: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Problems with shocks or springs?
  2. spent the day at the dyno with a crap Volant intake
  3. I think I found my new exhaust!!!
  4. Stability Control Problem?
  5. New Zoomers Exhaust
  6. CTS-V Model year differences
  7. b&b exhaust cats
  8. New Corsa $919 delivered
  9. Corsa hanging too low?
  10. Dezod Package DYNO'D! : Stainless Works Headers, RT cats and 3" Exhaust
  11. Maggies Maggies $4800.00 partII
  12. established stock baseline dyno #'s (Zoomers test fit)
  13. Stainless Works Headers & Random Tech Cats
  14. thinking about buying a cts-v and supercharging it, whats your opinion?
  15. Car surges after Catch Can install
  16. Bunch of stuff fixed at Lindsay
  17. Stealth Tune
  18. Katech will install UUC shifter for $160
  19. Pics of NX dry install, and Volant, and dyno numbers
  20. Intercooler
  21. Replacement donuts for stock exhaust?
  22. UUC Shifter: Caddy dealer has never installed one!
  23. CTS-V springs for $80 (CUSTOM) What do you think?
  24. Anyone want a great deal on some CCW's & Magnaflow?
  25. Opinions please - going back stealth
  26. LS7 Clutch...
  27. Test Pipe for Stock Manifold?
  28. Thinking about trading in the 330Ci...
  29. Looking for OEM rotors and OEM exhaust system.
  30. Bassani Aft-Cat vs. Corsa exhaust system
  31. UCC Shifter Makes MeanV into NastyV!!!
  32. CTS-V procharged video (dyno, burnout, and roll-ons)
  33. Katech Camshaft information
  34. What do you think my dyno will be ???
  35. puttin it on the dyno tonight
  36. Want to trade your BB X pipe for my Resonator?
  37. CTS-V vs Trailblazer SS
  38. WTB: Stock Shifter Handle...
  39. Looking for an exhaust
  40. Listen to what my Dealer told me......
  41. Anyone in Rockville, MD (or nearby) area have an aftermarket or other custom exhaust?
  42. JoeysVee where on earth did you get SW headers for 660?????
  43. Just removed the "snorkel" and......
  44. HP gain from Maggie, heads, and cam
  45. 2008 CTS-V 500hp?
  46. New dyno graph from EPP of my D-1SC procharger
  47. Magnaflow Causing MAF Sensor Problems???
  48. Looking 4 Zoomers Dyno Test Vehicle
  49. BB LT header/no cats update - 1 week
  50. will ls6 parts fit the new ls2?
  51. Knocking Noise During Moderate/Hard Acceleration??
  52. B&B Cat Back Resonator System Installed
  53. Question for those who have broken an exhuast stud
  54. Nitrous install ?????
  55. Revisiting "stock" exhaust
  56. Just unloaded the first 2006
  57. looking for a CTS-V exhaust in Arizona
  58. Qs for break in for tranny,clutch & flywheel
  59. UUC shifter: adjustable?
  60. Hey to all the SPOILED CTS-V drivers!
  61. Headers are installed
  62. BB Exhaust with x pipe WANTED
  63. Free flow & simple Mods
  64. i must say. just installed volant. sotp very noticeable.
