: 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

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  1. 3rd annual ENGLISHTOWN MEET cancelled
  2. What's a good price for a used 2012 coupe?
  3. Hennessey VR1200 Twin-Turbo goes 220mph
  4. Nice V Review
  5. Recommended Car Transport Companies
  6. Manual vs Auto
  7. Centric Front Rotors
  8. How to open the if the battery is dead
  9. winter driving
  10. brake fluid capacity and mid-Ohio track days(and a front tire question for the track)
  11. Presence Distribution Merchant
  12. Hennessey VR1200 Runs 220.5 MPH
  13. Rear back-up Camera on a 2010...
  14. Sixteen v s entered at the texas mile
  15. Hittin Virginia International Raceway Nov 16-18th
  16. The new Corvette is going to make only 450HP but will have better fuel economy.
  17. Bluetooth question
  18. Dealership put excessive miles on my '12 CTS-V when it was in for repairs
  19. Option tire size
  20. LSA powered street legal race project car
  21. V-Series Performance Lab Arizona
  22. Rear diff growl
  23. Gray carbon fiber coupe from Dubai are you on here?
  24. Safe to drive in light snow and ice?
  25. Cadillac Merchandise - Free S&H Coupon Code
  26. Cadillac Merchandise - Free S&H Coupon Code
  27. Going to the texas mile in style
  28. recommendation for brake bleeder kit
  29. what is the most preferred radar detector (window mount)
  30. Joined the V1 to V2 Club!
  31. Picture of Carbon Fiber hood, What do you think?
  32. 2011 CTS V Coupe Transmission failure
  33. '09 v2
  34. Blue tape for Mid Country Trip?
  35. Blind Spot Warning Retrofit
  36. Fuel Pump Relay
  37. Competition.. AMG
  38. I am looking for Track Day car input.
  39. Forum members: Free s&h coupon code - cadillac merchandise, floor mats & cargo covers
  40. Remote Start - Am I missing something?
  41. Ordering and incentives
  42. Invisacord + 2013 CTS-V Mirror?
  43. Lowered Coupes..... Any issues or noises like some sedans reported?
  44. How much improved is the 2012+ automatic shift "improvements?"
  45. 2014 CTS-V intro???
  46. Anyone know this wagon?
  47. Wheel gurus?
  48. 2009 CTS-V TPMS error
  49. Should i keep my old tires?
  50. Bad car to learn manual on?
  51. We need a Sticky post for wheel sizes
  52. Removing front License plate bracket/holder
  53. Couple of questions
  54. Just Killed Bambi with the V
  55. Color question
  56. Buying another V.............
  57. Is $58k for a 2012 used V 6MT wagon fair?
  58. No More Chipped and Marred Wheels
  59. Eibach Spring Install tomorrow quick Q
  60. Motor-trend runs the Vagon on the nurbrurging; Faster than a AT?
  61. Motor-trend gets misty-eyed; longterm Vagon assessment
  62. Cadillac's New CUE
  63. '11 coupe had a few issues at 8k
  64. Differences between different CTS-V model years 2009+. (this needs to be a sticky)
  65. Anyone looking to buy a CTS-V coupe?
  66. Two S/C questions about the V
  67. Trying to diagnose weird issue driving issue at speed
  68. Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab @ Palm Beach International Raceway, FL
  69. Anyone know this D3 CTS-V?
  70. Need opinions on cars with 18" wheels all around.
  71. new to the caddy community....
  72. good price or fair price....
  73. Austin, TX - Dyno Day 10/20/2012
  74. oem grille color
  75. Whining Pump type noise??? 2012 CTS-V sedan
  76. Cadillac balances the V with the....
  77. What feature that another vehicle you have owned had that you wish the V had as well?
  78. Final NASA Time Trials for 2012 @ NJMP !
  79. One for you Vagon owners
  80. Auto to Manual need Opinion thinking of trading in
  81. 3rd party inspection companies?
