: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Broken Axle
  2. Replacing clutch on an '06 V1....
  3. A couple performance questions
  4. GForce Anti-wheelhop axle kit youtube vids!
  5. Magnaflow youtube clip
  6. Made a score...can't wait to install
  7. Gforce 9" Rear End Burnout Results....now with video!
  8. Creative Steel vs UUC Diff Bushing Longevity
  9. Any interest in a procharger for our v1?
  10. gutting stock converters
  11. New 2 piece Chromoly Driveshaft from DSS being tested 300m stub and 108mm CV included
  12. Muffler Delete Questions?
  13. What should be done when installing a W4M tune? crank relearn? how?
  14. ATT Mr Matt Seager
  15. Gut the Cats? Hi-flo? Test Pipe? wait for Kooks & Cats?
  16. track tire sizes for OEM 8.5 rim?
  17. Installing Eibach Pro-kit springs
  18. Katech's new VISION, LOGO, and 100-PAGE WEBSITE + secrets revealed!
  19. High Performance Tuning Options for Cadillac V-Series Vehicles
  20. Clutch Advice - LS7? Centerforce?
  21. Hp tuners
  22. Help.... Kooks/Corsa install problem
  23. Stock CTS-V Dyno Number question.
  24. 2007 CTS-V Starter issues
  25. First Mods Complets (Exhaust and full mounts) / dyno tune. Numbers in the thread.
  26. Full Return Fuel system
  27. Feeler thread for TVS 1900/2300 upgrade kit
  28. Don't read this unless you want false hope! RATS!
  29. '06 V lowered with H&R and MM spacers
  30. looking to advance power
  31. Rear End Kit Weigh In. Creative Steel 8.8 vs. G-force 9.0
  32. Broken Inner CV
  33. CTS-V HID Headlamps
  34. PerformanceAFX 2pc rotors
  35. Canyon Run Videos: D3 Cadillac CTS-V Track Car at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA
  36. Left rear stainless brake line cut
  37. EPS CAM dyno numbers
  38. Is this a good price for Kooks headers and highflow cats?
  39. 1 Off Custom Made Twin Turbo Kit For Sale Feeler
  40. CTS-V accessory belt spacing same as early LS1 F-bodies?
  41. KW Coilovers, Katech Shifter Muffler Delete. Busy weekend!
  42. C5 Five hub conversion question (want to upgrade to v2 brakes/wheels)
  43. Volant Help
  44. Non-pro. Mechanic LFW w 1st Gen Vs. Calgary. LS7 Clutch. Creative Steel Mounts.
  45. Baseline dyno of 2007 and new clutch
  46. Corsa replacement parts?
  47. New here and just want to share my opinion
  48. Gforce 9" Rear End Install Tutorial Writeup Write Up
  49. B&B exhaust w/ Xpipe
  50. Best HP gain For the least $$$
  51. Reduced engine power FML...time to INCREASE power with 90 mm TB on LS6 Maggie
  52. Exhaust Bolts - What is the best way to get them out.
  53. My Mod List, Prioritize! Problems!
  54. Hey, new to the forums, looking for some estimated HP numbers from my list of mods...
  55. Dyno Sheets
  56. Lose 80 lbs. for track day in 20 minutes
  57. Hp tuners, LC-1 and 2005 cts-v question
  58. LS1 F-body Quick Time Scatter Shield fit an 04-07 CTS-V ?
  59. Good shop in central FL for dynotune for my 2007 cts-v?
  60. 04 CTS-V traction control issue
  61. 2006 CTS-V clutch issue...
