: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Maggie install begins, intercooler mounts and fuel pump?
  2. Calling all "self" tuners.....Which is the tuning software of choice?
  3. Mystery wire Please help!!!
  4. SoCal V's - Cars & Coffee - Irvine CA - Saturday - 04-09-11
  5. I've searched, just want to double check before I order...LS7 Clutch Discussion
  6. Any comments on the cam I'm thinking of getting?
  7. CREATIVE STEEL: DIFF BLOCK, Extra Support For The Rear Differential Bushing
  8. CREATIVE STEEL: CTS-V 8.8 Rear Diff Swap BOLT IN
  9. performance fuel pump question
  10. ST Brace for Maggie
  11. Brake Lines
  12. Help needed on axle install
  13. FAST fuel rails without the 102 intake?
  14. Eforce Delivered!!!
  15. specs on DS coupler
  16. Short Shifter backlash noises - any fixes?
  17. CV Joints
  18. header diameter question
  19. looking for a performance shop in southern cali..
  20. Magnuson MP 122HH Dyno Results Inside
  21. Ported LS6 TB . . Worth it?
  22. What are OEM Shock options
  23. Seriously considering converting to e85 fuel
  24. 80lb. injector for LS2????
  25. Variable effort steering actuator?
  26. I would love to gget my hands on these BAD!!!
  27. OBX Headers Leaking
  28. Control arm bushing measurements
  29. camshaft and maggie?
  30. Heads Up: Gforce Axle Boot Issue
  31. Has anyone swapped the 3.91 gears from the SRX?
  32. Spectre CAI
  33. Do these dyno numbers seem right?
  34. Maggie Install advice....
  35. Maggied V - Here's the Rub...
  36. Samco Water hoses
  37. Creative Steel Diff bushing warrenty!
  38. Broke Stock Airbox Inlet Need CAI Advice
  39. 02 Extensions
  40. Kooks Install w/ Dyno
  41. Check your intake manifold bolts!
  42. V2 brakes for the v1
  43. B&B Headers & Exhaust, Wait4Me Dyno Tune
  44. Install time on harmonic balancer question
  45. Magnuson loose fuel injectors question Please help
  46. Supercharger? Advice Please
  47. First time Cadillac owner
  48. Exhuast nightmares
  49. Test Car Needed for ProFab Muscle Car Air Intake System
  50. OBX electric fuel pump
  51. Rear Rotor Nightmare
  52. ordered the Maggie today...
  53. Joining the maggied V's in Minnesota
  54. Pacesetter? OBX? Kooks?
  55. Another Eforce teaser thread!!
  56. CTS V Z06 Clutch
  57. BMR Brace for LS2?
  58. Pulled the trigger on a Maggie
  59. Am I nuts... why hasn't anyone bought this
  60. 2004 CTS-V w/Random Tech highflow cats, x pipe and muffler delete
  61. looking to cam my v in northern new england anyone know about slowhawk and there work
  62. Creative steel driveshaft coupler
  63. Spark plug reading question
  64. Finished Motor Mount Swap
  65. ET800 pads - thumbs up
  66. Dump your spring rate and suspension advice here
  67. Changing my pads and rotors on my 2004 v
  68. What's your G-meter say?
  69. Went with Whipple
  70. Lingenfelter conversion part 2
  71. Maggie owners: cover for the drive shaft
  72. Lookie what the FedEx guy dropped off today!! (Brake content inside)
  73. Lowering Spacers???
  74. net 500whp?
