: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. TSB for wheel hop question
  2. Kooks Install & Tune (before after dyno results)
  3. Let's talk flywheels
  4. CEL - Code and question
  5. Anyone In Bergen County With A Magnaflow.......
  6. Custom Rear Springs for V
  7. Drag Radials
  8. FAST intake Vs. LS-2 Intake
  9. Dyno tune
  10. shifter pops out of 2nd
  11. Kooks installed - comments and questions inside.
  12. WTB: Stock Exhaust Manifold and Cats
  13. B&B exhaust for sale in SW Florida
  14. New rearend tease.
  15. Intake Manifold Modification For 90mm Tb
  16. Intake Manifold To Loan Me: Read On
  17. Maggie installed Looking at Cam...Any advice?
  18. interview with GM about L92 engine and heads
  19. shifter and shift knob
  20. For ANYONE who says the V can't do a burnout becaue of wheel-hop,hop,hop,hop...
  21. Fuel pump or injectors or both???
  22. what exactly do the lindsay shifter bushings do???
  23. MSD coils installed, Exhaust burble gone!!!
  24. Some insight into going CATLESS
  25. Header and cam package
  27. custom exhaust
  28. V is sick! LET'S DIAGNOS
  29. Looking for Stock CTS-V Exhaust
  30. Maggie Guys: Post Up Your Pulley Sizes
  31. Any V-exhaust for sale in Binghamton,NY area???
  32. stainless works catback
  33. Is my car too stiff?
  34. Can a blown header gasket cause a loss of power?
  35. Which Short Shifter Should I Buy?
  36. SoCal Corsa owners - free booze
  37. Shifting questions... Specifically the 1-2 shift
  38. Stock Shifter core or TPIS
  39. 255/45/18 FK 452 Pic
  40. Kars kit Bolt size..lost 1
  41. Zoomers Exhaust Lowest price ever!
  42. Borla Exhaust Group Purchase Is A GO!
  43. B&M Shifter on sale
  44. Lindsay/Corsa/UUC
  45. MAGNAFLOW drone, and how to get rid of it
  46. Bought a used maggie... Have problem.
  47. Anybody with Spec 3 clutch? Please look
  48. boost... how much does the maggie make?
