: 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. How come I cant find alot of reviews on Corsa or Borla exhaust?
  2. How to drag race the V? What's the best mode?
  3. Has anyone made brake pad comparisons from OEM to HAWKS HPS? Post your feedback
  4. KPE Annual Header Sale! Long-Tubes not for long...
  5. Best Cold Air Intake
  6. G-Force Motorsports Website updated added CTS-V and ZR1 packages!
  7. Dyno Video of my Stage 2 vagon from ECS
  8. Is it ever okay for the CTS-V supercharger to seize up, or become difficult to turn?
  9. Rear end gearing?
  10. Video of the 646 RWHP CTS-V
  11. ECS has finished My Vagon!
  12. Hennessey V700 Cadillac Black Diamond Coupes!
  13. Cam!!!
  14. Porting thread removed by topic starter's request...
  15. Question about hp upgrades, 0-60 times, and traction issues - opinions please
  16. Need opinion on these pullies Jes/members
  17. G-FORCE Stg II 2009 CTS-V A6 646 RWHP!!!
  18. Decisions Decisions Decisions
  19. Kooks Header Install
  20. SCT X3 handheld data logging: can't find the PID for IAT2
  21. Removed rear hood gasket/seal.
  22. No SC Belt Ok?
  23. Lingenfelter 630 or 650hp package....
  24. Weird Steering Feed Back?
  25. Lower Pulley Install Tips
  26. Jesse - give me a call or reply when you are able.
  27. TVS Installed (PIC)
  28. 9.1"/ Stock Idler Pulley Belt Size
  29. Help ! Missing under load.
  30. D3 spring owners, please enter...
  31. Those that think the LSA can handle over 650 rwhp for a long time Look inside
  32. W4M intake for sale
  33. Help need drag wheels
  34. Upgraded front brakes?
  35. Anyone use the PLX wifi device to datalog?
  36. D3 CTS-V Pulley Kits
  37. What would be considered an aggressive tune? Considering LPE but..
  38. Coupe with B&B Exhaust?
  39. headers for the CTS-V 2011 Any recommendation??
  40. High Performance Tuning Options for Cadillac V-Series Vehicles
  41. Review - Stainless Works Cat Back System
  42. D3 coil springs sleeves-how to install?
  43. These should really look nice on my '09 CTS-V:
  44. Hennessey Performance now offering Big Brake Kits!
  45. For those that didnt see the tvs2300 dyno vids, here they are for you.
  46. Combine two polls Mods and Age
  47. performance shops
  48. Can you have to much air going into the intake?
  49. Stiegemeier ported blower on and running ....
  50. Magnuson TVS2300 Sucks (literally)
  51. MannyZ If you want an aftermarket blower call me ill donate 2k to you for one.
  52. Pulley combo sizes and boost numbers????
  53. Video of a 10.403 @ 136.80
  54. Having Lingenfelter 630HP Upgrade done - question regarding port & polish
  55. Z06 to a V2?
  56. 3 piece Modulares/ D3 Lowering Springs
  57. Methanol Injection
  58. FS: ITG Air Filter
  59. Current best headers?
  60. Best 60 lb injectors for our cars?
  61. If flash needed for Nav upgrade, will it ruin my tune?
  62. Another dyno video...with some music
  63. 1 set of Kat delete pipes left
  64. 2300 supercharger kits for stock engines or lsa head types are on there way here.
  65. Tuning for the O2 sensors - Need help
  66. 2.55 upper and porting special $250!!!!
