: 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Stainless Works Headers + B&B Mufflers
  2. Tax Return Season SPECIALS!
  3. TPMS and Tire Question
  4. Corsa touring exhaust system
  5. Great Track wheel and tire set up has to go! Hankook Ventus R-s3 Thanks for looking!
  6. V2 american racing headers vs stainless works?
  7. Performance shop near St. Augustine or Jax?
  8. Rubbing question with rear tire/rim combination
  9. Rubbing question with rear tire/rom combination
  10. Exhaust system
  11. GF Performance Chip. Has anyone tried it?
  12. Does anyone have 19x11s on their coupe or wider?
  13. Help! First tune problems!
  14. Pulley question
  15. Wait4mePerformance 1.8 Ratio Rockers
  16. coupler problem
  17. Catless exhaust, headers, ported tb and snout, 2.5"
  18. Exciting News - CORSA signs on as a Class Sponsor for the 2013 Cadillac Challenge
  19. Line lock
  20. LSA timing chain tension guide issue
  21. Expectations...
  22. Noob Question on raising redline
  23. Ghost Cam Lope Tune
  24. Strange how sport mode starting in 1st does not help ET?
  25. Diablosport Intune plus cold air intake?
  26. Church
  27. 2012 V Blower skips after Ligenfelter pully upgrade - anyone else have this problem
  28. Looking for D3 STREET PERFORMANCE KIT: STAGE 1 Dyno vs Stock results.
  29. Kooks headers
  30. Labor for Heads and Cam install
  31. Differant wheel size drivability question?????
  32. Air / Fuel Mix
  33. Highest Stock Boost Guage Reading?
  34. How to launch a V
  35. Went to Lingenfelter Nats this summer and jumped on the free dyno just for fun
  36. Pulley brand
  37. What would 7-8k get me?
  38. Anyone running 19" TSW Nurburgring wheels?
  39. Stock air box how many air inlets ?
  40. Manual V's! that are still stock how do you shift to get into the 11's
  41. Winter tires
  42. Airaid Oiled filter vs Dry filtert....
  43. First Track Weekend on New Tires and Brakes: Questions
  44. Loss of power with headers?
  45. Heres what I'm researching for my Vagon
  46. Will 17 in rims fit on the rear tires of v2 coupe?
  47. Diablo sport or hptuners....
  48. Black Out your exhaust with Stainless Works
  49. Think of buying hoosier DR
  50. Best way to log data?
  51. Lingenfelter vs D3
  52. Where can I get 295/35/19 Michelin PSS
  53. 305x35x19?
  54. Exhaust Sale @ MarylandSpeed! (Borla, Corsa, B&B, Kooks, Magnaflow, SW etc) FREE SHP!
  55. Anyone Going to Texas Mile
  56. Offset on 18's help needed
  57. Installed HX on my own....
  58. 650 lpe
  59. Tune
  60. Swap 9.1" ATI for 9.5"
  61. Wanting to run MT 305's on the rear on stock wheels
  62. 1/8 mile track time
  63. 345/30/18's on 18x12's V coupe ... they are on!
