: 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Speed adjustment with larger wheels?
  2. Ported my blower runners to match my 373 CFM ported heads :) pics.
  3. Summer Exhaust Sale @ MarylandSpeed! (Borla, Corsa, B&B, Kooks, Magnaflow, SW etc)
  4. loud thump under hard acceleration in 1st and 2nd
  5. Anyone running the Nitto NT05R-18?
  6. stumbles off the line
  7. How much timing are you modded guys running ??
  8. CTSV Billet Tensioner Pulley!
  9. buying new rims, should I go 19 or 20 and whats the widest tire I can fit on rear
  10. ATI Pulley wobble VIDEO
  11. PS2's backordered from Michelin
  12. Track Proven Steel Braided Brake Lines
  13. D3 | Max Trackô Wheel Spacers (Pictures)
  14. Calling all Modded Vs with stock exhaust
  15. street driven 2011v what hawk replacement pads?
  16. OEM tires... who is replacing them?
  17. car losing power or just getting used to it?
  18. Ed with Hightech Tuning coming to Chicago who wants work done?
  19. Stage 1 Surgery begins early Monday morning
  20. 498whp with 9.55, new era, headers, catback and only 12 psi, whats wrong
  21. Best Price on Airaid?
  22. supercharger snout replacement
  23. Upper pulley
  24. How to get best 0-60 take off??
  25. Anyone running the Michelin Super Sports?
  26. Kooks Summer Sale @ MarylandSpeed! - Free Coating or Save More! Free Shipping Too!
  27. A6 vs M6.... with some mods
  28. Drivers education with Kentucky porsche club
  29. Race Proven Motorsports New Shop!!!
  30. Should I replace pads that are in good shape when I replace rotors?
  31. 2011 CTSv mod suggestions
  32. RATED V Build has begun!! Shooting for 700rwhp+
  33. B&B CTS-V Sedan Exhaust
  34. CTS-V 20X9/10.5 Replica Wheels
  35. Fast 65lb injectors for sale
  36. Anyone try MT 305/35/19 DR on stock sedan rims?
  37. Corsa sport worth it?
  38. 530 RWHP/ 509 RWTQ w/Airaid No Tune 2012 CTS V WAGON
  39. cant miss deal
  40. help , wheel vender said these wheel would tuck under after i lower the car
  41. Steel braided brake lines
  42. Tuner with Dyno between West Plam Beach to Miami
  43. Installed Airaid intake on my '12 V sedan
  44. D3 Cold Air Intake
  45. how much hp loss going back to stock muffler vs Corsa Sport
  46. Headers with Factory Mufflers?
  47. Has anyone sprayed factory or aftermarket intercooler with water/alcohol mix?
  48. HP tuners vs EFI Live best one for CTSV
  49. Looking to buy an 8.6" ATI lower ring?
  50. Just released Intercooler Expansion Tank For The V
  51. Lower Pulley Install Questions
  52. one week into ownership, just taught my wife to do donuts!
  53. Aluminum Radiator for 2009 + V - Alradco
  54. B&B, Corsa Sport, or Borla?
  55. Green vs K&N vs Airaid dry
  56. 2012 CTS-V Sedan Exhaust Questions
  57. Corsa Sport + Kooks Headers + Kooks Midpipes
  58. Header install
  59. Corsa Sport on my 2012 Coupe.
  60. 2012 stock lower airbox
  61. D3 Competition Sway Bar Kit (In Stock)
  62. Finishing up 21CMC 800 HP Package
  63. Memorial Day Weekend Sale!
  64. LSA engine rpm limits
  65. ******V-Day 2012; possible, not confirmed; post your input!*******
  66. HX Coolant Tank Options?
  67. Tuners in south florida
  68. Snow Performance setup?
  69. Injen Intake
  70. How good are the GM brembo 2-piece rotors?
  71. Headers, are they really worth doing?
  72. Anyone installed the sway bars themselves?
  73. 700rwhp+ What do I need to worry about?
