: 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

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  1. Dallas Cars and Coffee October 1, 2011
  2. im thinking about leasing a new wagon.
  3. Had an incident. OnStar got involved...
  4. Noise at Wide Open Throttle
  5. No Pictures, No Calendar
  6. Pahrump Cadillac V-Series Performance Academy
  7. Good old Pop, the 1919 version of the Energizer Bunny
  8. V- COUPE automatic.... is this normal?
  9. Cadillac floor mats - free shipping offer
  10. I finally found the source of that horrible squeeling suspension
  11. Security systems, anti theft, LoJack?
  12. Extension cord for iPod/iPhone...
  13. Little oil on Spark plugs
  14. Rear Cargo Tray for Vagon...
  15. Question for Coupe owners...
  16. Petit Le Mans
  17. Wider Tires -> Problems ?
  18. traded- 2010 used CTS-V
  19. Question about Cadillac V-Series Performance Academy in Pahrump
  20. Leather to suade wheel/shifter
  21. 12 Vagon Grille?
  22. A must read: Gm/onstar is going to sell your personal information
  23. 960 miles and my black satin rim is chipped
  24. Onstar tracking in new terms and conditions
  25. AutoTransmssion Blown!
  26. New commercial
  27. Wait4me in motion/DVD unlocker not working
  28. Does the RemoteLink Android app work with 09 CTSV?
  29. D3 | Max Trackô Wheel Spacers
  30. Shifting during Break In Period V2, Help
  31. Send me your pictures for the Calendar
  32. Opinions & thoughts on GM Major Guard for 09
  33. Coupe Head Room
  34. Official CTS-V Wall Calendar - Sign up
  35. EPA Milage changes from year to year
  37. So much for buying a sleeper...
  38. Recaro's on Constraint- Vagon Orders
  39. Cadillac car show
  40. Coronado Festival of Speed
  41. need extra key - where to buy the key fob from?
  42. Send your calendar pictures for consideration
  43. Super Sedan Weekend
  44. Gingerman Raceway, South Haven, MI
  45. Lets talk oil, and Dexos 1
  46. CTS-V Calendar. How many interested?
  47. ATS Has REAL Paddle Shifters!
  48. 2011 CTS-V being auctioned today
  49. Accepted Delivery of 2012 V Wagon with some Minor Disappointments
  50. Post pics of your 2012 interior
  51. Snow tires on factory rims?
  52. Indianapolis Cars and Coffee
  53. Brake Squeal
  54. Any CTS-V calendars?
  55. Need a high end car cover....recommendations?
  56. Delivery Time Frame
  57. Are there diffent settings for the suspension?
  58. fuel pump removal on 09 V??
  59. I am dreading the dealership service experience.
  60. Englishtown tonight
  61. The GM Door Rattle Fairy paid me a visit....
  62. AAA Speedway Speedventures & Street Legal Drags!!!
  63. Pictures of Dash removed
  64. Wheel clicking and trunk opening
  65. Paddle shift delay on A6... ?How to improve?
  66. Transmission issues
  67. To all my Gear Head Friends (Long)
  68. Hennessey Performance - Open House - 20th Anniversary
  69. Cadillac CTS-V of the Month - September - Submit your photos
  70. Phoenix
  71. Mobil 1's other products....
  72. New owner checking in from Ontario
  73. Fuel gauge issue
  74. Fml!
  75. Hoping to get to meet Andy Pilgrim
  76. V-meets in DFW
  77. New member, cts-v wagon ordered, 04 vette sold
  78. WTF Stuffing?!
  79. Pricing question on pending 2012 wagon order/purchase.
  80. I'm Back!
  81. 2011 CTS - V Wagon - Brakes
  82. Spotted: Chicago self park @ Adams and Wabash
  83. MPG @ 90 and 100 MPH
  84. Had a photgrapher take a few shots of the V coupe.......
  85. Removing wax from 3M Di-Noc
  86. Can someone snap a pic for me?
  87. Testing the waters, what's it worth?
  88. Woodhouse Event Pics
  89. possibly buying a V2 2009-2010 would like some help
  90. I'm now part of the club
  91. interior trim differences between 2011 and 2012
  92. Corvette C6 Z06 18" Spyder wheels for drag radials won't clear the stock calipers
  93. Exhaust note...
  94. Help !
  95. Road America Track Day Benefit
  96. Remove Front Bumper / Facia
  97. Are we stuck with this new format?
  98. oh boy oh boy. just drove a 2012 GTR.
