: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Appearance Mods

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  1. I tried search, Can somebody give me a DIY on this?
  2. Audi Style Daylight Runner Strip LEDs
  3. Slammed my V this weekend finally!
  4. Hankook Evo's
  5. Does anyone have the GM Accessory carpets?
  6. Wheels: 19x10 Rear?
  7. Fully clear 2004-07 CTS-V fog/signal light replacement sets on Ebay...
  8. anyone tried stick on dash applications?
  9. Looking for nice exhaust tips? I have a suggestion for you...
  10. Roof spoiler on a CTS?
  11. Has anyone else's emblems done this?
  12. Thinking of chroming my OEM wheels: Traditional plating or PVD?
  13. 06-07 axles and driveshaft
  14. Finally got some sunny weather so i snaps a few pics
  15. Will lowering springs cause rubbing issues with widened wheels?
  16. 20" Wheels
  17. Horrific v1
  18. HID Fog kits on sale - Will they work?
  19. Blackout Emblems?
  20. Snow Tire ?'s
  21. LED Tail Lights
  22. New 07 CTS-V owner here! Yes i have yet another wheel question!
  23. 3rd brake Light LED Conversion
  24. TWM knob and Redline two-texture boot on a KaTech Short Thow Shifter.
  25. a little teaser till the car is fully out of the shop for a photo shoot
  26. eibachs... need some V owners help
  27. Exhaust tips - Slant cut, or straight cut?
  28. In need of Headlight Painting advice..
  29. Chrome OEM 7 spoke rims
  30. Figuring out front suspension
  31. 05 CTS-V Light Platinum Paint Code?
  32. Steering wheel maintenace
  33. Custom cts Hoodliner - group buy feeler
  34. $1000 V-LED interior LED Mod for CTS-V
  35. New 2005 CTS-V owner
  36. For those with powder coated grills
  37. Need Support for WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Mats
  38. Ground Control kit finally installed
  39. Pedals from SRP Racing Installed
  40. Spent Sunday afternoon with the Zaino Brothers
  41. Disabling Front seat airbags but not the others
  42. WheelDude.com | New style available for special order - Linea Corse LC855
  43. V Dash Badge
  44. powder coat or polished?
  45. Headrests embroidered
  46. My $1.00 Bumper Plug Fix
  47. Custom engine covers
  48. Mysterious CTS-V - Engine Cover and Strut
  49. Wheels Cleaned up
  50. Painted Rotor Hubs?
  51. Pics of my car
  52. new to board/need some info
  53. Raven V's with hyper black Linea Corse Veneto's - pics please
  54. Shift Knob Fail - Help!
  55. Bumper Slitters
  56. SRX 20" wheels on CTS-V
  57. For those who have the DDM HID Fogs...
  58. Interior dash back lighting
  59. New set of tires, Need help
  60. LED Mod (Eyebrows - sorta)
  61. Alternatives to gloss black for wheel/grill combo?
  62. My V is getting darker and darker....
  63. 2005 Headlight Issue HID
  64. To go for Brand name or price
  65. My new TWM Performance Shift Knob
  66. I dig this !! ZR1 Pearl Blue V - nice
  67. new headlight and fog light mod available!!!
  68. flamed out 04 V on craigslist
  69. New pics of my recent cosmetic changes to my V. :)
  70. Who has a White Diamond CTS-V(Old Generation) ?
  71. New LS6 Emblem
  72. My New Vanity Plate
  73. Please delete : duplicate post
  74. Pics of cut engine cover
  75. Destroying Led's
  76. NO WAY!! Am I getting jerked? Please help
  77. How much for used pristine condition Vogue CV-7's and which tires to get?
  78. Grill Powder Coating Costs
  79. what u guys think??
