: 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Stock Exhaust vs Corsa Exhaust on Modded V
  2. D3
  3. Cold Air Intake (2011 model)
  4. Sottozeroes Pass the Test
  5. Need Help in reducing the exhaust sound on my V
  6. V Coupe Exhaust..
  7. 11.33 @ 125
  8. Thanksgiving Special Coming !
  9. Hand held tuners?
  10. Secret 2009 up cts V parts sale on EVERYTHING! Friday.
  11. A little help with pulley sizes please
  12. Nearing 30,000 in very early 09
  13. Winter tires poll: Blizzaks or Sotto's
  14. A Couple of LSA's Featured in GM High Tech Performance Magazine
  15. How's the V in the winter?
  16. Mods Required For 2011 CTS-V in Ft. Myers, Florida
  17. Ran several 11.4 @ 121mph on stock boost and 1.6 60' on street tires.
  18. SRP Racing Pedals - 20% off
  19. Who Thinks This Would be a Useful Feature for the V?
  20. New competition for the V ?
  21. 2009 CTS-V automatic at the Texas Mile, hits 176.9
  22. D3 Competition Sway Bars (Introductory Offer!!)
  23. KPE was invited at SEMA to compete in Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge
  24. Mickey Thompson 19" drag radials available in the spring?
  25. Got Some Dyno Numbers for the LPE 630/630 CTS-V
  26. Laguna Seca, November 20th ...
  27. Dyno/Burnout video
  28. RWHP/RWTQ with the following...
  29. heading to the dyno today... a little nervous...
