: 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

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  1. Future Collectible
  2. if incentives continue long enough, I have a deal
  3. Just Purchased '09 CTS-V - Initial Impressions and Observations
  4. Help with Navigation...
  5. Made an offer
  6. Signed the papers today!
  7. Mileage range could be worse
  8. New Thunder Grey CTS-V Sedan- adjustments already!
  9. Heads Up Display ??
  10. Is this normal?
  11. 950 mile round trip review
  12. Damn Manual Transmission V''''''''''''''''''''''''''s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. V Coupe All-Weather floor mats?
  14. Frayed Steering Wheel
  15. Brand new 300 miles, trunk problem, won't release.. Any ideas??
  16. What are the current recommended fluids?
  17. Front Tires Hop When Reversing and parking just started when it got cold
  18. Gripe with AUTO headlights
  19. need help?? Cadillac CTS 2009, WON"T START
  20. FYI- there's a bulletin on diff whine while coasting
  21. CTS-V Audio / Navigation System Question
  22. CTS Premium > CTS-V ? (heated steering wheel)
  23. normal clutch feel on manuals
  24. First 350 miles
  25. CTS-V vs 550i
  26. Snow tires question?
  27. I. Did. It
  28. Anybody willing to part with their stock airbox? I need one!
  29. New Era & Brake Duct Removal
  30. SE V's - Standing 1/2 Mile Florida Panhandle (March 24th)
  31. Recaro sports seats becoming squeaky Fromme
  32. CTS-V coupe in Raven black with satin graphite wheels. Help with dealing with my wife
  33. one step away from making the plunge with a CTS-V coupe but have a concern
  34. Anyone work with Cunningham Motorsports?
  35. Help please, so now what do i drive everyday?
  36. Merry Christmas?
  37. Took my V Coupe out for a drive today...
  38. Lighten Up Shift Pressure on Auto
  39. Formal Intro | Day & Night Pics of my 2011 Sedan
  40. Merry Christmas! (with a Matchbox V-Wagon)
  41. CTS-V Christmas. NY STYLE!
  42. January 1st 2012 9th Annual “Tour d’Orange” - SoCal
  43. Merry Christmas to all
  44. Aftermarket lug nuts
  45. New CTS-V Owner!
  46. Happy Holidays from D3 Cadillac
  47. Clunking noise when reversing to the right.
  48. Mod-Friendly Dealers in SoCal preferrably LA area?
  49. Requested Feature
  50. Ok SoCal V-owners, last track day of the year.
  51. Satin Graphite Wheel Paint???
  52. Changed my differential fluid last night - pretty easy for those who want to DIY
  53. Recommended Houston Dealer?
  54. Who has the matte gun metal gray sedan in North Dallas?
  55. Well, it's official...
  56. New Vagon owner
  57. Well first visit back to the dealership.....
  58. 2 Weeks Downtime...
  59. Front suspension clunk when driving slow . Nobody can find the cause, driving me nuts
  60. Dealership faith restored
  61. Removing Font license plate
  62. Odor With Spirited Driving
  63. thnk there will be any changes for 2013 model??? might trade 09 in for a Vagon
  64. Radio will not turn off when exiting car
  65. I have a working idea for people this year.
  66. blind spot option ?