  75. LS6, blower, compression question
  76. Brake fluid weep from bleeder after track day?
  77. Is a throtle bottle upgrade worth it 2005 CTSV
  78. 90mm Throttle Body on LS6 - New Style LS3/LS7 TBs No Good
  79. For those road course guys living in warm climate areas... switch to 10w30?
  80. Diff upgrades?
  81. Advice on Lingenfelter conversion please
  82. Rear Diff Solution - Is there one? HELP Please.
  83. San Francisco/Bay Area coilovers?
  84. LS6 and supercharger bad idea? Compression too high?
  85. Custom Cold Air Intake, 102mm MAF, 90mm TPIS TB, FAST 92mm and 42lb SVO green tops
  86. Blower, cam size, and California smog
  87. What did you pay for a clutch swap?
  88. LS6 Internally Balanced or Externally Balanced?
  89. Yet Another Lowering Question! ( I havent been around in awhile)
  90. Eliminating the factory cats.
  91. DSS Axles : Free Shipping !
  92. Plugs, Wires, Oil, and Oil Filter - Which ones...
  93. Eibach springs/ MM spacers Install HELP!
  94. Flowmaster Mufflers new contest - "Show us your flows"
  95. Service manual link
  96. LS6 mods please help
  97. Eforce Teaser
  98. Installed Pacesetter Headers
  99. ls6 mods
  100. D3's new V1 motor mounts
  101. Has anyone had thie Maggie MP112 ported?
  102. MSD CTS-V starter question and CoolingMist Methanol setup question
  103. CAGS elliminator choices
  104. stereo problem
  105. Any recent Maggie installs using SCT Tuner?
  106. exhaust problems
  107. 03 Vette Magnacharger fit CTS-V?
  108. Dyno!
  109. Valve cover removal.
  110. Which exhaust and Headers?
  111. OBX Headers to Corsa exhaust
  112. KWs my turn at last.
  113. Maggie vs Procharger vs Elderbeock
  114. drive shaft fell apart...
  115. Will the Eaton M122 from a Cobra fit a CTS-V Maggie?
  116. VIDEO: Cam'd CTS-V Tuned and Ready to Rock and Roll...
  117. Install instructions for Z06 end links & MM spacers?
  118. Tune up, spark plugs and wire
  119. Budget Camshaft build???
  120. What Mod Next? Opinions wanted!!
  121. No probs with winter so far!
  122. Any ideas on wtf this exhaust is all about?
  123. Cats or No Cats?
  124. V plug wire that clear headers?
  125. An interesting header read I found worth sharing...
  126. Anyone spun a main bearing on their LS2?
  127. What longtubes will bolt up to the stock exhaust (or replacement)?
  128. Exhaust setup options?
  129. Omega Thermistor part# 44005
  130. harmonic pully balancer for the 6.0
  131. *MSD Red Coil Packs
  132. Mounts
  133. obd gauge plugin
  134. First Ever Penske 7500 Double Adjustable true coilover for cts v
  135. Good Tuners?
  136. Cost for new springs/shocks??
  137. Is There a True Hop Fix Yet?
  138. LS7 clutch remote bleeder
  139. V2 rotor/caliper retrofit for V1 cars
  140. LS7 - Clutch/Flywheel install
  141. How touchy are the v's tunes.
  142. Well what-do-ya-know, 2.6" pully w/out grinding
  143. TR6060 Transmission Swap
  144. anyone wanna sell their supercharger???
  145. Recommendations for a Performance Shop Near Indy?
  146. anybody gotten resonator delete 04 cts-v?
  147. Wrenches needed for Stainless steel brake line install
  148. Help with maggie pulley swap
  149. Good local shop SoCal
  150. Camshaft position sensor, can't clear code.
  151. Transmission Stuck in Reverse
  152. Cheap K&N Intake on Ebay...ending soon!
  153. Having trouble removing engine from transmission.
  154. Are all o2 sensors born equal
  155. What bushing is this?
  156. Blew out an 06 diff, how many on here have done that? Best wheel hop fix??
  157. What happened to the member who had the Edelbrock E-Force installed?
  158. Who has their 2004 V at RDP Motorsports?
  159. Quick maggie install question
  160. Rear trailing arm bushings (for the knuckle) - anyone have their old stock bushings?
  161. Royal purple synchromesh in our T56 M12(little research)
  162. Royal purple synchromesh in our T56 M12(little research)
  163. B&B Headers
  164. 6.0 iron blck question??
  165. 07 Intake for CA?