  64. Lead me down the right path the first time
  65. Wait4me HX
  66. Corsa Axel Back Sports for 2012 V Sedan
  67. CTS-V L92 Heads/Custom Cam
  68. Valve guide failure
  69. My '13 V makes 711 rwh/ 647 rwt! Thank you 21st Century Muscle Cars!
  70. CAI for California Smog Legal
  71. Wheels and tires for the strip?
  72. Any thoughts?
  73. Eibach springs
  74. Cammed/Bolted Coupe Dyno
  75. Selling 850 Injector Dynamics , 10" lower and ERA intake!!!
  76. Beating Godzilla
  77. Quick Stainless Works exhaust for V wagon review and video
  78. When are larger injectors necessary???
  79. Ported blower
  80. What is the flow path on the HX loop?
  81. Question for finding out through the ECM if I'm getting full throttle on my 2013 V
  82. Who currently has the best price on AirRaid CAI at the moment
  83. BEHE Tuning Strikes Again!
  84. My Secret to running boost a pumps at full power on CTS V2 and on Zl1s, and on ZR1.
  85. Kooks hitting under hard right turns
  86. Good daytrip in my V
  87. Hot Stove Heater Kooks Winter Sale! Free Ceramic Coating or SAVE MORE!
  88. Getting ready to bite the bullet on motor Mods.
  89. blower rotor pack removal
  90. My Differential Cooler
  91. Suspension Questions - Open-Track guys get in here ...
  92. Took the V to the track on 100 Shot!
  93. Remove mufflers
  94. D3 Intake installed
  95. Lingenfelter 630
  96. Lightning Lap Times Updated
  97. What's the best header for our 09' CTS-V ???
  98. 2009+ Cadillac CTS-V Lowering Springs w/IMAGES
  99. Catch Cans- What one to buy? what is the best?
  100. engine rebuild
  101. Pulled Blower Lid and is this amount of oil normal? NEED SOME ADVICE PLEASE
  102. Code 174 - Stock CTS-V 2009
  103. Binding sound
  104. Problems after lingenfelter upper pulley install
  105. Need Help Guys. Intercooler coolant is Low. I have added more and it keeps dropping.
  106. Special on Stainless Works Headers & Exhaust through 12/31
  107. Where to get brake pads for the track? I'm thinking Pagid or Ferodo.
  108. cts-v 2011 with headers and tuned by vette doctors
  109. Trottle body
  110. 2009 cts-v 618rwhp 650tq
  111. How much HP and TQ can our tranny, drivetrain, and engine internals handle?
  112. How do the stock pads do on the track for an intermediate/advanced aggressive driver?
  113. Tire Totes - Great way to get track tires to/from the track
  114. Vagon on a diet?
  115. Torque converter
  116. For Sale-Weather Tech winter floor mats for CTS V Sedan.
  117. Forgestar CF10 20x9 20x10.5 - For Sale
  118. LS9 Blower converted to LSA 2013 CTSV
  119. Questionable performance results - post mods
  120. Modding Newb, Intake Q: Halltech vs. Airraid
  121. 2.4 pulley and injectors question
  122. FS: Lightly Used SW Catback Exhaust - Sedan
  123. Dyno video 606/611
  124. 160 degree thermostat questions
  125. LSA flow my heads today before porting wow look at the numbers
  126. Rotor / Brake Pad Replacement
  127. AirAid is in!
  128. Hot Stove Heater Kooks Winter Sale! Free Coating & Stage 8 Bolts or SAVE MORE!
  129. Airaid vs D3 air intake
  130. What do you think my HP and 1/4 mile will be with these mods. I'm currently at 472HP
  131. Rear Diff Cooler
  132. 2013 Coupe with LPE 650 kit & SW system
  133. looking for advise on upgrade package.
  134. 305-30-R-19 on Stock Rims
  135. how much HP will Headers add to our cars? Aprox?
  136. Does Headers Reduce your HP because of Boost Lost?
  137. Where do I purchase a Catch Can for a 2012 coupe
  138. Dyno time 20hp from plugs 25hp from intake 523whp 500tq only mod is tune & intake
  139. Need Some Advice on my mods. Mods are Listed with questions? Please Help. Thank You.
  140. For those of you running E-85, what is the solution for more fuel?
  141. New Rear Differential Cooler option
  142. Bridgestone RE11's vs Michelin Super Sports? POLL
  143. Think of de-modding, thoughts on lowering boost?
  144. Hx
  145. Upper supercharger pulley removal/install instructions?
  146. Little Different HX Implementation - FWIW
  147. What exactly does heat soaked mean?
  148. Um....how would you like to line up next to this thing?
  149. Hi Guys, I have a Pulley Question I'm hoping to get answered.
  150. Quicker Grocery Getter
  151. Halltech Stinger carbon fiber CAI
  152. Cold Weather Traction Improver
  153. Whats the most cost efficiant way to get 800 crank hp w/o nitrous?
  154. Stainless Works Black Friday Sale Extended Through Next Week
  155. Performance Upgrades:
  156. Mods in - Dyno - 616rwhp
  157. New CTS-V owner from AZ
  158. Any problems with modifications
  159. Mast LS3 Heads
  160. HP tuners 2.5" pulley tune file.....wanted
  161. hp tuners ... newbie question...
