: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Rear Diff Movement...
  2. EdgeRacing is gone! Cheap tires in S. Fla?
  3. installed eibach sways
  4. Yet another Kooks headers question
  5. Just installed Maggie with Kooks and....
  6. Anyone running an ATI SuperDamper?
  7. Tuning gurus....have a question
  8. Billy Boat Performance Exhaust 2004 - 2007 CTS-V Available
  10. Custom Nitrous Vd around DFW
  11. need advise on intake manifold
  12. Have a chance to get a deal on a HPE S-CAM
  13. BMR Anti Wheel Hop Kit
  14. LS7 clutch w/RAM flywheel -Review
  15. Engine parameters made simple
  16. Headers or exhaust systems
  17. ZR1 twin disk, has anyone thought about throwing one of these in ?
  18. WTB Stock CTS-V Exhaust
  19. Anyone just weld in some high flow cats?
  20. Rocker Arm Install problem
  21. axle/cradle bushing install fail
  22. V-Series Logo merchandise & Custom Floor Mats
  23. Will Edelbrock shorty headers for the Pontiac GTO 6.0 fit our CTS-V's?
  24. Fuel pump opinions
  25. Got the 90mm TB on
  26. some questions for the guys who have done headers
  27. Installed One Piece DS
  28. Off the Blocks
  29. Cheapest way to 200mph.
  30. Vendor with best price on Ground Control kit
  31. Tuner options?
  32. Crowned Customs:
  33. What do think of this driveshaft option?
  34. getrag break-in procedures
  35. Flowmaster Super 44's question
  36. My Oil Temp Gauge Doesn't Work...Ideas?
  37. Diff whine? Driveshaft center bearing? CV joint gone bad???? Please Help!
  38. Latest purchase and a question about exhausts
  39. Burned Out on Exhaust Research
  40. gonna try to fit 305/35/18 R888's on the V
  41. Easy Question: Volant Intake on an 07'
  42. High Flo cats. Can they smoke?
  43. Largest front tire and lowered
  44. Get it into gear
  45. 90mm TB/Snout install now car wont idle
  46. 60lbs injectors
  47. Pads and rotors???????
  48. A couple questions
  49. Dyno results - Stock ECU vs. W4M retuned ECU after Kooks install
  50. apex brake pads
  51. Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Woes
  52. V vs Mustang 500GT
  53. Bleed your new clutch.
  54. 2004 to 2005 cts v handheld sale. $320 shipped with 3 tunes!
  55. Installed my PaceSetter headers....FINALLY!
  56. Ease of install and mileage from motor mounts???
  57. Best cam to install???
  58. Might be getting into a V, few questions
  59. Check out my bling Katech LS6 package.
  60. Yet another clunk damn it.
  61. Look what I installed! Pics inside
  62. Kooks
  63. FINALLY Lowered, but got questions...
  64. Just installed B&M Short Throw Shifter----Need Help!
  65. fluid
  66. what to expect/ where to start?
  67. Yeah yeah yeah ANOTHER cam question
  68. Oops! Does anyone have a factory inner CV Joint?
  69. Any creative ideas for installing a racing harness with stock seats?
  70. Kooks Longtube 1 7/8 to corsa
  71. Good All Season Tires?
  72. where to mount kenne bell boostopump??
