: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Appearance Mods

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  1. Decided to tint the fogs
  2. Who else wants a Specter Werkes Power Dome Hood???
  3. Show me a great set of tips !
  4. 09 cts-v steering wheel on 05 cts-v
  5. Anyone who has done clear fogs
  6. Check out this CTS
  7. WTB Brake, Gas, E-Brake & dead pedal overlay
  8. WTB Brake, Gas, E-Brake & dead pedal overlay
  9. I spotted these FRC's recently
  10. Wtb: Stock cts-v steering wheel
  11. My 2cents and experience with HID's top and bottom fogs
  12. New pics with clear fogs.
  13. Can headlights be replaced? transfer ballast and bulbs? washers?
  14. WTB: Left fog light
  15. Think I'm done with appearance mods for a while.
  16. STS-V 19" wheels on 07 V1
  17. Need help troubleshooting LED-related electrical issue
  18. Little tiny light up in the headlight assembly
  19. Powdercoat vs Paint for grille and wheels?
  20. anyone have part numbers for 05V Ls6 valve covers?
  21. Murder V for less than $200 in your garage!
  22. Wheeldude.com Veneto 19x8.5/19x10 Hyper Black on Platinum V
  23. HID questions...
  24. Pics of my Redline with some Powdercoating
  25. Veneto Pic thread
  26. FYI If your doing DIY clear fogs....
  27. Doing clear fogs, tips on forming the lens
  28. Reverse Lights smoked/wanting to trade for clear ones...
  29. Ebay sts fog lights
  30. Where can I buy the MM mod?
  31. Audio questions & Idea's
  32. Can the upper mesh grill be removed and installed with the bumper in place?
  33. brembo part #...
  34. Pic request please..
  35. A Different Approach to Eliminating the Front Amber Turn Signals
  36. Open up the headlights??
  37. Fog light issue (please read)
  38. BLACK-OUT Complete
  39. SRX Fogs in CTS-V?
  40. Custom V engine hood liner pics
  41. LED tail light counting....
  42. Lowered with h&r and now MM spacers.
  43. Sueded My Headliner
  44. Removing front struts
  45. Back out my tail lights????
  46. Black Raven + Clearshield/Paint Protection = ???
  47. Just picked up another V
  48. New 20's. pics
  49. Changes to my V.
  50. Eibach versus H&R kits
  51. LED Tail lights.. Yes, REAL LED tail lights, not just a bulb
  52. My second apearance mod for the V
  53. Temp/compass mirror
  54. Lowered with h&r, love it!
  55. Will 265/40/18 fit the front
  56. Well HERE she Is....
  57. Daddy's car got some new shoes
  58. anyone have extra plastic mounts that go under engine cover?
  59. GTO Fuel Rail Covers LS6.. DIY sorta
  60. HID Bulb ???
  61. so i snapped some phone pics after a nice wash and wax
  62. Want to do clear fogs/turns but still diffuse the light
  63. Definative Corvette LS2 FRC How-To
  64. Someone asked...here it is.
  65. My first mod! (yes, another fog mod w/10k bulbs) pics..
  66. Feeler...Wana Trade Sidemarkers
  67. Help Me! What Color Rims Do I Get
  68. Replacing headlights
  69. Has anyone put a sub in there spare tire well?
  70. Car Wax
  71. for those who have powdercoated the front grill...
