: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Help!! Slave cylinder and pilot bearing #s
  2. Solid Subframe Mounts!!! Check this Out!!!
  3. cheap hawk hps pads?
  4. $hit just got real!
  5. Headers and Cam selection
  6. Back from the Dyno...
  7. Power steering bracket/ pulley
  8. New tires!!!
  9. Gforce 9" kits on sale
  10. steering shaft unbolting?!
  11. motor mounts for 5.3 block into my V????
  12. Ls7 clutch + tranny rebuild
  13. LS3 or L92 Heads + L76 Intake on a LS2 CTS-V
  14. Southern Cali tuners??
  15. Pacesetter Headers
  16. bmr wheel hop kit
  17. 04 cts-v injectors upgrade
  18. What does the LS7 clutch feel like?
  19. My cts 2003 will not start
  20. Maggied V converted to E85
  21. Finally dyno tuned
  22. Aftermarket fuel pump questions.
  23. NEW 245's and 275's Continental Extreme Contact DW
  24. 90mm Maggie Inlet for sale...
  25. "NEW" MAP Trailing Arms for sale...
  26. What plugs y'all runnin?
  27. Diff whine... My gf says my car sounds like an airplane
  28. thanks for the input!
  29. Great Song...Great Compilation
  30. Anyone got a stock fuel pump bucket?
  31. UMI Mounts and Vibrations-- tell us what you know!
  32. Steel braided brake hoses
  33. Clutch Issue?
  34. Nitrous, wet or dry?
  35. 2 piece front rotors 04-07 v
  36. Heads/Cam Install Scheduled
  37. LS2 Lifter / Rocker Preload
  38. new rubber!
  39. Full SW exhaust ready to ship!
  40. Alternative Diff Replacements??
  41. Stainless Works Catback
  42. Rubber Spacer Question - H&R Springs MM Spacers
  43. Replace H&R springs with coil overs?
  44. Rev Shift Motor Mounts Install Writeup Tutorial
  45. Axle stub replacement
  46. Track Pads
  47. fast 102 intake
  48. Virginia Speed now a Gforce Engineering dealer
  49. clutch flywheel upgrade
  50. Summer Exhaust Sale @ MarylandSpeed! (Borla, Corsa, B&B, Kooks, Magnaflow, SW etc)
  51. Create your own catback vs brand name
  52. Livernois or Katech H/C Packages
  53. How to replace / upgrade your LS6 in only 369 days!!!
  54. Looking at the LS7 clutch combo - what else should I do?
  55. Heads/Cam/Intake/TB Build Check List
  56. UMI Mounts on eBay
  57. TWM Performance Dojo shifter
  58. Satin Black Grill and Wheels on Silver 2005
  59. looking to add a supercharger to my '05 V. any suggestions on what kind and where?
