: 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

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  1. Just thought I'd share Airaid Intake Discount
  2. Is airaid cai worth it?
  3. Best Race???
  4. New to GM / First Impressions of My New V
  5. Cts-vracing at njmp
  6. What's my car worth??
  7. Bray Krause universal extinguisher mount in coupe - warning
  8. New V :D Whine/whistle question
  9. CTS-V Coupe OEM tires no longer available at Tire Rack
  10. Coupe on the way back to dealer this week.
  11. Just installed Airaid CAI
  12. Just got the call
  13. Stealership Strikes Again - Tire Repair Canister
  14. nasty rattle in rear of my wagon
  15. went looking 4 trouble and trouble kicked my a$$
  16. Cadillac Corral hits the UTAH GRAND PRIX
  17. How much should a dealer charge to Certify a V?
  18. First ride in the V = Dad's shocking sailor mouth
  19. Wheel and tire size MAX for the coupe
  20. Bluetooth and OnStar
  21. help broken fob
  22. Caddy Ruckus - Featuring JR Hildebrand
  23. What other cars do you own besides CTS-V
  24. Need Help?????
  25. Where could I rent a V2 for the weekend in Los Angeles?
  26. SoCal Section: Anybody intersted
  27. Aftermarket differential cooler and warranty
  28. Gut feeling is there is something wrong (or at least not running right)...
  29. Might this affect the V ?
  30. Track wheels and tires??
  31. Changing serpentine belt
  32. Cadillacís & Coffee / D3 Open House / Long Beach Grand Prix (RECAP w/pics!!!)
  33. Wagon spare tire solutions?
  34. Sedan throwing codes after big rainstorm
  35. Thinking about ditching the Recaros
  36. Thank You Cadillac Racing!
  37. 14 April Cars and Coffee - Great Falls, VA (Pics Included)
  38. Jbl ms 8
  39. Wiper Blades???
  40. D3 Patriot Missile meets JOEYCTS-V
  41. 2-piece rotors for 2013!
  42. Mr Clean Auto Dry
  43. smoke from the dipstick tube?
  44. Added an SRX to the stable...
  45. So I went to the dealer...
  46. Help Lingenfelter Supercharger upgrade
  47. Wtb
  48. Help! Stuck at dealership while on road trip with check engine light
  49. LSA engine build
  50. Cleaning suede
  51. 1/4 mile time help from 6MT owners
  52. D3 Cadillac CTS-V in BR4SS Commercial (featuring Earl Bennett WR - Chicago Bears)
  53. Good luck to JR Hildebrand @ Long Beach Grand Prix!!!
  54. Towing my V - any recommendations
  55. How do you coordinate watching your V wagon being built?
  56. 20,000 mile update
  57. V at dealer...loaner standard CTS
  58. Wagon Owners - Tail light help
  59. WANTED: Kooks Headers; id 850 injectors & 9.00 / Balancer combo.
  60. Uconn car show 4-15-2012
  61. LCAs mount bolts
  62. CTS-V tuning shops in IL
  63. Decibels Difference - Aftermarket Exhaust??
  64. O Fallon IL - Black V Coupe spotted turning on Hartman lane around 4:20ish.
  65. Cars and Coffee Cleveland 2012
  66. Recaro-Seat bolt removal
  67. how to launch the V
  68. More problems
  69. New Tires
  70. MICKEY THOMPSON - ET STREET RADIAL ll P305/35R19 Separation
  71. Best Lease Quote on V coupe?
  72. Bump...
  73. SoCal MEET *Feeler Thread*
  74. Is the standard warranty tranferrable?
  75. Stuck Front Rotors on 2009 CTS-V
  76. Got my V. And of course got questions.
  77. What's a V look like after a 40 to 45 mph hit?
  78. New member introduction
  79. Next car...
  80. new owner; few questions...
  81. BACK in BLACK... Diamond Tri-coat!
  82. Guys, I need help, Please convince me not to get a V...
  83. anyone looking for 2 coupe graphite rims??