  73. Brake ducting for the V1?
  74. Carbotech XP10 questions
  75. thinking about supercharging my V
  76. StealthV Free Flow Intake Questions?
  77. Stock Exhaust Modification
  78. 06 V looking for headers
  79. clutch pedal on the floor with engine pulled
  80. Need to replace lower radiator hose
  81. Axle SHAFT install writeup
  82. Ground Control kit with Mighty Mouse spacers? Anyone??
  83. Steering Ratio?
  84. 443hp 416trq
  85. What mods can i do witout voiding warranty
  86. Maggie install question
  87. Help with Brakes and Rotors
  88. Drive train clunk. Like we never heard that B4
  89. Fast Intake/ LS2 TB on a LS6- need vacuum routing pics
  90. Katech Headers - Note to Self
  91. Headers...wrap 'em or coat 'em? Niether?
  92. Who is going to build my rear? Gforce-Hendrix etc?
  93. Just got my Kooks headers + off-road pipes installed
  94. cags eliminator on ebay
  95. Headers + Factory Exhaust - Options?
  96. DSS Axle Outer CV Boot Clamp (THAT WORKS)
  97. Dynotune - need one for "normal", "competitive" and "stability off" modes???
  98. LS7 90mm TB on maggie?
  99. Maggie Owners... ???
  100. HELP with DSS axle install (stuck in the middle)
  101. Cam install........PITA OMG!!
  102. Full exhuast what to buy?
  103. Anyone running over 400rwhp on the road course?
  104. Exhaust Question, experts inside
  105. Creative Steel: YouTube Motor Mount Install Link
  106. Thinking of ordering UUC steel braided lines, yes or no?
  107. Is anyone running a Ron Davis Radiator?
  108. TPMS preset deletion
  109. Gforce 300m race axles
  110. Concerned about Monster Clutch
  111. Bay Area, CA CTSV with Coilovers
  112. Tighten steering my
  113. Fuel Pump Question
  114. Steel braided brake line special
  115. Maggie blow out!!!! Get FREE AXLE
  116. Maggie blow out!!!!
  117. Question... Diamater of magnaflow exhaust, need to order new tips..
  118. :) just hit 1200 hp this weekend.....
  119. NASA Time Trials 'Build'
  120. Vengeance Racing VRX3 cam and mpg
  121. TVS kit for the V
  122. Pilot Sport PS2 or Nitto Invo's
  123. those with or have had cutouts which type, butterfly or gate?
  124. First mods to start with??? Help!
  125. GM racing control arms
  126. Drop In Cam...I know another cam question
  127. Installed the GC (ground control kit) and.... (need advice)
  128. 3k to spend on my new v need help please.
  129. Anti-Handheld Propaganda
  130. Magnaflow Cat Back 2006 - 2007 Available
  131. Catch Can document
  132. K&N CAI Deal of Day Available
  133. Evo Brembo pads?
  134. DTC-70/HPS Combo?
  135. Calling all GC (ground control) users and lowerd guys.. Question
  136. Yet another satisfied Creative Steel customer!
  137. HELP! Gforce axle install guide?
  138. B&B catback, kooks 1 7/8 LT's, w/o cats sound clip
  139. Flowmaster?
  140. Tpis 90mm tb
  141. Katech short shifter issue..anyone else?
  142. Maggie CAI / 90mm TB?
  143. New shifter installed!
  144. Best SoCal shop for tuning my V?
  145. More Performance Inc. CAI
  146. More power......again
  147. Been reading "lowering" threads for 3 hours - still have ??'s
  148. kooks header install
  149. New Custom Exhaust (video)
  150. Summary table of swaybar options
  151. So, what's next?
  152. B&B exhaust special gb for you guys too.
  153. Kooks Headers : Deal of The Day - FREE SHIPPING
  154. B&B owner please enter.
  155. Findings dyno of 92mm intake w/90mm ported throttle STOCK LS6
  156. Hendrix-Engineering summer $ale!!
  157. DDS Axles : Great Deal - Now Powder Coated Black
  158. CS Motor Mounts..Possible Issue?
  159. Magnaflow Great Deal and FREE Shipping !
  160. Clutch bleeding... WTF am I doing wrong.
  161. Need Advice For Flywheel
  162. Get $100. off and FREE shipping on your Monster clutch
  163. Tire Pyrometer
  164. cags check engine light
  165. MAP trailing arms creaking
  166. Releasing radiator cover clips
  167. End Links.. What Kind?? where to get them??
  168. Modified my shifter and my linkage.
  169. Findanza Slipping
  170. Just got MAPerformance slotted rotors!
  171. Worlds 1st TVS2300 CTSV!!!!!
  172. HELP!! Pulling the trigger today, need to know (lowering,Springs,etc..)
  173. Working on high mileage cars are fun!
  174. Pulley Replacement
  175. Q on Hotchkis sway bar bushings...
  176. stuck throttle after cleaning the MAF and TB?
