: 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

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  1. 2014 V Wagon Road Test
  2. Made a Service Appt...The Rattle..and a squeaky belt
  3. Used CTS-V in Chicago, I'm in Texas. Opinions on traveling car inspections?
  5. Spare TIRE
  6. Finally picked up a CTS-V
  7. 12V DC socket at back of console is dead
  8. HID bulb replacement - gonna vent (again)
  9. Anyone running Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 s?
  10. One exhaust tip dirtier than the other?
  11. V crash at Orlando dragstrip vid
  12. Tire Question: Stock Michelin PS2 vs Michelin PSS
  13. Recommended tire pressure for rear OEM tires to stick
  14. Is this normal? Dealer seems to think so
  15. Site Human Verification Box
  16. The dealers and lack of customer support - verus - GM
  17. Dealership: Edmonton Ab. Canada
  18. Eibach spring front passenger side squeaked from day one
  19. Playing the dealer warranty game, a first.
  20. Just got back from the Dyno...Bone Stock 2014 MN6 V Coupe...519 RWHP/500 RWTQ!!
  21. Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool
  22. using oil?
  23. Need location and amp rating on fuse for convenience outlet at rear of console
  24. American Racing Headers sale sell?
  25. Anyone else getting lifter noise at idle, louder when cold idle?
  26. Dare I question how this car was built? It's a hogpoge of things thrown together!
  27. sport mode
  28. Cadillac doesn't want us "petrolheads". They want to turn Caddy into BMW.
  29. deleting music off of hard drive?
  30. Cadillac CTS-V ipod connector cord?
  31. 2011 V - knocking sound upon shutdown
  32. carpet bunching up around dead pedal.
  33. What is the stickiest street tire that can be driven in rain and daily driver
  34. Do you hate the IPad app for this site?
  35. Differential replacement
  36. Dat Shine - Detail Post
  37. Low Trans Fluid
  38. CTS-V Irish Wake & final number of manual V wagons
  39. Michelin Pilot Alpin 4 winter tires..
  40. Black Friday Splitter Sale from V2V Designs
  41. Need Help with removing the red positive cover from battery
  42. What is this part? It gave me a CEL
  43. Losing a Tail Light
  44. Paint Correcton and Opti-Coated
  45. will the cts spare kit fit a cts-v?
  46. Rear Cup holder, am I missing something?
  47. Rollover sound at part throttle rolling thru parking lot
  48. Suede shifter with leather steering wheel?
  49. 4 Corner Alignment
  50. Oil Temp?
  51. Burning oil smell from vents..
  52. Rear Diff Replacement. What to look for?
  53. HELP, Cant find one !!!
  54. Supercharger replacement?
  55. Traction control seems pretty sensitive...
  56. 2015 Cadillac PWC racer revealed!
  57. Insurance
  58. Cts v coupe
  59. Sunroof Ledge
  60. 2016 cts-v
  61. Ultimate Question CTS-V or M5
  62. CTS-V Photoshoots 56k BEWARE!
  63. New rotors and Pads shakes
  64. Would anybody be interested in swapping MINT OE Black Coupe Wheels for OE Polished?
  65. can someone run a VIN for me?
  66. V coupe on tv
  67. 10 Sec Manual CTSV V2
  68. 1000 bhp V on Jalopnik / craigslist?
