: 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

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  1. Driver Side Front Wheel Bearing Issue? Clicking Noise ...
  2. Surface Rust - Wheel Hubs - How to Remove? PICS INSIDE!
  3. Happy Father's Dad's!
  4. MityVac Fluid Evacuator OK on CTS-V?
  5. C63 is gone... CTS-V Diamond Black is in the garage
  6. wagon vs sedan length and width spec's
  7. Recomended Clear Bra Installer in SE Michigan
  8. An update to the customer that was in london having tune issues.
  9. New pics after finally washing/waxing
  10. Road and Track article/Andy Pilgrim/CTS-V ride in Pirelli World Challenge
  11. TVS 2300 on a 434 LSX
  12. Windshield Wiper Blade position??
  13. GM i phone 4 adapter for console - need part number
  14. Convex mirrors
  15. maryland area new cars and coffee meet starting tomorrow
  16. Holy crappola EDITH!!!
  17. Northstar Dragway, Denton Tx. June 16th 2011.
  18. transmission temp hot???? just got car 8 hrs ago need info
  19. Does anybody have a Red CTS-V?
  20. A-pillar gauge pods
  21. Teaser pic that Forgeline sent me.
  22. Interference to GPS/OnStar
  23. Domestic Triumvirate
  24. who is the best dealer for a deal?
  25. Part Request # - fender vents
  26. So what will GM do to the 2012 or 2013 V to compete with the new M5?
  27. looking for CTS-V or V Banner/Poster for Garage
  28. Is this the new Green color
  29. SUPERCHARGED Letters on right place....pic
  30. Rockin' in my Recaro's...
  31. Another cut spring thread, yes I've searched
  32. Gloss Top
  33. Daytime Running Lights (DLR) Discussion
  34. Picture of Prof's cente cover
  35. Cadillac Culinary Challenge Test Drive Invite
  36. Well iwent with the Nitto's on the wife's V
  37. Trans temps
  38. Kudos to V venders out there
  39. I'm looking this 2009 CTS-V. How's the price?
  40. Anyone near Murphy, NC and can check out a 2009 CTS-V for me?
  41. CTS-V Wagon Top Speed Run at El Mirage, Vette vs CTS-V Drag
  42. Men care more about their cars than their health...
  43. D3 Heat Exchanger Install HELP- No hose no instructions
  44. Odd quirk, wondering if anyone else had this issue
  45. Gotta love GM customer support
  46. rear camber - tire wear
  47. Ill be in london for a few days working on some cool cars. So email if you need me.
  48. super low price on a set of Kooks headers
  49. Any Houston meets?
  50. Wagon review links
  51. Which Brake Pads are best (with less dust) &&& Problems with fade at high speed
  52. HID look fog light bulbs
  53. Some quick pics of my new Black Diamond
  54. Two easy airbox questions
  55. What are some lease numbers people have gotten on the V Coupe?
  56. New Shock Leaking
  57. Why??
  58. Black CTS-V Coupe on Machined/Black Vossen CV3's PICS
  59. V1 Vs V2, a few features I wish were not dropped
  60. Are these correct part numbers for the suede steering wheel & shifter knob?
  61. A Book For Car Guys and Gals.
  62. Has anyone run a larger resevoir tank?
  63. 2010 CTS-V Jacking Points
  64. Is this normal dealer history?
  65. Does anyone have more than 10k miles on their car with D3 springs?
  66. gm not replacing wheels anymore
  67. P2261 Check Engine Light Help: Supercharger By-Pass Valve Stuck Help, anyone else?
  68. Forged Internals and/or more cubes available
  69. GM Warranty Crap (long rant)
  70. DFW meet this evening
  71. SuperCharger Hooooooooooooot!
  72. 305's on stock rims...