  67. Are you stock or modded?
  68. Not a good day at the track :(
  69. Cadillac V-Series Performance Academy Out West
  70. 10.81@128.76 on the cheap
  71. Corsa Sport or Touring which one ?
  72. Corsa whistle?
  73. Got a new tune and going to the track on Sunday
  74. Keep your CTS-V flat through the corners
  75. Pulley install help
  76. Lower pulley / injectors and camshaft
  77. For the guys with the ls7 heads, i have an extra 2300 tvs drop in kit for one.
  78. New Era CAI rocks, flame on
  79. Doing first round of mods and have a question
  80. Off topic: when I'm 101, I hope I still appreciate a good exhaust note like Margaret
  81. Oil Pressure Guage Switch location?
  82. Tune Rev Limiter
  83. Took the V to the drag strip last night
  84. Power Results from Stainless Works full exhaust
  85. Engine Compartment Mods
  86. Got a few upgrades today
  87. Wait4Me Mid Pipes/CAT Delete Pipes...can't remember the name...
  88. KPE NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: V Coupe Cat-back Exhaust System with Angle Tips
  89. Katech HX, am I ready? Anyone using it?
  90. Borla X pipe for Cts-v coupe
  91. Big Thank You to Vette Doctors!!
  92. Stock exhaust pipe size?
  93. KPE cold air intake and real Carbon Fiber fender vents for sale.
  94. 2012 coupe and borla exhaust
  95. Nitrous Oxide Dedicated Nitrous Fuel System Installed (pics)
  96. Crimped/Bend Exhaust
  97. Stock Mufflers and Kooks with Cats = WIN!
  98. Dallas area tuner
  99. 1/4 mile questions. DRAG RADIALS???
  100. For those tracking their V's - 18inch rim/ track tire combos and sizes
  101. any news regarding bigger suoercharger swap kit.
  102. Who's hit 600 rwhp in auto with...
  104. Anyone heard of or had work done by MTI Racing in GA?
  105. Cts v d3 battle wagon 629 hp
  106. Supercharger Isolator Coupling
  107. Next Mods????
  108. Exterior Mods... pics inside :)
  109. Question regarding HX pump upgrade
  110. Borla Full Cat-Back for the CTSV Coupe is FINALLY out...
  111. KPE Full Catback Exhaust - Coupe - Pics & Video
  112. Just installed a BB exhaust- question for those that have one
  113. So Cal - Want to Trade my B&B for Stock exhaust
  114. East coast supercharger, thoughts on their stage 2
  115. Header install, who wants to share
  116. My vote for best ever exhaust comparison video
  117. StainlessWorks 2009+ CTS-V Sedan 2" Headers and Catback Introductory Special!
  118. experince with performance chips
  119. Quantification of exhaust audio levels measured in decibels
  120. For those with air fuel going rich
  121. Is there anyway to have aftermarket full exhaust thats not to loud?
  122. Q for guys with tunes: improved A6 performance in Manual mode?
  123. Stainless Works 2" Headers & 3" Exhaust - Official Release
  124. Thinking of changing my Corsa Sport exhaust back to stock?
  125. Philadelphia Area Tuner?
  126. Had my V for 3 months, and I am ready for mods. Usual mods or larger blower?
  127. Notes from Cadillac Performance Lab- Joliet, IL 7/31/11
  128. 1 step forward, 4 steps back; my first service visit
  129. Thermal coatings....do they really help...
  130. 2009 LSA V8 full specs
  131. 2011 Sedan - Thoughts on muffler delete
  132. Kooks headers, high flow cats, x-pipe and Corsa mufflers
  133. Testing a new area for high performance discussion
  134. Looking for V owners in North Dallas Area
  135. Getting a Full B&B Exhaust
  136. heads and cam choices.
