: 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

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  1. Fellow V in Dayton, OH
  2. Octane
  3. I am ECSTATIC to see an old/new friend!!!
  4. Strange noise - please advise
  5. Time it takes to get a order number when ordering a new V?
  6. Modified fix to the current wheel click fix from GM
  7. Covered maintenance
  8. Skinnies up front
  9. Car and Driver ATS versus BMW
  10. I love my 2012 CTS-V
  11. Engine cover really fragile
  12. '09 CTS-V Stock Michelin PS2's replacement cost?
  13. Hand pump brake bleeder kit recommendation
  14. Here's a new one...
  15. On track at Watkins Glen International (9-29-2012)
  16. Gingerman Raceway track day
  17. LFTW8S - Do you still have parts?
  18. 18 x 8 rims ?
  19. Help me pick out a mod package
  20. GM Lansing Grand River Assembly Time
  21. Whining / rattling sound coming from motor
  22. Window tint
  23. Exit Interview -- CTS-V
  24. Finally stepping up
  25. Anybody with photoshop can you make the calipers red on this Opulant Blue Vagon?
  26. "Tire Learning Active" + Door Locks
  27. Question about clutch....
  28. How crazy is this?
  29. recurring front end noise
  30. Does your steering wheel make creaking sound when you pull it up or down?
  31. installing CC tomorrow; remove SC upper lid?
  32. Time to trade-up your V!
  33. 2013 V-Coupe Finally Delivered
  34. Lingenfelter Performance event at Summit Motorsports Park
  35. Just bought me a Vagon!!!
  36. Transmission Temperature
  37. Another differential replacement.....
  38. Any custom audio installations?
  39. Forum Member Free S&H Coupon Code Offer - Cadillac Merchandise & Custom Floor Mats
  40. Recap: Round 8 of the Cadillac Challenge presented by Toyo Tires & D3!
  41. All the men V owners (and ladies if they want to participate) how old are you?
  42. Fun at Milwaukee Mile
  43. Photos of "stock" Eibach drop?
  44. What is a hidden/not obvious feature of your V that you enjoy
  45. Caliper color opinion...
  46. Buying a New CTS-V Sedan
  47. Bigger Rear Tires?
  48. pics of only gril blacked out? or grille and window trim?
  49. Better pics of 2013 Wagon black chrome grill and red calipers
  50. Stock Wheel Gap?
  51. Are there any women....
  52. I'm BACK boys!!!!
  53. Showtime Speedway
  54. Tire Iron (lug nut wrench)
  55. Launch Control
  56. Ting! Noise from drivers side rear
  57. Can anyone help me check VIS?
  58. Negotiating Price for Custom Build
  59. Color for Engine
  60. How much for...
  61. Oh crap i think i broke something
  62. Interesting exchange with a V owner
  63. I think I found the design inspiration for the coupe
  64. Quarter mile budget
  65. LOL @ bmw
  66. Help needed with part number/price...
  67. Blizzak LM-60 or Hakkapelitta R for the winter?
  68. Tire Pressure reccomendation
  69. Question about boost pressure
  70. Awsome deals on 2012
  71. Forever a caddy customer, just got back from V experience
  73. Greetings! New Owner Here! (few questions)
  74. So.. my hood popped open doing 100+ (again)
  75. Anyone seen 200mph in their CTS-V yet?
  76. anyone know what this is,in the battery compartment?
  77. so far, dealer experience not so good
  78. Two pics of my 2013 Wagon. Red calipers! Black grill! Black wheels. Black Tricoat!
  79. 2012 Cadillac Driver Training Video
  80. one of those post... Buying used V, miles vs recaro seats. Advice appreciated