  74. Lingenfelter 630 hp vs. 650 hp
  75. Tuner/installer in Southern California for Lingenfelter 630HP kit for 2012 CTS-V Wag
  76. looking for wider/lower stance
  77. I need help with SCT tuner.
  78. Unusual whining/moaning from blower?
  79. Heat Exchanger in Hot Climates?
  80. Proper install of BAP's; who has the answer?
  81. I need some test pipes/cat delete pipes...
  82. Looking for shop in the Tampa - Sarasota FL area & Software Question
  83. Ne cadillac & nasa for memorial day weekend!
  84. CTSV Dyno Videos
  85. Just got some mods put in. Dyno'd today - Pretty happy
  86. Kooks for sale
  87. Paging those that purchased 09+ Z06 Spyder wheels for DRs
  88. Exhaust Comparison
  89. Porterfield Brake Pads. . .
  90. DiabloSport Trinity On Sale with FREE UPS NEXT DAY Delivery!
  91. AFR Questions & Commnets...Looking for input
  92. WD2009CTSV spanks ZR1
  93. Anyone with experience using "Dash Command" software app. w/ OBD Diag. Interface Hard
  94. Anyone doing "mild" mods?
  95. Alignment on a lowered car, links needed?
  96. Went to track.... Disappointed
  97. CTS-V wagon wrecks in the One Lap of America
  98. 2 michelin pilot super sports w/50 miles 305/30/19
  99. Just finished another 21CMC 700 HP CTSV Package
  100. IATs stock intake versus Airraid?
  101. New tune and upper pulley from ed hutchings
  102. Effective & Cheap intake Mod.
  103. Intake question - what's with the "collapsing" hose?
  104. Where to port my Snout/TB???
  105. Finished another 21CMC 720 HP Package
  106. Upper Pulley Install Time??
  107. Shop in TX? New V owner here!
  108. New Era for sale $250 shipped
  109. lightest weight wheel/tire combo in 19" or 20" diameters?
  110. *D3's plug n' play module
  111. Mods without tunes?
  112. How much hp increase changeing bottom pulley
  113. Hello belt slip
  114. 8.5" lower or 9.1" lower??
  115. When to Replace Brake Pads on '09 CTS-V
  116. Tuning Shops in France/Germany?
  117. balancer removal help, please!!!!
  118. OEM V Coupe Diff Cooler on eBay...
  119. CTS-V cutouts, revs, acceleration video
  120. Anyone making a rear trailing arm to clear bigger wheels
  121. Got a cool shot of my car backfiring actual flames the other night! Video
  122. Pulled the trigger on stage 2 and the 1xxx HP stage 3.
  123. So I killed my Cats and then I made fire
  124. Baseline HP and ratio for RWHP to Crank HP -
  125. Valve float - help!
  126. Clutch pedal feel
  127. Cars and Coffee on Long Island 5/13/12
  128. Stage 1 complete on 2012 Vagon
  129. Looking at a CTS-V from a different perspective (Video)
  130. Meth
  131. Spacer for C5 Thin Spoke Rears Drag Setup
  132. Oil questions
  133. bought a new to me 09 cts-v, what intake is on there?
  134. Gauges?
  135. Recaro conversion
  136. Airaid Instal Review...
  137. Toyo R888's on a HOT TRACK!!! (Video)
  138. Worlds first in the 9's and fastest cts-v on a stock blower no no2
  139. Heads
  140. 1st round of mods - Opinions/Comments?
  141. Its not a CTS-V buuuuut....
  142. Coupe rear wheels
  143. E85 tuned running 93?!
  144. Upper + Lower on Stock Fuel System
  145. G-FORCE Fastest CTS-V on the planet! Video
  146. disappointed customer
  147. My V is in the 10's!
  148. Need advice on next build. Input needed please.
  149. Airaid efficiency
  150. Service traction control
  151. Need help with muffler delete
  152. Flywheel + Clutch on 2009-2012?
  153. Injector help
  154. airaid and corsa dyno results
  155. Ctsvracing official retailer and distributor for D3 Cadillac
  156. Just released: HE coolant expansion tank for the V
  157. Exhaust on flow bench
  158. Airaid Cai Install
  159. Are they secondary cats or resonators?
  160. Which upper pulley with 10 inch lower pully??
  161. Some more rwhp for my coupe and
  162. Fluidyne Heat Exchanger is on the way!
  163. New Personal Best on Boost only
  164. isolator bushing 2012 CTS-V
  165. 2009 Thunder Gray D3 info wanted
  166. Could a catch can potentially help my backfire/afterfire issues?
  167. instal Corsa on wagon
  168. CTSV Racing is now sponsered by Cadillac of Turnersville NJ
  169. 2009-2012 Cadillac CTS-V New Era Performance Cold Air Intake for sale!!!