  65. Header time for my B&B exhaust
  66. Maggie Advice
  67. Going to have a nice weekend with the V......
  68. Gentlemen, ? of O2 sensor extenders
  69. WTB: Anyone have an exhaust for sale Corsa, BB, etc?
  70. Headers / RT CATS / Magnflow exhaust ?
  71. Dyno #'s ????
  72. About to buy an exhaust. Just want some comments.
  73. Zoomers Catback Exhaust for the CTSV
  74. Luna's Zoomers Video!
  75. Zoomers Exhaust Group Buy & Video
  76. Letters to a couple of fellow 'enthusiasts'
  77. F.A.S.T. Intake Manifold?
  78. Report on TPIS's Oval Throttle Body
  79. Looking For - OEM CTS-V exhaust
  80. I broke the crankcase return nipple on the intake manifold...
  81. New clutch and flywheel
  82. Platinum V + GM Polished Rims + Drilled Rotors + B&M Short Shifter + Two Tone Boot
  83. Report on TPI's 75x90mm throttle body
  84. Short Throw Shifter
  85. CTS-V Exhaust on 3.6L CTS
  86. Volant Intake Tube w/ K&N (Pics)
  87. uuc shifter
  88. No more clunking!! oh and if you want a Corsa exhaust...
  89. BB Exhaust - Resonator Version - $700
  90. Looking for impressions of Hotchkis Sway Bars.
  91. Jacking the engine up for headers...
  92. Shifter knobs
  93. Oil level question
  94. Maggie and any other upgrades
  95. Question on Exhaust and Headers ???
  96. StealthV, Reed, Thanks guys! My dyno numbers.
  97. Is there an aftermarket pulley tensioner available?
  98. Installed the B&M Shifter Today...Nice!!!!!
  99. Dyno Results
  100. Maggie prices?
  101. So, what is your next performance mod going to be?
  102. Exhaust & car alarms
  103. LPE CAI Dyno Results (before/after)
  104. CTS-V FE4 shocks & struts, also V coil springs part #er's???
  105. What do you think!
  106. Looking for CTS V Exhaust - Detroit Metro!
  107. Will H&R Lowering springs work??
  108. UUC Shifter... Yes or No?
  109. F/S:UUC Short Shifter 2005 CTS-V Brand New!!
  110. Stripped Shifter Knob!
  111. Volant and other CAI's.. huh?
  112. Almost started my Nitrous install lastnight
  113. CTS-V Exhaust in Boston
  114. Killed new ZO6!
  115. Homemade Oil Catch Can...
  116. Results from Dragnight 10/21/05
  117. Group Buy - Volant CAI (PremierTruck)
  118. Question! ticking Noise from headers
  119. Maggie guys, where are the headers?
  120. hotchkis sway bar update
  121. something for you V guys, blower install on V
  122. ATTN: MD/DC/PA/VA Dyno Day!
  123. IS350 vs Bubba-Vee
  124. Zoomers Exhaust
  125. UUC Shifter
  126. Anyone want a Corsa Exhaust?
  127. B&B Touring exhaust. Any Feedback?
  128. Rotten Egg Smell from the Exhaust
  129. Eibach anti-sway bar experience
  130. Exhaust cutouts?
  131. Need V Exhaust
  132. Really Bad Track Times and Really Mad!!!!
  133. CTS-V Exhaust in Denver
  134. My $40.00, Four Inch Air Intake
  135. CTS Exhaust in Vegas or SLC areas?
  136. Where can I buy exhaust gaskets?
  137. Question for the guys with the Oil Catch cans
  138. Anyone interested in my Magnaflow?
  139. B&M Shifter is in-> Question for users.....
  140. Performance of Intake Systems?
  141. Got my new Volant!
  142. Hopefully getting my car back from EPP Monday!
  143. Replacing the Shifter with the UUC Shifter
  144. Anyone else get the longtubes yet?
  145. So Cal Guys: Maggie Install
  146. UUC shifter question?
  147. I ripped the shifter knob right off the shifter while shifting WTF!!!!!
  148. FS-Stock cat-back exhaust 2005 CTS-V
  149. LS6 or LS2 - Which would you prefer and why?
  150. Which plugs are best 4 Maggie?
  151. More Boost for Maggie
  152. Stock Intake
  153. What type of gain for just CAM????
  154. Anyone selling a CORSA EXHAUST?
  155. Magnaflow yummy
  156. Volant CAI on maggie V
  157. Finally.....
  158. Will MagnaFlow Exhaust Void my CPO Warranty?
  159. Need $7,500