  84. Who Else Has Leaking Shocks?
  85. Octane Question
  86. Matted down suede inserts
  87. I want to use Nav while Driving
  88. Peddlers suspension for are cts v
  89. Caller ID problems with Paired Phone
  90. Poll. I own a....
  91. 16th Annual National F-Body Event in Memphis, TN May 18th and 19th, all cars welcome
  92. DFW Area Paintless Dent Repair
  93. Gear problem :(
  94. black plastic dash creaking
  95. What is the best cleaner/polish for wheels?
  96. Does the CTS-Vs follow the same model year as the regular CTS?
  97. 2009 model specs given; Does this combo exist & downloading a sales brochure?
  98. Vibration in the Steering wheel/ Any Vibration common with big rims w/ small tires
  99. Joining the Club
  100. Make Custom Bumper Stickers...
  101. V-series event at Long Beach GP April 15
  102. My Thoughts After Tracking the Camaro ZL1 - From a CTS-v Owner's Eyes
  103. Any difference between '10 A6 and '09 A6 ?
  104. Manual Transmission Stuck in Neutral on Highway. Will not shift.
  105. passenger side a/c seat and temp (up/dwn) won't work.
  106. Looking to get a new Escalade...Can anyone get me a GMX authorization number?
  107. German CTS-V Video Review - Mein Gott!
  108. Finally! My Rocking, Creaking, Noisy Recarro Seat has been silenced!
  109. Highway Cruising
  110. pics of a black raven sedan with graphite wheels and yellow brembos
  111. HoustonMile "V" Gathering
  112. Featured Vehicle Spotlight: The Night Hawk by D3
  113. Featured Vehicle Spotlight: The Patriot Missile by D3
  114. Anyone get their Satin Graphite wheels repaired?
  115. Hennessey Cts-v being loaded aggressively
  116. 2012 CTS V TMPS reset question
  117. air ventilation button display
  118. Texas Mile CTS-V
  119. 2011 CTSV problem
  120. Speedometer accuracy
  121. Will trade for Recaro seats
  122. Potential new CTS-V owner with a few questions
  123. Jose Canseco and his Tweet
  124. Quality issue with MT 305/35/19 ET Street tires?
  125. Vagon on order (rocking, squeaking, rattling)
  126. Uneven Brake Pad Wear
  127. Free S&H Offer Ends 03/31/2012 - Cadillac Merchandise
  128. Shelby 1000 lift off!
  129. Controling tires from spinning
  130. Cadillac Challenge presented by Toyo Tires - Round 2, Chuwalla Valley Raceway Recap!
  131. D3 Cadillac to invade MFest 2012
  132. Coupes VS Wagon
  133. Used V2 Prices...
  134. Anybody installed Inviscord in a 2012 V?
  135. need suggestions as to why I keep glazing my front brakes from driving HARD
  136. 2009 Cts-v key
  137. New V on its way
  138. Reputable dealers in/near South Jersey for a used V
  139. Damged Intercooler Pictures.
  140. When's the best time of year to buy new???
  141. Removing coupe rear valences
  142. March madness offer - cadillac merchandise
  143. Expert opinion please
  144. 3M DiNoc Interior Wrap
  145. new cts-v sedan in Mocha color
  146. How often do you get told "that thing sounds great?"
  147. WCC race from Petersburg on line now
  148. Test Drove SRT Grand Cherokee
  149. Three-year reliability report on my 2009 V sedan
  150. Magnetic suspension: Why no indicator light?
  151. Going on my third V
  152. Replacement rotors
  153. New 2012 6M V Coupe w/ 132 miles
  154. Caddie racing @ St. Pete FL.
  155. Official NJMP April Meet and Greet, FUN DAY WITH FREE GIVE-A-WAYS
  156. 2013 Color Options and/or Changes?
  157. "Salvage" CTS-V from V Performance Academy on Ebay
  158. MotorTrend Video, V-Wagon VS MB E63 AMG
  159. Cadillacs & Coffee / D3 Open House April 15th, 2012
  160. Vagon Bicycle Roof Rack
  161. SO CAL Dyno Day !!!! March 31 ,2012 Saturday come by watch or dyno your car
  162. Our stock exhaust is quiet but the M5 uses stereo to generate fake interior noise.
  163. Hey GM! The CTSV worked! LEFT Mercedes. Impressions, experience, thoughts..
  164. Blonde Chick explains MPH
  165. Bad day at the track
  166. I think i'm coming back....
  167. who uses NORTH bay cadillac. and which mechanic to ask for?
