: 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

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  1. Can't sell my V?????
  2. Is something up with Cadillacs car configurator?
  3. Driver Side Mirror Glass Vibrates
  4. rear diffuser lights..
  5. Biggest lip on ctsv??? Future cts-v owner
  6. List of TSB's? Sticky?
  7. There's a TSB for that? Diff fluid
  8. My dark, knuckle dragging, off topic side.
  9. Recall 10292 - Any need for concern?
  10. I know what I'll be doing Saturday (PIC)
  11. V Wagon With Manual, Should I?
  12. Any idea how much longer til PM feature is available?
  13. Black Diamond Still In Production?
  14. Production numbers
  15. World Challenge race streaming live this weekend
  16. suede wheel and shifter for 2011 cts v coupe
  17. Hoen H11's not fitting!!??
  18. New Era CAI install instructions
  19. Drag radials
  20. Parts for sale
  21. Cars and Coffee Dallas August 6, 2011
  22. Watch DVD's on Nav screen with vehicle in drive
  23. Whos got a stiegemeier blower ??
  24. Anyone near Tampa?
  25. Average time for creating Vin# after placing order.
  26. SF Bay Area V owner Meet 8/20/11
  27. Daytime Running Lights
  28. 2012 CTS-V Wagon vs 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
  29. Boost Gauge Necessary?
  30. Wheel Exchange
  31. What is so great about MB AMGs? This group ought to know
  32. Help on removing trunk liner
  33. High Performance Brake Rotor Options
  34. Where did my private messages link go?
  35. I have 2 extra 2300 kits that came in today if anyone wants one just call me.
  36. best way to rid of front license plate bracket holes?
  37. some shots/quick vids of my 2010 v
  38. Grill emblem removal?
  39. 600RWHP guys and reliability?
  40. Kdi
  41. Public Race Days Hockenheim
  42. clicking noise when i accelerate from a stop...
  43. Catch Can Contents Summer vs Winter
  44. 2012's are arriving on dealer lots - any pictures yet?
