: 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Deciding on an HX...
  2. Anyone tried water & meth injection??
  3. stock airbox
  4. Tune Question regarding ECU
  5. Stock 2012 V sedan dyno video
  6. Response from my Dealer on Aftermarket Question
  7. Dynoing my 427 KDI 2.9 Whipple Saturday 2/25
  8. Trans upgrade vs swap
  9. Speed shops in South Florida that work in the V2
  10. UUC - Short Shift Kit for CTS-V
  11. Why can't we have an exhaust fuse to pull
  12. Which intake New Era or Airaid?
  13. Guys do CAI really make our cars faster or its more psychological?
  14. Which set-up would you choose D3, Lingenfelter, Hennessey? (635hp-650hp)
  15. Bolt on Aftermarket H.P. vs. Factory H.P.
  16. I am never embarrassed about a stupid question: modifications and warranty?
  17. 10-second CTS-V Wagon
  18. Clearance issues with D3 springs and headers?
  19. Mayhem II cam?
  20. Rear Anti-Sway Bar
  21. Brakes for HPDE
  22. We have a Coupe in the shop for R&D
  23. Contact info for Jess from wait for me performance ?
  24. What are the limits of the V?
  25. Custom CAI tune question with Trinity.
  26. Please help. Need part # for upper pulley tool
  27. Lower pulley swap AC belt
  28. Widening the stock wheel
  29. Rebuilding Stock Exhaust with Corsas?
  30. Stock SC & Exhaust Manifold
  31. Anyone Install the Metco MIP-100V Idler Pulley?
  32. Intake and Exhaust advice. Couldnt find answers in other threads..
  33. Airaid, I don't get all the hype
  34. Grounding the TB = Improved Throttle Response / Shifting !?
  35. Small Coolant Leak
  36. Modded V but not impressed? So What's next?
  37. 2012 V different stock exhaust?
  38. Very unimpressed by service from airraidstore.com!!!
  39. Heads up for shop guys doing head installs.
  40. Nitrous
  41. ATI balancer and 10% overdriven pulley belt size
  42. Pulley Installed...Very Happy....Thanks RPM!
  43. Mods that won't affect the warranty?
  44. Performace mods sequence
  45. Any shops recommended for CTS-V in the western Ky or souther IN area?
  46. Any die hard drivers upped to the KW V3 Coilovers?
  47. has anyone installed and tested the D3 Chassis Brace kit?
  48. What size headers?
  49. Wagon owners GET IN!! First race wagon
  50. G-Force 416cid LSA 2009 CTS-V A6 results!!!
  51. Went to the track tonight...
  52. RWHP per dollar?
  53. I am in the 600 Club - without a Cam.
  54. D3 Performance?
  55. dayco belt part number needed for 69" long belt
  56. ZR1 Blower swap from Fastlane in Houston
  57. Coupes, what is your drag setup/wheel setup for the track?
  58. Cam recommendations?
  59. Header Tick
  60. G-FORCE's Big Mouth 102mm Supercharger Inlet......!!
  61. Tuners: 6L90 Staged Upshifts, can do for CTS-V?
  62. How many guys are running a tuned trans?
  63. Belt Question - 2.5 Upper 100mm Idler Pulley
  64. Requesting Your Experience With Different Pulleys from Different Manufacturers
  65. Borla or Corsa?
  66. would like to hit 625RWHP.....will this do?
  67. HP Tuners Anyone? Need to buy rent or borrow???
  68. Anyone try the Coupe 10" wheels on the Sedan?
  69. New video Borla and gt11 cam idle, testnew camera :)..........
  70. Cbloveday
  71. Looking for intercooler parts list
  72. Compound boost setup video
  73. 18psi.. I am confused
  74. Thoughts on GT11 cam?
  75. Irwindale Results With MT 20" Street Radial ET II
  76. Problems with new mods
  77. Wheel Hop....2011 Coupe
  78. what size injectors and where to buy?
