: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Appearance Mods

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  1. Question on removing emblems..
  2. New custom made Alcantara shifter boot!
  3. Before & After EZLip
  4. Need help!!!! Front and rear bumper
  5. over excitement with plastidip... definitely a fan!
  6. Headlight help needed
  7. Plastidipped the Gray Headlight Trim!
  8. New V wheel!?!?
  9. For Sale Gen 1 CTS-V Carbon Fiber Strut Tower Brace Cover
  10. Texas has better license plate designs than your state :-)
  11. Cadillac CTS 2003-2006 & SRX 2004-06 - DBL DIN / DIN w/pocket BKGMK236 - $43.95
  12. New to the v world need some help
  13. 05 cts-v need help with headlight info
  14. 2005 cts v fog lights
  15. V finally at the Body shop for custom paint
  16. Wheels are back from Powder Coating. Anthracite Metallic
  17. Wheel Powdercoat Options?
  18. Vinyl Wood Grain Overlay?
  19. Forgeline GA3R Track Wheels for your CTS-V (w/IMAGES)
  20. Refinishing (painting or powder coating) calipers
  21. Ridiculous 12 watt LED sidemarkers
  22. Engine Bay Paint Re-Styling
  23. Wheel Offset question
  24. **anyone with a silver cts-v1 with stock gold wheels?*** lowered
  25. Aluminum radio knobs
  26. for those who wanted to see a platnium V with a black roof.
  27. want to stealth gray with gold or bronze wheels
  28. ***Frankie J Sexiest CTS-V1 ***
  29. 2005 CTS-V Bose Front Speaker Swap
  30. Car ID a good place to get the OEM spoiler?
  31. Led headlight bulbs
  32. Upgrade our headlights?
  33. Front Lip and Headlight Scratches.
  34. Winter Wheels ANY IDEAS
  35. H&R Lowering problem
  36. Aftermarket Radio and retaining MPH to KPH switch
  37. Accessory wheels on my 06 CTS-V
  38. Anyone running with Dunlop Sport Maxx GT DSST tires?
  39. LED's killed my blinkers
  40. Whats everyone using to get rid of waterspots?
  41. Brembo Sticker Size on Caliper - V1
  42. Front bumper / fender liner mounting tab repairs
  43. HIDs in the fogs need a special ballast?
  44. Projection . . . Turn Signals?
  45. Name those wheels
  46. Interior Finish
  47. Looking for wheels...
  48. Help!!!!! Fog light bulb burnt
  49. Emblem question
  50. New Head unit Installed
  51. Maximum Mounting Depth for Non-Stock Subwoofer?
  52. Samco Hoses a reality
  53. Anyone eliminate the rubber thing under the front bumper?
  54. Rear View Cam Added
  55. My V with The Extreme Composites Hood and Other Bodywork
  56. Need some knowledgeable CTS-V people to help me
  57. Can I run a 27.1" tall tire? How about 26" tall?
  58. Need Feedback on My Aftermarket Stereo!
  59. Pics of my completed V Subtle but effective...(i think)
  60. Wheel Powder coating in southern WI or northern IL?
  61. My new V
  62. Purple Beast aka Barney CTS-V photos
  63. why is the top of my passenger headlight blue/purple??
