: 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Air Intake
  2. 2.5 upper pulley and diablo intune
  3. Airaid Intake
  4. d3 intercooler/heat exchanger and pump upgrade
  5. High flow cat or cat delete?
  6. fast 65" injectors and Upper pulley
  7. Weapon x intake? Any one using one?
  8. Just bought a 2009 CTS-V Sedan
  9. exhaust shooting flames ?
  10. CTS V Tuner - Philadelphia Area
  11. 800-1000 dollar! Need more power.
  12. ? The best tire/rim combo for a square street set-up?
  13. Transmission Issue
  14. Recaro seat question
  15. 2012 CTS-V D3 Upgrades
  16. any upper pulley that only raises boost about 1lb?
  17. DIY Exhaust Options
  18. Clutch question
  19. Little rough idle
  20. need launch help plz
  21. Damn Turbo Buicks:
  22. Wanted Stock intercooler pump
  23. Tracked tires replacement
  24. Upper Pulley Install cost ?
  25. AirRaid Intake
  26. Los Angeles Tuner Shop Needed
  27. Wait4me nav in motion module
  28. 20" wheels that weigh about what factory wheels do?
  29. Is the work im wanting done flawed???????
  30. Flex Fuel Sensor
  31. Wait4Me Tuner - Unlocked?
  32. Air box Screws
  33. Springs
  34. Air/Oil Separator instead of catch can?
  35. Best simple upgrade?
  36. catch can oil ?
  37. Bigger tank for ice???
  38. Dyno results 11 CTS V Coupe with CAI
  39. Kooks headers/Grren Cats/No tune? Anyone have experience with this?
  40. Help with opinions on new exhaust!
  41. Dex cool?
  42. OK... its time. I need traction on a 650whp V.
  43. Airaid cai question
  44. Searching for a Performance shop in Houston tx.
  45. Smoking down my old tires...
  46. mobile app for I-5 phone
  47. Lingenfelter Kit questions
  48. lowering 09V with Eibachs
  49. CTS-V Wagon making a High pitch Howling Noise
  50. 2013 Cadilac CTS-V - Help on Exhaust, and CAI Intake options
  51. My V Coupe before and after Corsa Sport axle back exhaust install
  52. New Personal Best - 11.720 ET / 120.78 MPH - Factory Stock
  53. Airaid Intake Install caused BIG problems...HELP!
  54. New best time
  55. ZL1 exhaust or bust
  56. 2012 CTS-V Coupe Air Intake Upgrade Step 1 - Tuning Required
  57. Cf airaid intake
  58. Good Shop in VA
  59. Camaro dual-mode exhaust?
  60. Tune shops in south Florida help
  61. Stock Cts-V rims TIRE options
  62. Spending about 800-1k on mods
  63. Difference between 09-11 and 12-13 LSA cranckshaft
  64. Square Setup
  65. boost increase
  66. Just got my corsa exhaust, any tips?
  67. Catback loss of HP or tq ?
  68. Pros and cons of adding an LS9 supercharger lid on an LSA
  69. Meth injection
  70. Tire selection help for ny residence.
  71. Catch can install-RX
  72. Appointment to modify my V this week!
  73. Next stage build is coming together
  74. Can you check a car for a tune?
  75. CNC Ported Throttle bodies for the LSA
  76. D3 Supercharger Lid Spacer (In stock!)
  77. Newbie....performance mods? Intake, tuner?
  78. Interference or Non-interference engines?
  79. slicks for 18" wheels
  80. meth injection
  81. I need 80 more hps
  82. Eibachs
  83. big and littles
  84. Just purchased an Airaid CAI
  85. drag radial for street and slicks for track
  86. Square Track Tire set-up with springs?
  87. Has anyone received a smog requirement on their renewal for a 2009 CTS-.?
  88. Gear ratios
  89. Water Meth Injection Opinions wanted.
  90. SMC Dual Catch Can or RX Dual Valve Catch Can - Help me Decide
  91. Sand Bags in my V"
  92. Recommendation for best Catch Can;Do we need two?
  93. E85 Conversion...Any Thoughts??
  94. Airaid CAI with K&N filter
  95. Stock vs. Airaid intake results at drag track
  96. Adding racing seats to CTS -V Wagon trunk
  97. 2013 or 2014?