  80. About to purchase Vogue CV-7 20's, couple of fitment questions?
  81. V logo dimensions?
  82. Ebay OEM Spoiler
  83. Eyebrows and Interior Trim kits
  84. Tire Size for Team Dynamics Wheels (18x9)
  85. LED Halos are now available...
  86. Platinum silver/black two tone V
  87. Seat options - SRT-8's work? Or anyone wanna trade my grays for black?
  88. Hre 893s would they fit?
  89. Suggestions for wheels
  90. Does Anyone Have Stealth Gray with Black wheels?
  91. Newer CTSv wheels fit an 05 CTSv
  92. Fresh Coat of Wax always calls for new pics...
  93. Zack'sLac
  94. Help! Navigation Screen, I cleaned mine with a damp cloth, not its streaking
  95. Skull Wreath Decal
  96. IS anyone selling there wheels? im bored with mine ....
  97. The most aesthetically pleasing V I've ever seen (IMO)
  98. Anyone have D3 lowering spacers? I will pay any price - D3 no help.
  99. Blacked out my Silver V...
  100. Backwards shift pattern on UUC knob??
  101. OEM Emblems, where you guys getting them?
  102. New Custom Battle Ship Grey Paint Job On The V Almost Done Just Needs Air brushing!!!
  103. Powder coated grille, wheels and exhaust (and a couple other black out mods)
  104. Painted Grille...anyone ever
  105. Good Paint shop in Maryland
  106. Any pics of Red V with black grill?
  107. Window Tint in Pennsylvania
  108. Anyone ever have their shifter completely break???
  109. Here's the REAL Midnight Rider 2.0 (Hottest Old V, according to me!!!) *19 pix**
  110. Blacked out the grille
  111. Teaser Preview of Midnight Rider 2.0 - ***PIX INSIDE***
  113. Post Pics of maroon [which is really red] CTS-V's please!
  114. Opinion on Wheels - Post Hub Conversion
  115. My first V Photoshoot
  116. So maybe I'll just make a DIY Heat Extractor hood
  117. Anyone with Stealth Gray + Chrome Wheels + Tint?
  118. Daytime LED's
  119. Tire advice for the 1st time sports car owner.
  120. running 285's on stock rims!!
  121. What do you think?
  122. Luminics Krypton Titanium White Foglight/High Beam Bulbs?
  123. The hottest new v alot of custom work
  124. HIDS gone wrong!!!! O BOY
  125. 04 cts-v headliner removal
  126. Clear side markers: failure #1
  127. Never posted pics of my v so here ya go
  128. Will 285s fit on an 8.5" wheel?
  129. V without tint pics.?
  130. DVD/NAV Warranty Replacement (Peeling Knobs) & New AfterMarket Sub!
  131. Fuel Rail cover Fitment across LS Series
  132. Bronze wheels?
  133. Ripped Seat!
  134. Does anyone have this ARMREST Piece?
  135. WTB Lowering Springs
  136. new to the forum, had some lowering questions
  137. Can i put this on my car
  138. Clear side markers
  139. PICS of my V
  140. Summer Sale!! (Forgeline 3-piece Wheels 20% off MSRP)
  141. 245 40 18 ?
  142. CTS-V on 20" 360 Forged
  143. any red V's?
  144. Ebay - CLEAR FOGS
  145. WTT clear side markers for smoked and silver center caps for black
  146. Light Tinting Q's
  147. Finally one color front lights
  148. Painted Rims, Grill and Lights.
  149. Anyone know a good place to get your stock rims chromed? Is it worth it/real deal?
  150. Moving lower grill
  151. 09 Navigation In 04-07 V
  152. Radio faceplate peeling
  153. any grey V's out there?