  73. ZR1 improves 'ring time pretty substantially
  74. V day folks
  75. Renewed XM for $77 a year
  76. Katech high capacity heat exchanger for CTS-V
  77. Wish list for future V's
  78. KDI "Street Sweeper" Cam
  79. Gridlines in the back up camera
  80. Wideband
  81. V to Vette
  82. Lingenfelter 700hp CTS-V Coupe Tested by Car & Driver
  83. D3 Powered CTS-V Sedan Victorious at the EXTREME SUPER LAP, Dubai
  84. Shifting questions about my 2011 V Enroute
  85. Rear Diffuser
  86. 2012 Cadilac CTS Sport Wagon & CTS-V Sport Wagon
  87. Dubs
  88. Someone gouged my bumper!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  89. Should have some more pictures up by the end of the week.
  90. Blacked out grill?
  91. Removing Center Console Trim Panel
  92. GM Canada Employee Pricing is Back
  93. Car goes to dealer tomorrow...
  94. Thinking of buying another V and putting in a 1400hp 4 cly eco engine in it. Thoughts
  95. Good news, the 2300 kits will be here asap!
  96. High Praise For The V Series.
  97. Comparison of V1 suspension/handling to V2
  98. V- Bike Build off pt. 2
  99. Mirror Mounted Radar Detector
  100. The Vendor Wars Will Stop
  101. 315/25/19 Toyo T1R's in the rear?
  102. 2011 vs. 2012
  103. V-Wagon owners meet in the Chicago area
  104. The V-Wagon at 180 mph.
  105. Shout-out for the Wagon
  106. V-Coupe or V-Sedan
  107. V-series merchandise - free u.s. Shipping offer to forum members
  108. Question for those of you with mods...
  109. Forgive me...
  110. Cleaned the MAF and got great results
  111. 540rwhp/560rwtq!!
  112. Satin graphite wheel touch-up
  113. Trade difference $$$
  114. Took my Stock, '11 CTS-V coupe to the drag strip 1/4 mile tonight....
  115. Well, I didn't get my 11.50 pass tonight
  116. New guy, ready to order a wagon.
  117. Scottsdale Cars and Coffee
  118. New CTS-V Coupe with a problem :(
  119. Supercharger Packed-It-In
  120. cts-v self tune
  121. new lookin V for sale
  122. Current or Expected Cadillac Deals??
  123. Proper Offset for a 10.5" Rear Wheel...
  124. Bad oil and debris residue on rear MAG Shocks and dealer wont even consider warranty
  125. Ok so KW V3 have been out for our cars why cant I find anyone post a review ?
  126. Additional Heat Exchanger info
  127. "Click" from rear wheel???
  128. Next Gen V *might* have a small turbocharged engine
  129. Expected production numbers for BDE V's?
  130. Pulley Data & Question
  131. NC-TX-NC trip is done
  132. Cadillac CTS-V Lowering Springs & Sway Bars (Pictures)
  133. Dealer wants $290 to change plugs?
  134. To clear bra or not to clear bra?
  135. To clear bra or not to clear bra?
  136. When it rains, it pours...
  137. Bs section?
  138. What steel braided brake lines are available for an 09?
  139. Dallas GTG?
  140. Rainsense issue on 2009 CTS-V. Display flashes everytime wipers clear windshield.
  141. Dallas Cars & Coffee - Saturday, June 4
  142. Issues with Black Diamond Editions?
  143. Ultraview sunroof rattles and groans
  144. Authorized Vendor Forums: EVERYONE READ
  145. A/C and seat cooler question
  146. Just ordered my new plate!
  147. Picture of Black New Era
  148. New emblems
  149. scratched black bezel around radio ,cupholders?
  150. Look
  151. at what power level is it time for a converter?
  152. Sound clips of AJ660 B&B with cat delete pipe
  153. Guaging interest in a custom fiberglass hood with vents
  154. Differential fluid overheating message on 2011 CTS V coupe at VIR
  155. Pictures of my V at Texas Mile 180 MPH
  156. CTS-V Sedan Inventory Locater Service?
  157. Day at Mosport on Friday
  158. Spring Install (do I need spring compressor) ?
  159. Cadillac v-series merchandise - free shipping offer
  160. ls9 cam upgrade question
  161. Swapping Auto to Stick
  162. Texas Mile Results for May
  163. Steering wheel off-center
  164. Anyone cut their stock springs .. Sensors .. ?
  165. We are now working with another vendor on a new service
  166. Forum Members: Free U.S. S&H Coupon Code CADILLAC MERCHANDISE
  167. 11 CTS V Coupe Big Tire fitment and track allignment
  168. The worst voice operated navigation system EVER and the best ever too!
  169. diff leaking.
