: 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

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  1. Once the V is gone....
  2. Looking for Suggestions on Nano re-jetting.
  3. Tried to order a 2011 and the dealer said NO
  4. Know where to buy OEM Nav unit for V2?
  5. Anyone used LPE's 2.35 upper supercharger pulley ?
  6. looking to get Borla
  7. DIY Body repair recommendations
  8. Its gonna be a long wait
  9. 2009 CTS-V repo for sale - your thoughts?
  10. Anyone have the 2011 nav update disk 22790324 i can borrow for 2 days?
  11. Any ultracharger CTS-Vs in the tristate?
  12. Help for a potential new owner?
  13. Any good dealers near Seattle? I have sort of a crazy scenario that might work out.
  14. New York Auto Show (bandwidth warning)
  15. High Performance Sway Bar Systems (In Stock)
  16. If you could of had your V in any color what would it be.
  17. 10" pulley psi
  18. Which upgraded injector do you guys prefer?
  19. WTB C5 Z0 "drag pack"
  20. XM Weather displays "No Data"
  21. Borla needs a bone stock CTS-V Sedan like yesterday, owner gets FREE FULL system!!!
  22. Front license plate frame
  23. [Help] Stabilitrak Off , Service traction control , Reduced power mode issue .
  24. Installed D3 springs, not low enough!
  25. Victoria day speedfest
  26. Vids from the track (Street Tires)
  27. V Coupe Mid-Pipe..
  28. good lord someone sure did a number on these 2 v's
  29. Wheel clicking - fast version
  30. Nav. DVD?
  31. Better radiator fans
  32. New V Coupe Owner!!!
  33. Messing around in a parking lot and had a friend snap some awesome pics
  34. Wagon owners: cargo capacity question
  35. Heading off to Watkins Glen !!!
  36. Review: 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon... "best American car on sale right now"
  37. Went to Byron today
  38. Picked up my V Coupe!
  39. Suspension Experts- Need help figuring out some noises with my D3 springs-
  40. Squeaks and creeks with Eibach Springs on V-Coupe
  41. Steering wheel position sensor reset
  42. AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost, Red Line Water Wetter Tested
  43. Cadillac logo floor mats - you can design them online
  44. Rearview Camera
  45. Corsa Sport for Coupe ?
  46. Black Diamond CTS-V Wagon 6 MT
  47. Any of you take a non nav unit and convert to a nav?
  48. Standing Mile Record?
  49. Tire and Wheel Insurance
  50. Anyone has had the Lingenfelter 630, 650 or 700 kits for 6 to 12 months?
  51. MPG Computer Accuracy
  52. Brake stand and smoking the tires
  53. Pulled the trigger...
  54. FYI for those changing to solid isolator
  55. anodized
  56. First Mod to my Wagon was
  57. How do I store for 6 months?
  58. Those with a LS9 cam and ported heads...
  59. Porosity tsb help
  60. Funny story when I picked up my new V
  61. Differences between Camaro and CTS-V exhausts
  62. Going to pick up new bd v sedan
  63. Got bored during lunch today and decided to hack the update disk.....
  64. Has anyone polished their super charger lid?
  65. What's supposed to be on the top of the supercharger housing?
  66. Dynoed 09 CTS-V with 2.55" upper, W4M heat exchanger, and Airaid CAI
  67. V-Coupe--Recaro headroom without roof vs standard seat with roof--anyone know?
  68. Would you do LPE 700hp Upgrade???
  69. FD up power what do you think?
  70. Free Ipad
  71. About to join...
  72. Pricing
  73. Help identifying this V
  74. It's finally at the dealer - Black Diamond V-Wagon
  75. Finally found one
  76. White diamond sedan in Oshawa?
  77. Lease or Buy my V Coupe?
  78. Jesse, need a favor
  79. Cadillac floor mats - you design them online
  80. RHO-Plate mount NOW available for 2009-2011 CTS-V
  81. Thinking of selling and swapping my suede steering wheel/shifter for leather.
  82. Supercharger upgrade for 2009 CTS-V auto
  83. Kooks headers are getting ceramic coated...would you do the X-pipe also?
  84. Will this pass Nevada or Texas Smog inspection?
  85. Steering wheel angle skewed - 2009 CTS-V
  86. Twin Turbo 2011 CTS-V Coupe
  87. Motortrend cts-v vs x6 M vs panamera turbo
  88. It's finally here!
  89. 2011 CTS V Bose system
  90. ? increased headroom in coupe with sunroof delete
  91. what is the most desirable V?