  30. Something you might want to check if your down on power
  31. Air Intake Question (Which one?)
  32. Oct 10- texas mile
  33. CTS-V3 mock "clinic:" what would you tell the program manager...
  34. Big decisions, lots of questions
  35. Should do more burnouts.
  36. Cadillac V-Series Performance Academy - Houston
  37. Pulley tune vs std max perf tune.
  38. I ran at Pinks all out Houston
  39. Stainless Works Exhaust
  40. Will have new dyno #s tomorrow.
  41. New memeber first cadillac with CTS V hood decal?
  42. Exhaust Diameter Question
  43. Congratulations to the newest member of the 10-second club.
  44. New dyno #'s
  45. Who offers mail order tunes?
  46. Cad bone stock RWHP & RWTQ (Auto + Manl) (all dyno types):
  47. Trip to the drag strip Friday night
  48. Dynojet to Dynomite dyno comparision on aj660's CTS-V coupe:
  49. kooks headers
  50. Had a car hit 683 rwhp today on the dyno.
  51. Has anyone tried the ASA wheels and blizzaks in the snow???
  52. Winter in a snow tire equipped V- possible or an exercise in futility?
  53. V Coupe Mods
  54. Corsa exhaust on a 6 speed V Coupe
  55. Pulley Configuration
  56. Some random thoughts on my dyno documentation and its interpretation:
  57. Got a personal best today at Byron Draway
  58. Another 618RWHP setup. :)
  59. New Cleveland, Ohio area owner with Quality Motorsports mods....
  60. Better MPG...
  61. Why have D3 customers not participated in the 1/4 mile / Mod spreadsheet?
  62. Wow ! just picked up my V-Coupe: 604 Rwhp for $2000 = big smile
  63. 2011 CTS-V Coupe, 2011 CTS-V Wagon, 2011 CTS-V performance options
  64. 2011 Hennessey V700 Coupe - Dyno Vdeo
  65. Whats wrong with this CTS-V???
  66. Opinions on this 09 V I'm looking at....
  67. So there is a large issue with the CTS-V that my friend and I remedied this weekend
  68. Which perf mods are warranty friendly?
  69. Service dept professionalism needed to achieve "standard of the world"
  70. Just had another forum member hit 660 rwhp yesterday, and another by monday.
  71. Parts for 2009+ CTS-V
  72. Tuning my 2010 V
  73. 2009+ CTSV Performance Modification list Cost / HP
  74. PREDICTIONS FOR FORUM MEMBER cbloveday's (675 rwhp) V!
  75. GM high-performance SUVs
  76. Which Exhaust to buy?
  77. The new CTS-V Commercial is up
  78. Whats your best 60 foot time?
  79. my brake duct came out
  80. 1/4 Mile ET & Modifications List
  81. 550+ rwhp come inside
  82. performance upgrades for my V-Coupe
  83. Can you handle 1,000 HP?
  84. Headers+stock mufflers vs corsa?
  85. How would one get out of a CTS-V lease?
  86. Monticello Motor Club High Performance driving
  87. Back to stock tune = Increase in MPG!
  88. "V" v.2 Is In It's 3rd Model Year And It's Reputation is Growing
  89. Which Exhaust to buy?
  90. Dyno day - Indianapolis area
  91. How's The Drone with Exhaust Mods?
  92. CTS-V Coupe Aftermarket Exhaust?
  93. Who has used Hennessey performance Engineering?
  94. Airaid Intake in stock and 10% off
  95. GM Performance Division is BACK!
  96. Thanks Jesse! 675rwhp 606 rwtq
  97. Billy Boat Performance Exhaust 2009 + CTS-V Available
  98. Got my custom exhaust put on this week...Loving it!!!!
  99. **Corsa Sale**
  100. NO Oily MAF with KPE Intake
  101. Got the V back from England Green
  102. WTF : middle east cts-v got 53 hp more than US version !!!
  103. Fire Extinguisher Mount w/Recaro seats
  104. Any modded Las Vegas members?
  105. lingenfelter? anyone use for mods?
  106. Performance mods that dont void warranty
  107. CTS-V Gas Mileage
  108. Dyno Question-Exhaust Leak
  109. 20" Asanti Rims - Should I do it?
  110. 600+ RWHP Club
  111. V-Series Performance Academy or V-Series Performance Lab?
  112. Odd tranny problem after installing exhaust
  113. New Mercedes S63 AMG---- A FORCE TO RECKON WITH ?
  114. The Wall Street Journal on the CTS-V Coupe: "It makes German rivals look like taxis"
  115. Kooks Headers Installed-Selling custom 3" cat-back
  116. rear end noise
  117. Need feedback on Kooks entire exhaust system for the 09/10 CTS V
  118. Want to upgrade exhaust
  119. Changing pulleys question?
  120. 10.56@130 new personal best
  121. Finally redynoing tomorrow
  122. Error code 0191
  123. Kooks headers/Stock exhaust break-in...
  124. Fan running behind front grill after I turn off the car??
  125. v exhauston SRX
  126. Can a tune be spotted after removal?
  127. CTS-V coupe vs. M3 vs. RS5 teaser
  128. Gains from headers ONLY
  129. My D3 Cadillac Experience
  130. Kooks header DISPLAY BLOWOUT!
  131. Just got back from a whirl with Wait4me's tune... auto V
  132. KPE Headers / Exhaust Summer Sale
  133. Any guesses what she'll put down after upgrades (Part II)
  134. 305/265's on D3 Springs w/ Oem wheels...
  135. Quick vid of freeway onramp "launch" after KPE/Airaid intake
  136. This is what happens when your impatient...
  137. When to change spark plugs ?
  138. CTS-V Wagon Order date?
  139. Magnaflow Cat Back Systems Available !
  140. Would you pay to build your own LSA?
  141. Anybody has exhaust video clips?
  142. 2010 CTS-V new car lease/HELP!
  143. Down on HP, maybe a supercharger problem
  144. Anyone want to trade a WhiteCTS-V for a Black one?
  145. 2009+ CTS-V Parts Available
  146. D3 Research & Design Introduces the new Super Intercooler!!
  147. Any good performance shops in SW burbs of Chicago?
  148. How much drone with your exhaust and other exhaust Q's? KPE, Corsa, W4Me, Magnaflow
  149. sluggish autobox
  150. Dyno for LPE Modded CTS-V
  151. I'm going to track & need weight reduction tips
  152. TUNING QUESTION for my NEW 2011 V
  153. Not a V question, but I suspect V owners might deal with this issue.
  154. 90MM Throttle Body
  155. Magnaflow Exhaust Coming !
  156. July 31, 2010 -All IL and WI Members - Car Event in Mundelien, IL
  157. Teaser Pics Chrome to Black Chrome Conversion
  158. WFO's Photo Shoot
  159. How many people would want to prepay for a $1100 dollar B&B header setup?
  160. Anyone installed the LPE harmonic balancer and 5% or 10% overdrive pulley?
  161. B&B exhaust special gb
  162. $10/20 min. Maint. restores throttle response.