  98. Cheap track wheels - Z06 replicas $436 per set of 4
  99. Headed to the Drags tomorrow, Any tips?
  100. Track Night on Thursday
  101. Drag radials
  102. street muffler V. drag muffler
  103. sport or comp for drag racing
  104. Anyone running an after market suppercharger on V2?
  105. Tire Upgrade - widest tires on stock sedan wheels?
  106. 2009 CTS-V - SW exhaust installed.
  107. Something is seriously wrong with my car
  108. Oil ingestion in the blower housing and intercooler:
  109. 2012 + Automatic Transmission: tuning only? Different hardware? To put into a 2011.
  110. On the way to 600rwhp......
  111. Adding a Heat Exchanger on a otherwise factory V
  112. ZR1 SWAP getting there almost
  113. Options on choosing a heat exchanger?
  114. warning most of 2009 ctsv
  115. FS, LSA HEADS, ID-850s, ALKY sys, GT9 cam, LSA pistons/rods & more...
  116. Stainless steel brake line failed on approach to turn 3 at Auto Club speedway, 130mph
  117. Opinions on the triple disc Yank converter VS OEM Converter....
  118. Vredestein Tires Vorti R and Vorti review
  119. Anyone on the forum sell the 18X9.5 ZO6 Spyder wheels for the rear of the V?
  120. 5k to spend on the V, opinions on mod path are appreciated.
  121. HELP! Installed D3 Springs & Sway Bars. Clunking/knocking sound from suspension.
  122. D3 Springs
  123. First in the world: New Era Performance Front Mount TT CTS-V Coupe
  124. Installed 100 cell CATS and 36" resonators no mufflers= NICE
  125. Diablo intune for a 2014 V
  126. Belt size
  127. Best muffler for CTS-V
  128. Over heating problems
  129. Stage 1 upgrade- what am I overlooking here?
  130. Any bolt-ons that improved the V's fuel economy? Myth or fact
  131. CTS-V brakes on 2014 XTS Vsport
  132. Changing Brembo Pads....
  133. my supercharger whine sounds quite
  135. Intake options
  136. Cat delete
  137. Need a Disassembly Guide for an Eaton TVS 1900 Supercharger from a '09 Cadillac CTS-V
  138. Interesting Stock Exhaust Mod Video
  139. Borla muffler acquisition
  140. Airbags deploy?
  141. Major disapointment at the dragstrip
  142. B&B Auto Sedan Opinions
  143. picked up a '14 sedan!
  144. Adjustable Billet Motor Mount w/Poly Urethane Dampener
  145. Looking for wheels
  146. AirAid wet or dry filter type and why?
  147. 2014 cts
  148. Recommended suspension geometry settings to improve straightline stability
  149. 'Puff' sound from engine bay when blipping throttle at idle
  150. Anybody with Corsa touring(or sports) + secondary CATs deleted?
  151. Looking for an axle back exhaust for my V wagon
  152. Wait4me Heat Exchanger Questions
  153. Varex Exhausts?? Comments please.
  154. Anyone in Canada with a stock lower airbox they'd like to get rid of?
  155. New here :) What exhaust set up is this?!
  156. Injector advice - brand, quality?
  157. Rusty Rotors...
  158. Brake upgrade
  159. Headers and High - Flow Cats and Corsa Sports Too Loud?
  160. Im trying to decide between the American Racing or Kooks headers
  161. Meisterschaft CTS-V Coupe
  162. Muffler delete
  163. Electric cut out advice HELP
  164. 2013 V-Wagon - Installed Airaid Today
  165. Corsa muffler -- rattle coming from inside muffler
  166. How exhaust sound is developed
  167. Aftermarket Mods
  168. Awaiting delivery of my 13 CTS V with HPE 600 Package.. Whats next step with mods?
  169. Clock removal and Gauges
  170. Lower 9.5 inch pulley and injectors.
  171. What did u do to ur V today?
  172. Selling my 2009 with 29K if anyone is looking for a perfect car.
  173. 2013 CTS-V Tuner South Florida
  174. 91+ RWHP with lower pulley, mild cam, and Headers.