  49. Stage III installed by Doug last Saturday
  50. Need opinions on a supercharged V.. leaving the CL 600 V12 world
  51. Magnuson MP122 Supercharger - who wants one?
  52. Nitrous Kit on ebay for the V.
  53. Magnaflow Exhaust made louder
  54. Stainless Works or Kooks LT Headers
  55. Shifter Core
  56. Maggie+Headers+2.6" Pulley
  57. Turbo V?
  58. Which tune? StealthV or Drift Caddy?
  59. What's the BEST anti-wheel hop solution?
  60. Pictures of Corsa Exhaust Installed
  61. Where to tune? Tell me what they did for you.
  62. Reminder: Meet in Atlanta this Saturday the 20th
  63. Group Discount on Dyno-tune
  64. Want New Maggie, need best price.
  65. Broken UCC Shifter
  66. Anybody Have Their Maggie Installed by TBryne?
  67. Nos
  68. Another Maggie ?
  69. Maggie Questions
  70. Performance Tuner in North Florida
  71. O.K. NOW I'm Selling My Blower...Under 4k Miles On It...
  72. Pessimistic Speedo?
  73. lookin for V-exhaust in NY or DC metro area
  74. Vid of my CTS-V with Magnaflow Cat Back
  75. Kooks Headers & Magnaflow cat-back
  76. Anyone have a Tune by Vette Doctors
  77. Help! Crank Position Sensor problem after Maggie install
  78. Bassani Exhaust
  79. Stainless Works?????
  80. TPIS vs UUC shifter
  81. 06-07 Intake / Tuning
  82. Dyno'd the '07 V today
  83. guys who have sold aftermarket used V exhaust
  84. B&B TriFlo Exhaust Group Purchase!
  85. Trade? My Magnaflow Exhaust for your BB Exhaust
  86. Heads/Cam and a supercharger=??
  87. Problems With Magnaflow Catback Install
  88. Tire pressures effect on Wheel Hop ??
  89. new car
  90. Cost for Kar,s Stage 3 installation
  91. B&M Shifter Woes
  92. Maggie install problem - ETC connector
  93. Good Damn track day. Thanks to all
  94. Looking for a V Exhaust
  95. Installed UUC shifter tonight ???'s
  96. Opinions on Mods
  97. New to the site, and new v owner!
  98. V Owners in the ATL
  99. Anyone Have Mallett Shifter?
  100. 1st Diff VIRGINS That Have Yet To Replace Their Diff...
  101. 2 months and still no stage 3 KARS!!!
  102. Is this the normal clunk-bang noise under these conditions??
  103. Maggie Guys: Do you even use 1st gear?
  104. Maggie Pulley
  105. intake
  106. Anyone modify the stock engine cover?
  107. What TC/Stabilitrak mode do you drive in and why?
  108. How loud ?
  109. Does the B&B exhaust fit with KARS cradle?
  110. Intake?
  111. Clutch/warranty problem
  112. Bored/Ported Throttle Body (71 to 78mm) on Ebay adds 15-20hp???
  113. Engine and Exhaust Tips Cleaning advice needed...
  114. Is Doug over a Kars on Vacation or what
  115. CTS-V Exhaust In Orlando??
  116. calling KARS
  117. LPE intake: Dang, that's snug in there!
  118. Coilovers, springs and new rear. OHMY
  119. Used Maggie sold
  120. Ground Control, QA1, 750/800# Springs
  121. Is it bad for V's to get Exhaust and headers without a tune?
  122. Used Maggie For Sale
  123. B&B for Xmas....What's you're V getting?
  124. Where to get Welds?
  125. LS6 Question versus Z06
  126. Jet Hot Coating
  127. Dyno run, Flashing Lights, Oh My!!!
  128. Leaks from my Magnaflow Exhaust
  129. If you really want to destroy your rear end...
  130. the perfect exhaust for the ctsv
  131. Dyno Tuned in So Cal
  132. UPS just delivered my Magnaflow exhaust...
  133. B&M Shifter Install Help
  134. Happy Story: New Exhaust, new Dunlop M3 Sport, some TSB's taken care of...
  135. I wanted to get a maggie for x-mas, but i guess this will do!!!
  136. Free V Exhaust in Cary, NC...Anyone Want?
  137. Anybody used the BMR anti wheelhop kit??
  138. Good Place to buy Magnaflow Exhaust
  139. V is gone. Many parts for sale!
  140. Corsa Exhaust Group Purchase!
  141. Corsa or Magnaflow? Exhaust or Short Shift
  142. I knew better....blower trouble
  143. Whats a intake and catback work performance wise?
  144. Time for a Maggie
  145. New Flywhee, Clutch, Pressure Plate
  146. Advanced Tune Questions
  147. Had my Corsa welded- much better.
  148. Jet Hot Coated Kooks Long Tube Headers On Sale!!!
  149. One piece drive shaft?
  150. Help with Maggie pulley & fuel rail covers
  151. Katech shifter? anyone?
  152. If you live in Corona CA and want a free exhaust.....
  153. HELP-- Clutch or Shifter
  154. Maggie Guys !!
  155. Selling the V and parting it.
  156. My New Dyno Numbers
  157. Used Eibach Springs - Pro Kit...
  158. Uuc
  159. V Payments
  160. KARS Stage 3 owners come on in........
  161. Thanks Goodyear credit...also Corsa problem seems fixed !
  162. Maggie and other prices in Canada?
  163. Need a UUC flywheel?
  164. Anyone have used set of Headers and Exhaust for sale ???
  165. Kars Stage 3 Bolt Torque specs
  166. Poor mans supercharger or big ripoff?
  167. Exhaust Note: Passive or Agressive
  168. Cts-v 2007 Huge Special Sale ...
  169. **Magnaflow Exhaust Group Purchase!**
  170. Anyone selling UUC shifter?
  171. the "maggie"
  172. brought KARS to the dealer
  173. Porting of the LS6 Intake, Has anyone done it yet..
  174. Anyone need a factory exhaust?
  175. Used TPIS Short Throw Shifter and CAGs - Free
  176. Eibach Lowering Springs ... Shocks Needed?
  177. quick header question??