  82. 2011 CTS-V wagon
  83. Cadillac CTS-V Shootout in West Palm Beach, Florida Part II
  84. Come one, come all, Headed to the strip 10-21, N. Alabama
  85. Snow Tire setup [forgive me, I did search, didn't get the result]
  86. High speed wobble
  87. Vegas Members?
  88. I think i am getting a good deal but i need your advice
  89. My first ATS sighting
  90. Heres a good video of a V Wagon at Nurburgring Germany
  91. Soft high frequency hum after shutting off car
  92. Tire Questions
  93. Cadillac V-Series Performance Academy at Spring Mountain NV 11/30-12/2
  94. Drag radils with out sensors and dash light
  95. Looking for advice
  96. Rear PS2 Question
  97. MFest presents "The Showdown" @ California Speedway
  98. Does our air conditioner compressor switch off under full throttle?
  99. anyone got carfax and willing to run a report for me?
  100. Vibration at highway speeds
  101. Rough road usage?
  102. Vibration in dead pedal and gas pedal
  103. Speedo numbers
  104. Opinions on best outdoor car cover
  105. Has anyone ever had their car on Passtime?
  106. anyone here trade in their 2012 Black Diamond V-wagon with Air Raid?
  107. CTS-V Sedan ground effects or rocker panel decal kit
  108. That Hennessey vagon is apparently up on eBay
  109. New Group-Buy for S2T Performance CTS/CTS-V Paddle Shifters.
  110. Headlights mis-aligned or by design?
  111. Okay kids, what does "murdered" mean?
  112. CTS-V positive battery terminal replacement
  113. Graphite or Polished Wheels?
  114. Track days?
  115. horrible resonance at 1700-2000rpm
  116. 2009 cts-v a/c issue
  117. why i refuse to go to the stealership!
  118. Laser Jammers and Radar Detectors! What do YOU use?
  119. Cadillac garage door opener
  120. Who has gotten the most miles out of a single tank of gas?
  121. Just ordered my V-Wagon this afternoon
  122. Prices dropping for winter?
  123. CTS Firewall thru wire
  124. Will 18" Wheels fit? - Winter Tire Setup
  125. annoying chimes and signals
  126. Need Help Getting a SEMA Show Pass!!
  127. Left Rear Wheel/Tire, ROAR
  128. 255/40-19 snow tires?
  129. HPDE choices for southern Michigan??
  130. 12 Cars That Define Cadillac At Age 110
  131. squeaky brakes
  132. Possible Convert, Looking for Opinions on CTS-V Options
  133. Know anything about Hankook i-cept W310 winter tires?
  134. GM Customer service how to find out order number on Wagon ordered through GM?
  135. So here's the family photo... 4 CTS
  136. Cadillac V series Performance lab
  137. Who has the highest mileage V around?
  138. Anyone ever use drcolorchip?
  139. Arizona Cadillac V Performance Lab in November
  140. IL review of BMW M5
  141. Exhaust cutouts
  142. Chicago Dyno Day -- Oct 20 -- AWD Mustang Dyno
  143. So who has pumped the most amount of GAS in their car at one fill up?
  144. New Camaro ZL1 faster than CTS-V Coupe?
  145. Cts-v Diablo Sport Trinity
  146. P015c o2 sensor delays response after headers....
  147. Fellow V in Dayton, OH
  148. Octane
  149. I am ECSTATIC to see an old/new friend!!!
  150. Strange noise - please advise
  151. Time it takes to get a order number when ordering a new V?
  152. Modified fix to the current wheel click fix from GM
  153. Covered maintenance
  154. Skinnies up front
  155. Car and Driver ATS versus BMW
  156. I love my 2012 CTS-V
  157. Engine cover really fragile
  158. '09 CTS-V Stock Michelin PS2's replacement cost?
  159. Hand pump brake bleeder kit recommendation
  160. Here's a new one...
  161. On track at Watkins Glen International (9-29-2012)
  162. Gingerman Raceway track day
  163. LFTW8S - Do you still have parts?
  164. 18 x 8 rims ?