  62. P0327 code?
  63. Got Diff?
  64. straight pipes vs high flow cats
  65. Walbro in tank 255 fuel pump
  66. Calling MP112 Owners!
  67. HeavyMetals Love - PMs ??
  68. Broke another race axle
  69. Should i cam the wife's car?
  70. Slicks......which ones?
  71. Geforce Rear End almost here
  72. Hendrix Engineering Axle WARNING!
  73. New Vendor checking in with some Introductory deals! (MarylandSpeed)
  74. Another Tire Thread...... 255's x 4?
  75. Superchips tuner?
  76. fuel pump for 700rwhp
  77. Maggie 112 kitts priced to move
  78. Question for the hardcore racers...Need some help deciding
  79. MP-112 Magnuson Supercharger Pics
  80. Katech Stage II LS6 (pics)
  81. Testing a new area for high performance discussion
  82. Nitrous
  83. Is a ported 80mm BBK throttle body worth the $400?
  84. How do I find the fault codes when I get a CEL?
  85. clutch installed now V won't start
  86. X-Pipe Pros & Cons
  87. need another remote bleeder ASAP! HELP
  88. Trunk mounted meth tank installed (pics)
  89. Cam Install DONE...
  90. Hennessey Performance Engineering SoCal Open house 07-30-2011
  91. lose some more weight for track days how? what?
  92. Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Line Installation
  93. TVS 2300 build (finally) commencing
  94. looking for a supercharger 4a 05 cstv LS6
  95. 2007 v clutch replacement
  96. Hiccups (literally) after new mods...
  97. Trans mounts??
  98. Snorkel
  99. OEM Fuel Gauge Issue
  100. Custom exhaust for sale or trade???
  101. KW V3 current pricing/best deal?
  102. Exhaust and CAI
  103. First time at the strip. 12.95 @ 114.29
  104. Yet another Maggie question....anyone w/ FI experience please chime in.
  105. Need tires again, 3 track days in a week and a half....
  106. Spring 2011 Modding Results
  107. Amsoil stock panel replacement filter?
  108. B&M Short Shifter Availability?
  109. Long shot - BMR rear tie rod ends
  110. Success - C5/C6 pfadt shock mounts go on
  111. My clutch went to the floor and stayed there.
  112. Bad Slave, Bad Clutch, or Bad Transmission?
  113. 12" deep fuel cell
  114. cutouts on a rpm switch??
  115. Upgraded front wheel bearings - SKF X-Tracker
  116. Magna-v's Gforce 9" install
  117. Do California smog legal headers exist?
  118. Is the anti wheel hop kit worth it?
  119. Jut got my Gforce 9 done today!
  120. Anyone running a spintech muffler?
  121. Stabilitrak isues
  122. Building a l92/ls3 upper swap shopping list....
  123. Best intake manifold/TB on the LS6?
  124. Best Gear Oil
  125. No more flow issues
  126. GM Performance Swaybars just in time for V Day...
  127. Tuning with JET Performacne Programmer
  128. Rear upper shock mount replacement
  129. Who makes the best polyurethane bushings for 05 CTS-V?
  130. Looking at Pacesetter LT Headers
  131. To tune or not to tune...
  132. I think its broken in now
  133. LS7 clutch and flywheel is in!
  134. Got Katech LS9 Clutch Kit Installed ... finally.
  135. 2005 cts-v open headers/ cut out video
  136. Fuel Pump - stock
  137. Anyone want a set of cut stock springs?
  138. OD of factory rear trailing arm knuckle bushing
  139. Uh oh.. this is bad... - Clutch Bleed Screw dropped in bellhousing
  140. Track Day tires?
  141. Spun rod bearing (long story)
  142. Distrubing noise from supercharger
  143. Anyone running QA1's??
  144. 1st Stop - Mod Hell, Check Engine Light On -Knock Sensor Code
  145. Anyone have problems installing the UUC shifter?
  146. Brake pad question
  147. Gforce Engineering 9" kits
  148. FG2 (front) shock leaking - How long can it go?
  149. Great news on my parade clunk!
  150. Need help fast Valdosta ga area
  151. 2xCTS-Vs - Speed Limiter & Hot Oil Temp!