  81. Factory options, dealer options, etc?
  82. Any pictures of the black chrome grille online?
  83. Diablo Sport intune.....
  84. A/C on with Heater?
  85. CTS-V order time?
  86. CTS-V Sedan Vs. Wagon front drivers seat seating position
  87. Susan_forsberg, our new troll!
  88. Tires split along grooves
  89. Don't Let THIS Happen to You
  90. question about replacement tires
  91. Video Recap of the East Coast Cadillac Challenge Rd2 is up!
  92. New lugg nutts, what size?
  93. Recaro issues
  94. What are the discounts on left over 2012's?
  95. SEMA Show 2012 (Who's Going?)
  96. Forum Member Free shipping coupon code offer -Cadillac Merchandise
  97. Sales Numbers?
  98. Car jack and jack stands
  99. My car Pees a little every time i gun it??????
  100. audio formats
  101. The Cadillac Challenge Round 8 (THIS WEEKEND)
  102. 12 cts-v and counting at october Texas mile
  103. Can you help me find these videos?
  104. Sport mode
  105. Close Call - Highway Wheelspin
  106. Forum members: Free u.s. S&h on everything - no minimum purchase required
  107. How are you VA guys installing the V1s?
  108. New Chicago 2009 CTS-V Owner Member Introduction
  109. Thinking about trading in the sedan for a coupe...Will the sedan tires fit?
  110. Is there another way to transfer music to the HD without burning CDs can i burn a DVD
  111. where to find a deal on Borla
  112. Coupe or Sedan
  113. New member...question about tunes and altitude
  114. Help me out with managing my phone
  115. NHRA sanctioned tracks, 11.50's or better and roll bars
  116. My Three American Black Beauties
  117. Brake bleed sequence.
  118. Questions about autobody work, issues with paint, center console paint, etc...
  119. So Far, Horrible Service Department at Cadillac
  120. Coupe Spare Tire solution
  121. Picked up my Vagon, having horrible luck!
  122. "Wow Dealer sent nice gift"
  123. My car locked me out. How did that happen?
  124. I think we should start the Wave
  125. GM Wheel Locks For My 2010 CTS-V - Where to Order?
  126. 18" Rims fit 2012 CTSV sedan
  127. Finally pulled the trigger and i cant stop grinning
  128. Is this the right oil?
  129. Where to go from new brake pads and what kind of pads?
  130. V Corral at the Coronado Speed Festival Week in San Diego
  131. Thinking about getting these wheels for winter
  132. Forum Member Free shipping coupon code offer -Cadillac Merchandise
  133. Has anyone heard if our keyless entry is vulnerable to the BMW exploit
  134. No more snow tires on tire rack?
  135. Navigation Beta Testers Wanted
  136. I have to say...
  137. IPhone 5 - APPS + Adapter for V?
  138. New D3 Video Uploaded!
  139. Help me pick a deductible for GMPP
  140. Coverage of Rd 6 + 7 of the Cadillac Challenge up on LSXTV.com!
  141. Lloyds Car Mats - What Quality and Where to Order?
  142. Another funny V conversation
  143. People can't walk by without staring
  144. exhaust question
  145. Tire Pressures
  146. Cadillac Merchandise & Apparel
  147. Reduced HP During Break In Period?
  148. panoramic sunroof squeek fix... could it be this easy to solve?