  45. CTS-V on Top Gear US?
  46. First HPDE at California Speedway this past weekend
  47. World Challenge Sonoma, CA Infineon Grand Prix August 26-28, 2011
  48. How much power with the stock bottom end hold?
  49. Start-up noise
  50. California Shop in Need of CTS-V for New Heat Extractor Hood
  51. P- valve mod
  52. Is this OK (boost question)
  53. Electrical Grimlin - Center Console lights and TPMS
  54. Using Dr. ColorChip
  55. I think I need a V wagon
  56. Air diffusers cost/wheel clicking noises.
  57. Has anyone stretched their V's legs at The Silver State Classic?
  58. Round two of Mods with Wait4me.
  59. Another trip with Dad.
  60. Key FOB Issues
  61. Lloyd Luxe mats for the V2
  62. I guess I am now officially all GM as the C63 in no longer in the family
  63. Where Did Our Cars Go?
  64. Is there a better way to sell these parts?
  65. PCV fittings - where to buy?
  66. Does austin have any get togethers like I saw San Antonio has
  67. Any one going to burtonsville car meet this Sunday.
  68. car gives a nudge from N -> D
  69. Traction control ...burnout ...no worky ???
  70. Coffee & Rides, San Antonio -- Saturday, July 30
  71. Factory flaw rear bumper near wheel well?
  72. any tips for drag racing tongiht
  73. New car...1,600 miles...stuck to the break-in procedures...first oil change??
  74. New Catch Can on the way
  75. Pick me a pad thread # 403
  76. V owners from San Diego to Riverside and LA
  77. Air flow thru seats
  78. Northeast meet and greet
  79. Track day prep question
  80. New area for engine tech
  81. Playing music through bluetooth phone
  82. Need the Cadillac part number for the stock heat exchanger
  83. Mickey Thompson 305/35/18 DR in stock ready to ship!!
  84. Thunder Gray owners... Which pic matches the best?
  85. A Week In My V (and what I learned...)
  86. New Hood, the good and bad
  87. mileage Comparisons:
  88. New cts-v owner says Hello
  89. PS2 tire wear question
  90. D3 upper and lower grill install
  91. My heads are done
  92. Bought it, parked it, but today, drove it, I'm a "V" believer
  93. Anyway to embed a photobucket video?
  94. Cts-v ice box finished !!! Pics inside .....
  95. Ipod help
  96. Borla audio/video clip for CTS-V Sedan? Anyone?
  97. Hot to Frozen V
  98. Good used 6spd deal on e-bay
  99. 2009-2012 CTS-V of the Month Voting: August
  100. New Vendor Checking in with Some Savings on Exhausts, headers, and Intakes!
  101. 2012 Hennessey V1000 Twin Turbo Coupe
  102. Thought my PS2s would make it through the season
  103. World Record Attempt
  104. 2012 Blue CTS-V
  105. V wagon racer
  106. Bought my first mod today
  107. Has anybody done smaller rear brakes?
  108. 2012 V Sedan News?
  109. Supporting the website
  110. Think your V can top 189.6 mph on the open road?
  111. A little midnight garage cleaning
  112. Finally got my coupe... mods started!!
  113. Cadillac Escalade V SERIES!
  114. Anyone going to the V Performance Lab at Road Atlanta
  115. Attention V2/Grand National owners
  116. Anyone help me with my Reccaro seats? Trying to fix an issue
  117. Sound in the blower motor
  118. HVAC Issue and dealer says its normal, anyone else sweat bullets too?
  119. insane # of ads
  120. 2011 CTS-V Production Numbers Not Yet Available
  121. Rise of the Red Baron: 3 piece forged COR rims on Michelins
  122. interested in getting a CTS-V
  123. Didn't plan to, but pulled the trigger tonight
  124. Recaro's.... Last resort
  125. The V2 @ the top gear test track; will it happen?
  126. "Service Suspension System" in DIC - No Symptoms
  127. Making some minor aesthetic changes, questions inside...
  128. Oh no! Me too!
  129. OBD II PIDS for V2 ???
  130. 2009 609whp Black/Black Auto - Planning to Sell
  131. MT 305/35/19 DR's 3723R IN STOCK NOW!
  132. oil level high??
  133. Plastic fastener/retainer question on bumper
  134. 2012 BMWM5 VS 2011 CTS-V which one is the better car for the money?
  135. Engine whine at 2000rpm
  136. Cadillac V Series Performance Lab - Autobahn Joliet
  137. How many of you had a Camaro?
  138. 6-speed Manual Fluid Change
  139. Oil dipstick needed - anyone know where to get one?
  140. Mercedes S65 AMG
  141. Ready for more RACING!
  142. any Silver manual V from colorado out in spearfish SD this past weekend?
  143. Need a huge favor from the 09-10 owners, HELP! :)
  144. C-Quartz'd the V a couple weeks ago...
  145. Anyone Else Experience This (Car "Hunts")?
  146. thinking of steping up to the 19 inch M/T's for maryland people
  147. Question on rear end fluid additive
  148. Specter Werkes wing and relocated V badges last weekend
  149. Anyone read HOT ROD? 1200 hp
  150. oil vanishing ?
  151. weird forum rules
  152. Top Speeds?
  153. OK Im ready to go
  154. a friends question
  155. Forum Load times and page errors
  156. glad it's not me
  157. Car decides it only likes even gears yesterday...
  158. Mickey T 19" DRs 1st impressions
  159. Looking for the actual location of the temp sensors: AAT, IAT1, IAT2.
  160. PS2 Warranty @ Dealer
  161. 2012 production starts today!
  162. Vendor for OEM styled Slotted Brake Rotors? Anyone?
  163. 2012 CTS-V Coupe
  164. would you run a patched tire on a road course ?
