: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Corsa exhaust, best place to buy?
  2. Maggie Owners - HELP!
  3. Anyone want a stock exhaust in the PacNW?
  4. Maggie owners
  5. Magnaflow Question on CTS-V SEE PICTURE ???
  6. Pic Of My New 2.6 Maggie Pully
  7. Need boost? How could you turn this down?! New deal!
  8. Exhaust system
  9. Got The Magnaflow on today!
  10. Selling my Lingenfelter Intake
  11. Running a maggie, is the spark plug gap...
  12. Ok.. post up your dyno plots.. before and afters (esp. those who have PCM tunes)
  13. Nitrous Kit yes or no? What wet Kit?
  14. Went to the Dyno today and....
  15. Magnaflow/High Horse Performance
  16. Found a better NOS kit for Superchargers that are safe.
  17. Looking for your old exhaust
  18. bmr vs kars vs gm
  19. Advice sought on after-market exhaust
  20. Stock CTS-V made 349 rwhp
  21. Anyone ever try "The Tornado" in a V
  22. Which is better a custom tune using a dyno or mail order?
  23. Who all has Nitrous on your car and what kit dry or wet
  24. Sorry took so long, pics of Volant CAI for "Maggie"
  25. Stock CTS-V Exhaust
  26. Turbo...
  27. Exedy Twin Disc
  28. Maggie owners...What are you using for FR covers?
  29. SuperChips Tune in My V
  30. Clutch / flywheel question
  31. Magnaflow owners
  32. ok i wanna buy a bb exhaust
  33. Dual-Mass Flywheel...why? WHY??????
  34. help with stealth tune choices
  35. Headers/Magnaflow with no cats results!
  36. Looks like B&B is getting rid of their high flow cats from their headers!!
  37. Is this a good price for B&B Headers & Cats? More questions inside..
  38. Nos For Maggie
  39. Headers with CATS or Highflow CATS?
  40. just got off the phone with Kooks Custom Headers...
  41. aftermarket HEADERS and high flow cats! anyone getting rid of theirs?
  42. Want a free 2005 CTS-V Stock Exhaust near NYC?
  43. New to forum - 1meanv Pics
  44. Video from kil-kare speedway in Ohio of the Moore Motorsports V
  45. Anyone Look Into Sts Remote Turbo System
  46. Complaint about maggie!
  47. Magnaflow and More intake,nice combo
  48. FR Covers for V with Maggie? Comments on Pic.
  49. Maggie and the sunroof...
  50. Corsa or B&B
  51. Exhaust time
  52. Something is wrong with the car, hellllllllp
  53. Magnaflow exhaust in!!!
  54. Another B&M Shifter Install ...
  55. Procharger vs. Maggie vs. Internals
  56. DiabloSport Tune for V with Maggie??
  57. What's the best wheel hop kit for the cts-v
  58. Looking for a V Exhaust in MD area
  59. Pics of NOS KIT going on my Maggie
  60. B&M shifter install *heads up*
  61. wow all I can say is wow
  62. Vibration at 80MPH, especially in seat-help?
  63. Any interest in Detroit Area V-Get-Together?
  64. B&M Shifter ; A good thing
  65. magnaflow or corsa?
  66. magnaflow exhaust
  67. Used Maggie for Sale.....
  68. Which Exhaust system did you buy and why
  69. Volant Performance Cool Air Intake Kit for the V
  70. I need a larger Throttlebody, will this work with MAGGie?
  71. StealthV tune :)
  72. B&B Exhaust/Gaskets/Etc....From Billy
  73. Corsa Ex
  74. People w/ Maganflow Catback
  75. Looking for a V-Exhaust in Orlando Fl
  76. DIY Maggie Installers
  77. Has anyone every istalled a Pyro/Egt for there exhaust?
  78. Whats the quickest way to change out Maggie pulley?
  79. Free CTS-V exhaust in Iowa
  80. New Personal Best tonight!!!
  81. StealthV tune vs. stock tune: dyno runs today *pics*
  82. Turbo For 2007?
  83. Sequential Shifter
  84. Short Shifter
  85. UPDATE "Maggie Problem" Thanx Kachina & LUnd!
  86. Installing Magnaflow...question about lifting the V
  87. PICTURES...of broke UUC shifter!
  88. My UUC Shifter BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  89. Bottom of fog light inlet
  90. Lingenfelter is off
  91. SERIOUS Maggie Issues!
  92. Billy Boat says like it or lump it!
  93. Maggie is on-what a rush!!!
  94. DIY: Difficulty of putting on new springs?
  95. South Florida V's wanting a blower
  96. What happened to the 599 Magna flow post
  97. V-Exhaust
  98. Ls2 Throttle Body
  99. question 4 v's with corsa..
  100. 3.6 looking for a V exhaust(Dennisscars)
  101. Does anyone have photos of Volant intake for our cars?
  102. 2006 wihtout remote shifter?!?!