  166. LS7 clutch+FW - mistake? EWILL3RD need your input!
  167. cts v exhaust
  168. Water - Methanol Kits Available
  169. D3 Cadillac offers KW V.3 Coilovers for 1st Gen CTS-V
  170. For those with muffler delete...
  171. Headers, High-flow Cats and Factory / Stock Exhaust Catback Drone
  172. Anyone have pics of a Black V with gunmetal wheels?
  173. underdrive pulley????? not sure what to do
  174. Clutch Suggestions
  175. headers or exhaust first?
  176. Gforce 9" IRS in car vids
  177. E-CutOuts before or after resonator?
  178. what else needed w/ header install?
  179. Installed my OBX Headers today > WOW!!
  180. Head work, cam, tune, dyno sheet and neon underbody light kit installed with pics!
  181. SLP Parts
  182. Snapped off MAP sensor.....&$#@%!!!!
  183. CTS-V Keyless Entry Dead; not a fuse apparently
  184. Trouble w/ CAGS install Part WIR-205 from TPI Parts; FBody Performance seller on Ebay
  185. Mystery Mods Revealed
  186. Stock clutch - Installed height
  187. noob here. are V shocks interchable with the standard cts?
  188. Dual fuel pumps
  189. Finally installed the QA1's...
  190. Cruising AFR and Magie gas mileage
  191. I need lowering spring spacers...p p p please
  192. what type of CAI for a 04 CTS-V
  193. Rps twin disc
  194. LS6 CTS-V: Bigger throttle body? Also dyno results...
  195. Locate the IAT wires from the MAF sensor
  196. edelbrocks e force supercharger for the ls2
  197. Cross drilled rotors Or not.
  198. what to do to an 04 CTS-V
  199. Shifter/Shifting Issues!
  200. DSS Axles : Christmas Special !
  201. Christmas Special : D3 Products !
  202. Building an LS3 Stroker.
  203. Front @ Rear upper and lower control arm bushings
  204. 05 cts-v tuning problems please help!
  205. need 20" drag radial asap!
  206. Cam Install Questions
  207. Tremec Transmission Freshened @ 172K
  208. R&R CTS-V engine cooling fans....
  209. keep busting rocker arms
  210. How to R&R the CTS-V PCM Module
  211. Drive Line Upgrades.. Motor & Trans Mounts, Rear Diff Bushing & Shafts & More..
  212. Flywheel
  213. Gforce Anti Wheel-Hop Axles
  214. wtb stock motor mounts
  215. New headers? OBX, Cheap Stainless?
  216. short shifter advice....I know
  217. Project 05 CTS-V Rebuild....Maggie LS7 clutch Kooks plus more....
  218. LS6 rev limit - bottom end?
  219. Mod Hell 1 year later and the dreaded "Check Engine" light
  220. Katech LS9 Clutch - First Impression
  221. Shifter, tires, axle and other mods for daily driver I've done
  222. Mini Tubs Coming Soon
  223. Shot in the dark: Magnaflow Question
  224. Cheapest place to buy LS6 Magnacharger
  225. considering FAST intake, what do i need to know?
  226. Maggie owners
  227. Front shock thuds and thunks - suggestions welcomed
  228. Strut brace mod after Maggie?
  229. Installed KWs on the V today w/ pics
  230. Ram Clutches Available !
  231. Best clutch for a daily driver/roll-on racer?
  232. When is it Too Late for Forced Induction?
  233. Performance Chips
  234. Rattle after clutch/header install
  235. 04 CTS-V Stage 2 T56 buildup
  236. Cadillac CTS: How do you set the mile odometer to read regularly"
  237. Stock vs Lightweight Flywheel
  238. Gforce axles - How it is made
  239. Thanksgiving Special !
  240. Help Prioritizing Mods
  241. B&m short throw shifter problem, please help
  242. Anyone run these? Eagle F1 Asymmetric
  243. Request for my Maggie guys.
  244. Our new driveshafts are now ready
  245. Links to gutted mufflers sound clips...
  246. UUC wow, what bad customer service....
  247. Twin Turbos Take 2
  248. Check engine light
  249. *Finally installed and tuned to reach the 400 mark*
  250. Oil Catch Can Installed