  170. G-FORCE 10.20 @ 137.63 Boost only CTS-V go pro videos!
  171. gas pedal removal for aftermarket gas pedal
  172. My review of qtp low profile electric cutouts installed on 2010 cts-v sedan. AWESOME
  173. Meth addict has a drag racing problem.
  174. Dyno came back 517rwhp and 570tq?
  175. Who has the best Heads & Cam pkg?
  176. G-FORCE home of the Quickest and Fastest 09 CTS-V no nos
  177. GM 2 piece front rotors 09-12 CTS-V
  178. New tail pipe design on Sedan/Wagon
  179. Want 600rwhp and still pass smog
  180. Traction report on pilot supersports?
  181. Lowering options that don't cause problems?
  182. New dyno numbers=Happy
  183. Race Proven Motorsports Dyno Day!!!!!!!
  184. Heater Core Bypass = Colder A/C
  185. New mods
  186. 700+rwhp
  187. Improved Racing drop in oil pan baffle group buy!
  188. Pulley or Pulley?
  189. 2.5 upper in Memphis?
  190. D3 Sport Spings to Comp Springs
  191. Houston Half Mile Shootout - Saturday, May 12
  192. Resonator delete
  193. anyone in northern NJ with a SW header/exhaust installed???
  194. Looking for some Parts
  195. Question about tuning?
  196. Baseline Mustang Dyno, Bone stock 2011 A6
  197. Quick Question - Need New Rear Tires
  198. Lots of used B&B exhaust for sale?
  199. Low dyno numbers...please help
  200. Exhaust for Wagon???
  201. How many G's can your V pull - Contest
  202. Still the best bang for the buck?
  203. Need tune with sw header install????
  204. 09+ CTS V wanted for first Original Super Chiller
  205. Sedan on order and have a few performance ?s
  206. et street mickey thomson help
  207. Taking sheduled slot appointments for the RX CTSV Super Chiller systems.
  208. Can you sell just an Xpipe?
  209. Important question about TSB and crank pulley fubar...............
  210. Do or not to do?????
  211. Chuckwalla Raceway / Cadillac Challenge Round #2 (This weekend)
  212. American racing headers
  213. What's up with the speedo???
  214. Motorweek reviews Hennessey V650 Cadillac Wagon!
  215. Pulley setup w/o changing hub
  216. Meth VS heat exchanger?
  217. super charger water pump flow
  218. Warranty coverage, upgrades, and hiding them
  219. 160 thermostat install advise?
  220. Cts-V wagon vs 2012 GTR
  221. B&B Cat-Back For Sale Also
  222. KPE Cleaning Tips
  223. Suspension tuning options
  224. Experienced in palm beach
  225. Best plugs for high HP?
  226. 2012 CTSV Wagon MT6 Dyno (stock vs AIRAID + 2.55")
  227. Fastest stock blower only and Stock displacment CTS-V
  228. C5Z Wheels for drag setup - Will they fit?
  229. Custom Tuning Question
  230. Brakes - yellow vs standard?
  231. B&B cat back exhaust for sale for sedan, 450.00 plus shipping.
  232. Normal Oil Pressure range....
  233. Oil ingestion into the intake air charge and proper crankcase evacuation
  234. Found some cool tables that limited torque.
  235. Skipping heads/cam. Possibly going to a LSX 434. Very lost and confused. Help please.
  236. Help with Track Tires
  237. SPORT MODE starting gear
  238. Second time on the dyno, dissapointed.
  239. Drag racing results and questions.
  240. New CTSV want to do some mods
  241. Tire rotation?
  242. Anyone drag race at "The Strip" in Las Vegas?
  243. Updated Dyno Results-Opinions Please
  244. Any gueses on HP....also, anything else needed?
  245. QTP Low Profile Exhaust Cutouts installed (video inside)
  246. Estimated 1/4 mile ets
  247. High Performance Springs - Cadillac CTS-V
  248. D3 ULTRACOOLER | Front Mount Heat Exchanger / Intercooler
  249. Diablosport Trinity for Pulley tune?
  250. Tuning - Can I add timing with my SCT handheld?