  60. Kooks Summer Sale @ MarylandSpeed! - Free Coating or Save More! Free Shipping Too!
  61. Race Proven Motorsports New Shop!!!
  62. LS2 Dyno Results: Headers, FAST 102
  63. Opinions wanted on suspension mods
  64. Updates on the V
  65. Maggie Alternative?
  66. Diy short shifter?
  67. Another DIY intake (Carbon fiber) Pics!
  68. Best sounding headers with a B&B catback?
  69. VIR CHIN Jul 2-3 ?
  70. Custom Headers... a good idea?
  71. New Dyno numbers
  72. Magnaflow X-Pipe?
  73. Cosmetic mods to the rear diff
  74. Differential / Motor Mounts / Wheel Hop / Creative-Steel / UUC / KWV3
  75. Dynomax VT
  76. TR 6060 upgrade??
  77. Best exhaust - 2006
  78. Suspension Questions -
  79. Revshift Trans Mount Insert ?
  80. Disabling TPMS
  81. Roll Bar (PICS)
  82. Look what was stuck to my diff drain plug! I need a new diff. I have some Q's
  83. Need Help, Clicking noise coming from flywheel??
  84. Ls7 slave with spec clutch
  85. Front caliper piston rubber, fried
  86. Decent brake rotors that won't cost a fortune...
  87. Front Diff bolt wont line up with cs dif block?
  88. Finally got the V2 Calipers on with Racing Brake Rotors and Cobalt XR1 Racing Pads.
  89. Good night at the track
  90. LS7 Slave help ?
  91. Need some help here...
  92. Clutch, Bell Housing & Motor Mount Install Question
  93. ******V-Day 2012; possible, not confirmed; post your input!*******
  94. Magna charger
  95. Brembo Rotor Madness @ eBay
  96. WTK; What size or diameter are the front and rear sway bars for a
  97. Sway bar bushings
  98. 1st time ever drag racing at Maple Grove today....
  99. Alberta performance shops
  100. Corsa exhaust not centered in bumper
  101. Great deal on starter motor
  102. 2004 cadillac ctsv
  103. NE Cadillac & NASA for Memorial Day Weekend !
  104. Order of power mods for naturally-aspirated V1
  105. Looking for reviews on Revshift Motor mounts, has anyone installed them yet?
  106. Livernois Motorsports now a Gforce Engineering dealer
  107. Took my ls7 kit to get balanced.. guy screwed it up
  108. Muffler Delete
  109. Need a ood Mechanic
  110. Rear axle question
  111. New 07 CTS-V 33k Miles 1k to upgrade
  112. For those contemplating headers....dooo it, here's why. 3rd gear in a tunnel
  113. Fluidampr Harmonic Balancer Installation Cadillac CTS-V LS6
  114. What are benefits of an ls7 clutch?
  115. Ground Control - Front lower spring mount (threaded collar) is loose and clunking
  116. Yooper's Garage Sale
  117. torque specs for our knock sensors
  118. Cam with headers and stock cat-backs?
  119. REVSHIFT Motor Mounts Installed!
  120. my new project
  121. Got everything I need for my ls7 clutch, just a couple questions
  122. Rear Strut Brace / Harness Anchors?
  123. Harmonic Balancer HELP!
  124. Teaser pic of my current project..
  125. Kars Kit help
  126. need help picking suspension fo highly moded V!!
  127. Gforce Axles Feedback
  128. Heads, CAM, Clutch install Pics
  129. Any known weak points in the Corsa cat back? Troubleshooting new exhaust leak...
  130. Has anyone installed the Corsa 09 Muffler kit on a Gen1 V?
  131. Just installed UUC shifter-- stock knob is very loose
  132. zoomers installed
  133. My new rear 8.8 set up. Rebuilt it stronger than ever!
  134. Tow hook placement
  135. Which Heads? Which Cam? Or screw it and go Whipple? Educate me!
  136. Hot Rod Power Tour
  137. Opinion of the Masters - Lunati Cam Upgrade Kit - Worth it?
  138. Pacesetter header guys speak up
  139. Scanning Software - Iphone, Tech 2
  140. Does any ls1 starter work with our V?
  141. Speedometer & Accelerometer Not Working
  142. Curse you broken header bolt!
  143. Chassis & Safety Bling
  144. Heads/Cam install COMPLETE!!!! Tune question
  145. I received and installed my Magna Flow catback exaust today and have to say
  146. LS7 Clutch & RAM Aluminum Flywheel
  147. LS2 Dyno Results: Headers, FAST 102
  148. Front Strut Bar
  149. Opinions please. What is the best cold air intake for the
  150. 04 v whats best for it?
  151. biggest tires on stock rims?
  152. Brake Rotor Backing plates w/ duct inputs
  153. Anyone have some of the MAP trailing arm bushings sitting around doing nothing?
  154. I've done something really stupid - gear oil in the trans
  155. Intake Manifold, Throttle Body & Injectors
  156. Does PISNUOFF still rent the rear diff bushing extractor tool?
  157. Volant install trouble
  158. k my GM guy says he will do a ls,7 clutch and fly wheel for 750 (550 for parts)
  159. My build has finally begun!
  160. I am thinking about buying and installing a Magnaflow exaust including
  161. Poly or Delrin bushings
  162. Meth Kit Installed
  163. Porting stock ls6 throttle body.
  164. How much header wrap?
  165. info on stock endlinks
  166. Short throw mod
  167. Replace Shocks 05 V
  168. 2007 suspension/bushings - suggestions?