  160. Can I get a CAM & Heads without upgrading other stock internals?
  161. Does anybody have any Nitrous bottle clamps that will fit our V? also:
  162. Exhaust is killing me!!
  163. I got the green light to order headers!!!
  164. Stock intake elbows suck
  165. lb for lb magie vs cam & head job
  166. Aftermarket Exhaust
  167. Volant Intake For CTS-V
  168. My V at EPP for an intercooled ATI procharger
  169. Stealth V Tune = THUMBS UP!!
  170. Results From Head and Cam
  171. Volant Cai
  172. B&M SHIFTER
  173. Last Offer LPE intake $280
  174. Got an Stock V-exhaust laying around?
  175. Disappointed in Corsa exhaust
  176. Swapped resonator for x pipe
  177. Head and Cam HP increase?
  178. If you are running a maggie with plat plugs....
  179. MagnaFlow Exhaust For CTS-V
  180. What's the most boost anyone is running on a Maggie?
  181. Sneak peak at my new Headers and Cats inside!!
  182. gaskets for Stainless works heads
  183. Who's feeling the power now?
  184. I want your exhaust
  185. Group Buy on UUC Shifter
  186. POLL: Which shifter do you like
  187. STS Maggie
  188. Flywheel Noise????? Two Peice Flywheel???
  189. Borla Exhaust
  190. Short Shifter?
  191. H & R Springs
  192. Factory sloppy shifter fix?
  193. Bassini exhaust
  194. Magnaflow delivered today!!
  195. Corsa exhaust, best place to buy?
  196. Maggie Owners - HELP!
  197. Anyone want a stock exhaust in the PacNW?
  198. Maggie owners
  199. Magnaflow Question on CTS-V SEE PICTURE ???
  200. Pic Of My New 2.6 Maggie Pully
  201. Need boost? How could you turn this down?! New deal!
  202. Exhaust system
  203. Got The Magnaflow on today!
  204. Selling my Lingenfelter Intake
  205. Running a maggie, is the spark plug gap...
  206. Ok.. post up your dyno plots.. before and afters (esp. those who have PCM tunes)
  207. Nitrous Kit yes or no? What wet Kit?
  208. Went to the Dyno today and....
  209. Magnaflow/High Horse Performance
  210. Found a better NOS kit for Superchargers that are safe.
  211. Looking for your old exhaust
  212. bmr vs kars vs gm
  213. Advice sought on after-market exhaust
  214. Stock CTS-V made 349 rwhp
  215. Anyone ever try "The Tornado" in a V
  216. Which is better a custom tune using a dyno or mail order?
  217. Who all has Nitrous on your car and what kit dry or wet
  218. Sorry took so long, pics of Volant CAI for "Maggie"
  219. Stock CTS-V Exhaust
  220. Turbo...
  221. Exedy Twin Disc
  222. Maggie owners...What are you using for FR covers?
  223. SuperChips Tune in My V
  224. Clutch / flywheel question
  225. Magnaflow owners
  226. ok i wanna buy a bb exhaust
  227. Dual-Mass Flywheel...why? WHY??????
  228. help with stealth tune choices
  229. Headers/Magnaflow with no cats results!
  230. Looks like B&B is getting rid of their high flow cats from their headers!!
  231. Is this a good price for B&B Headers & Cats? More questions inside..
  232. Nos For Maggie
  233. Headers with CATS or Highflow CATS?
  234. just got off the phone with Kooks Custom Headers...
  235. aftermarket HEADERS and high flow cats! anyone getting rid of theirs?
  236. Want a free 2005 CTS-V Stock Exhaust near NYC?
  237. New to forum - 1meanv Pics
  238. Video from kil-kare speedway in Ohio of the Moore Motorsports V
  239. Anyone Look Into Sts Remote Turbo System
  240. Complaint about maggie!
  241. Magnaflow and More intake,nice combo
  242. FR Covers for V with Maggie? Comments on Pic.
  243. Maggie and the sunroof...
  244. Corsa or B&B
  245. Exhaust time
  246. Something is wrong with the car, hellllllllp
  247. Magnaflow exhaust in!!!
  248. Another B&M Shifter Install ...
  249. Procharger vs. Maggie vs. Internals
  250. DiabloSport Tune for V with Maggie??