  168. Looking to purchase a new V have a few questions
  169. Engine air intake location ?
  170. Steering wheel play after alignment?
  171. Black Diamond coupe, satin graphite wheels with blacked out grille pics?
  172. Just ordered - Thunder Gray, black satin, yellow brems, Recaro, suede, auto & sunroof
  173. One step closer to being a V owner!
  174. Poll: What differential cooler do you have
  175. Join Cadillac at the St Petersburg World Challenge
  176. Free Shipping Offer: Cadillac merchandise, Custom Mats & Custom Cadillac Car Covers
  177. Leasing a V - what are you getting for residuals / interest rate?
  178. Rear seat headrests
  179. sounds like marbles in the sunroof
  180. Slow site response?
  181. Black satin rims and yellow brembo's
  182. V-Series Cross pen set
  183. Hi folks, it's been awhile!
  184. OBD scanner suggestions
  185. Some help please
  186. Order delay of months, and Transportation fee
  187. Quick question about shifting with an automatic transmission
  188. Warning to all manual transmission owners that race their cars!
  189. Battery for CTS-V
  190. *** Need help Please ***
  191. Free Shipping Offer - Cadillac Merchandise
  192. Ford says "Suck it!" to GM
  193. Whistling noise on decel or high rpm's
  194. Continental DW's vs Bridgestone RE-11's for straight line traction?
  195. CTS-V vs MB E63 AMG on the Dyno
  196. Spring has sprung what tires would you recommend for stock sedan wheels?
  197. Satin Graphite Wheels: powder coated or painted?
  198. Jaguar just mad fun of our car!
  199. Good Morning Roadside Assistance - Dead Battery
  200. The Cadillac Challenge: Round 2
  201. Who's leasing their CTS-v
  202. Brakes squeaking
  203. Having a hard time deciding wagon vs sedan
  204. Midnight Sapele Trim -- PART NUMBER?
  205. Where to buy the Corsa exhuast?
  206. Will this wheel tire combo work?
  207. Free Shipping Offer - Cadillac Merchandise
  208. Current 2012 Vagon Pricing?
  209. Would anybody be interested in trading your black wheels for polished wheels?
  210. the dreaded clicking is back.
  211. Favorite reason to order Black Satin wheels...
  212. Thumping noise - 2010 V
  213. Creeeek
  214. Can you leave the stock sub when using the bose amp to feed an aftermarket amp?
  215. Any Jacksonville Guys at Cars and Coffee for March 10?
  216. Nevada Nurburgring ?
  217. looking for a nav disc
  218. Wreath & Skull Apparel
  219. GM found a fix for the supercharger rattle!
  220. 3x for brake issue GM says they are now out of Warranty @ 13k WTH
  221. Warning to those interested in XM's lifetime music subscription AND want NavTraffic
  222. 2012 NAV Disc available at gmnavdisc.com
  223. Need help from V manual trans owners
  224. So I curbed a wheel...
  225. 2012 Used CTS-V sedan Pricing
  226. Ran into a Shelby GT500
  227. Deal of the year.. CTS-V Vagon BD edition 5Kmiles for 57900$. Interested?
  228. Let's try this again, ipad missfire
  229. First super car
  230. Has anyone used an after market supercharger
  231. Need some Nav help
  232. So my Recaro started to rock, at Gold Coast for a fix, hopefully
  233. New rotors at 30k?!?
  234. Dashboard leather
  235. STL area V owners : Gateway Motorsports Park Kickoff Open House March 10th
  236. Pics of my brand new V sedan
  237. Annoying rattle thread, anyone help me with removal instructions of interior trim?
  238. Tech question about boost rpms???
  239. Missing some fins?
  240. Does anyone here have the new Camaro ZL1 or has driven it to compare to the CTSV?
  241. Future Proud Owner of a CTS-V
  242. 2011 v wagon production numbers
  243. California emisssions requirements vs AZ, NV, UT, and NM?
  244. How do I post pictures on here?
  245. Some general questions - maybe you guys can help....
  246. Stepped into a 2012 yesterday!
  247. So, what did everyone think of the gift box?
  248. Looking for an '09-'10 CTS-V, auto, no sunroof, with Recaros...
  249. Who has done their own PDI?
  250. Traded in my CTS-V for a Chevy Volt!