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  1. Burnouts/ traction control
  2. HUGE Discounts on Magnaflow Catback Exhausts for ATS!
  3. HELP!! 2.0T RWD auto really down on power, need input
  4. My TRS106 Experience
  5. TRIFECTA presents: Cadillac ATS 3.6 LFX Supercharger Powerkit (TRIFECTA T50)
  6. VT Tuning E85 Tune - Review
  7. Do I need a Tune with Pfadt parts? Is this a good price?
  8. 2.0T 6MT Sport Mode question
  9. turbo timers ?
  10. Last but not least, ATS recall.....
  11. 21st Century Muscle Car Tune on my 2014 ATS 2.0t
  12. Tune ats turbo
  13. Opensource Software
  14. Nitrous 2013 ATS 3.6
  15. Diablosport 2.0T ATS tune development
  16. Best tire size for 19 x 8.5 wheels
  17. ATS paddle shift retrofit **DIY**
  18. 2013 ATS 4 2.0T Auto - Major Loss of Power (Intermittent)
  19. Torque Android App Data
  20. Tunes and dealer service.
  21. Bigger tires
  22. TRIFECTA Presents: LTG Forged Connecting Rods, Cadillac ATS 2.0T MY2013+
  23. WeatherTech mats for Manual transmission 2104 ATS
  24. Paddle shift retrofit COMPLETE!!!
  25. Gen 2. CTS-V Brake Caliper on ATS?
  26. Another Turbo Question
  27. ATS Crankcase evac/oil separating system
  28. IPF Tuning SALE!! $100 off any tuning software all month long!
  29. ATS 2.0T Lug Nut Spec
  30. 3.6L Twin Turbo/Performance Mod Insight Help
  31. TRIFECTA presents: LFX Powertrain Calibration Reprogramming, ATS 3.6 MY2013/MY2014+
  32. For all of you HPtuners guys out thre trying to figure out how to tune the ATS 2.0.
  33. Spring rates
  34. 3.6 Exhaust that sounds oh so nice.
  35. Factory bump stops with Eibachs
  36. Finally my cue is not so restrictive
  37. Quick Review - KPE Exhaust
  38. Turbo differences?
  39. 2013 Cadillac ATS Premium AWD 3.6L lost me as a GM customer
  40. exhaust modifications
  41. Update on improving ride quality by losing my run flats.
  42. stock boost
  43. Tire Size Fittment Qn - 3.6L AWD
  44. Dyno Time for my 3.6L ATS
  45. idle relearn how to?
  46. The best tires ever! Michelin Pilot Super Sports
  47. KPE 2.0T Test Pipe - Downpipe Group buy??
  48. P/N for 'performance brake linings'
  49. Which tuner should I go with?
  50. New surprise !
  51. trs fab catch can question
  52. nice exhaust sound
  53. 2013 ATS Performance
  54. Eibach pro kit quick review
  55. your FYI PSA for today
  56. Free KPE - ATS 2.0T Downpipe and tune for one lucky member in Phoenix!
  57. Putting 235/45R17 tires?
  58. ATS 2.0T Cold Air Intake
  59. 3.6L Performance Parts??
  60. VT Tuning Stage 0 93 octane - Dyno and Brief Review...
  61. How much do the 19" accesory wheels weigh?
  62. Donating car for front mounted I/C opinions and info?
  63. ATS 2.0 BNR catless downpipe install review. How to. 3
  64. Replace tires on Premium 3.6 RWD
  65. Hub centric vs. lug centric
  66. K&N drop in filter
  67. rear diff fluid?
  68. High flow dry drop in filter
  69. Pfadt out of business? Going with BNR now.
  70. Eibach Pro-Kit Now Available and IN STOCK at BNR
  71. E85 and spark plugs
  72. Tune to remove throttle lag
  73. TRS Intake and Catch Can Install
  74. Turbo Heat Shield
  75. Tuner test car
  76. 2013 ECM vs 2014 ECM...Any difference?
  77. Now that Pfadt has closed it's doors, are you planning on keeping your products?
  78. Tuning Questions
  79. 600 W fan in addition to the production option
  80. ATS 2.0t tuner in MI
  81. Corsa exhaust
  82. Upgrades to the 2.5 ATS
  83. completely stock what are folks seeing for dyno numbers?