  99. Long live the small-block V8!
  100. Day at the Track, Monticello this Sunday!
  101. Question about V2 designation
  102. Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 - 580HP, 556 lb.-ft $54095 7:41.27 at Nurburgring
  103. Food for thought; A6 V2 MPG
  104. CTS-V Wagon, Opulent Blue Metallic- Pre-Delivery Pics
  105. Wax and applications...
  106. anyone seen a black 2010 6MT w/ 7k miles and body color 2011 fender vents for sale?
  107. Switchblade Paint on my V!
  108. Baby, Baby, Baby...did the V jsut get punk'd???
  109. Good Dealer Experience - Lund Cadillac, Phoenix
  110. VP Drives V
  111. New forum organization
  112. Winter Tires..... Michelin Pilot PA3 or Blizzak LM60
  113. Mods about completed!!
  114. Just picked up my 2012 Coupe! Have a build question though...
  115. Metco 9.55" belt part number
  116. My black diamond coupe by d3 cadillac
  117. Katech's new VISION, LOGO, and 100-PAGE WEBSITE + secrets revealed!
  118. Snow tire and wheel question for my v wagon
  119. Mine gets built Monday!
  120. Car still pulls right..after alignment... Could it be lowering springs?
  121. CTS-V Discounts
  122. Introducing my V! (and some mods *grin*)
  123. Finally got my V, and I'm sick...
  124. squeaking from front of car after lowering
  125. Cadillac CTS-V Helps Ferrari Commercial
  126. V Back To The FORD Dealer For Service
  127. Front of 2012 CTS-V
  128. Pontiac G8 GXP to CTS-V Wagon?
  129. The wagon is here!
  130. Pulled the trigger and Purchased an 09-I LIKE IT!
  131. Anybody got a slow passenger side window???
  132. A few Pics of my Sedan
  133. muffler delete
  134. Heat Spots on Front Rotors...... (PICS)
  135. Airaid Intakes for 2009+ CTS-V on sale with FREE SHIPPING @ MarylandSpeed!
  136. Bumper Plugs review
  137. new 09'v-car owner?????
  138. Handling issue. Need help resolving.
  139. End date for 2011 Vagon Production
  140. Went to Trans Am Nationals and saw this
  141. Spirited driving= new tires
  142. Removal of reflectors
  143. She may not be fast...
  144. Fort Worth
  145. Something for you guys that are worried about Valet & Dealership porters....
  146. Interesting Article on Return of Bob Lutz to GM
  147. Anyone have a successful repaint of a Black Diamond wheel??
  148. Has anyone corrected the Tricoat Black diamond yet?
  149. George Clooney's V
  150. CTS-V owners MIDLAND/ODESSA, TX list here
  151. Anybody with trunk mounted meth tank?
  152. Crystal Red Tintcoat
  153. winter mats and tire question for my v wagon
  154. D-Day is Almost Upon Us!
  155. How to remove Grill Emblem? Mine has moisture. (PICS)
  156. Oxygen sensor extensions - need plug type
  157. Top Gear's V-Wagon Lap Time at El Toro
  158. Thinking about the V-Wag...too many choices....??
  159. So who's V was this? NY/NJ
  160. Any chance on removing the white discolored residue on the door frame window surround
  161. Can anyone recommend a really good bike rack for the CTS-V?
  162. Invisicord or Mirror Tap?
  163. Congratulations to our CTS-V of The Month: blkCTSV
  164. D3 springs or wait for Eibach?
  165. Putting 2010 V on 4 Jack Stands
  166. 2010's Apparently Lack Curb Assist?