  103. Bushing installed... I'm confused.
  104. Headers for MagnaFlow #16636
  105. The quest for boost continues
  106. Turbo M3 Kill
  107. Lingenfelter CAI filter
  108. Friggin Maggie destroyed...
  109. GM petition update
  110. Help picking an exhaust.
  111. V stuff
  112. att: slow35th
  113. Cts Exhaust?
  114. Oil catch can **56k warning
  115. Painted FRC's **56k warning!
  116. WTB: V exhaust from metro dc area.
  117. As It Turns Out, WOT HP Doesn't Matter All The Time...
  118. Anyone Have a CTS-V Stock Exhaust for Sale?
  119. What HP increase with this setup?
  120. Question about headers...
  121. Head And Cam Question
  122. Dynoed today with Stealth-V tune....
  123. wanted: V-exhaust for 3.6 conversion in Orlando area
  124. August Photo Caption Contest
  125. HEck of a deal on new V, time to order goodies
  126. Crusing vibration; Could it be the Clutch?
  127. Wanted : V-Exhaust for 3.6L
  128. WANTED :V-exhaust for 3.6L
  129. Installed B+M Shifter
  130. CTS-V Sightings in Indianapolis
  131. Billy Boat Header / Exhaust Gaskets - WHEN!?
  132. Question about maggie Pulleys
  133. If you are on the fence about a StealthV tune
  134. How best to address areas most in need of upgrading, help me please,
  135. Jonesin' for a Maggie
  136. WTB: Performance Shifter
  137. NEW StealthV Tune-love it!!!!
  138. Anyone have the new Magnaflow exhaust on yet?
  139. Maggie V in Heat and Stock Tires
  140. Dyno Tunes in NW?
  141. Corsa installed !!!!!
  142. Footage from inside the Cadillac this past weekend at Fedex Field.
  143. Jet Chip
  144. CTS-V stock exhaust !!!
  145. Used Maggie?
  146. Aftermarket Exhausts
  147. Couple pics from weekend project - flywheel / headers
  148. Stock Exhaust in L.A.
  149. New to the forum........
  150. Wanted- cts-v exhaust
  151. Anayone else with maggie, do you get a
  152. Attn Maggie owners
  153. Magnacharger Group Buy?
  154. Wanted: V-Exhaust in New England Area
  155. Hell Hot Phoenix days & Intake to Maggie,
  156. 2nd gear grinds
  157. July 30th SoCal getogether?
  158. Clutch dump video.....
  159. Going to dyno tonight
  160. Whats The BEST aftermarket "shifter"??????
  161. Shifter question
  162. Has Anyone Installed Nitrous(barak)???
  163. Chrome Stockers & B&B Resonator on
  164. Southern Cali Cheap Dyno
  165. Trade B&B for Corsa ??
  166. Fresh Air
  167. Stock V Exhaust for sale.....
  168. Dyno slip
  169. bm, uuc or exedy
  170. Another heads/cam question for DTE (and others)
  171. more pcm tune...
  172. RocketV - CTS-V Exhaust Available???
  173. KB's New 2.4L Twin Screw for the LS1 Dyno Graphs
  174. Sheared Exhaust Flange Bolt
  175. Bassani Exhaust Installed......
  176. LS6 Guru's ?
  177. Stock Airbox Observations
  178. Another Billy Boat Header FAILURE!!!
  179. Looking for a CTS-V Exhaust (Atlanta)
  180. cts v exhaust for sale around dallas, tx
  181. Looking for a CTS-V exhaust!
  182. Finally got my Corsa installed and also had my stock exhaust installed on a CTS 3.6L.
  183. Got my site up...
  184. word on DTE's headers?
  185. KARS anti-hop kit
  186. Is it just a matter of time with the rear end and mods?
  187. CORSA rattle: as discussed before: READ!
  188. Is the intake manifold from the V's LS6 identical to the one on the Z06 LS6?
  189. New problem
  190. B&B TriFlo Headers/Exhaust Group Purchase
  191. exhaust sparks and pops?
  192. Anyone Before and After Drop-In Dyno??
  193. OT: Hemi makes 368 rwhp on dyno, stock
  194. banging gone... exhaust fixed... more power!!!
  195. Drivetrain gets a makeover..
  196. New Intake
  197. Bassani Exhaust.....
  198. Corsa Question
  199. K&N intake on the way
  200. Ohio Cts Meet Survey
  201. LPE is on
  202. Got The Corsa Installed!!!
  203. B&B and TPIS Headers
  204. Ram Air For V???
  205. Lowerd the V today
  206. Stock Exhaust for sale
  207. Anyone selling stock V exhaust??
  208. Review: Specter Werks Bushings...hop???
  209. Check Engine light with Lingenfelter intake?!
  210. Awesome deal on the B&M shifter
  211. Whistle with Lingenfelter CAI
  212. UUC shifter - Shift into 5th?! difficult?!
  213. Corsa group buy if anyone's interested
  214. 12.84 Et/111.67 Mph
  215. Kenne Bell Blower for the V
  216. Tuner challenge, Who is up for it??
  217. Ok now.. another question.. who has the Corsa exhaust and replaced
  218. New Dyno numbers..
  219. Hiflow Cats...
  220. Headers:coat or don't coat???
  221. rwHP gains... question.
  222. B&B or Corsa Exhaust??
  223. one more time any real 1/4 mile times for maggie
  224. Intake Replumb
  225. Best Price on Corsa right now
  226. Honest Opinions Needed on the Maggie
  227. maggie 1/4 mile times? anyone?
  228. Another B&B gasket demise thread
  229. Whos running a FAST intake and TB
  230. Installed Lingenfelter CAI tonight..
  231. B&M Shifter is in!
  232. Anti-Wheel Hop kits
  233. Ok, What the hell is a maggie???
  234. LS7 Dreams
  235. Need Poly Bushings Sway Bars
  236. CtsV drifting...
  237. Borla Exhaust......Backordered......
  238. Corsa Making a Racket in Heavy Rain
  239. Turbo Charged V
  240. Used (barely) Corsa 4 Sale
  241. V Misc perf. parts.. Anyone have these? yet?
  242. Porsche 911 Turbo S
  243. maggie
  244. Wheels, Exhaust, some questions
  245. Lingenfelter CTS-V Air intake system special!!
  246. Maggie
  247. New England Dragway 6/17/05
  248. How how power would it take too...Fill Blank
  249. Rattle center console
  250. Stock dyno numbers in...