  84. RX Peformance Catch Can Review
  85. ATS4 3.6l Performance questions
  86. E85 for the 2.0T
  87. Downpipe w/o cat and stock exhaust
  88. Also experiencing rough idle on my brand new 2014 ATS 3.6l AWD
  89. Found a way to get rid of ses light with down pipe
  90. "GM" performance tune
  91. spend my money and help me build up my 2013 ats what would you do to for more power?
  92. 2.0T Turbo Lag and Torque Management
  93. Tuning Cable - Does it matter?
  94. Uppr Intercooler Pipe and Catch Can
  95. ATS Crankcase evac/oil separating system
  96. Should I consider tuning as a newbie or what?
  97. Any exhaust reviews?
  98. New BWOODY Performance 2.0T ATS Intake
  99. The existing LTG 2.0 Liter Turbo engine / powertrain for ATS and potential upgrades.
  100. Upgrading to Magnetic Ride Control (MRC)
  101. 235/45 r17?
  102. Mustang dyno graphs
  103. Torque Pro
  104. HP Tuners for 2014 ATS 2.0t? Im being told it's still not available.
  105. Getting from the engine bay to cabin to run wiring on 2.0t 2013 ats
  106. 2013 2.0T automatic stalling while driving
  107. Are throttle body spacers worth the money/performance on our cars?
  108. Adapter for open air filter
  109. Dyno video
  110. Pfadt P45
  111. Will _____ void my warranty? Magnuson Moss Act Explained
  112. Lumpy idle and aftermarket CPU tune
  113. Tune void warranty??
  114. Aftermarket Exhausts??
  115. Trifecta Presents: LTG Forged Pistons, Cadillac ATS 2.0T MY2013+
  116. HP tuners software
  117. Stock catch can?
  118. 87 Octane and Performance (2.0)
  119. Trifecta Tune
  120. OBD scanner, Torque app questions
  121. Anyone Installed the Pfadt Racing Cold Air Intake
  122. 121+ in the quarter?
  123. Small ATS additions
  124. Pfadt p35 - REVIEW
  125. Just order my tune!
  126. ATS Owners in Phoenix area .. Looking for 2.0T and 3.6L for Exhaust R&D
  127. Little project I'm working on
  128. Trifecta Tune and Warranty?
  129. do we need an oil cooler for 2.0 T
  130. Clutch Issue
  131. 6-Spd Manual - Where Are the Short-Shifters??
  132. CTS tune for 35 LB/TF more torque
  133. Highest WHP ATS completely stock Just a tune
  134. Let's Talk Hub Centric Rings
  135. Interesting info about front Brembo calipers
  136. ATS Aftermarket Suspension Guide (aftermarket options list)
  137. Sport mode: Shift points' RPMs?
  138. 2013 6 Speed Manual Stalling - Affected Users Thread (It's the car, not you!)
  139. Catch Can Install, 2.0T
  140. ATS 2.0 Tune HPTUNERS
  141. 3.6 cold air intake?
  142. Anyone logged/monitored boost levels?
  143. New ATS 2.0 needed for catch can installation
  144. 3.6 ATS tune interest?
  145. Stock turbo upgrade
  146. Performance Mods and Warrantee
  147. Winter tires and making sure there are no brake issues
  148. ATS 2.0T Upgraded Intercooler, Turbo and Exhaust w/tuning package??
  149. Pfadt ECU (flash) Tune Review
  150. Getting to the oil filter on 2.0T?
  151. which models have limited slip rear diff? Only premium?
  152. Buschur racing 3" exhaust pics
  153. ATS Performance Tips & Tricks
  154. CAI and Down pipe install
  155. Understeer reduced on cars with equal size tires front / back?
  156. Tires
  157. Pfadt Race Engineering P50 package pushes over 550 hp; remains worlds fastest ATS.
  158. Something that Cadillac should consider - software updates
  159. Pfadt intake problem
  160. K&N air filter
  161. First visit back to dealer since April
  162. I just got my ats and have some upgrade questions.
  163. i need more power and more and more .
