: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. livernois stroker
  2. SHIFTER: Dissecting, and fixing the CTS-V's shifter...
  3. Code P2101
  4. Magnaflow High Flow Cats
  5. Hello From Billy Boat Performance Exhaust
  6. '06 CTS V programmer
  7. Clutch/shifter/bushings/mounts/
  8. What throttle body to use with Eforce on 05 LS6
  9. Creative Steel CTS-V TOE RODS
  10. Anyone know a good shop for suspension tuning in south fla palm beach county area?
  11. No more ATE Super Blue in the US
  12. need cam help
  13. T-56 rebuild south florida
  14. Pics/Video from NJMP Lightning 8/14/13
  15. Alignment information
  16. Cadillac Racing swaybar endlinks; for those of us that have been here for awhile...
  17. Stretch AC belt
  18. Looking for Stock exhaust from the Resonators back
  19. Tips for removing / disassembling Magnaflow exhaust system?
  20. Differential Bushing $20 DIY option (with pics)
  21. Burning radiator fluid :(
  22. 2005 CTS-V Spark plug and MSD wires
  23. Want high performance exhaust but still has to be a date car too. Ideas??
  24. Tkank You Revshift
  25. need t56 rebuild md/va/pa/de.etc
  26. Got bored... Threw together a nice carbon fiber intake tube (pics)
  27. Another LS3 thread
  28. Mod LS6 or swap LS3?
  29. Straight ahead CAI...without 90* bend
  30. Original Maggie intercooler pump part #?
  31. Is front strut rubber bushing and plate the same P/N?
  32. Maggie Temp Sensor Grommet question.....
  33. Which Shocks? Coil Overs? Best Kit?
  34. X-pipe question
  35. 2004 cts-v items
  36. Catch can for tranny breather
  37. So my parts car has a factory sunroof...but my V doesn't...
  38. Best place to buy B&B exhaust?
  39. fuel pump upgrade
  40. Can't shift into 4th after revshift tranny insert.... help
  41. Are my cats/front pipes aftermarket?
  42. LS3 Swap CTS-V
  43. Major vibrations after Corsa Exhaust install
  44. Monster Stage 2 Clutch & 28lb Flywheel - Vibration in Clutch Pedal ?
  45. Which cat-back would you buy? Need some advice
  46. What high flow cat do I use with my Pacesetters???
  47. thinking about selling one of my 2005 cts v, one stock, the other with 100k in mods
  48. Creative steel trailing arm group buy!
  49. Cone air filter
  50. Gforce 1 Piece Driveshaft Problems
  51. $120,000 porsche vs cts v
  52. 2005 CTS-V Corsa Exhaust installed
  53. 06 cts v ls7 clutch vibration
  54. Gto rear end on ctsv?
  56. IAT Relocate WTF???
  57. Broken dss race axle
  58. Safe to drive maggied V without jackshaft drive belt?
  59. Help me ID this Catback
  60. Looking for a Buckle in 4 point harness for the V?
  61. cts-v stock radiator
  62. Maximizer Headers ???
  63. Pagine PISSNUOFF - Shifter Damage
  64. Creative Steel 8.8 Kit Available-- Immediate Ship
  65. APR splitter available
  66. Diablosport Mail In Rebate on Trinity and Intune- Save up to $50!
  67. still clunking
  68. Performance Exhaust Experience
  69. P0155 + P0332 OBD codes
  70. Best place to install tow hooks on the V?
  71. MarylandSpeed 4th Of July Sale! **Holiday Coupon Code**
  72. revshift subframe bushings installed
  73. Dumb question - Maggie and L92 heads
  74. Need some help with an oil temperature issue (posting here because I am at a loss)
  75. upgread recommendations!
  76. Twin Turbo Kit for V1
  77. After market cross drilled or slotted rotors for '06 CTS V
  78. New Product Alert!! D3 Adjustable Billet Motor Mount
  79. My small review Michelin PSS plus a videos of burnouts in my 06 V NO WHEEL HOP!
  80. CTS-V Suspension Tuning
  81. Tactrix Openport Interface - where to get a tune?
  82. 4L80E In A CTS-V...Fit's Better Than You'd Think
  83. Got Some Headers Cheap!
  84. Muffler delete sound clip *videos inside*
  85. D3 | Competition Spec Coil Over System
  86. Need tires.... Go.
  87. cam sufficient for a top mount blower?