  165. Help me pick out a mod package
  166. GM Lansing Grand River Assembly Time
  167. Whining / rattling sound coming from motor
  168. Window tint
  169. Exit Interview -- CTS-V
  170. Finally stepping up
  171. Anybody with photoshop can you make the calipers red on this Opulant Blue Vagon?
  172. "Tire Learning Active" + Door Locks
  173. Question about clutch....
  174. How crazy is this?
  175. recurring front end noise
  176. Does your steering wheel make creaking sound when you pull it up or down?
  177. installing CC tomorrow; remove SC upper lid?
  178. Time to trade-up your V!
  179. 2013 V-Coupe Finally Delivered
  180. Lingenfelter Performance event at Summit Motorsports Park
  181. Just bought me a Vagon!!!
  182. Transmission Temperature
  183. Another differential replacement.....
  184. Any custom audio installations?
  185. Forum Member Free S&H Coupon Code Offer - Cadillac Merchandise & Custom Floor Mats
  186. Recap: Round 8 of the Cadillac Challenge presented by Toyo Tires & D3!
  187. All the men V owners (and ladies if they want to participate) how old are you?
  188. Fun at Milwaukee Mile
  189. Photos of "stock" Eibach drop?
  190. What is a hidden/not obvious feature of your V that you enjoy
  191. Caliper color opinion...
  192. Buying a New CTS-V Sedan
  193. Bigger Rear Tires?
  194. pics of only gril blacked out? or grille and window trim?
  195. Better pics of 2013 Wagon black chrome grill and red calipers
  196. Stock Wheel Gap?
  197. Are there any women....
  198. I'm BACK boys!!!!
  199. Showtime Speedway
  200. Tire Iron (lug nut wrench)
  201. Launch Control
  202. Ting! Noise from drivers side rear
  203. Can anyone help me check VIS?
  204. Negotiating Price for Custom Build
  205. Color for Engine
  206. How much for...
  207. Oh crap i think i broke something
  208. Interesting exchange with a V owner
  209. I think I found the design inspiration for the coupe
  210. Quarter mile budget
  211. LOL @ bmw
  212. Help needed with part number/price...
  213. Blizzak LM-60 or Hakkapelitta R for the winter?
  214. Tire Pressure reccomendation
  215. Question about boost pressure
  216. Awsome deals on 2012
  217. Forever a caddy customer, just got back from V experience
  219. Greetings! New Owner Here! (few questions)
  220. So.. my hood popped open doing 100+ (again)
  221. Anyone seen 200mph in their CTS-V yet?
  222. anyone know what this is,in the battery compartment?
  223. so far, dealer experience not so good
  224. Two pics of my 2013 Wagon. Red calipers! Black grill! Black wheels. Black Tricoat!
  225. 2012 Cadillac Driver Training Video
  226. one of those post... Buying used V, miles vs recaro seats. Advice appreciated
  227. Factory options, dealer options, etc?
  228. Any pictures of the black chrome grille online?
  229. Diablo Sport intune.....
  230. A/C on with Heater?
  231. CTS-V order time?
  232. CTS-V Sedan Vs. Wagon front drivers seat seating position
  233. Susan_forsberg, our new troll!
  234. Tires split along grooves
  235. Don't Let THIS Happen to You
  236. question about replacement tires
  237. Video Recap of the East Coast Cadillac Challenge Rd2 is up!
  238. New lugg nutts, what size?
  239. Recaro issues
  240. What are the discounts on left over 2012's?
  241. SEMA Show 2012 (Who's Going?)
  242. Forum Member Free shipping coupon code offer -Cadillac Merchandise
  243. Sales Numbers?
  244. Car jack and jack stands
  245. My car Pees a little every time i gun it??????
  246. audio formats
  247. The Cadillac Challenge Round 8 (THIS WEEKEND)
  248. 12 cts-v and counting at october Texas mile
  249. Can you help me find these videos?
  250. Sport mode