  164. My 2.0t with flex-fuel upgrade
  165. Buschur racing intake for ATS turbo
  166. Truth about 114.3 vs. 115 pattern
  167. Best Company for ECU Tune on 2.0L Manual Transmission
  168. Catch Can
  169. PFADT Downpipe for sale "NEW' $500
  170. PFADT tune and intake dyno graph
  171. Will a downpipe void the factory warranty??
  172. More HP???
  173. Starting in sport mode
  174. 295 lbs.-ft. on Malibu--why can't we upgrade?
  175. Turbo being replaced so I have a question
  176. Has anyone heard of Snow Performance/Vermont Tuning?
  177. Aftermarket Suspension?
  178. Ran my 2013 ATS4 Automatic at Napierville Dragway 12.766 sec @ 108.65 MPH
  179. PFADT tune hard to get??
  180. Pfadt ATS turbo kit review
  181. Pfadt D-P installed
  182. Pfadt d-p install
  183. HP Tuners just reasleased an update 2.24 that claims 2.0l turbo coverage
  184. I went to Atco Friday night and ran the car 13.7 @100 was the best time on the 2.0T
  185. Regular vs. Premium Gas
  186. Trifecta tune vs PFADT tune? $465 vs $754 Which is best?
  187. Pfadt Intake Installed
  188. Turbo engine care?
  189. Pfadt ATS tune review
  190. 2.5L Intake Demand
  191. Limited Slip Differential
  192. The Pfadt P/350 is now available on our website as an upgrade package for your ATS
  193. BNR ATS 2.0T Catless Downpipe - AVAILABLE NOW
  194. KPE ATS tune
  195. Tuning Recommendations
  196. When the 6L45E start to break in modifying; Speculation
  197. Rear axle fluid?
  198. Explain to me this apparent loss of power?
  199. Will a simple tune improve mgp?
  200. anyone know what 'enchanced cooling' is on a Premium LTG?
  201. What do you use for your jacking solutions?
  202. Pics of my Prototype CAI Velocity MAF housing before TIG welding
  203. First Lowering Springs Available?....questionable though
  204. BNR ATS 2.0T Exhaust- COMING SOON
  205. Pfadt performace cat less down pipe!
  206. Round 7 of the Cadillac Challenge @ Laguna Seca is just a few short weeks away!
  207. Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust - ATS 2.0T
  208. Need some help - Been in for service twice...
  209. My Intake Thus far (pix/vid)
  210. Need help with tune install
  211. TRIFECTA TUNE review
  212. Aeroforce OBDII Dash Gauge
  213. Intake installed!!
  214. Break In Period
  215. Paddle Shift Retrofit Questions
  216. ATS coilovers available?
  217. What does it take to run e85?
  218. Springs, Coil Overs - what's the hold up??
  219. The ATS reaches new heights- Pfadt's highly anticipated turbo kit is now released!
  220. Group buy BNR/TRIFECTA TUNE/CABLE Group buy
  221. WANTED: front end parts for my ATS
  222. Give them boys at BNR RACING a well deserved slap on the back
  223. ATS 3.6 power upgrades
  224. alignment specs and range
  225. World's Fastest ATS?
  226. Hennessey Performance ATS intake
  227. Tune - Dyno - Vendors
  228. To all the tuner companies we as the ats driver are ready to buy let the parts begin
  229. run flat tire replacement
  230. ATS and No-Lift Shift
  231. ATS Rear Sway Bar End Links - INSTALLED - WOW
  232. ATS Rear Sway Bar End Links Available ! ! !
  233. Anyone buying or debating getting a tune? Would luv some feedback
  234. Took the ATS to the Strip
  235. building an intake?
  236. Turbo whistle..
  237. anyone ever had a good experience with D3?
  238. High performance air filter
  239. Anyone with a tune, your impressions?
  240. Who makes the ats turbo?
  241. Bad News Racing Trifecta Sale 03/21-04/15
  242. Turbo size
  243. 2.0 Turbo Lag Solution?
  244. Blow off valve/Toronto Tuner
  245. New Pfadt Race Engineering Cadillac ATS INTERCOOLER
  246. anyone have a CAI yet?
  247. track day 3-3-13
  248. Cadillac ATS V6 3.6 RWD Performance
  249. Turbo Downpipe Development and Dyno results
  250. performance parts