  92. Clear Bra Installer in San Diego Area?
  93. Weird one...
  94. Anybody with nitrous experience on these things?
  95. Can you black out all the exterior trim?
  96. Jesse-today the day?
  97. Eibach springs in sedan?
  98. interesting stats from cars.com
  99. help - considering purchasing used (2009+) CTS-V
  100. Detailed info on ported snout
  101. Cadillac v-series merchandise & custom floor mats
  102. Looks like rainsense wipers are back for 2012
  103. Found MT 3758R (305/35/18) for $289.99 a tire shipped
  104. price on 2010 sedan?
  105. AMSOIL Expands Signature Series - Now meets Dexos1
  106. Installed Eibach springs and changed out the brake pads to Hawk brand......
  107. PS2 Flat Tire Question
  108. D3 Springs installed.
  109. VERY UNHAPPY with W4M ported supercharger, snout, TB and 2.55 upper
  110. GMPP Extended Warranty??
  111. 19" street slick
  112. Warning message question..
  113. Big Bend Open Road Run
  114. New owner and loving it!
  115. Looking for advice on best way to launch car on drag strip vs. on street.
  116. W4m stage 2 6l90e trans is done.
  117. Price for CTS-V COUPE ?
  118. Pre-cut
  119. Car's first Service--Do I attempt a fix for Ultraview and Passenger seat Rattles?
  120. Black Diamond Sedan with a wonderful noise, no extra charge!
  121. Medina auto mall is awesome!
  122. Blind Spot Warning System
  123. When should I expect my V?
  124. Who has the best prices for PS2s?
  125. Cadillac CTS-V.R gets some restrictor back!
  126. Jesse?
  127. The future of spark plugs
  128. 3m clear bra
  129. One Big Happy GM/Cadillac Family...2011 CTS-V Coupe and 2011 Escalade ESV Pics...
  130. Ok guys what are you running for timing?
  131. Genius that I am:Ambient lighting
  132. Holy m-fer batman whose car did I buy?
  133. Cadillac merchandise - new products
  134. South Coast Caddy Experience
  135. Help me not kill my son!
  136. CarID black dash kit NEW in box for sale
  137. Subscribe to "Inside KATECH" email newsletter
  138. best way to black out the taillights
  139. Picked up my CTS-V on Friday..
  140. CTS-V Coupe lifting/jacking points
  141. New snout ordered
  142. Just bought a 2011 CTS-V coupe
  143. 2011 production updates + 2012 order bank open/first scheduled production
  144. Cost to install springs
  145. CTS-V Patch
  146. 1/18th Scale Black Raven Models
  147. Road Trip Review V-Wagon
  148. Gm yellow calipers available
  149. Anyone else going to Monticello May 23rd?
  150. Wheel repair in Dallas/Tyler area.
  151. Tire Pressure Sensor Question
  152. carbon fiber cupholder?
  153. Another Nice Review of the V-Wagon
  154. Guage pod?
  155. Looking at V2
  156. Specific tools needed for blower removal?
  157. pm's are cleared out
  158. How good can Black Raven look?
  159. Cruise the A&W
  160. Flared fenders?
  161. Does Corvette C5 or C6 have similar offsets and have the same bolt patterns as a V se
  162. We don't have factory alarms on these cars????
  163. World Challenge Long Beach
  164. F!@#n RAIL DUST
  165. Lower front fascia trim- busted #1 time
  166. Got V'd
  167. Front spoiler slightly damaged....
  168. Crazy wheel noise? Not clicking
  169. Car is broken in.....let the mods begin. First up, CAI.
  170. Yellow Calipers and Satin Rims
  171. Drag radials on! RESULTS
  172. Anyone running a 20" front, 21" rear set up for the street? or tubbed rear?
  173. In Car video of Johnny O'Connell in the CTS-VR at St. Pete
  174. 10" Lower PLEASE HELP!!!
