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  1. Non-Cue Radio, center stack power issues
  2. Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) Illuminated
  3. Replace tires on Premium 3.6 RWD
  4. Calling all Cadillac Customer Care reps!
  5. Hub centric vs. lug centric
  6. K&N drop in filter
  7. Turbo noise?
  8. rear diff fluid?
  9. P059f P069e U0284
  10. Aftermarket Homelink system?
  11. High flow dry drop in filter
  12. Pfadt out of business? Going with BNR now.
  13. Cold idle 2014 2.5
  14. Road and wind noise
  15. Tire Inflator/Trunk Question
  16. Suspension Clunk slow speeds
  17. How to remove center dash speaker cover?
  18. remove camera module
  19. 2013 CUE update to 2014 specs
  20. Eibach Pro-Kit Now Available and IN STOCK at BNR
  21. E85 and spark plugs
  22. Tune to remove throttle lag
  23. Bluetooth and iPhone 5
  24. 2014 ATS Issues
  25. Where is the interior and courtesy lights fuse?
  26. anticipation is a bi***
  27. TRS Intake and Catch Can Install
  28. Turbo Heat Shield
  29. Tuner test car
  30. Dash Cluster Display
  31. Navigation Map Updates
  32. 2014 ats 2.5
  33. 2013 ECM vs 2014 ECM...Any difference?
  34. How to replace rear tail light on ATS?
  35. 2014 Rearview Mirror Part Number
  36. More Base Radio rage
  37. Hold wheel straight, car slowly veers left
  38. Strange acceleration
  39. Now that Pfadt has closed it's doors, are you planning on keeping your products?
  40. Tuning Questions
  41. music
  42. ? for anyone who has a standard radio(non cue)
  43. Stabilitrak Service Warning on the DIC
  44. 600 W fan in addition to the production option
  45. Service already 550 miles
  46. wheels delaminated
  47. premium fuel = same performance 2.0t
  48. Phantom Radio Operation
  49. First ATS problem......Help
  50. Back Up Camera addition in 2.0T AWD Standard
  51. Bluetooth music from phone?
  52. ATS 2.0t tuner in MI
  53. Better mieage while driving in sport mode?
  54. Corsa exhaust
  55. New problem - trunk won't open??????
  56. Missfire, flashing engine indicator
  57. completely stock what are folks seeing for dyno numbers?
  58. Retrofitting parking sensors
  59. RX Peformance Catch Can Review
  60. ATS4 3.6l Performance questions
  61. E85 for the 2.0T
  62. Downpipe w/o cat and stock exhaust
  63. Also experiencing rough idle on my brand new 2014 ATS 3.6l AWD
  64. CUE System - Hell!
  65. Parking brake coming on while driving
  66. Found a way to get rid of ses light with down pipe
  67. "GM" performance tune
  68. ATS Windshield Information
  69. Non-CUE Infotainment won't turn on?
  70. spend my money and help me build up my 2013 ats what would you do to for more power?
  71. Need HELP Throttle closing on 2013 ATS rwd 2.0t
  72. Auto climate with AC on in the winter?
  73. Ac drain fix apears to be adapted
  74. 2.0T Turbo Lag and Torque Management
  75. 2013 ATS DRL's not working?
  76. Climate Control System
  77. Mucho Temporary Lag
  78. Finally some decent pics
  79. Tuning Cable - Does it matter?
  80. 2014 2.0T Automatic Stall
  81. Uppr Intercooler Pipe and Catch Can
  82. Bose with sub?
  83. DRL Disable
  84. Lost of cue favorities 2014 ats
  85. ATS Crankcase evac/oil separating system
  86. Should I consider tuning as a newbie or what?
  87. RHO Plate / Tow Hook Compatibility
  88. Any exhaust reviews?
  89. Where tap power for aftermarket amp
  90. New BWOODY Performance 2.0T ATS Intake
  91. The existing LTG 2.0 Liter Turbo engine / powertrain for ATS and potential upgrades.
  92. Upgrading to Magnetic Ride Control (MRC)
  93. Speedometer swing
  94. 235/45 r17?
