: 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

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  1. LA Auto Show Preview
  2. Ride Tech shows off their CTS-V with Lingenfelter 630 package
  3. 2013 Mustang GT500...
  4. CTS-V and Ocean Rust?
  5. New Video of krazy house customs cts v running 10.6 @134. from atco this sunday
  6. Central Florida V's... meet up in the works in v1 forum
  7. Getting ready to pull the trigger
  8. LTB: V Wagon 6 Speed
  9. High Mileage CTS-V
  10. Cadzilla v. Godzilla
  11. Cts v Dyno day
  12. Experts on Wheels and Tires and possible vibrations at very high speed please comment
  13. 10.84@127.9....Pulley, Tune, Headers, and CAI
  14. Driving V in winter question
  15. When taking the V in for service and/or repair -return to stock or go with mild mods?
  16. any canadians buy brand new from U.S, and best price on "V" with options..
  17. I need some advice on Brake Fluid, regarding flush, bleed and why mine is brown
  18. Open Trackday @ NJMP Thunderbolt 11/22
  19. Back in the V club after months of searching...
  20. Welcome back an old brother - Picked up new CTS-V and some mods updates
  21. gas smell in oil
  22. WTB: Painted V2 Sedan Wheels
  23. Service Suspension System Warning?
  24. atco tom
  25. Canadians, Mobil 1 sale
  26. Free shipping - cadillac merchandise ends midnight 11/13/2011
  27. Thinking about a CTS V - Would love some input - pricing
  28. Lost my GPS signal today.....
  29. 2009 V2's, what to watch out for when purchasing used?
  30. For Immediate Release: The D3 Group premieres Le Monstre at the Toyo Tires booth
  31. For immediate release: Special Edition 2012 CTS-V Competition Coupe
  32. Anyone using OnStar Remote Link?
  33. Veteran's Day
  34. Wheel care products?
  35. Steering Wheel Audio Controls
  36. if silver calipers turn gold...
  37. V-Wagon diecast
  38. OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Challenge meets Team HeaVyweight Racing CTS-V
  39. Clicking wheels solved by classic cadillac technicians 7700 roswell rd. In atlanta ga
  40. Rear end howling, dealer flushes rear end, howling continues now with burning smell
  41. Cad-v or Camaro ZL1
  42. Cadillac's resolution to my "Rocking Recaro" problem, please read
  43. I almost had a small conniption.
  44. Pricing on Ordering a New V Coupe
  45. WHY - Don't V2 rear seats fold down (they did in the V1 series)
  46. Atco Raceway (New Jersey) Nov 13th
  47. Final V-Series of the Month (October Winners)
  48. What do some of you mean by your V rear "sings" at throttle?
  49. Free shipping - cadillac merchandise
  50. My fellow V owner's, I'm waiting for you to tell me how "uncouth" I am.
  51. 12.3 @ 118mph; 2011 manual V, stock w/ exhaust
  52. Very pleased with my V
  53. Who was at the Sheraton in Boston on Nov 1/2??
  54. My car is on Quality Hold....
  55. Free shipping offer - cadillac merchandise & cadillac floor mats
  56. Brief rant about our audio/nav system
  57. Bluetooth incoming calls question-2010 CTS
  58. Any Corvette ZR1 owners out there?
  59. Tail Light Color - Red/ Amber
  60. 2011 V Wagon with nice options found
  61. Putting Car Into Winter Storage, Please Review My Steps.
  62. How long to clear csx?
  63. Resolution of my dealer fears
  64. Just back from SEMA 2011
  65. Can you tell transmission type by VIN code?
  66. How to edit songs on Hard Drive
  67. cts-v vs.?