  169. Anyone tried these?
  170. Finally installed full Stainless Works
  171. Do axle splines wear out?
  172. intake/fuel rail install questions
  173. Is there a way to tell by looking at the external areas of rear diff case
  174. Heads/Cam Install progress! Couple easy questions
  175. Quick heads up - Used FG2 Fronts on eBay
  176. Updated tune with new parts...453rwhp/436rwtq
  177. some more cam ideas
  178. Thoughts on Lunati 60513 cam and package?
  179. Header bolts
  180. Tire Question
  181. What kind of numbers...?
  182. what clutch slave to use with a rxt twin?
  183. Anyone got a used gen 4 diff
  184. Anyone break valve springs?
  185. Corsa Mufflers Question
  186. Looking for a pinion support.
  187. Post header installation thoughts and video
  188. PISNUOFF, I tried to P.M. you but your box is full. Just
  189. Header Install Problem
  190. UUC or Katech shifter
  191. 2 PIECE front rotors
  192. options for wheelhop on a 2006 V
  193. Any cam to big to remote tune
  194. Opinion on headers
  195. Valve springs
  196. Wiring diagram request
  197. What do you guys think of the MS4 cam from tsp?
  198. header exhaust combo
  199. Bushings for rear.
  200. Head's Up: Extreme Composites Hood Group Buy - Ending Soon
  201. Lsr Cam/heads build, need some advice
  202. Ported Throttle Bodies are Awesome!
  203. Just bought heads cam and lots of goodies now what?
  204. Is my clutch slipping under load?
  205. What plugs and wires to use?? 50k miles and ready for additional maintenance
  206. Anybody have the wiring diagram for the fuel pump pig tail?
  207. 2005 cts-v procharger help needed
  208. Clutch lockout
  209. zoomers exhaust
  210. Motor Mounts - It's 2012, what's the best option?
  211. Mail order tuning
  212. Maggied ls6 sputtering under light throttle though the power band
  213. Kyosan/Denso Fuel Pump Install
  214. Overdrive Pulley=OVER 700 Foot Pounds of Asphalt Pounding Torque
  215. 8.8 rear end the cheao way?
  216. Stock GM Lug Nut Part Number?
  217. Cts radiator
  218. CAM with stock heads?
  219. superchip
  220. Stability system question
  221. Group Buy Opportunity: Extreme Composites Hood
  222. Help Diagnose New Noise
  223. HP Tuners info-dyno tune
  224. Lingenfelter Intake Whine/Whistle... WHY???
  225. Thinkin bout nitrous, anyone runnin it?
  226. Oil Brand?
  227. Header Wrap and Silicone Spray Question
  228. 2007 CTS-V Best Performance Upgrades?
  229. Used MP112's
  230. HELP! LS7 flywheel/slave cylinder/clutch install trouble
  231. Next mod, high flow cats. Has anyone used these, or purchased this set up??
  232. Forgestar F14 wheels imminent
  233. Biggest tires on 20x9 stock ride height
  234. DIY Slave Cylinder mod for Street Slayer Twin clutch install
  235. Center console removal?
  236. Flywheel, motor mounts or sway bar?
  237. Diablosport Trinity
  238. I have a fever, and the only thing to cure it is more MODS, lol
  239. High Flow Cats
  240. Vibration @ 140 mph, Ideas?
  241. new car new class need some help
  242. Quick game of identify the diff!!
  243. New Borla cat back system... now CEL Bank 1 too Lean
  244. Driveshaft coupler
  245. codes P0134 P0154 with new pipes?
  246. Middle of clutch install, how does the top right front bellhousing bolt come out???
  247. The D3 Group prepared Competition CTS-V will be back at Auto Club Speedway on May 6th
  248. Finally got my Borla - Video
  249. FAST 102 Intake Manifold
  250. P0507 with cam install