  95. Mustang dyno graphs
  96. Leaking Transmission lol
  97. New rims for the ATS
  98. problems with Heat/ Climate Control
  99. Torque Pro
  100. HP Tuners for 2014 ATS 2.0t? Im being told it's still not available.
  101. Service "Advanced Front Lighting" msg
  102. Is there only one "trip odometer" ?
  103. Getting from the engine bay to cabin to run wiring on 2.0t 2013 ats
  104. 2013 2.0T automatic stalling while driving
  105. 5 chimes while driving???
  106. Brake Booster Question...
  107. Are throttle body spacers worth the money/performance on our cars?
  108. 2013 ATS Brake Light Question
  109. Just a question about condensation...any experiences?
  110. No air from the front vents?
  111. 2014 ATS CUE Hands Free Bluetooth Implementation Stinks compared to Chevy Cruze
  112. New Discovery
  113. Sirius XM traffic alet not working
  114. VOIP and Bluetooth
  115. Plasti-dip
  116. 2014 vs 2013 ATS 6MT transmission
  117. Adapter for open air filter
  118. Opinion needed from any body shop / painters out there..
  119. Goodbye ATS :( hello E63
  120. Air Fltration System
  121. D3 Aero Kit
  122. Negative Battery Terminal
  123. Dyno video
  124. anyone know what this is?
  125. Tell me that I smoked too much crack!
  126. Pfadt P45
  127. Will _____ void my warranty? Magnuson Moss Act Explained
  128. Replace Bose 10" Sub
  129. upgrading the ATS
  130. Lumpy idle and aftermarket CPU tune
  131. Tune void warranty??
  132. Aftermarket Exhausts??
  133. Traction Control will not turn off in snow
  134. Worth it to replace armrest console?
  135. Trifecta Presents: LTG Forged Pistons, Cadillac ATS 2.0T MY2013+
  136. HP tuners software
  137. 2014 Steering Wheel
  138. Stock catch can?
  139. Retrofitters, rejoice! the cadillac warranty is pretty laid-back
  140. 87 Octane and Performance (2.0)
  141. Locking fob inside of car
  142. CUE presets won't change.
  143. issue. with music in ipod and iphone
  144. 17" 5x115 CTS wheels on ATS w/Brembos. Will they fit?
  145. Anyone removed Door Trim or Arm Rest?
  146. Trifecta Tune
  147. Trunk Acces (Ski Pass) DIY for ATS Base Model
  148. Buy a CUE for my 2014 ATS standard collection, is that possible?
  149. How to: Easy Upgrade LED (Map Lights, Trunk, Plates)
  150. "My ATS has NOT been Perfect Thread"
  151. AWD and Parking Pall
  152. "My ATS Turbo has been Perfect Thread"
  153. OBD scanner, Torque app questions
  154. Heating Problem Blowing to Hot
  155. First Service Visit
  156. Anyone Installed the Pfadt Racing Cold Air Intake
  157. Opinoin please on placement of DRLs.
  158. Ugly warning stickers on sun visors
  159. Love my ATS but I never get to drive it
  160. 121+ in the quarter?