  88. Reduced engine power, P0120 P0220 P1516, after FAST 102 install (car won't start now)
  89. What kinda shifter do i have.
  90. Another Happy "PISSNUOFF" Shifter Customer
  91. Revshift vs creative steel
  92. line lock hook up
  93. Does external oil cooler lower engine temps?
  94. Discounted PISNUOFF shifter ready to ship.
  95. Ls2 heads???
  96. 04-07 CTS-V Edelbrock E-Force supercharger developed
  97. maggie mp 112
  98. Revshift diff bushing installed. You won't believe what it replaced.
  99. Cat delete???
  100. June 19th NJMP Thunderbolt Trackday (Novice or Experienced)
  101. Clutch decision......
  102. Maybe just crazy, but could it help?
  103. Corvette Aftermarket Shifter on a V
  104. Repost from general forum. Who is up for this challenge?
  105. new shifter
  106. Kooks Super Sale- Best prices on Headers Hands Down & Free Coating!
  107. Time to mod/fix.....
  108. Time to step up the Brake Game
  109. My Custom Intake Tube and IAT Relocation
  110. Tuned my Stock 05 V, Dyno Graphs Inside!!
  111. Tuner specced me a cam-- what'll she make?
  112. Need mechanics help/opinion please!
  113. headers
  114. Anyone seen this before? Broken oil pickup tube on 2006 V
  115. KW Variant 3 - is there any way to keep the boot down?
  116. 2006 clutch replacement, which slave?
  117. Tire Help! from the pro's
  118. Water Pump suggestions? small leak on stock pump
  119. Who has the best slotted rotor for street and track day use? Any holiday sales?
  120. CVTS-V Shifter Linkage Measurements
  121. LS6 Head/Cam Setup for Critique
  122. front end too low with Ground Control, need opinions please
  123. Almost ready to start modding!
  124. X-Mas in May...
  125. June 5th Thunderbolt Track Day
  126. 4" drive shaft.?
  127. Poking around today...
  128. DRIVESHAFT SHOP (1) piece driveshaft FOR SALE soon!
  129. will this work in a 04 v?
  130. Mount/Bushing replacement labor.
  131. Short Shifter???
  132. New seats are installed
  133. My experience with removing the resonator
  134. Clunk
  135. Getting an 04 v with a bad motor. Going with a 6.2 stroked!!!!!!!
  136. Ceramic Brakes
  137. 2005 LS6 Magnacharger Build Question
  138. Revshift Subframe & Control Arm Bushings Installed
  139. Sneak peek.
  140. Some on-track pics of the V @ NJMP
  141. Those who have done z06 endlinks, where to get 15/32 drill bit?
  142. Stock Drive Shaft rebuild kit in the works
  143. Quick KW V3 Installation Question
  144. Rear Differential Assembly mods
  145. Kooks 1 7/8, non-catted mids, and Revshift MM installed.
  146. Brake Fluid Type??
  147. Any input about Exedy GT04XD Twin Disc clutch kit VS Mcleod RXT
  148. Please help....8.8 install
  149. Does the Fast 102 fit under our stock strut tower brace?
  150. Cam and header install- Down on power... Intake Question
  151. Look what came in today
  152. Should I make the drive for what could be a really good deal?? KOOKS Headers
  153. Does my V need to be tuned?
  154. Hurst shiter install
  155. Pacesetter headers ????
  156. Need headers by this weekend!!!!
  157. Couple quick questions
  158. Ls7 cam swap?? Should I??
  159. Strange LS9 Clutch issue
  160. Mod progression/route? (for track/street)
  161. 04/05 V Black interior $500 plus Misc Take Off Parts
  162. Cags eliminator not working
  163. DFW header install question?
  164. Revshift
  165. Cleaning out the Brake system after being open for a yr
  166. sqeaking from front suspension possibly lower control arm bushing?
  167. LS-9 Cam
  168. Huming noise at idle
  169. BMR VS GForce? Anti wheel hop kit
  170. Track Day 4/24 @ Thunderbolt
  171. "Upgrade" to ARP wheel studs?