  137. Jesse get 620whp out of my V!
  138. Value of Automatic vs Manual in 20 - 30 years
  139. Need stock mufflers
  140. Headers and Xpipe... What benefits?
  141. MT 305 Drag Radials on my Coupe
  142. I can't spin my wheels any more
  143. I need exhaust system recommendations
  144. D3 6-Point Harness Installation Kit
  145. PICs of my QTP manual exhaust cutouts
  146. What the dealer told me plus some serious tune questions
  147. Need opinions on my next round of mods
  148. The Blitzkrieg Banshee short ram intake I built/building
  149. Dyno shop in Las Vegas
  150. Origin of motor for CTS-V
  151. How "SAFE" are these mods
  152. Mods, Part I/II complete!
  153. New round of mods is complete. Nitrous/exhaust
  154. Quick teaser exhaust videos...
  155. Any Dallas area V2 owners with headers & stock mufflers?
  156. My honest review of Tires: PS2 versus Conti Extreme Contact DW, Not DWS
  157. How much power are you loosing in hot outside ambiant air temperature (AAT) days?
  158. New V owner
  159. KDI Ported Stock Supercharger Dyno RESULTS!!!!!!
  160. Thought I found a nice 2009 CTS-V - a checkered (flag) past, afterall
  161. Anyone purchase the D3 Soundpipe w/K&N Air Filter
  162. Supersonic Blue Prototype
  163. DiabloSport Trinity Support!
  164. Anyone use ExtremeContact DWS (Ultra High Performance All-Season) tires??
  165. Header & Exhaust install this weekend.....quick question.
  166. Hennessey Performance SoCal Open House - July 30
  167. Advice on Mods
  168. Anyone have a set of stock Coupe mufflers for sale or trade?
  169. Before and after dynos- not too bad so far. 613 RWHP- 599 RWT
  170. What would you do?
  171. What is the best thing pulley ....cam ...exhaust ??
  172. Cadillac V Series Performance Lab at Monticello--Definitive Who's Going? thread
  173. Teaser.... CAI
  174. Miami Modding!
  175. Muffler Deletes - CTS-V Coupe ... Thoughts?
  176. Exhaust Question...
  177. R&t Magazine: Door-to-Door Performance Part Deux - Comparison Test
  178. possible new v owner
  179. KDI Heat Exchanger and high flow pump install plus some paint work
  180. Wheel/Tire question from New Owner
  181. Mustang Dyno vs. Dynojet
  182. Featured Vehicle Spotlight: D3 Battle Vagon
  183. Picked up my car from the Vette Doctors.....Dyno graph included
  184. Question for those of you who have stock exhaust
  185. Add Headers and higflow cats vs cat back to the mod list?
  186. 3 WK Wait on 2012 CTS - V Wagon Orders
  187. New to the V family
  188. Anyone Else Waiting On The Borla FULL Cat Back Exhaust for the V-Coupe?
  189. Tinted Tails...
  190. Damn Wheel Spin on the Dyno
  191. Really Cold Air Intake - Can I use the driver's side "brake intake" ?
  192. Another CAI Thread (need to hear from those with CAI)
  193. Is this a good deal for these mods?
  194. Release: KPE CTS-V Coupe Sport Exhaust
  195. how many V owners currently have or recently had a newish corvette?
  196. Anyone comment on Stock cats VS high flow; sound and/or performance?
  197. Exhaust - Out with the old, in with the new...pics and short video
  198. Should know tomorrow if it is Bye Bye V
  199. Pulley Only? No Supporting Mods?
  200. More Muscle than Ronnie Coleman! Check out this CTS-V Coupe!
  201. Mods have started :)
  202. Group buy for 2 inch headers for the large hp guys! $1075!!!!!
  203. New guy here (V-Coupe; Black Diamond Edition). Which performance mod 1st?
  204. Announcing KDI's Partnership with Whipple Superchargers
  205. Nitrous or trunk mounted ice box or meth?
  206. Auto Tranny Issues? Anyone
  207. First time at the track with the new mods
  208. spark plug experiences
  209. So about that MPG...
  210. Opinions on my mod plan please-any and all welcome
  211. A good dilemma... I don't know??? you tell me
  212. question re mods for 2011 ctsv
  213. Which one of these do you guys like?
  214. Just got back from the HX install and dyno
  215. So giddy the new V isn't even here but mods are being ordered tonight! Few mods ?s
  216. Anyone going to the V Performance Lab in Monticello
  217. Halltech's CTS-V STinger Intake and Katech Engine Development package near completion
  218. warranty concerns
  219. Are TR6 plugs a must with 9.55 pulley?
  220. Pbir
  221. Only 9 hp from tune and new era cai?! Found out why...
  222. Automatic vs. 6-Speed Manual
  223. my dyno map
  224. Is there really any value in a CAI on a stock tune?
  225. Impromptu V gathering today at lunch for those in the middle Maryland area...
  226. Recommended mods for maximum drivability
  227. Crazy, Just sold our 500th Handheld today...
  228. competition tires and wheels
  229. We should have an aftermarket wheel section w/pics for CTS V2
  230. My Cats were toast: Cat delete pipe = 54rwhp gain
  231. Buggered MAP while installing new intake?
  232. 2011 wagon tuning problem????
  233. V-Bike build off poll!!!
  234. Kooks Header Install
  235. So CA/AZ/NV High Performance Driving Schools
  236. LSA Manifolds VS Headers
  237. CAI and Exhaust modification, Do I need a tune and if so programmer ot dyno???
  238. How much power does LS9 cam make on our cars
  239. Tune and CAI ????
  240. $3,000 budget, what mods do you do?
  241. Halltech StingerR Chassis Dyno results-Auto
  242. Halltech StingerR Chassis Dyno results-Auto
  243. Question about scanning for codes with a tune.
  244. Fully upgraded 6l90E transmission rebuild including labor and tuning $3500.
  245. 700RWHP Crowd
  246. Free Shipping!!!
  247. What's you AV. MPG ? Does a tuner help ? Any other mods to ^ MPG
  248. Stock dyno pulls - Before full exhaust from Stainless Works
  249. Halltech Intake dynos +13/+13lbs-ft on Katech's Engine Dyno
  250. Best price for Headers