  175. Diff issues
  176. Unlock
  177. Ohio Performance Shop
  178. 2010 CTS V New Owner
  179. Can Front End Camber Be Adjusted on These Cars?
  180. Tune for Rev Matching and Blipping on Automatic?
  181. Logging data on SCT
  182. Weird noises
  183. DMH Cut Out Installation on a Coupe with B&B Catback
  184. Looking at buying a 2010 CTS-V ....need your opinions
  185. Stage 1 - Typical Parts and Price?
  186. 6L90E Transmission PATC TUNER
  187. My car sounds good... GT9/LPE Heads
  188. Question for guys with 600+ at the wheels...
  189. R1 Concepts Rotors
  190. Does the factory computer auto tune?
  191. Complaints, problems w/Hennessey?
  192. HPE650 Retune needed?
  193. Belt Size
  194. Track Package for Wheels & Tires (Huge Savings)
  195. What do aftermarket "x-pipes" do?
  196. 640 hp dyno run.
  197. Maxed out injectors
  198. CTS V rotor size, specs..
  199. Larger exhaust tips for the wagon
  200. Pre mod numbers
  201. Question for a possible v owner
  202. $300,000 FINE for replacing CAT's? Seriously???
  203. Brakes
  204. Has anyone installed a Hurst Line-Lock?
  205. Whay HX to run on my 11' coupe.
  206. Is there a Differance...
  207. Which injectors??
  208. New Fluidyne Triple Pass Jumbo T-Rex Heat Exchanger
  209. E-85
  210. Finally decided to buy the Corsa Sport exhaust...
  211. How do you launch your V in a drag race?
  212. Stainless Works Cat-Back Exhaust Install issues
  213. Saikou Michi Dual Catch Can best price and where to get??
  214. Lowering Springs
  215. Free Exhaust - What would you do?
  216. High-temp brake fluid? diff fluid?
  217. Wait4me vs professional tuner?
  218. Mixed emotions on my new Borla exhaust
  219. Installed corsa axle back, do i need to do anything after??
  220. D3 | Competition Spec Coil Over System
  221. 600+ Club
  222. Stock dyno 425 Stock including a CAI, modified now 608whp.
  223. 2012 Coupe put down 671 HP 647 TQ
  224. Competition Sway Bar & Lowering Spring Special
  225. Anyone know how restrictive the factory CAT's after market high flow CAT's?
  226. What are your opinions in regards to locking up the tq converter on WOT runs?
  227. Need help as to where to start
  228. Not happy with my Corsa 14948 axle back wagon exhaust.
  229. Headers vs. Corsa Sport Exhaust...Convince me which to buy!
  230. Pictures of inside of 1.9 Supercharger needed to compare with Ported one
  231. The V going under the knife
  232. Anyone selling an aftermarket V-Coupe exhaust?
  233. My first dyno with the V
  234. BTR Stage 2 cam - First start up.
  235. Looking for upgrade tips: Diff Cooler, Valvetrain for 400+ extra RPMs, POWER (Vdieo!)
  236. What is the max HP the rear diff can safley handle once broken in?
  237. SoCal! Friday night Test & Tune, Famoso Drag Strip, Bakersfield
  238. KPE CTS-V Tune and Intake Package Deals
  239. Has anyone drilled through mufflers to make them louder?
  240. Another victum of the spring loaded Supercharger isolator. What a waste.
  241. New Arrival - KPE CTS-V Wagon Long-Tube Headers and Cat-Back Exhaust
  242. Is anyone running a 91-92mm LS7 Throttle Body?
  243. Stock 1.9L on an Escalade?
  244. K&N PreFilter/Sock for Airraid Green Filter Mod....
  245. If Pfadt made Tri-Y's for the V, would you buy them?
  246. Muffler Delete not passing PA safety inspection?
  247. sway bars
  248. Are CAT's really that restrictive???
  249. Texas Mile 192.4 Pass pictures
  250. D3 Competition Sway Bar Kit (Back in stock!!!)