  79. Stainless works headers Fit and quality
  80. Free Install if you book in January!
  81. More Mods??
  82. Hennessey, Lingenfelter or D3
  83. New Muffler Question
  84. looking for CTS-V Nitrous Kit
  85. Stainless Works Catback or Corsa Axel Back.
  86. Corsa whistle ever solved?
  87. Preseason Kooks Header Sale- Free Coating or Save a Bunch!
  88. Reliabilty and HP... Happy medium?
  89. Finally my turn!!! My v is at kdi!!!!
  90. 8.25" Lower OK with Stock Tune?
  91. D3
  92. 600+ RWHP, what tires?
  93. Help with some Drag Radials guys
  94. hey lit, is this your brother too?
  95. Heel toe pedal
  96. Stock or 160 T-Stat
  97. Hankook Report
  98. Supercharger/ Lid Tq Specs
  99. What to plug/disconnect?
  100. Exhaust upgrade
  101. New mods...
  102. Best solution in your opinions?
  103. P069e check engine code
  104. Z06...No Sweat for Lingenfelter 630 hp Mod...
  105. Problem with New Era intake and check engine code...
  106. Question when tuning
  107. Life of battery in stock car
  108. Speed Inc., Schaumburg, IL - Any Experience?
  109. I want 600rwhp. Help me get there!
  110. Most powerful CTS-V's out?
  111. my experience with billy boat exhaust
  112. Got the mod itch . Seeking advice
  113. Looking for opinions on upgrades
  114. Billy Boat Exhaust
  115. Rear diff cooler kit ??
  116. Upgrade plugs + wires
  117. Upgrades are finally complete
  118. Has anybody run the 305/45/18 MT's
  119. So 600 rwhp = 10 sec quarter mile?
  120. My Stage 1 Dyno Results 541 rwhp -544 rwtq
  121. LitaGator is famous. Motor Trend link with his race vs GTR
  122. Lingenfelter upper pulley & intake package thoughts?
  123. ??? Performance shop
  124. before and after dyno results - Lingenfelter plus Airaid
  125. Kooks headers and Corsa sports?
  126. Finally got my 10-second slip after Stage II build
  127. Any Drone with the SW Mufflers and headers..
  128. Injector or BAP
  129. Need tuner in the ct/NYC/mass area
  130. New Guy Questions - Perf Mods
  131. Dynoed the car today
  132. Merry Christmas to me from Lingenfelter
  133. Good performance shop in Atlanta or Birmingham area?
  134. My Stage II build is complete --- the results are in (cam/cat-back/pulley)
  135. injector part numbers?
  136. D3 BOD @ Dragstrip Testing
  137. Well you can't say I didn't try! Nobody else was going to do it.
  138. D3
  139. Trading Corsa Sports for the Touring
  140. Where is the cheapest place to buy an airaid cai for my v
  141. G-Force Sleeper 2012 CTS-V Black Diamond Coupe!!!!
  142. G-Force Stg II 2009 CTS-V!!!
  143. any sound clip or video for v coupe with headers and stock mufflers ?
  144. x-pipe?
  145. Need a how to change the thermostat
  146. New guy with a question
  147. Time and power...
  148. Header Studs?
  149. Krazy house cts v runs 10.4 still stock blower .....
  150. My CTS-V @ Yas Marina Circuit (on board video)
  151. purchased me a nice xmas gift! corsa exhaust!
  152. W4Me not a vendor here anymore.
  153. Magnaflow comparison
  154. Michelin Pilot Super Sports
  155. Call out thread/section
  156. christmas special from krazyhouse customs
  157. Car is running great thanks Jesse - Wait4ME
  158. supercharger?