  69. Buying a 2012 Certified CTS-V tomorrow
  70. 2014 Recall
  71. probably need the supercharger replacement
  72. part # or web link help
  73. Trunk latch "handle"??
  74. Where does the gasoline overflow hole(?) drain to?
  75. Sun roof picture request/ question.
  76. Lost my CTS 2014 5-button keyfob the day I got the car. How to replace?
  77. Shock Oil Film - How Much is Too Much?
  78. Cop complemented my V
  79. How often do Mods actually increase fuel economy?
  80. [STSV] Need help; broke something installing an intake
  81. What did you pay for gas today?
  82. Steering wheel coming apart?
  83. Passenger seat weight sensor.
  84. new 14 gtr for $90,000
  85. Brake Pad Replacement
  86. o2 sensors
  87. Auto transmission temp city traffic?
  88. Dealer says my V Wagon keeps "popping" out of wheel alignment because it's lowered
  89. Stage 1 upgrade worth it ?
  90. Just bought a cts-v with mods
  91. Got my new V coupe last night.. It's awesome, BUT...
  92. Warranty/Recall
  93. A Funny V Experience with a Friend
  94. More brake misery
  95. Is this the definition of irony?
  96. CPO or 7/100, 000 bumper to bumper extended warranty?
  97. Looking for expert upholstery shop near Chicago/Milwaukee
  98. My alignment specs
  99. One Year Anniversary
  100. Michelin Pilot Super Sport update: 18,300 miles and one brutal track event of wear...
  101. What is a fair price for a 2013 CO manual coupe, fully loaded
  102. Coming from a fast 2011 Audi S4, worried about not having AWD..Will I miss it?
  103. GM Employee discount
  104. Looking for some advice on a purchase I'm making..Question, modded or stock..
  105. ATS-V uncovered
  106. Need new tires for the V
  107. Dent on rear panel - How to approach it?
  108. Test Driving '13 V Sedan, Questions?
  109. Memory seat wonky-2011
  110. I rolled through 30k yesterday on the wagon.
  111. Yup, Cadillac Customer Service still sucks! LONG RANT, STILL PISSED
  112. V coupe rear cup holder cover
  113. 19 front and 20 back??