  67. Anyone regret going to Continental Extreme DW's from the PS2?
  68. help - hose popped loose after going over bump now misfire
  69. How do you edit song titles on HDD?
  70. On board Tire Pressure accuracy
  71. If anyone is looking for Hankooks....
  72. Anyone here?
  73. 12/23/11 local socal christmas meet/ cruise
  74. Need help
  75. Auto Trans Appreciation Thread...
  76. Question about high speed vibration
  77. Current Leasing Numbers
  78. Why can't I steer my V with the throttle (nannies off)?
  79. all cts-v coupe questions and answers
  80. Motor Trend Staff Luv the Vagon
  81. CTS-V Coupe Locator?
  82. HELP! Burned Clutch-Aftermarket?
  83. Spare Tire Accessory
  84. D3 Front Tow Hook & License Plate Mount
  85. Thinking about selling my car...
  86. Hmmm...2011 CTSVagon 6m - blown diff?
  87. Hydraulic clutch fluid
  88. Looking to photograph a CTS-V Wagon
  89. Enabling mirror tilt in reverse and the like
  90. Giving in & getting winter tires - man it sucks trying to find a good fit
  91. New Member, New CTS-V
  92. How do you delete all songs on HDD?
  93. New Member and Owner in Jacksonville, FL
  94. Santa's new sled.... Merry Christmas!
  95. What seats fit a 2009 CTS-V?
  96. New Owner Checking In
  97. Cadillac merchandise - free shipping offer
  98. 2011 coupe tailight led's
  99. Double flash
  100. A set of recaro seats for a coupe for sale.
  101. Engine missing under load in higher gears
  102. Automatic / Touchless car washes
  103. Reduce Engine Power Check Engine Light
  104. Car & Driver 2012 10Best Cars
  105. Nicola Bulgari likes the CTS.
  106. How to make the horn quit beeping when I exit car...
  107. 2012 CTS-V Coupe Skip Shift Eliminator
  108. Knock/Clunk/Stumble/Shudder on shutdown
  109. Flushing the hydraulic clutch
  110. Finally got my brakes powder-coated
  111. Ambient lighting kit Footwell HELP
  112. New Recaro Sport Seat!
  113. Who's removed the rear calipers?
  114. Help Please, Shift Light Inidcator
  115. Is power limited on a brand new car?
  116. Lighter 19" rims?
  117. Squealing brakes
  118. Changing Spark Plugs what do you think?
  119. Removing Obsidian trim
  120. at what rpm does your boost gauge begin to move?
  121. The Vagon, after a weekend of 800 mile drive
  122. Performance Overload - Comparison Test (Road & Track Magazine)
  123. Clicking Wheels
  124. One of Car and Driver's 10 Best! I knew that!
  125. I'm hopeless.....at least that is what my wife tells me.
  126. Future "V" Models - CTS-V Vert & Escalade "V"????????
  127. HELP! The wife want me to replace the Recaro's
  128. Saucy CTS-V Coupe video
  129. Symptoms of a bad supercharger.
  130. Will those tires work?
  131. Cue
  132. All the Florida V's - Dec 17th meet
  133. Just Ordered A Coupe!
  134. Rear shocks leaking replaced under warranty. What would cause leaking shocks?
  135. Dealer reflashed ecu because of center stack issue
  136. Riding into the sunset
  137. Bluetooth problems with IPhone
  138. Cold starts during the cold season - with or w/o mods
  139. So I ran the clicker through the washing machine...
  140. Free Shipping Offer Cadillac Floormat & Custom Cadillac Car Covers
  141. a really boring question, voltage too high?
  142. NJ V Coupe, are you here?
  143. rear seat removal
  144. Cts-v coupe
  145. Thinking About Trading ZR1 For New CTS-V Coupe
  146. Rear Entertainment System
  147. Basically Brand new (200 miles) V Coupe for Sale w/Certified Warranty
  148. Anyone else expeirence suspenion warning light service before?
  149. Roll Cage for my V
  150. Breanne...
  151. Oh..the Clicking!!!!!
  152. Lingenfelter products at PRI in Orlando
  153. Any V owners in NJ deal with Gold Coast Service?
  154. totally off-topic but is anybody using voice recognition software?
  155. Ron Fellows Driving School gearing up with V's
  156. Radio Controls Freezing
  157. Engine Noise
  158. Key Fob Battery Replacement (how to)
  159. S2T Performance Products Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Paddle Shifters
  160. was your 4/5 door V a need or want?