  163. Hello everyone
  164. Door striker covers melted to exhaust manifold
  165. Installed intake, parking assist, ABS, suspension warnings
  166. Any guesses as to what she'll put down after upgrades?
  167. Borla catback ????
  168. Engine/Trans Tune in SoCal
  169. Coupe is one sexy car.. But the wheels have to go..
  170. KPE Exhaust Installed
  171. Best mods for maintaining factory warranty !!!
  172. Great Service from North bay cadillac in NY
  173. Opinions on Continental Extreme Contact DW
  174. Ported LS7 TB & KPE CAI Dyno....
  175. Airaid CAI Available Now !
  176. Excessive Brake Pad Dust?
  177. Pissed at GM now...
  178. Modified V2 vs. GTR question
  179. American Racing Stainless Long Tube Headers with High Flow Cats
  180. Despite the wait4me complaints
  181. questions on wait 4 me tune
  182. question about W4M tune and KPE intake.
  183. NorCal/Bay Area Dyno Shop
  184. Installed KPE Intake Tonight
  185. Any gain in RWHP for 600 RWHP V with Corsa?
  186. KPE Cold Air Intake Group Buy
  187. Heat soak dyno question
  188. W4M 3 inch Exhaust ...anyone want one cheap??
  189. Headers/exhaust and cosmetic work done!
  190. Video of my dyno pulls
  191. best bang for the buck
  192. Question for those with 600+rwhp
  193. KPE Cold Air Intake
  194. Wow D3
  195. Kpe cold air intake ?
  196. Kooks Exhaust Great Prices with Free Shipping
  197. Tuner Needed
  198. Drag Strip with the V
  199. Suspension Squeaks
  200. Dyno #'s Bone Stock
  201. Tune and a K&N filter
  202. Dyno Questions
  203. TTP Dyno Day May 15th, 2010. NY/NJ/PA/CT/DE
  204. Hennessey Intercooler Upgrade
  205. Best Header combo with stock mufflers
  206. CTS-V Wreck at One Lap
  207. Finally My CTSV is in my garage. Detailed review below for everyone.
  208. D3 Lowering Spring Install
  209. D3 intake feeler
  210. pulley questions
  211. Corsa Touring Exhaust
  212. Borla SPORT Exhaust Coming in 1 Month...Intro Forum Pricing Here...
  213. Thinking About Doing Custom Exhaust
  214. Attention Florida V owners SCT is looking for you
  215. wait4 me performance
  216. C.A.I and Check Engine Light
  217. Post your dyno results here -Video or dyno sheets
  218. Instantaneous MPG 28 @ 70MPH, RPM 1900
  219. V-Coupe.....DRIVEN!
  220. Exhaust for sale
  221. 6 Speed Auto Owners, any regrets you didnt get manual?
  222. LS9 cam on the way
  223. Remote Start Quit
  224. High flow cat and xpipe question
  225. LPE + AMR Bolt-ons = 11.58 ET
  226. wait4me Mild, Max and Race Tunes
  227. Corsa sport exhaust ...
  228. Automatic or 6 speed manual
  229. Wait4me tunes and warning... Help requested
  230. To Crank Pulley OR To Not Crank Pulley? That Is the Question...
  231. My second 1/4 mile results
  232. best way to tune car
  233. Air intake tube
  234. CTS-V and Lots of Snow
  235. Introduction - KPE (New Sponsor)
  236. Kpe!
  237. Question For Jesse (Regulator Valve & Actuator)
  238. Gas Mileage after exhaust
  239. what are the SAFEST MODS. with no programming to keep the warranty ???
  240. Anyone have the stock intake tube collapse?
  241. Does the w4m heat exchanger replace the stock one?
  242. Bolt torque specs for all things to do heads, cam, intake, and balancer inside.
  243. I'm in
  244. Gotta love flying under the radar
  245. My first 1/4 mile results
  246. Hennessey H9 Monoblock Wheels with Pics
  247. Anyone get instructions for the W4M 9.5 Pulley and Heat Exchanger Installs?
  248. Kooks Exhaust with Free Shipping
  249. 11.63 break out run at 123.79 mph at snap on race in San Antonio
  250. **Borla Sport True Cat-Back Exhaust Video/Dyno/Sound Clips...6 RWHP/8RWTQ INCREASE**