  114. Water Leak, Cadillac Doesn't Care
  115. Key Fob replacement
  116. Johan De Nysschen drives a CTS-V Coupe!
  117. Digital Clock Hack
  118. Another thumbs up for the V
  119. best service dealerships in colorado
  120. cross shopping a V vs a Chevy SS
  121. I got my V finally
  122. V Wagon Track Day
  123. Looking at XLR-V or CTS-V coupe
  124. Ran the new National Corvette Museum Track last weekend. Big Fun!
  125. Should I buy a 2011 CTS-V?
  126. I lost the FOB but have the key?
  127. Opulent Blue Metallic?
  128. Vagon value?
  129. Winter Rims and Tires
  130. Rear End
  131. Top ten muscle cars that handle well
  132. Terrified, on my way to the stealership, warranty work
  133. Just sold my CTSV Sedan and need new car buying advice ASAP. What should I look into?
  134. Season Finale with NASA NE Oct 24-26
  135. GMs 'customer service' is a joke...I won't be buying another GM product ever again
  136. What Would U Pay?
  137. Do these cars have an intercooler?
  138. Warranty question...
  139. CTS-V Racing
  140. A/C Question
  141. Custom cadillac floor mats & merchandise
  142. fuel mileage question
  143. G.M. Warranty
  144. Sterring wheel rejuvination
  145. Roof leaking dealer says it is not covered by my GMPP Warranty
  146. Another differential replacement
  147. Fluid change this weeked, have a question
  148. What the 2016 CTS V might look like
  149. Anyone else attending street car take over in Nashville
  150. Tire options at the dealer
  151. Winter/Summer tire storage
  152. Found her
  153. Hellcat chasing down a V Wagon
  154. First 1/4 Mile
  155. Touch up paints from online vendors?
  156. Johan de Nysschen "Detroit fans, don't mess with me"
  157. Finally got my V on a track (road course)
  158. Washing the V
  159. Anyone with a dash cam
  160. Huge tire wear problem
  161. Passenger ac control lighting
  162. CTS V picture forum
  163. Watch Pirelli World Challenge Miller and Brainerd Broadcasts This Weekend
  164. New buy color question
  165. After thinking the supercharger rattle wouldn't affect my 2014 V...
  166. New V owner
  167. Tilt Only Sunroof for 2014?
  168. Recaro with yellow stitching availble in the sedan?
  169. Front Splash Shield
  170. All season tires
  171. Still shopping CTS-v vs RS7 ????
  172. How to tell what # of the 500 my 2015 CTS-V is?
  173. 2012 CTS-V Advice
  174. Can someone run this car through GMVIS
  175. Turning OEM 2 piece rotors
  176. 121mph Trap Speed
  177. Dead Battery - 2013 V Sedan
  178. Classic Insurance
  179. Valentine hard wiring to 2014 CTS-v
  180. Impressions of gray interior? And fair price for 2011 Vagon?
  181. Question on dome lighting
  182. Farewell to the CTS-V, the Best Product of Old GM
  183. Magnetic Ride Control
  184. Johnny O'Connell World Challenge Season Debrief
  185. What's your best educated guess on the percentage of drivetrain loss on a manual car
  186. Are the satin graphite wheel barrels supposed to be painted or not?
  187. Warning Messages
  188. Drag Race Settings ?
  189. 2014 CTS-V Owner's Manual
  190. New member, looking to possibly purchase a CTS-V
  191. those running Sottozeros: 6/32 tread, time to replace?
  192. '12 coupe 6speed, good price?
  193. Looking for a DOT 4 or Race Brake Fluid Only Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap.
  194. Free Shipping Offer: Cadillac Floor Mats, Car Covers and Merchandise
  195. Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week
  196. World Challenge season finale races streaming live 9/12-9/13
  197. 2013 CTS V For Sale. What's it Worth?
  198. Jumping a V-Coupe
  199. Warranty Coming To an End - Things to look out for and get changed?
  200. 2009 Prices
  201. 2011 Vagon 6MT - whats it worth?
  202. Auto V downshifting
  203. Break-In Period
  204. The famous sunroof leak... and then some
  205. collector's insurance
  206. Cadillac Pricing Strategery
  207. Moving threads
  208. looks like the LM-32 replaced the LM-60
  209. 14 CTS V Coupe Lease
  210. Around Cincinnati next weekend?
  211. C&D Blows A Corvette C7 Engine During Long Term Test; Bad Oil Filter To Blame? PF48
  212. Reputable exhaust shop in DFW
  213. Thoughts on new aquisition
  214. who's white 2009 in Cincinnati
  215. Recaro seat memory stopped working
  216. Midnight Sapele wood trim package.
  217. 2015 CTS V Racing Calendar ...
  218. Crazy low oil pressure warnings/readings, change sensor?
  219. Warranty poll
  220. Drain and refill vs. Transmission flush
  221. Summer 2014 Road Trips Pictures
  222. Is transfering a Cadillac CPO possible?
  223. "Fuel line protective cover"?
  224. 2009 CTS-V - no power
  225. manual Transmission noise, 2014 Sedan
  226. Supercharger saga becomes more complex
  227. My new (to me) 2013 CTS-V
  228. polished wheels, do they have a clear coat ?
  229. New Supercharger
  230. Headlite cover
  231. experts opinion on pricing needed
  232. Flat fixer sealant replaceable cartridge, correct P/N?
  233. Free Shipping Offer: Cadillac Floor Mats, Car Covers and Merchandise
  234. Buying a used CTS-V.... Anything I should look out for??
  235. NASA East Coast Championships all weekend long at Road Atlanta
  236. Jack points and jack stands...these locations work?
  237. Tire warranty? Sidewall/tread gash on the inner part of tire. Dealer question?
  238. CTS-V vs M5(V-10) to 140MPH, M5 faster?
  239. Dealer Recommendation - SF Bayarea
  240. Got my V back from the dealer, went right back.
  241. Is there a navigation system firmware update?
  242. Can't believe V didn't make this list
  243. Possible V coupe purchase help
  244. Rub bars
  245. So, me thinks I'll be getting a new supercharger...
  246. Service Department says "there is no problem" REDUX
  247. My Thoughts on Visiting the Nürburgring
  248. Voice recognition language
  249. Oil Pressure Low After Coming off the Track - How low is too low?
  250. Brake pad change: What's the deal with the rears?