  167. Supercharger POOF
  168. Road Atlanta V-Lab...Oct. 14-16
  169. Cadillac states the Sedan is faster!
  170. Cheapest Price you've found the Brembo OEM Brake Pads at?
  171. Anyone here traded their v in at southwest infiniti in houston?
  172. CTS-V vs BMW M3 or Audi RS 5......... this guy said it best!!!
  173. Power window safety feature
  174. Check out my new motor compartment:
  175. Correct break in period
  176. Bakers-Milford
  177. who has a long-life solution for our trannies?
  178. Contacts List ALL V guys Tri-State area
  179. 2.3 Twin Screw supercharger is finished.
  180. Featured Vehicle Spotlight: 2011 INKESTRY V-Coupe
  181. Highly modded WRX Sti's are slow
  182. Adding ransense wipers to 2011's?
  183. 20" wheel tire combo... thoughts?
  184. Who here has their v as a daily driver
  185. Suppose to have a poll: Stock or Modded
  186. I really hate to have to put a front license plate on such a beautiful car.
  187. On now Top Gear USA V Coupe review..
  188. Anything new for the 2012 V?
  189. thinking about trading in the V for an X5M next year...am i nuts?
  190. Any known issues/weaknesses with the 09 Vs? About to buy one...help
  191. Free shipping offer on all cadillac logo products
  192. Passanger side window stopped working
  193. No more "Fish Bowl"
  194. Good thread with pics on cleaning up your tune.
  195. Full Color V Caliper Decals?
  196. M5's are slow
  197. Found the rev limiter for the 1st time, another engine saved
  198. New CTS-V vs. Ferrari Ad!
  199. I'm about to order my CTSV Coupe
  200. Verstehen Sie Deutsch?
  201. Canyon Run Videos: D3 Cadillac CTS-V Track Car at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA
  202. WTF Vendor would say this?
  203. V2 calipers...
  204. i just drove a 2012 cls63.
  205. New V commercial.....
  206. Vin help
  207. I may have a problem...
  208. anyone replace a repurchased V with a new one?
  209. Lets ID the leadfoots here, MPG please
  210. Ever wonder what your suspension is REALLY doing under there? (Part 2)
  211. Just got home from watching my wagon get built!
  212. Motor Trend Staffer Starts 1 Year Review of the V-Wagon
  213. "Rainsense Wipers Activated" continually displayed in DIC
  214. Auto Trans Question
  215. Difference in gas guzzler taxes
  216. I had the most fabulous rush hour yesterday. (I made a discovery about the car)
  217. Anyone bumping the rev limiter in competition mode (auto)?
  218. Best Price a 2011 CTS-V Coupe has been bought for ????
  219. what does gm do with repruchased Vs?
  220. Black Obsidian, the resurrection
  221. Intro and some questions
  222. Are these the correct all weather mats form a V2?
  223. Lightening the v?
  224. Coffee & Rides San Antonio
  225. a friend sent me this photo of the DC earthquake devastation...
  226. Self leveling rear suspension?
  227. Anyone see a decrease in performance when using a device connected to the OBD port?
  228. TPSM Learning Procedure
  229. PASSTIME taping at MILAN Sept 9-11th
  230. Body Control Module
  231. Damaged chin spoiler...
  232. Lost boost, Maintained power. Need new setup
  233. How to track down a used V2 ?
  234. Got my V back from Livernois; HOLY $&!# :D
  235. CTSV Engineers COME IN...
  236. Vagon on next week's Top Gear (USA)
  237. Found a V, Want a Second Opinion
  238. KPE NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: CTS-V Carbon Fiber Fog Light Bezels
  240. CTSV 2 GTR OR Vice Versa
  241. Perfect picture to explain why they made the wagon!!
  242. Custom cadillac floor mats & car covers
  243. Pulled the Trigger on a V-Wagon!!!
  244. LOL good way to make your car smell good for ever.
  245. Question for those of you ordered a Cts-v wagon
  246. Hello everyone, Newbie checkin in
  247. Tricks to remove fog light air box
  248. Woodward.......
  249. New Pattern on a V cover
  250. Looking for Clean OEM Mufflers for my 09 V....