  72. lowered V with spacers, and still having trouble
  73. Crashed My VEEEEEE!!!
  74. Going to get my stock wheels powder coated...any tips?
  75. Only 1 hood strut?
  76. My new lights
  77. Replacing Driving Lights
  78. Blacked out inside the headlights and a LED strip for blinkers or DRLs for $475!
  79. Aluminum trim for my V
  80. Sick custom headlights from cincitydesigns.com whos intrested?
  81. gts-v - 1st appearance mod
  82. My V got some new shoes
  83. Need HELP!! I have a question and NO time for searching!!
  84. What V -Logo Mats to buy?
  85. Should I keep the lip of my rims polished or paint?
  86. Will a stock black cadillac center cap fit Iforged Rims
  87. HID lights
  88. Specter Werkes?
  89. I want a V2 Hood on my V1 any options?
  90. Anyone do their clear fogs with a heat gun??
  91. Front 245/40 & Rear 275/35 any regrets?
  92. Headlight Corner Bulbs
  93. Free Car show and Free lunch this weekend in Colorado.
  94. CTS grille on CTS-V
  95. Tinted rear lights
  96. Anybody feel free to help out!!
  97. Is anybody able to help!!???
  98. CTS V foglight housings HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. In Car Video Mount
  100. My initiation into Mod Hell :(
  101. Looking for foglight bracket
  102. <<<--ADV.1 Megathread-->>>
  103. Going with 20s on the V.
  104. if there's a Cadillac seat torn apart in your living room, you might be a redneck.
  105. !!! >>> ADV.1 Cast Wheel Line <<< !!!
  106. Pics Pics Pics. Thanks MM
  107. Staggered CCW's...Tires rubbing?
  108. Installed flush spoiler and i tinted my tailights
  109. Rear V bumper without exhaust cutouts?
  110. My Lowering Solution (low budget)
  111. powdercoated calipers, not paint black chrome
  112. Installing the HID Fogs, drl question... you guys are going to kill me
  113. sunuvabitch...
  114. Replace headligh assembly
  115. Factory Headlights!
  116. Wheels
  117. Removing Headliner???
  118. HID Fogs H10 or H11??
  119. Fog Light issue
  120. pictures wanted of your gauge pod setup !!!
  121. Trouble finding Lexan, anyone use another brand acrylic?
  122. Wheel repair
  123. LEDS for the triangle area, Blue or white?
  124. XXR 502 Wheels on sale!
  125. 35w 5000w HID Fogs Installed!
  126. Got my wheels done too!!!
  127. Lowering the V
  128. Emblem Overlays?
  129. Wet sand tinted tails question
  130. 20's with regular tire compared to Stock w/ run flats weight difference.
  131. Removing third brake light?
  132. Black Grill or Black Trim (pics for comparison)
  133. H&R Sport Springs, Part Number 50781, "Auto-Leveling" issues ???
  134. Pics of Headlight/Taillight Mods
  135. Help with some of the LED switch outs!!
  136. replacement NAV buttons - i got mine here
  137. New grille emblem for the V
  138. CCW Polished or All Black?
  139. Painted my wheels Corvette Competition Gray
  140. Fog, Sidemarker, and DRL Questions
  141. Widened wheels one more time
  142. 18x235 40 fr 18x265 35 rr
  143. Upgraded rear axle
  144. Photoshop guys....
  145. Sunroof, Moonroof, What ever you want to call it!
  146. Fender Flares
  147. turn signal flash rate with LEDs installed and flasher module trace cut
  148. Have to get rid of my 3.6l and get a V.
  149. Free parts...
  150. Ready to ship Specter Werkes rear spoiler
  151. Anyone have a spare PS stock foglamp lying around?
  152. Yellow fogs?
  153. HID high beams
  154. foglight black out FAIL
  155. cadi new keyfob
  156. is it possible to get lcd deck for cts-v?
  157. sweetest ctsv hood ever!
  158. Golded?
  159. Just got wheels done on 04 V
  160. How To Do Clear Fogs, (with pics)
  161. How to pull off plastic surrounding GPS....
  162. will H&R springs rub with 19x8.5/19x10-245/285?