  159. Help! Need a tuner recomendation.
  160. What HP can I expect..
  161. Winter driving - does 200 lbs of weight in the trunk help much?
  162. 2011 cts-v sedan (need pics of a stock exhaust system)
  163. 2009+ CTS-V Coilover System
  164. Brakes, Warping Rotors or Pad Transfer?
  165. Borla Drone
  166. D3 Sway Bar System (In Stock Again!!!)
  167. D3 Rear Differntial Cooler
  168. D3 Competition Aluminum Radiator
  169. What can I do?
  170. Wtb vts-v coupe performance parts
  171. What is my estimated RWHP ?
  172. CTS-V fuel pump flow
  173. 2011 CTS-V Wagon Runs 11.4 @ 127 mph on stock Michelin PS2 tires (video)
  174. Jesse vs Curtis; I am speaking my peace
  175. B & B Cat back on Coupe
  176. HP numbers for Gary Wells
  177. Kooks Headers & New Era Intake Results
  178. Whats is the best Air Antake Filter ? please vote
  179. Thoughts on new Build?
  180. Stock air box....Quick answer please
  181. Looking for a stock LSA balancer...
  182. Official Warranty Opinion on my Wait4me TVS2300/434 from Magnuson (Inside)
  183. Blower Snout pic
  184. Compound boost CTSV build.
  185. Intake ? (Beating a dead horse)
  186. Ls9 cam
  187. ????? Pulleys
  188. Help - - Ticking Noise, suspected lifter, anyone else have this?
  189. Modification Questions
  190. Pulley swap
  191. Lingenfelter package with no badges?
  192. Camaro Long Tubes
  193. Difference between Headers and Stock?
  194. Did i get the shaft?
  195. Boost Presure
  196. Automatic shif HP handle ? & Max stock supercharger PSI ?
  197. Heads and cam?
  198. New personal best and gain with airaid cai
  199. Supercharger shaft broke
  200. 10% Off Stainless Works Holiday Sale
  201. Exhaust and CAI?
  202. Whipple 2.9= 9.4@148 (undocumented)
  203. Development of the Legionnaire CTS-V Coupe
  204. Guys in Orlando email me to meet up for free tunes and touchups
  205. How much power can a stock LSA take? lol video and dyno inside
  206. ADM Performance Stole My V-wagon :(
  207. 10 rib pulley kits available for people with larger boost levels.
  208. I Started making Real Carbon fiber cold air kits. For 102mm and larger throttlebodies
  209. Front Cog kit coming VERY VERY soon.
  210. More TVS2300 kits are now ready. $5500 for everything needed. $4500 with trade.
  211. Bowtye8 Vs. Litigator...Some 1/4 Mile Racing at PBIR!!
  212. What to do...
  213. Here is what a 2.9L Whipple sounds like on a V :)
  214. Installed 2800 Torque convrter and headers yesterday...
  215. auto tramission filter oem replacement not the same
  216. Happy T day everyone..
  217. Brembo Caliper
  218. Just got 2012 V back from EFI Alchemy. would post dyno but file too big.
  219. The MarylandSpeed Black Friday/Holiday Sale is Here!
  220. Aftermarket Wheel Width question
  221. Which Borla
  222. d3 pulley- worth the money?
  223. I'm going Stage II --- guess the hp/tq.
  224. Smaller Idler Pulley
  225. What 0-60 mph times is everyone getting???
  226. Dyno tuners in Virginia & What is the importance of LSA-specific tuning experience?
  227. I give you the 1000 HP Martin CTS-V
  228. tune versus the V's self-correction
  229. Anyone know how to view list of stored DTC codes?
  230. Anyone in Northern California that has an aftermarket exhaust - Sedan
  231. Need your opinions on these ported heads and install
  232. SCT Tuner Gives ERROR Code 1017 "Failed to Upload" when installing Custom tune file.
  233. Anyone upgrade the front rotors?
  234. Spring install torque specs
  235. Will there be a 600+ cts-v shootout in fla?
  236. Monday is the day...
  237. Another B & B Question
  238. The official release!!!!
  239. Turning off traction control, stability control completely, totally not what u think
  240. Looking for Feedback on D3 Comp Springs
  241. Front end shimmy ONLY ON WET pavement?
  242. New Era intake & Iat's
  243. Diablosport Trinity
  244. G-Force 10 Sec CTS-V Track Video!
  245. 2011 vs 2012 upgrade compatibility
  246. more exhaust questions
  247. How To - Water/Methanol injection system for under $350
  248. Getting new wheels, experience/advice on size/width please
  249. D3 Flexfuel CTS-V?
  250. I need your Advice!!!