  68. Open Track day @ NJMP Thunderbolt 11/7
  69. V's at SEMA
  70. Intermittent A6 3-4 shift problems?
  71. Is anyone from the board at SEMA 2011? Im dying to see some custom V photos.
  72. Pulley no tune
  73. Manual Transmission
  74. clean break-in, theft on '11 CTS-V
  75. Cadillac floor mats - design them online
  76. Halloween strip tease
  77. Guys with aftermarket wheels, got TPMS Sensor questions for anyone who can help
  78. No Anti-Lock Brakes??
  79. Trade a c6 for a cts-v?
  80. Help with engine fluttering noise
  81. Tire Experts-Blizzak LM-22 ok for another winter or buy new?
  82. Happy Hall-o-Veen
  83. Best settings/techniques for launching/racing
  84. An Extra Set of Wheels and Tires Should Fit Into a CTS-V Sedan, Right?
  85. WIN A CTS V and Monticello School
  86. Curbed wheel question
  87. Cadillac NOT USING MOBIL 1 under Premium Care Maintenance Plan...did you guys know?
  88. Wiring instructions for radar detector hardwire
  89. Ran into one of you V2 guys yesterday...
  90. How much does a V2 A6 weigh +/- 5lbs?
  91. New to forum - Hey Y'all - An intro and a question......
  92. Wheel clicking, rearend noise= Rearend replacement and possible new 2 piece rotors
  93. AR Header fix
  94. New blue for 2012...
  95. Blackstone on 5400 mile Diff oil
  96. What's wrong with my V???
  97. Latest gen iPod won't play in 09 V?
  98. Justin Bieber and His Bat-illac
  99. Good deal? 2011 v
  100. Placed an order... so how long..
  101. Looking for thoughts on 2011 black diamond deal
  102. V-series merchandise & custom v-series floor mats
  103. Supercharger coupler rattle, what will happen long term if not replaced?
  104. Groaning sound when turning right coming from pass side rear wheel
  105. *** V-Stuff Wanted...post all V parts requests here...NOT for selling***
  106. CTS article in the Lansing paper.
  107. 2011 V Coupe Chain Tensioner Idler?
  108. stock exhaust with headers....video?
  109. Cadillac CTS-V of the Month - October - Submit your photos (second generation only)
  110. 2nd Annual NorthEast Cadillac Meet and Greet 10-23-11 OFFICIAL PICTURE THREAD
  111. Stock V's in South Florida
  112. Anyone in here....
  113. A few more pics of my 2010 V Sedan
  114. New Guy Here...Weird Question...but please help.
  115. Thinking about upgrading to a new V
  116. So I took the Vagon to a car show...
  117. So 3800 status finally and should be in next week ...
  118. Wheel Clicking - Oh Snap
  119. V-series logo accessories, merchandise and custom automotive mats
  120. Pirelli Scorpion 255/50/19 ok?
  121. Notes on my diff fluid change
  122. Advantages and / or disadvantages of turning off Rainsense.
  123. 2011 CTS V Coupe
  124. Ignition Switch Sticking
  125. My CTS-V to compete in the 2011 OPTIMA Batteries Ultimate Streetcar Invitational
  126. Arizona CTS-V Clubs / Meetings / Organizations
  127. New Member Intro
  128. Service Stabilitrak after installing new rotors and pads and ABS constantly engages
  129. limited slip additive
  130. TPW 10-17 V-Wagon Orders... any updates?
  131. TSB for front wheels "crabbing" under full lock at slow speeds?
  132. Austin/San Antonio Dragstrip Tonight 10/19
  133. The Two Beasts
  134. anyone have a used rear Nitto Invo?
  135. Texas Mile
  136. 3rd winter with sotto's, inspect carefully.
  137. Any other V Owners in MD want to meet on 10-19-11 in Laruel
  138. What are our gear ratios?
  139. Thinking of buying a used CTS-V coupe
  140. Nav update
  141. Light Titanium interior tough to keep clean?
  142. Newbie looking to get CST-V sedan or coupe
  143. Importing New US Cadillac's to Canada
  144. CTS-V in Xbox Forza Motorsport 4
  145. V-series logo merchandise
  146. V owners are paying dearly for GM's wins on the European tracks
  147. Hankook first impression-
  148. Finally made a video of my V
  149. V's 1st Trip to the Grocery Store
  150. V-series logo apparel, accessories & custom floor mats
  151. Question...do the PS2s come with a mileage warranty?
  152. 2012 V or wait for CUE
  153. Time for a CTSV
  154. Finally broke down and took the V to the track
  155. OnStar Fail, and Recovery...
  156. CTS-V wagon cover
  157. What is the approximate value of a set of polished wheels from an 09 V?
  158. Availability of Michelin PSS tires
  159. Parking my V for winter questions.
  160. keyless fob not always being recognized
  161. All Season tire... this is the only real choice
  162. your car sucks
  163. Strange noise
  164. My V Wagon should be here soon!
  165. compnine vin lookup site closed
  166. Wont you be .....My Neighbor?
  167. Production Numbers
  168. Cadillac V-Series Challenge on Belle Island in 2012
  169. good choice or bad choice
  170. going to a coupe..sunroof or no?