  149. Post in here if you know of someone selling a V in your area for a great price
  150. Light Titanium Suede inserts In The Recaro's - How to clean?
  151. Interior Quality Issues Resolved?
  152. Anyone had a stripper V on a scale? Post up your scale findings here.
  153. Mechanics "Test Drive " results
  154. October Texas Mile
  155. Forum categories.... is there something Im missing?
  156. Any history/ knowledge of this modded used cts-v? Any Help appreciated
  157. Design Cadillac Floor Mats Online - V-Series Logo
  158. Cadillac Challenge NE- Round 3 (Watkins Glen)
  159. You dont see many V's
  160. Mod friendly dealer in los angeles ???
  161. Torque App or????
  162. Move from CTS-V to C63 AMG?
  163. Question about shifting, trouble shifting, double clutching, etc...
  164. Occasional Hum
  165. Picked her up but already had 1 problem.
  166. Universal Home Remote Buttons?
  167. Does sport suspension mode and/or sport transmission made change traction control?
  168. Spring Mountain V-driving school
  169. Anyone in Toronto area willing to help with a test drive?
  170. Went camping with my V Wagon. Proof that this car can do EVERYTHING
  171. 6 MT V wagon fever. Couple questions for those who ordered one
  172. Anyone using OnStar RemoteLink on your phone?
  173. What Boost Gauge are you running?
  174. LS Fest
  175. P0335 code, service traction control, reduced engine power
  176. Grumble... Granite Curb Stone VS. Black Satin Wheel... Yay Curb Rash!
  177. nav system date and time
  178. Monticello Motor Club
  179. Setting Nav system date and time
  180. mp3 playback from USB problems
  181. bluetooth audio streaming
  182. New to me '09 baby mobile
  183. V in for service, got a coupe as a loaner - first impressions
  184. Free Gift from Cadillac? "FIRSTS"
  185. service/tuners
  186. New Owner Here, 2013 Thunder Gray V Coupe
  187. exhaust modification - sound
  188. Anyone attending the Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab?
  189. Cadillac Challenge NE- Round 3 (Sept 29-30)
  190. Extended Warranty Time?
  191. FWIW selling my baby
  192. I pulled the trigger yesterday but a little nervous
  193. Put It Into the Pipeline for Next Summer - Ontario Event - Might Be Worth a Road Trip
  194. Dumb tire sizing question
  195. Free S&H Ends midnight On Labor Day - Vaid for everything in the store.
  196. What do you guys think one should pay for this 2011 V wagon?
  197. odd protrusions from stock air intake tube
  199. 2012 Hennessey Twin Turbo V1000 CTS-V Coupe
  200. How much fuel does our engine use when idling?
  201. what do you guys think about this deal?
  202. Tear in weatherstrip..... Issue?
  203. Skip-Shift - Is This On a 2012 6 Speed Manual?
  204. Is thunder gray hard to keep clean like black?
  205. My squeaky seat fix
  206. Anyone here bought easy care for their V?
  207. Cleaning faux suede wheel and shift knob
  208. New member 2012 CTS-V Coupe (eibach, tint) need advice Plastidip and wheels !
  209. 2012 or 2013
  210. Nav squeaks when it's hot out.
  211. Women's D3 t-shirts now available (images)!
  212. Question about Texas Dealer
  213. Love Letter to John Heinricy
  214. Opulent Blue Coupe
  215. Different front/rear tire diameters
  216. CTS-V Run-flats - Bad News, good news
  217. Part # for Vagon cargo floor?
  218. Atlanta members - this Sunday morning meet up for caffeine and octane in alpharetta?
  219. 30MPH roll racing a 6M
  220. competition mode stablitrak and no nannies
  221. How much stiffer than standard CTS
  222. NASA Cadillac Challenge NE- Round 3
  223. Big rig tires - DAMAGE
  224. Thinking about trying to work a deal to trade in my new 2012 CTS-V Sedan for a Wagon
  225. Vibration in shift lever (manual) in 5th gear
  226. Very cool key FOB covers!
  227. Potential CTSV purchase this weekend
  228. Realistic Battery Life
  229. Realistic Battery Life
  230. Need pricing help/suggestions
  231. Where to buy black lug nuts for satin graphite wheels
  232. Question? 2012 V sedan thinking of converting to manual
  233. carpet loose on drivers side
  234. Another fix from GM for clicking wheels
  235. Post in here if you think you got a great deal/steal on your used CTS-V 2009-2010
  236. Tires for the best grip
  237. Ontario Owners: Car Show Sept 16
  238. Any photos of Glacier Blue Met. (2013)?
  239. 2012 Vagon Without Sunroof? Any Way to Search
  240. Lift Points and Tie Downs for the V
  241. Hydrolock from an automatic carwash
  242. Weather report in V
  243. D3 Legionnaire does battle with a race prepped ZR1 @ Auto Club Speedway (Video)
  244. A positive dealership experience...
  245. 2012 & 2013 CTS-V Wagon Dealer Order Guide in pdf wanted
  246. Will 2 bikes fit in a Vagon?
  247. Congrats to Cadillac Racing
  248. Bucking under deceleration at low RPMs in 2nd gear (automatic) - normal or unusual?
  249. my other 09 diamond white cts-v...
  250. Samsung Galaxy S3 not recognised by usb port? HELP?