  154. DIC and A/C orange LED mod swap
  155. Armrest... fast, effective hollowpoint relief against carjackers!!
  156. I need more suede!!!!
  157. STS-V Wheels on CTS-V
  158. Place to get emblems
  159. How much should I expect to pay for Suede Headliner
  160. Those doing homemade clear fogs, do yourself a favor.
  161. Northeast Meet and Greet
  162. Cleaned my tips.
  163. Replacing V emblems?
  164. Headlight Question (2-part)
  165. Custom Blank Fuel Rail Covers FRC (Fiberglass and Carbon fiber)
  166. Specter Werkes Heat Extractor Hood Installed...(with pics)
  167. Errr... Another custom hood...
  168. Rear window
  169. LS2/6.0L badges - front fender with V badge?
  170. Anyone try SRX Fogs
  171. might be in a calendar
  172. Pics w/ STS-V fogs installed
  173. Suede cleaner. What do you use?
  174. Autovation pedals +1 !
  175. Anybody want a set of painted FRC's or want their's painted.
  176. Need Driver side sts-v fog
  177. Linea Corse Vento's - 295 Rear
  178. Red Tinted Turn Signals
  179. Alignment in DFW
  180. New 3-piece wheel offerings!!! (Images Inside)
  181. Pray you never have to replace a piece of body trim
  182. Where should I put my new LS2 badges? (if anywhere)
  183. Any silver V's been "blacked out"?
  184. Moving forward with 5 lug swap
  185. Opinions on Johnson Window Films vs. Llumar
  186. DIY Beginners Detail
  187. ...Soo who has cut thier springs?
  188. Anybody got radio knobs?
  189. Clean your engine bay
  190. Headlight grey perimeter vinyl overlay - not just eyebrow - interest?
  191. Anyone paint over the gray on the headlights?
  192. Matte Grey?
  193. valve cover part numbers 05V LS6
  194. V1 Spoilers on Ebay ... anyone ordered one?
  195. New LS6 Emblem (in place of the CTS Badge) - *PIX*
  196. Part number for replacement HID headlight bulbs.
  197. CCW classics??
  198. Question about FRC
  199. Eibachs or H&R ?
  200. whats the website for the handy dandy tire size/rim calculator?
  201. HID issues...HELP!!!
  202. Linea Corse Pics
  203. Decided to tint the fogs
  204. Who else wants a Specter Werkes Power Dome Hood???
  205. Show me a great set of tips !
  206. 09 cts-v steering wheel on 05 cts-v
  207. Anyone who has done clear fogs
  208. Check out this CTS
  209. WTB Brake, Gas, E-Brake & dead pedal overlay
  210. WTB Brake, Gas, E-Brake & dead pedal overlay
  211. I spotted these FRC's recently
  212. Wtb: Stock cts-v steering wheel
  213. My 2cents and experience with HID's top and bottom fogs
  214. New pics with clear fogs.
  215. Can headlights be replaced? transfer ballast and bulbs? washers?
  216. WTB: Left fog light
  217. Think I'm done with appearance mods for a while.
  218. STS-V 19" wheels on 07 V1
  219. Need help troubleshooting LED-related electrical issue
  220. Little tiny light up in the headlight assembly
  221. Powdercoat vs Paint for grille and wheels?
  222. anyone have part numbers for 05V Ls6 valve covers?
  223. Murder V for less than $200 in your garage!
  224. Wheeldude.com Veneto 19x8.5/19x10 Hyper Black on Platinum V
  225. HID questions...
  226. Pics of my Redline with some Powdercoating
  227. Veneto Pic thread
  228. FYI If your doing DIY clear fogs....
  229. Doing clear fogs, tips on forming the lens
  230. Reverse Lights smoked/wanting to trade for clear ones...
  231. Ebay sts fog lights
  232. Where can I buy the MM mod?
  233. Audio questions & Idea's
  234. Can the upper mesh grill be removed and installed with the bumper in place?
  235. brembo part #...
  236. Pic request please..
  237. A Different Approach to Eliminating the Front Amber Turn Signals
  238. Open up the headlights??
  239. Fog light issue (please read)
  240. BLACK-OUT Complete
  241. SRX Fogs in CTS-V?
  242. Custom V engine hood liner pics
  243. LED tail light counting....
  244. Lowered with h&r and now MM spacers.
  245. Sueded My Headliner
  246. Removing front struts
  247. Back out my tail lights????
  248. Black Raven + Clearshield/Paint Protection = ???
  249. Just picked up another V
  250. New 20's. pics