  175. Upper pulley and Belt Slip
  176. Official list of CTS-V changes for 2012
  177. Adding Super Charger lid, 10" ring and ERA CAI is it safe?
  178. Hey Guys I can't find brake pads please help...
  179. CTS-V Sport Wagon. Canada
  180. Dextros
  181. If you bought this 09 CTS-V in Radiant Silver in Tx around Apr 4, 2011....
  182. anyone get an email from cadillac offering free oil changes for 2 years on 09 models?
  183. UltraView Wind Noise Question
  184. Drag radials on!
  185. Only limited colors available right now
  186. CF steering wheel
  187. both front windows stopped working properly today ?
  188. Check your backup key before it is too late.
  189. Picked up my new 2011 V Sedan today!
  190. Something just clicked...
  191. Please help with Nav question if able
  192. 10" pulley
  193. Any Expected Updates
  194. Buying out of state and emissions?
  195. Bought a new 2011 CTS-V sedan tonight...
  196. X-pipe for CTS-v Coupe ...question
  197. Headliner color
  198. Phone Keeps Un-pairing
  199. Possible new owner
  200. D3 Springs- To cut or not to cut-
  201. Recent Review of the V-Wagon; the good and not so good.
  202. Anyone figured out how to remove the amber from the front headlights?
  203. My V has a new home
  204. Diecast
  205. squeaky caliper?
  206. Lockpick Question
  207. Nav Voice Guidance Always Defaulting To OFF?
  208. Looking for 10:39
  209. Cadillac: New products & coupon code offer
  210. do v wagons have same leak problems with the ultra view as sedan
  211. are the v1 stainless brake lines the same as v2???
  212. sts-v wont start :starting disabled theft system light came on
  213. What color Brake Calipers
  214. Fast 2011 Mustang GT 5.0
  215. Lets see your drag pack setup.
  216. if you had a chance to do it again, would you? what would you change?
  217. Long Beach Grand Prix Track Special!!! (2-Piece Brembo Rotor Pre-Order)
  218. SRP pedal install on a manual transmission car ???
  219. Upper pulley
  220. intercooler pump
  221. Thunder and Lightning (Picture Comparo between Eibach and D3 Springs)
  222. Any one have their crank bolt back out?
  223. Quession about CTS-V couple interiol Leather
  224. Coffee & Rides: San Antonio - April 2011
  225. Conundrum #3: Covercraft V Coupe car cover
  226. Conundrum #2:Gas pedal height
  227. Conundrum #1:Headrests
  228. Hello Jess are you out there??? Need to get some parts....
  229. Couple of Pulley questions opinions welcomed!
  230. Spring lengths, sedan and coupe - Stock length needed
  231. Loaded out pre-owned Crystal Red V Wagon on ebay - NOT MINE
  232. Seat Belt Lock for the track
  233. New Owner - Best Way To Launch An Automatic
  234. Sueded steering wheel or not?
  235. WOW ran a guy last week. posted video. he posted vidoe of same race POV. ENJOY
  236. Removing door trim ??
  237. Vehicle Spotlight - D3 B.O.R. (BOLT ON RACER) Package
  238. Transmission Cooler....
  239. Back in the shop for the roof
  240. Look what I ran into..
  241. Mileage that you replaced tires
  242. Andy Pilgrim On The CTS-V Racing Program
  243. Interesting looking red V coupe...
  244. Gas Guzzler Tax Auto VS Manual
  245. Can't get 1133 02 switching code to go away. Any ideas?
  246. Pics of a black diamond edition wagon for a friend off corvette forum
  247. Does anyone know if the V-wagon will be available as a 2012 model?
  248. Front and Rear Brakes And Rotors At 19K Miles?
  249. Sold my 2006 V ..looking for V2
  250. Garagr Art