  172. Quick question: sway bar install
  173. Anybody's diff look like this??
  174. Big 3 and AD244 Alternator Upgrade
  175. Clutch Install - Problems!!
  176. Kooks Spring Breakout Header Sale- Free Coating, or Save A LOT - Free Shipping!
  177. Twin COMP 5858's for rear-mount build
  178. Mod V1 or trade up for V2?
  179. 08 STS-V Rear SKF X-tracker Hubs bolted right up, pics
  180. ls7 Clutch swap trouble bleeding clutch!!
  181. Caution those with Revshift DS couplers
  182. Crazy ZR1 Vid pay attention at 1:53
  183. TVS2300 on LS6 Heads???
  184. Nitrous.... Suggestions?
  185. Oil Cooler from V2 to V1?
  186. new breather/ oil catch can setup
  187. Anyone Have to replace bearings?
  188. Right front FG2 is leaking. Just confirming that QA1 is the way to go.
  189. Revshift Motor Mounts with Headers
  190. Shift Linkage
  191. Hotchkis Install
  192. Real 5.1 audio in my V.
  193. differential bushing block
  194. Best toy ever
  195. Dealer installed Corsa - Does it drone?
  196. Fast 90/92 Gains on Bolt on ls6
  197. Installed PISNUOFF shifter...AWESOME!
  198. WTB Exhaust in the DFW Area
  199. KW Variant 3 - Spring Rates?
  200. Extractor Hood....
  201. What mods next? Maggie? Cam?
  202. 2-pc rotors F + R
  203. Dyno - 2004 stock LS6, Stainless Works full exhaust w/headers,resonator and cats
  204. Would 15 horsepower gain from a tune make a difference?
  205. Anyone close to Phiily want to help me do my motor mounts.
  206. Using Katech Short Shifter/ Driveshaft shop driveshaft together; Problems???
  207. heads?
  208. LS9 OE Supercharger on LS3 headed LS2 in a 07 V
  209. Used Maggie installation?
  210. Installed LS7 Clutch, Flywheel, etc. - rock HARD pedal...
  211. MagnaFlow CatBack Question.
  212. FG2's vs D2 Racing Coilovers!!!!...
  213. Cutting Rear Springs, leveling the V
  214. 04-07 CTS-V Steel Braided Clutch Line
  215. Rebuilding rear.
  216. Maggie Spark Plugs
  217. 9 inch vs 8.8...if you have one of these come in here........
  218. REVSHIFT poly hardness selections for minimizing NVH increase
  219. Adding cats to Kooks/B&B Setup
  220. FE4 or FG2 Parts Question
  221. Anybody have experience with Revshifts Cadillac CTS-V Flex Disc Coupler
  222. spring rates on REAR coil-over conversion????
  223. CS new trans mount
  224. looking for V exhaust....
  225. What to do with no more FG2's? Suggestions please.
  226. Upgraded Dual Fans for the CTS-V
  227. Rebuilding ls6 05 v
  228. Installed Revshift Bushings today
  229. Headers not cats any problems?? HELP!
  230. New to Community, any advice helps.
  231. EBC Rotors, Red stuff and SS lines. Wow!
  232. New Mod to the V1...what do you guys think?
  233. Questions about clutch replacement for 04 CTS-V
  234. Differential Bushing $16 DIY option
  235. Will LS3 clutch work with LS6 motor?
  236. $350 off your order and FREE SHIPPING with a Stainless Works Power Package
  237. kooks with magnaflow question
  238. corsa exhaust
  239. New to the V
  240. Ordering a bunch of parts
  241. Any auto transmission options for our cars yet? (full manual valve body?
  242. Front tires rubbing front wheel liner/brake duct
  243. Newbie | 2006 CTS-V | Intro | Mod Help/Input/Suggestions!!
  244. Wa. Exhaust question
  245. Exciting News - CORSA signs on as a Class Sponsor for the 2013 Cadillac Challenge
  246. Rear tie rods - video?
  247. Feeler for interest in MA Performance trailing arms
  248. Need Urgent Help With Brembo Calipers!!!....
  249. Kooks with factory connectors
  250. Clutch chatter