  177. Track Day with the new Fidanza twin
  178. Clean that MAF!!!
  179. Kooks w/ cats and Magnaflow
  180. Performance Gains...lightweight flywheel vs Fidanza Twin
  181. Very unusual V sighting
  182. 04 CTS-V stock to bolt on mods dyno results inside
  183. Moben/K-sports set up.
  184. Best Deal of The Day !
  185. Kooks?
  186. Yet another tire question...
  187. 2.5" vs 3" catback.
  188. Wheel hop solution
  189. Please knock off the threadjacking
  190. FAST 90 Intake + Maggie cam?
  191. Maggie owners check for this
  192. major clutch problems
  193. Intake Manifolds?
  194. Creative Steel: New Urethane Drive Shaft Coupler
  195. Magna-Volt
  196. What's the best fluid for the Trans and slave?
  197. V1 laptimes
  198. Creative Steel Diff bushing install
  199. Suspension experience? Check-in
  200. CAGS Elim. - twisted wire?
  201. New Tires
  202. True Performance Question.. What Can I do to add some numbers??
  203. Cam choices.
  204. Changing Rotors/Pads - How hard is it?
  205. 40amp Adjustable Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump in Classifieds
  206. Carbon Fiber driveshaft
  207. Anybody close to having a two piece bolt in drive shaft?
  208. Monster clutch squeeling
  209. CTS-V Suspension Questions
  210. R1 Concept Rotors
  211. Fuel mileage and aftermarket camshaft question
  212. Fast Intake/ LS2 TB users ????'s
  213. Going to upgrade flywhell & clutch. Need some advice and tips
  214. Fidanza 6.5 twin disk review
  215. Eibach GC springs - can they be used without the GC perches?
  216. Heavy's Copper Exhaust Gaskets.
  217. The correct order/timing for cam, headers, exhaust, and tune
  218. Dyno tuned the car for the first time
  219. Need some help from you guys
  220. Back in stock and ready to ship Cradle Bushings
  221. Look what you get when you take 2004 CTS-V and mix it with a 2011 Camaro!
  222. LS7 & Dry Sump
  223. V2 MRC SHocks
  224. Is my clutch gone...?
  225. Where to buy 90MM snout/tb for maggie
  226. Will a V2 clutch/fw work on our V1's?
  227. [Help!] Battery not Charging Problem
  228. All My CTS-V Exhaust experiments in one thread for reference
  229. Installed new Magnaflow Xpipe
  230. Before and After : Intake / Nitrous
  231. LS7 Clutch with Fidanza aluminum flywheel
  232. fidanza budget clutch kit or ls7 clutch kit
  233. Well.....crap (clutch woes)
  234. Does anyone have a stock clutch master hose kicken around?
  235. Dual, Smooth, Smokey Burnouts. Thanks GForce.
  236. How to find a bad lifter?
  237. Procharger Questions
  238. Rod knock
  239. CREATIVE STEEL: Rear Diff Bushing Install/Removal Tool
  240. GForce Axle Install - Lessons learned
  241. LS2 to LS6 throtle body - have 05 K&N, will I need to replace tube - adapt?
  242. monster in
  243. Who has a 3.42 cts/solstice/sts/etc. diff?
  244. Specter Werkes subframe bushings
  245. New Monster Stage 2 Installed -- Now grinding noises from the bellhousing area???
  246. Trans and Rear Diff warranty replacement??
  247. Maggie on a stock clutch?
  248. Please help! Engine reduce mode
  249. Been awhile since I've seen a cutouot thread!
  250. B&B Headers, Exhaust FTMFGDW!