  170. Upper pulley swap
  171. Panamera Turbo or Ferrari California
  172. Painting the grills, vents, license plate trim, fog rings ect.
  173. Rate your V against your other favorite cars
  174. Free U.S. Shipping Coupon Code - Cadillac Merchandise & Accessories
  175. New to the site, new to GM, and I have questions CTS or CTS-V?
  176. Silver V Coupe in Leominster, MA...
  177. Fuse pull after running low-octane fuel?
  178. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration complaints?
  179. Roof noises back!!
  180. AM antenna options?
  181. List of V2 TSB's & Safety Bulletins?
  182. OMG! someone asked me to change mileage in the dash on a 2010 V!
  183. Heat Exchanges are on their way
  184. any of you guys running the competition vs the sport?
  185. The sickest V to date.. Without further ado I present to you
  186. Beeping Sound - What is it??
  187. 741 whp and 695 wtq on only 10 psi
  188. Black on Black Diamond
  189. Water Remover for Bad Gas Issue
  190. Car got caught in hail storm...
  191. Yup......I searched first. Good tuners in the Virginia, Maryland area?
  192. Canadian car orders
  193. 2009 ctsv D3 sport springs. how many people are happy with them?
  194. Some helpful info for Eibach spring owners.....got squeaking noises?
  195. Black Diamond V Coupe arrived safely!!!
  196. Whats my HP gonna be..??????????????
  197. Borla DIY Install
  198. TX road trip update
  199. Adding suede steering wheel?
  200. Had the drivers rear shock replaced and now waiting on a passenger front to replace
  201. Does anyone know when 2012 pricing will be announced & pics of Opulent Blue released?
  202. How low can you go?
  203. Our New Boost Referenced FPR!!
  204. 2011 cts v coupe start up noise
  205. Squeeky pop up display...
  206. Any reputable tuners in/near cleveland, OH?
  207. Curb Alert... Any experience with it?
  208. Would supplemental mufflers cause drone?
  209. Concave CV3 on V Coupe
  210. Lots of stuff arriving
  211. 2013 v
  212. Anyone going to Irvine cars and coffee on 5-28-11?
  213. need better belts!
  214. its been nice knowing you all...
  215. Passenger side air duct removal ??
  216. Special pricing on 2 remaining in-stock Vs
  217. Steering feel
  218. Covercraft WeatherShield HP for CTS-V Coupe
  219. Stock ZO6 vs. Stock CTS-V
  220. Guess what! Another wheel clicking thread!
  221. Black Diamond: My Dream Has Come True
  222. NC-TX-NC road trip time
  223. I have 4 10inch kits back in stock for those that wanted them. No belt slip. :)
  224. Will a cam put me at 600 RWHP?
  225. Cts-v merchandise - coupon code
  226. Service Manual
  227. Great driving by Team Cadillac...video with commentary
  228. how much are the 2011 side vents and how hard to remove??
  229. Didn't like the V emblem location......so I moved them.
  230. Pot Hole Bent & Cracked Front Wheel
  231. iphone 4 and stock USB cable not compatible?
  232. 10 inch pulley kit installed
  233. Does the V have a low engine oil indicator?
  234. O'Connell 2nd, Pilgrim 5th at Mosport Yesterday.
  235. Fyi: C5 Z06 Replica Rears and Drag Radials
  236. race prep for 2011 ctsv sedan??
  237. Fender has a slight wave in it?
  238. Where to buy New Era CAI?
  239. Cadillac merchandise - 1o% off discount coupon code
  240. Just curious how often people change their nitrous plugs.
  241. Blower speed sensor
  242. Strut bar needed a little TLC.......
  243. Tire Mileage
  244. Ever hear of Lyons performance in ct
  245. HID Foglights not powering up
  246. So a couple new items under development, coming out pretty soon
  247. Just mounted some Yokohama Advan Neova AD08
  248. 43 days in the shop and the V is home
  249. Navigation routing speed
  250. American Iron Car/Bike Show