel V2 Adjustable Short Shifter
  185. 2016 CTS-V auto Transmission in 2009 V possible?
  186. 1,216whp/1,078wtq CTS-V Dyno Video
  187. Horsepower upgrades
  188. High performance tire options
  189. Axle-back exhaust recommendations
  190. Best Deals on Exhaust @ MarylandSpeed- (Borla, Corsa, B&B, Kooks, Magnaflow, SW etc)
  191. Just Bought 2011 CTSV ... Known Issues? Fixes? Recalls?
  192. Billy Boat high flow catted pipes install
  193. Damn D3 Research & Design did it again
  194. Twin turbo kit for Gen 2 CTS-V
  195. Kooks Holiday Sale- 15% off + free coating stage 8 bolts - Beat the price increase!
  196. KPE OE Location Upgraded Heat Exchanger - Twice the cooling surface area!! On Sale.
  197. What CAI to buy ..and best price
  198. Rear End Issues
  199. Anyone know if a 19x12" Corvette wheel will fit on the Rear of a Coupe?
  200. Wanted: stock V2 s/c lid
  201. dyno tuning in Toronto
  202. What 60 ft times should I expect with NITTO NT05 305x35x19
  203. MarylandSpeed Black Friday through Cyber Monday - The Sale of all Sales is Here!
  204. BFGoodrich G-force Rival
  206. is an airaid okay to use in winter
  207. Palmer Performance Dash Logic now for CTS-V! Intro Price
  208. Methanol or methanol - water combination as a RWHP enhancer?
  209. Calling out D3 or customers that did D3 upgraded blowers
  210. For your reading pleasure:
  211. Ported throttle bodies
  212. Installed an Airaid CAI, and Borla Full Catback..Question on safety without a tune
  213. Looking to upgrade to drilled and slotted rotors on all four corners, help?
  214. Kansas City tuners?
  215. Just bought cts-v with mods
  216. Exhaust question
  217. Front sway bars
  218. No threads for installing rear tow eye!
  219. Dynoed car with current mods...injectors maxed out
  220. Picture of what you do to tires before replacing them
  221. Full Exhaust is Complete!
  222. Fastest CTS-V at the Texas Mile
  223. 750whp/715wtq - Finished up the first stage of my build on my '09 6MT
  224. Replace Rotors?
  225. Anybody running the 18x9.5" Enkei Raijin for track set-ups?
  226. Stainless Works Headers
  227. Magnaflow catback owners...impressions?
  228. Last upgrades going on next week
  229. cat back or axel back
  230. Another wheel question - TPMS sensors needed for track use?
  231. Polyurethane Driveshaft Carrier Unit
  232. Zr1 heads on LSA motor?
  233. wheel and tire question
  234. Front camber question
  235. SW Pink Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness
  236. Factory stock superchargers still available from either GM or Magnuson?
  237. Ported throttle body dyno results?
  238. new exhaust
  239. Coupe exhaust Q's (headers, midpipe, cutouts)
  240. Will a CTSV coupe OEM catback exhaust fit on a CTS 3.6L
  241. Pennzoil new synthetic
  242. Car is starting up funny
  243. Exhaust cutout concerns
  244. Stainlessworks or Borla?
  245. KPE Premier ANGLE TIP Loud Mouth Stainless Cat back $1895!!! WOW
  246. 2009+ Cadillac CTSV Sway Bar Kit
  247. Does Airaid void powertrain warranty
  248. Broad handling question
  249. Borla cat-back vs axle-back - specific question.
  250. Recommendations CA legal X-PIPES for a 11 V sedan?