  64. Thoughts on GM Accessory Refinish?
  65. Sleeper Time! any advice on removing the emblems?
  66. Hood
  67. Projector halo foglights
  68. Photo time for my Thunder Gray V
  69. Nav Unit question
  70. Bose system, amp, front speakers
  71. Specter front chin spoiler?
  72. Radiator splash Guard install
  73. Windshield Washer Re Location
  74. Cts v dual halo aftermarket headlights.
  75. Where to get a v2 shift knob?
  76. Power seat problem
  77. Shift knob
  78. Retrofit V2 wheels onto a V1
  79. Affordable OEM-style chrome/stainless grille replacements?
  80. Installed Matte Black Wrao on 05 V
  81. Maryland Window Ting
  82. Paraffin impregnated dusters
  83. Headlights
  84. Interest in center cap adapter for Team Dynamics wheels?
  85. What are these wheels?
  86. Satin Black Grill and Wheels on Silver V
  87. Stereo Install
  88. Opinion - Matte Black, Piano Black, or Gunmetal on Infrared CTS-V?
  89. Sts-v and Cts-v lowering springs
  90. Saw this ad for OEM wheels ...
  91. Finally got my car back **LOTS 'O PICS**
  92. Replace/refinish rear dash
  93. KW variant 3
  94. Can you guess what's wrong in this pic?
  95. Well, my body shop received my Extreme Composites hood today and
  96. Broken Interior Piece
  97. How To Replace...
  98. NE Cadillac & NASA for Memorial Day Weekend !
  99. Grill emblem
  100. stereo install build, 06 CTS-V, competely bypassing the Bose crap
  101. Cutting stock springs
  102. Anyone in need of a SPARE WHEEL?
  103. Has anyone received their hood from the Extreme Composites
  104. spark plugs
  105. HID color
  106. Front right corner LED bulb not working
  107. Just the tips
  108. Grill trim?
  109. after market projector foglights
  110. Ebay Grill Installed!!
  111. Audio System and Trunk Finally Complete!
  112. Best of class Orange CTS V with $100,000 in mods
  113. new front splitter
  114. Hubcentric ring size?
  115. Anyone have Corvette coil covers on their V?
  116. where can i find laminex for my headlights and fogs??
  117. Home Made Custom Strut Bar
  118. Black Lug Nuts? Thread size?
  119. Team Dynamic Rims
  120. Painted my stock engine cover + Custom CAI
  121. Perfect wheel dressing combo? I think so!
  122. Turtle Wax Black Box
  123. Where to buy OEM wheel / rim
  124. New custom fog lights - HID projectors & LEDs...
  125. V2 wheels
  126. awesome paint idea! is it possiable? - black diamond
  127. Which Shift Knob ??
  128. 09-12 hood style on 04-07 cts-v
  129. Polishing a tur...I mean trash can lid, lol
  130. Newbie, just wanted to share some pics of my recent changes to my ride
  131. Ebay Grill
  132. Black Grill crest emblem overlay and V Series badge overlay?
  133. Restoring the lense covers on a 2005 CTS-V
  134. H&R Lowering Issue
  135. New style headlight on eBay
  136. how to: 55w lw beam conversion. lighting gurus please help!
  137. Factory V black center caps, without the red and yellow?
  138. 04' CTS w/ CTS-V bumper light questions...
  139. CTS-V Clear Fogs...
  140. Rocker Panel HELP...
  141. Replacing Radio/GPS Buttons - Protective Coating?
  142. *How-To* Wire up Switchback LED's for Clear Foglights/DRL's
  143. Where to source rear duckbill lip spoiler/wing?
  144. Powder coat clear coat
  145. Dull no more
  146. Wtb 2005 cts v upper grill an market lights
  147. rear shock mod
  148. Tint Bitches!
  149. Looking to do some appearance upgrades...
  150. vizual mods update: shady
  151. LED bulb #
  152. Alcantara teaser
  153. Looking to Buy!!! H&R LOWERING SPRINGS w/ spacers
  154. Cleaning wheels
  155. 06 CTS-V come with oem HID's and anyother oem 6 bolt wheels for cts-v
  156. Another wheel thread with some options possible
  157. XM antenna looks bad
  158. rolling fenders
  159. CTS-V / STS-V Wheel choices
  160. Black Friday Sale (20% off)
  161. Cadillac CTS-V Series Front Bumper
  162. Eddie's 04 V hit revive and rebuild thread !
  163. PlastiDipped some stuff... pics included
  164. Boss 318 18x8 caliper clearance?
  165. Going to Paint next week!
  166. My first DIY paint correction / detail thanks to auto geek
  167. Cadillac CTS LED MODS
  168. refinishing factory wheels with gun metal finish?