  178. Wanted: CTS-V Air Intake System
  179. Pulley for Mrs. Maggie...
  180. ,i need, cts v shocks and springs
  181. Matching springs with FG2 Shocks
  182. Any Magnaflow owners in S.F. Bay Area???
  183. question for corsa owners,,
  184. Where to install UUC flywheel in So.Cal
  185. Throttle response
  186. Mods, my Kars for sale post in the classifieds is broken
  187. Remove exhaust to install kars stage 2?
  188. Looking for best price on RT direct fit cats..
  189. Reptilian Brain Made Me Do It...
  190. Brand new Kooks and KARS for sale
  191. Clutch question from a possible buyer
  192. Intake????
  193. Magnaflow Exhaust for $542 Shipped!!! NEW!
  194. LW Flywheel?
  195. shifter swap step by step intructions anyone?
  196. took the LS7 CTSV to the track today...
  197. CTS-V Maggie Installation on HP TV
  198. Used B&m Shifter And Two Tps For Sale
  199. Looking for a pair of used stock exhaust manifolds..
  200. Magnaflow Exhaust Pictures
  201. New V owner
  202. Comp Springs Temperature??
  203. Who Is Maggie
  204. anybody thinking of a maggie
  205. Install Price for Catbacks?
  206. F/S New B&M shifter
  207. headers for sale anyone?
  208. New shifter - CTS Woodgrain
  209. I Had GM Replace The Motor Mount....
  210. Still Clunking - Kars stage 3
  211. Magnaflow Exhaust $582.10 includes shipping
  212. Katech
  213. Which mod? K&N intake or Predator Programmer? more hp?
  214. CTS-V Exhaust in Orlando Area?
  215. Pinging issues
  216. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I R Back!!!
  217. Scratch one rear end
  218. Thinking about buying the Diablo predator tuner. Worth it?
  219. Cam Changes HP Gains???
  220. Stock exhaust request
  221. who got best deal on catted corsa->kooks connectors?
  222. Anyone in the Toronto area?
  223. new headers are on the way.numbers to come
  224. exhaust question......Help!
  225. Stock springs F/S
  226. Headers without a tune.
  227. Stealth V. Do you have any intake left?
  228. Ls2 Intake And Fast90, Are They The Same?
  229. Colorado V Guys - Where to go to get mods installed?
  230. Wow! New 335i w/ just a tune/exhaust
  231. DOES THE KAR wheel hop fix void warranty and how do you order?
  232. Exhaust Installation ? Please help!
  233. Blow rear $4100 non Warranty
  234. Slap Ls2 Manifold onto Ls6?
  235. Is it worth buying the BMR Anti wheel hop kit?
  236. Parting out my V.. cheap....
  237. CTS-V Springs For Sale??
  238. Small mods but I can't stop... HELP!!!!!
  239. UUC Shifter Mount Bushings, Install Question
  240. UUC shifter question
  241. What is the "tune" everyone keeps talking about?
  242. Kooks headers with Corsa & Maggie??
  243. Advise on Heads
  244. Which air intake give the most hp?
  245. Thinking of a Custom exhaust. Give me your input please.
  246. Some CTS-VR shots
  247. Zoomers SEMA Special $999.00
  248. Transmission Problems Related to a Short Shifter?
  249. Exhaust mod - part 1
  250. Car feels wierd...help