  152. Driveshaft won't come... off!
  153. Short Shifter - Random Harness Disconnected by Factory?
  154. Volant CAI with S/C
  155. Fuel pump help shuts off after two seconds
  156. LS7 Flywheel, should I get balanced or not?
  157. Question for you guys
  158. Lake Tahoe Trip
  159. AC problem
  160. Picked up a set of Pacesetters
  161. Low MPGs
  162. Headers Cam !Muffler
  163. Finally installed H&R's & MM spacers - a few comments and questions
  164. Best Aftermarket Short-Throw Shifter for 2006 CTS-V???
  165. So close to pulling the trigger on an 06 or 09...
  166. Has anyone tried an Eforce LS2 Corvette kit on a LS2 CTS-V
  167. ERP brand Cross drilled rotors and ceramic pads
  168. Will I ever get to enjoy this V?
  169. Rear Wheel net increase with ls7 clutch/flywheel?
  170. Supercharged guys? anyone running the ZR1 cam?
  171. CTS-V Coilovers from LG Motorsports
  172. Needed: Stock resonator
  173. build completed today, 06 CTS-V just road tested
  174. Cutouts Finally Installed.
  175. Free Shipping!!!
  176. Maggied V- Oil catch, necessity?
  177. Inexpensive twin disc clutch setup
  178. Tire pressure sensors and Stability Control
  179. Poll question on Anti-Wheel hop remedy.
  180. HELP! - Snapped lower strut mount bolt
  181. 418 Dyno graph and idle video
  182. Twin plate clutch disengagment issues
  183. Adjustable Endlinks
  184. Dyno Results - Maggied V - Possibly E85 in the future?
  185. Ride height Problem
  186. Maggie Coolant Expansion. Thoughts?
  187. PISNUOFF Shifter install time
  188. Yes, you need a crank relearn after an ECU swap
  189. Who do you BLAME?
  190. Oiling issues on track. Are they a concern?
  191. LS7 clutch installation - Do I need ARP bolts?
  192. Clutch upgrade. Is the LS7 a good choice?
  193. Need recommendation on drop in hi flow cats
  194. '06 LS2 Baseline Dyno.
  195. Head Recommendation? Combination feedback?
  196. Cadillac CTSV questions (lowering & wheels)
  197. Some videos from my last event at Sebring
  198. Grounding a Wide band o2 Sensor
  199. Kooks Corsa Maggie Question
  200. Another Timeslip.
  201. AS the build closes...
  202. My exhaust Mods... (Looking for feedback)
  203. 90K mile DD....Headers/MM/LS7 or not?
  204. Electronic exhaust cutouts, what size and brand?
  205. Oil cooler results
  206. Quick help on a couple of items-please!
  207. too many threads on the same subject AKA: shifter ball wont fit right
  208. AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost, Red Line Water Wetter Tested
  209. MAF and IAT (OBD2) - Informal Poll
  210. Ground Control coil over install
  211. Representing the V community in the 2011 One Lap of America
  212. Factory Brembo rebuild kits
  213. MAP sensor low voltage
  214. pacesetter lt's
  215. Spark plug ?
  216. Poll type question... Fuel Pump vs RWHP
  217. In need of some Maggie info!
  218. going turbo 400
  219. GM OEM intake tube - help identify a part, please!
  220. UUC shifter built with knob mount backwards
  221. Newbie - Week #2 Modding Results
  222. Anyone have a 04-05 CTS-V throttle controller for sale?
  223. GeForce Axle, UUC Bushing, CS Bushing Block Installed
  224. Need info on KarsIII for Custom sub-frame connectors
  225. everything went great until the harmonic balancer...
  226. PICS Team Dynamic track set up. PICS
  227. Cradle bushings or G-Force axle?
  228. ? for you cam guys
  229. cuttouts and cel
  230. LPE Short Shift install
  231. Anyone have an LS6 Intake for sale?
  232. Cam or warranty?
  233. LS7 Clutch swap, how do you have your slave line routed?
  234. LS3 in LS6 CTS-V ECM compatibilty issues?
  235. Free expert advice department (that's all you other CTS-V owners!)
  236. External tach output for 04 V
  237. Took a pretty cool video with the GoPro *PFC Brake Content inside!*
  238. PCM for Less
  239. Tuners: How are you getting Air / Fuel ratios when tuning, and where is it mounted?
  240. Newbie - Week #1 Modding Results
  241. So how do I tune this beast?
  242. Does anyone make Poly upper and lower control arm bushings for our cars?
  243. Racing Eyes / Tow straps
  244. Exhaust Removal Tips?
  245. Where to buy a 165* T-Stat
  246. KWs and other suspension tech
  247. For track rats running harnesses - what to do about seatbelt chime?
  248. Harness Bar for CTS-V?
  249. Is this kit worth it?
  250. Staggered Axles