  169. Headlight question......
  170. Clear HID Hi-Low fog/driving lights
  171. $20 LED Puddle Light Mod
  172. CTS-V DVD/NAV Music Videos
  173. Mighty Mouse Spacer Question
  174. sand blasted front fascia
  175. Installed LS2 FRCs
  176. Yellow engine cover
  177. Stainless Steel or Aqua Gauges? Need Feedback
  178. Custom Wicker made
  179. wtb set of clear fogs
  180. Anyone have Hyper Silver Rota Torque wheels?
  181. Looking for headliner/sunroof slider answer
  182. Headlight Restoration
  183. Cadillac center caps on Linea Corse wheels
  184. Matte Flat Black Wrap on 2007 CTS-V. What do you think?
  185. Vht reverse light help, somethings wrong
  186. Modifying the FE4 (or FG2) Nivomat shocks for lowering springs
  187. 3 weeks later..........
  188. Looking for Carbon Fiber engine bay covers...
  189. Linea Corse Wheels Arrived
  190. Anyone know how to remove the upper & lower grille??
  191. STS fog's on a CTS-V?
  192. Canyon Run Videos: D3 Cadillac CTS-V Track Car at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA
  193. looking for C5 Hubs
  194. Which Emblem Looks Better?
  195. Tire size for 2010 Camaro SS wheels?
  196. My first attempt at posting a video.."in my garage"
  197. Swap Headlamp Housing Only
  198. Turtle Wax Headlight Referb Kit Doesn't Work !
  199. Spacers and advice needed......
  200. Plate Ideas-NOT the actual state plates
  201. Newbie with lighting questions?
  202. Fog light brackets needed! (cts-v)
  203. Here Are A Few Photos... Critique!
  205. Updated Video w/ Go Pro
  206. Headlight restoration and post wash pictures.
  207. Waxed and photos
  208. Taillights + headlights + badges = VHT
  209. Photoshop 2010 camaro rims on a V?
  210. Anyone have a Silver V with the stock wheels painted Gun Metal?
  211. CHAUFFE PERFORMANCE CTS/V products- lens tint
  212. For those on Eibach springs...
  213. Redline V with black chrome stockers
  214. Bigger Cam on my V
  215. Red powdercoat grill
  216. looking for a stock CTS-V Bumper/Grill Dark Blue
  217. Wife's new '04 cts v
  218. Q about the Brights. 9005
  219. No plate on track day? This looks better
  220. Final thought on Front end lighting.
  221. Looking for rear bumper stainless steel inserts for 2005 CTS-V
  222. Let's see if the plasti dip holds up
  223. Clear DRL/Fog Lamp & Sidemarker Install
  224. Rear center caps one Linea Corse Venetos
  225. Aftermarket pedals and pics
  226. You guys are going to flame me.....
  227. tornadoes in Massachuetts?
  228. Staggered Tires + HR Springs + Spacers = Enough clearance?
  229. Tail Light Question
  230. Interior Work Orders Cutstom Work and Repairs..
  231. H&R Springs
  232. DIY: Opening and painting the headlight housing
  233. lowering help!
  234. Hankook Evo's....275's in the rear on stock wheels? Any unusual tread wear/problems?
  235. What do you use to detail your V?
  236. Someone measure stock CTS-V fog light assmembly?
  237. THINK before you do the Clear bra thing.
  238. Anyone running Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec Tires...they look so sexy?
  239. Ok, found CV-7's 20's and still some questions
  240. Wheel picture thread (worthless) outtakes
  241. Cadillac CTS-V question (s)
  242. 2011 Kruisin' Krome - Proudly represented our V community
  243. What do you guys think about this emblem
  244. Finally put the Porter Cable to work...
  245. If I became a vendor and made clear fogs...
  246. Cannot find CV-7 20's, what about BOSS 318?
  247. Grill Emblem: Chrome v. Black
  248. New Bose wheels are finished on on the way ..Pics
  249. Accessory Power Help Needed!!
  250. New suede interior(pics)