  161. Quick photos of my cts-v wagon
  162. More diff additive or dealer visist?
  163. Coilovers being built buy Pedders
  164. Anybody running these tires?
  165. Johnny O'Connell @ Moss Robertson Cadillac, 12-10-11 1:00-4:00PM
  166. Update from a dealer on "Reduce speed differential hot" warning.
  167. Down the Road with the LSA...
  168. Long Term Motortrend Review of V-Wagon Has Some Gripes
  169. Question regarding infotainment system in V for new buyer
  170. Escort Passport 9500ix Radar detector Hardwire Install How-to Thread
  171. Is there anybody that received recall # 10292 that has not had it completed?
  172. Who kept XM???
  173. Anyone torn up the front bumber yet???
  174. Onstar and XM live traffic navigation rerouting "bug"
  175. Is Onstar worth the $ ?
  176. Cadillac merchandise - free shipping offer ends midnight 11/30/2011
  177. GM Back Up Camera Sucks!
  178. Shopping V's / Graphite Curb Rash Fix
  179. recaro seats "creases" in bolsters
  180. Anyone experience a GTR from a roll?
  181. Keys out of the car and drove off
  182. "Hanging" delay into 4th gear
  183. Greetings All, New V Owner here.
  184. Final run of the season at the track with the CTS-V
  185. Cadillac merchandise - free shipping offer
  186. New member question regarding fender flares
  187. WOW What a deal. My New 2011 V gets delivered today!!!!
  188. Weathertech floor mats?
  189. What Can I look to pay
  190. Non Tech Savy old man has radio question
  191. Stock Wheel Option question
  192. Extreme Super Lap UAE video
  193. V coupe dyno
  194. Hot differential?
  195. Look up service history on internet?
  196. My V is Immobilized steering chattering ( front suspension or steering) HELP!
  197. Electrical Gremlins
  198. black friday at taco
  199. New brake rotors necessary?
  200. Been trying to reach Jesse from Wait4Me for 2 weeks..help!
  201. Is this really necessary ?
  202. Vacuum Leak
  203. found on ebay - Signed 2011 Cadlillac CTS-V Racing Team Front Bumper
  204. Last run of the season, Englishtown/Atco
  205. Random shot someone took at a SyTy meet I went to.
  206. Its time to start talking V3!
  207. anyone using Escort/passport Live?
  208. 2011 Season Track Results
  209. Bled my brakes Motive Bleeder, Massive Gunk in the lines OMG!
  210. Cadillac merchandise - free shipping offer
  211. 2009 V Engine Stutter
  212. LED Bulbs recomendation-
  213. 2009 CTS-V for $22k in Vegas
  214. Torque-Pro/OBDLink II scanner results
  215. Looking to buy V sedan now...my E55 is dead....anyone selling???
  216. Englishtown tomorrow, Nov 20
  217. Average life of magnetic shocks on CTS-V
  218. What tire pressure do you guys recommend on your ps2s?
  219. Diasble DRL's?
  220. Cadillac merchandise - free shipping offer
  221. More sample vids of my 2011 BD Sedan
  222. official CTS-V deals thread?
  223. CTS-V vs. SRX
  224. Trinity T-1000 Programer
  225. in-car camera mounting for recarro's ?
  226. Powdercoating brake calipers
  227. California Speedway Track Event & 1/4 Drags this Saturday (Nov. 19th, 2011)
  228. LA CTS-V Owners!!!
  229. First oil change mileage
  230. If you are looking for a good deal on a used 6spd manual, look here
  231. cash rebate on new CTS-V
  232. LA Auto Show Preview
  233. Ride Tech shows off their CTS-V with Lingenfelter 630 package
  234. 2013 Mustang GT500...
  235. CTS-V and Ocean Rust?
  236. New Video of krazy house customs cts v running 10.6 @134. from atco this sunday
  237. Central Florida V's... meet up in the works in v1 forum
  238. Getting ready to pull the trigger
  239. LTB: V Wagon 6 Speed
  240. High Mileage CTS-V
  241. Cadzilla v. Godzilla
  242. Cts v Dyno day
  243. Experts on Wheels and Tires and possible vibrations at very high speed please comment
  244. 10.84@127.9....Pulley, Tune, Headers, and CAI
  245. Driving V in winter question
  246. When taking the V in for service and/or repair -return to stock or go with mild mods?
  247. any canadians buy brand new from U.S, and best price on "V" with options..
  248. I need some advice on Brake Fluid, regarding flush, bleed and why mine is brown
  249. Open Trackday @ NJMP Thunderbolt 11/22
  250. Back in the V club after months of searching...