  165. Who had added front/rear cameras to your mirror?
  166. differential fluid change question/amsoil severe gear
  167. Can anyone explain how front Camber gets adjusted on our cars?
  168. Ready to buy a converter
  169. Just got my insurance premium bill in the mail!
  170. Help with GM part #
  171. When you put drop springs.....
  172. BBQ at K&N on 7-17-11
  173. D3 Stage 1 Street Kit
  174. Any Photo Shop experts out there?
  175. Crazy? I'm shipping my car to Washington so I can drive it on my vacation.
  176. Cleveland area modded 6 Spd manual
  177. Mid pipe and HE or ls9 cam?
  178. A little bit EPIC Video
  179. Anyone painted the fog buckets and rear grey piece as a DIY?
  180. Wait4me modded my car yesterday awesome! Thanks Jesse!
  181. Cadillac CTS-V in a Music Video?
  182. Thunder Gray
  183. New emblem teaser pics
  184. 1st New (used) V
  185. First ticket in my V
  186. 2011 GM Powertrain St. Catharines Show & Shine Car Show - Glendale Ave. Plant
  187. G-FORCE Motorsports! New Forum Sponsor!
  188. Am I the only one who has problems with the windshield nut caps?
  189. Very POSITIVE Experience with KDI
  190. Issue with Lloyd "V" Embroidered mats i received from an online seller
  191. 2011 D3 Competition Sway bars, Who has them and can comment on em?
  192. 2012 CTS-V pricing
  193. Furious with dealer!!
  194. User gmsucks poll
  195. Saffron yellow seats in a wagon?
  196. Q for guys that have painted their grills...
  197. Disable confirmation prompt in hands free mode?
  198. Anyone go from a V2 with Recaros to one without? Reviews?
  199. Interest in some parts?
  200. I love high pressure days
  201. Normal operating temp of an '11 V?
  202. Free shipping - cadillac merchandise & custom floor mats
  203. Navigation voice
  204. What are your long-term plans for your V?
  205. Thoughts on a strange noise?
  206. My 2009 V2 - Exhaust and more
  207. Central Maryland V Owners
  208. Took my 09' CTS-V in for some Warranty work - 16 issues to be fixed
  209. ABS Light, Brake Warning Light & Service Stability Sytem Lights ON
  210. LS Series Showdown July 16th & 17th
  211. 2 question for those with 305.30.19s ..
  212. Anyone want to free up garage space and sell your stock mufflers?
  213. New 2011 CTS-V owner
  214. Stiff competition for the stock v coupe ?
  215. Timing for 2012 V's?
  217. D3 springs ?
  218. changing to dual valve springs, easier to do with removing supercharger cover??
  219. Vette doctors V2
  220. Blackstone on First OCI
  221. Engine Cover on my '09 CTS-V: Replace it or Remove it?
  222. Question for those with Cutouts
  223. Your V2 has dead battery what do you do?
  224. Silver cap on engine cover VS. plate with bolt heads and glue?
  225. Any dealers wanna make a deal on a v-wagon?
  226. Where to buy D3 products?
  227. Which belt for the 2.55" pulley?
  228. Thanks Damon (Phxtriode) of KDI
  229. Well that didnt last long; My first round of CTS-V electronic tweaks completed!
  230. Dyno'd today; 40HP lower than average
  231. different intercoolers??
  232. Bird poop etching...
  233. oil change Luxury
  234. Quick clutch question
  235. agreed on price waiting to hear from finance dept on numbers
  236. DIC programing
  237. Grattan track event Sept 10-11
  238. Is there a formula...
  239. Woodward Dream Cruise Aug 20th 2011 Who's In?
  240. Aftermarket Billet Grille Options
  241. Wow the forums work much better when you are a supporter!
  242. MotorWeek V Wagon Review.
  243. 3rd Brake light not working
  244. Service TPMS after recall repair
  245. Talk about going the extra mile, how about 6? Thanks D3!
  246. Working on a new blower option.
  247. For those that use Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus all season tires....
  248. Anyone found a dead pedal cover that looks like the recaro option pedals?
  249. Dumb ? Oil gets changed when you do a cam,head,pulley swap-right?
  250. Need Euro Spec/UK Spec V Series Vin, anyone help? ;)