  163. Top 5 appearance mods for V?
  164. Time to get rid of the DRL's.
  165. Iconz Forged Wheel Line
  166. True Forged Wheel Line!
  167. Cadillac Crest on V Grill
  168. Need Pix of GMPP wheels on Black V
  169. Holiday Specials...DPE, HRE, ADV.1, etc.
  170. Got the black chrome wheels in!!!
  171. DDM HID Fog lights (Lets get this color (K) matching correct)
  172. Need pics of black chrome stock wheels
  173. Pics of silver team dynamics wheels?
  174. My new 3 piece custom forged AVUS 20x9/20x10 w/ Toyos
  175. Black Friday Sale (20% off)
  176. WTB Black CTS-V Rear bumper
  177. Cts-v Front bumper
  178. New Developments from ADV.1 for 2010s Wheel Industry
  179. Does anyone run this E&G spoiler?
  180. What "Staggering" Choices?
  181. Intro Price Special on ADV.1
  182. Hoen Fog Lights Installed
  183. vee fly by...
  184. Installed a DMH electric cutout
  185. Tint kit.
  186. You wanted it and we listened. Price reduction on Powerdome Hood
  187. New V Owner, just throwing out some photos
  188. some pics of my 04 vee
  189. Tire Decision Made...
  190. Newest upgrades and pics...
  191. First pics with a few mods
  192. Remember me as CAD4LIFE
  193. want clear fogs.? this guy did mine !
  194. how should i aim foglights w/ HID
  195. How to remove grill for painting
  196. WheelAddicts.com Formal Introduction
  197. FRC's versus fuel rails?
  198. My Complete LED swap (ALL bulbs except rear turns) + pics
  199. Powdercoated wheels and tint!
  200. Got a new buffer, spared you the photos
  201. touch up the calipers?
  202. Custom Under-Hood Insulation Piece
  203. Replace Entire Hub/Rotor Setup Instead of Buying Custom Wheels
  204. Staggered tire size on stock rims
  205. Need new headlights
  206. Foose Speedster 20" wheels
  207. 1 LED away from FULL LED mod AND HID - 1 wierd issue (unresolvable polarity?)
  208. what fuel rail covers fit a 2007 LS2?
  209. any aftermarket hoods out there?
  210. Front side marker LEDs - flashing fast - need resistor?
  211. GM Accesory Wheels......Chrome or Aluminum??
  212. Steering Wheel Swap: CTS-V on SRX
  213. WHERE TO BUY V2 Leather Shift KNOB
  214. Front turn signals w/ clear lenses, V-LEDS do the white/amber switching LED work?
  215. Found some wheels for the V's, what do ya think?
  216. No VA Painting tail lights
  217. How much does the stock wheel/tire combo weigh?
  218. DDM HID install question - swap a wire?
  219. First time with clay and WOW
  220. 08-09 cts-v rims on a 04-07 cts-v?
  221. How to remove fog lights? Rookie question - sorry
  222. Installed some new high beams, thought I'd share
  223. *New* Nitto Invo tire size for Cadillac CTS and CTS-V
  224. SRX steering wheel on CTS-V?
  225. 295/35/18
  226. wheel Rim type and rim width
  227. Map lights
  228. You guys gotta see this hood
  229. Need Wheel Color Photshop Help...
  230. Chrome plating stock CTS-V wheels
  231. Bumper brace on bottom of headlights?
  232. 8th Day Eye Lids?
  233. looking for a tail light tinter long island
  234. What kind of fog lights are these?
  235. Tinting Tails Need Help
  236. Protective tint for fogs, reverse and brake lights.
  237. who has darkened their reverse/backup lights?
  238. LED bulbs for tail lights
  239. pic request...stock colored wheel with black center caps
  240. The Truth ABout Tint!
  241. Specter Werkes Rear Spoiler
  242. Painting license plates?
  243. Cf... the cheap and esy way! i just ordered some!!!
  244. fill lic plate holes
  245. Specter Werkes Spoiler....
  246. More HID questions....
  247. Looking for stock FRC to replace mine with?
  248. I would have been PISSED had I spent the $500 widening stock wheels...
  249. Supercharge Hood
  250. Carbon Fiber Appearance Pics?