  162. MarylandSpeed Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals- Best Pricing of Year!
  163. 2009 Auto Bone stock dyno tuning 478whp 467wtq DynoJet
  164. Why does JOEYCTS-V make stuff up?
  165. New 416 build
  166. MIAdragon - Where are you???
  167. D3 Supercharger Lid Spacer (IN STOCK!)
  168. CTS v shops in Houston
  169. In which order to dyno mods. Have a free Dyno to use
  170. Newbie researching potential modifications.
  171. Working out the track gremlins, P 0106 Map-overboost
  172. Hit the track..
  173. D3 harness mounts
  174. Stock tune and larger injectors
  175. Eibach Springs Question
  176. B&b exhaust sucks!!!
  177. Problems with Hawk DTC-30 pads
  178. Bad Corsa exhaust experience
  179. First track day- Observations and video
  180. First mods done
  181. ZL1 intercooler?
  182. Intake Question
  183. Compromised driveability with BR7EF plugs
  184. ForgeStar Wheels
  185. Seeking tuner in the Chicagoland area (whipple being replaced with stock ported)
  186. Bye Bye Whipple - Hello stock ported 1.9
  187. OEM strut replacement
  188. D3 Competition Lowering Springs in stock!
  189. For those with 2.3 ZR1 superchargers, Is it worth the $2000 over the 1.9 supercharger
  190. Doug's Headers (Guillotine style) exhaust cutout review [now with video!]
  191. Carputer interface guinea pig wanted.
  192. Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger at SEMA
  193. Rattling noise in the supercharger
  194. V-wagon wheel options - what will work best?
  195. Corvette cam direct swap question
  196. Another Aeroforce Interceptor gage/clock replacement
  197. #7 Spark plug=Toast
  198. Service traction Control message
  199. Down on boost
  200. Wondering what to look for on used car.
  201. Got into a V, time for mods. Wanna help me go down the right road the 1st time?
  202. Warranty-safe mods
  203. 1/8th mile times
  204. 160 Deg Thermostat and Fan settings
  205. Warning - Girodisc SS Brake Line Failure - Warning.
  206. Laguna Seca Track Day with 2013 CTS-V Coupe, Results and Issue
  207. New bone stock record? Let me know
  208. Cecil Wednesday Oct 31 5:00 pm - 10:30 pm
  209. belt chirp after a couple of runs?
  210. Slight hesitatation at low throttle and low rpm
  211. Drag wheels setup for sedan?
  212. Video: 220.5 MPH CTS-V Coupe
  213. Thinking about headers...
  214. Atco Friday Oct. 26 4:30 pm - 11:00 pm
  215. Heat exchanger?
  216. Track day TPMS necessary to disable?
  217. Nitrous is done on my ZR1
  218. Installed solid isolator and still have rattle
  219. anyone use Behe performance?
  220. Personal best today
  221. 2009 spark plug part #
  222. New 1/4 mile record, and fastest stock motor CTS-V ever.
  223. What pulley combo maxes the stock blower?
  224. 9.55 lower and 2.55 upper
  225. Look Inside Boost Gauge Question help!
  226. Atco Tuesday night - ran my stock 2012 V
  227. Search for CTS-V tuners in Maryland area.
  228. RX Performance Catch Can's Now @ MarylandSpeed!
  229. What plugs?
  230. Want 600rwhp best easyiest way
  231. Just got my Diablo trinity
  232. Quick Build Sheet- 706whp/665tq
  233. Lingenfelter LNC-2000 Timing retard box
  234. Heads
  235. side branch closed tube
  236. New Pad Option - Performance Friction
  237. Zero obstruction exhaust cutout. Anyone try these?
  238. short throw shifter?
  239. Cutouts and boost?
  240. my dyno comparison: 9.55 lower v. 9.1 + 2.55
  241. Need input for 18" wheel daily driving V owners
  242. Next step after AR Headers and Corsa exhaust install (please help)
  243. D3 or someone else?
  244. CTS-V Shootout in West Palm Beach, Florida --- Part II
  245. V Shirts-Flags-iPhone covers
  246. Maxed out injectors
  247. 2012 V-Wagon runs 10.84
  248. Diablo Trinity Gains
  249. Help!! Cant turn off traction control!!
  250. D3 Competition Sway Bar Kit