  171. Cadillac announces CUE; uses mobile phones for connected driving system
  172. Radio will not turn off (2009)CTS-V
  173. Hail Repaired V Coupe
  174. satin graphite wheels
  175. Special Delivery from Cadillac (SEMA 2011)
  176. looking for a V
  177. best deal on a 2011 coupe?
  178. Badass crime fighting
  179. Texas Mile
  180. 2011 BMW Alpina B7 - tried to play cool against my V
  181. Hate to say it but I am just about over it... build quality is finally getting to me.
  182. 100K miles on 09 V
  183. Cadillac apparel, accessories, merchandise & custom floor mats
  184. Winter Tire issue
  185. Thinking of buying this one... Help - What's this intake?
  186. Drag racing an E63 AMG
  187. CTS-V Wagon Burnout and Drag Video
  188. Pics of Standard (Non-Sapele Wood) Interior?
  189. How Do You Remove the Lower Grill on the CTS-V?
  190. how many passes are people getting on PS2s?
  191. It takes a neurosurgeon to upgrade from a Maserati to a CTS-V!
  192. Looking for suggestions on best way to have my engine documented
  193. 1/4 mile rear cradle "cracking" sound
  194. Yellow Calipers on Backorder
  195. Shouldn't have joked about buying new tires
  196. Strange ignition problem. Thoughts?
  197. Surprising Mileage and a Tire Question
  198. Professional Car Photographers?
  199. Buy Your Calendar Here. Now, 2 Sizes
  200. 2011 CTS-V changing headlight bulbs ?
  201. GM Part Number?
  202. NEW Katech Performance Logo T-shirts only $8*, two colors available
  203. Is This Normal in the DIC?
  204. Yeah, dog!
  205. 09-V vs 12-V
  206. New V Owner
  207. ok.not even sure how to say this but i sold the V for a Volt. Let the hits begin!
  208. Facelift anytime soon?
  209. Any feedback here on Carbotech Bobcat Brake Pads?
  210. DoingOK has the September Cadillac CTS-V of the Month!
  211. future CTS V power and handling
  212. How many miles of "normal" driving before...
  213. Fall Cruise Oct 22 SE Mich
  214. Brake dust
  215. Cadillac's 2012 Web Site is up.
  216. Noise when turning
  217. Possible mid-cycle refresh and horsepower bump?
  218. World challenge results
  219. Look at the new 2012 CTS-V Calendar
  220. Hi from new member
  221. Free shipping ends midnight 10/02/11
  222. Cars & Coffee - Dallas/Plano
  223. AMSOIL Fall Special: Wholesale for Forum Members
  224. Drag racing Vs. a GTR
  225. Perfect wall for pics of the V
  226. I have enough pictures for the calendar
  227. Im headding to Atco tonight with a 135, a matte white Aston Martin, and pearl white V
  228. Talk to the new President of Customer Experience, wat do u guys think of this??
  229. HUD for the CTS-V?
  230. Rear differential replaced under warranty
  231. Lighty used 2010 vs new 2011
  232. Suspension
  233. Billet emblems
  234. Any Recent Trade In Luck?
  235. Need 4 more people to submit photos to me
  236. Cadillac Coupes in Gears of War 3
  237. You're Invited to the Hennessey 20th Anniversary Celebration & Open House Event
  238. New ( Used ) Owner
  239. How to fix the lowered suspension noise/squealing
  240. Goodyear Eagle Run Flat experiences
  241. San Antonio/Austin CTS-V owners: SAR in October?
  242. thud
  243. Has anyone sought permanent solutions for Ultra View Sunroof Rattles?
  244. Been hearing a mild rattle coming from engine under the hood, can anyone comment?
  245. Half way there on the Calendar
  246. Looks Like OnStar Changed Its Tune...
  247. Any pics of Vs with 255/40/19s all around for snow tires?
  248. Black Diamond Paint Finish
  249. 2011 fully loaded auto,white . 1300 miles whats it worth?
  250. Any north jersey - rockland county NY dealers that are mod friendly?