  161. Stereo sound configuration
  162. Keyfobs and Driver 1 and Driver 2 memory settings - ATS
  163. OnStar App/old iPad..No joy
  164. Rough idle like many of you on my 2013 ats 3.6l awd
  165. Can't turn-off TCS Traction control - is it defective?
  166. High Pitch Noise
  167. Climate Controls are terrible
  168. Small ATS additions
  169. Nothing but Trouble!!! Lemonade anyone??
  170. HID question
  171. Pfadt p35 - REVIEW
  172. Ats heater knocking
  173. I'm really starting to regret my ATS....
  174. Just order my tune!
  175. Suspension problem until drive mode is switched...
  176. Accidental Trunk Opening Fix Available
  177. ATS Owners in Phoenix area .. Looking for 2.0T and 3.6L for Exhaust R&D
  178. need help! 2014 ATS 2.0T Broken AC :-(
  179. Little project I'm working on
  180. Can't get past the awful console controls and tech system
  181. Trifecta Tune and Warranty?
  182. iPod/iPhone USB Connectivity Issues
  183. ATS4 questions
  184. I have a brake problem or runaway throttle
  185. Replacing Halogen bulb with Hyper Whites?
  186. Can low tire pressure warning on drivers info screen be disabled?
  187. The latest fix for smelly A/C
  188. Navigation "Home" location
  189. do we need an oil cooler for 2.0 T
  190. Electronic Propulsion System Broken???
  191. Traction control and 4th gear
  192. outside air temp not being displayed
  193. Clutch Issue
  194. Keeping 12V cigarette lighter power on with car turned off?
  195. Rear deck vibration bose standard audio.
  196. Who lives & drives in the cold? Possible brake issue
  197. so...where are all the SEMA releases for the ATS?
  198. Driving in Sport Mode: Will engine/transmission wear faster?
  199. HVAC Issue
  200. Upgrade bulbs in factory HID's
  201. New Radiant Silver
  202. DRL install: How to get wires from brake duct into the engine bay?
  203. A DRL deal to take advantage of.
  204. Moisture in headlights
  205. Maybe a silly question... LED door handles lit up while driving?
  206. Help with HID and weird sound/ Anti Flicker needed?
  207. Snow & Traction Cables
  208. 6-Spd Manual - Where Are the Short-Shifters??
  209. Low 'rumble' under accelleration arouns 2k RPMs
  210. From a SD, same song always starts the category?
  211. Missing emergency trunk release?
  212. 2013 ATS 2.0T 6SP Clutch engagement point on cold start
  213. CTS tune for 35 LB/TF more torque
  214. Can Luxrury power seats be retrofittted?
  215. Spacers
  216. Highest WHP ATS completely stock Just a tune
  217. Let's Talk Hub Centric Rings
  218. Will 215 55 17 winters fit on ats
  219. USB and SD Card Approved List
  220. Questions on installing Philips Dayligth 8 DRLs?
  221. Interesting info about front Brembo calipers
  222. Information omission on the DIC
  223. OnStar Update
  224. How to activate lights on door handle?
  225. ATS Aftermarket Suspension Guide (aftermarket options list)
  226. Light in transmission selector (PRND) goes "light....Dark" randomly
  227. Sport mode: Shift points' RPMs?
  228. 2013 6 Speed Manual Stalling - Affected Users Thread (It's the car, not you!)
  229. Any 2014 2.0T 6MT's stalling
  230. Underwhelmed by our Heated Seats
  231. Explain auto on/off at night for these LED DRLs?
  232. Question on ATS Brake Lamp Lighting
  233. Dimming LED DRL when headlights on?
  234. Will Cadillac allow you to "purchase" 18 inch wheels for the more basic ATS's?
  235. Reversed Tire Pressure?
  236. ATS 2.0 Tune HPTUNERS
  237. 2013 ats po503
  238. 2013 ATS 2.0 Turbo A/C Fould Smell
  239. 3.6 cold air intake?
  240. Suggested aftermarket HID kit
  241. Anyone logged/monitored boost levels?
  242. Accessory mode timeout?
  243. Remote Fuel Filler Door
  244. AWD 2.0 anyone put on the 19 Staggered wheels listed as a GM accessory?
  245. How about HID kit controversy?
  246. Musty odor at start up and rough idle
  247. New ATS 2.0 needed for catch can installation
  248. Climate Control AUTO
  249. 3.6 ATS tune interest?
  250. Ligjting