: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Cai?
  2. Heads and Cam...
  3. Is Santa Hooking Up Ur V
  4. Magnaflow Discount
  5. CTS-V Shocks
  6. Turning in the V next month/Bought an 08 C6
  7. Question for those with KARS3
  8. UUC Shifter
  9. Pics of my V @ EPP in many pieces
  10. I whooped a V6 CTS...respect mah authoratah... :hurr:
  11. Home-made air intake tube, 3.5" or 4"
  12. "V" wants a Maggie for christmas
  13. 07 cts v air intake
  14. This block of steel is about to become the first ever CTS-V Billet Diff housing!!
  15. Hands free Calling And CORSA Owners
  16. Custom Exhaust ?
  17. Another Exhaust Question (B&B)
  18. just installed nitrous today. pics inside
  19. websites?
  20. LS7 clutch flywheel and pressure plate in and...
  21. Borla Exhaust Discounts!
  22. Which Exhaust?
  23. KaTech Ported TB for sale in the Classifieds
  24. Found this Katech Shifter if anyone is interested
  25. Anyone else have problems with kooks headers?
  26. New stuff going on today!!!
  27. UUC Shifter and CAGS Mod a must have
  28. CEL from exhaust cutouts??
  29. LS9 Official Images
  30. Billet steel differential case update.
  31. Zoomers Exhaust Available in PA
  32. Procharger or Maggie
  33. New Clutch Needed?
  34. Borla Exhaust??
  35. Gauging Interest: Stainless Works Headers & Corsa Exhaust w/ Metal Matrix Cats
  36. Anyone need a new engine
  37. Nitrous Pics you requested
  38. Maggie is back to herself again
  39. Value of a tune?
  40. Madddd props too doug......
  41. What came out of my exhaust
  42. Any LS2 guys running a FAST 90?
  43. Rear strut brace
  44. UUC lightwieght flywheel and steel braided brake hoses on sale
  45. Intake question K&N vs FFV (yes I have searched)
  46. Installed my UUC flywheel!!
  47. Question about the UUC Lightweight Flywheel
  48. Swapped out my B&B resonator for the x-pipe...
  49. 15 hours to do clutch? LOL
  50. ATTN: Houston Vs. listen up...
  51. Mystical Ice Was that You?
  52. Kooks Headers Group Buy!!
  53. I'd Like To Sell The V Before.....
  54. Easy guide to installing UUC shifter from the top
  55. Stock Air Intake
  56. CTS-V performance parts for sale (Maggie, Headers, coil overs)
  57. For Those With Maggie Installed ...
  58. Some comments and questions regarding maggie!
  59. Magnaflow Exhausts - Substancial Discounts Available!
  60. Weight Lose Program
  61. Still Having Idle Issues Help!!!
  62. Best Deal for Magnaflow Exhaust?
  63. Saw a V pulled over in Florida....anyone here?
  64. Maggie & Angry Bees...
  65. Texas Motorplex Nov. 3
  66. Running LEAN with Granatelli Mass Air??HELPP
  67. If You Have Headers You May Want to Have a Look
  68. UUC Shifter and Bushings for CTS-V
  69. Okay. might be doing a solid axle in the V
  70. Question on Spacer for LS7 Clutch and Flywheel
  71. Wanted- Stock or aftermarket LS6 intake manifold
  72. straight pipes?
  73. Went to the dragstrip and guess what happened.
  74. Kars Stage III or Spectre Bushings or Both??
  75. Help! Question about throw out bearing in our clutch
  76. Anybody have Headers
  77. Having problems with Roy Foss in Toronto
  78. Magnaflow and headers
  79. Corsa rattle
  80. Clutch issue..dealer won't look
  81. 2nd Blown Kooks Headers gasket in 2 weeks
  82. ST Suspensions Sway Bars...
  83. Once Again...Mod Hell Strikes With Fury!
  84. GM racing sway bar kit
  85. Looking for OEM Shifter knob and boot.
  86. My exhaust is "popping"
  87. Nightmare stories
  88. Lindsay Poly Shifter Bushings
  89. WTB: CTS-V Sway Bars
  90. How long are clutches lasting most....
  91. SeaFoam, has anybody used it on there V??
  92. Will Trade Magnaflow for Stock
  93. Installed the magnaflow, love it but......
  94. Newbie checking in
  95. UUC Differential Bushing / Trans Mount / Motor Mount Thread
  96. URGENT Q. exhaust manifold gasket (reusable?)
  97. Sweet shifter boot? Coupons?
  98. Corsa Exhaust BEST Prices Here!!!
  99. Magna Charger Question
  100. Where can I buy a Lingenfelter intake?
  101. Check Engine light w/ headers install?
  102. Anyone had this happen with their KOOKS headers?
  103. WTB: Aftermarket Shifter
  104. Disconnect battery to install Magnaflow?
  105. WTB: Stock V exhaust in the detroit area
  106. Forgot headers, Kooks LT will be for sale
  107. WTB: Stock shifter
  108. Very Slighty used Magnaflow For Sale
  109. Header Install Houston
  110. Need help!!!!!
  111. Stock CTS-V exhaust for pick up- Sacramento/SF
  112. Deal too good to be true?
  113. Wheel hop and my T/A
  114. Good deal? Need dealer history.
  115. Buying Used CTS-V
  116. Well got the V back from the dealership.
  117. TPIS headers?
  118. Corsa Exhaust BEST Price!
  119. Kars II Kars III Question
  120. Fire extinguisher mounting bracket pics!
  121. ?? about rubber snorkle intake tube in bumper
  122. K&N Air Intake
  123. I Have One V-Stock Exhaust.....
  124. Quick RT cat. question
  125. Need stock v exhaust(chicago land)
  126. Those with the 'ghetto' intake tube....
  127. New Trans, New Rear, STILL the freakin CLUNK
  128. New mod to my maggie!
  129. CORSA resonator cracked!!!!
  130. B&B Headers - Need Help!
  131. WTB: Headers
  132. V Exhaust
  133. Kooks Owners Inside Please...
  134. Shifting Probs... Gates... Synchros... ?!?
  135. L92 Heads/l76 Intake?
  136. New Magnaflow
  137. Whats everyone using as an intake tube with maggie?
  138. 2.6" Maggie pulley question
  139. WHat happend to the UUC flywheel??
  140. Need Help: Major Shudder in drivetrain when lugging
  141. Want A Date With Maggie? Magnuson Supercharger Special Inside!
  142. Hotchkis sway bars - Front Sway bar fix
  143. KARS or BMR ??
  144. Headers in CA
  145. DO YOU LIVE IN NJ and own a 2006-2007 V?
  146. Maggied V's, you lucky B$%#rds - Wow....
  147. What Engine to buy?
  148. My Engine is Toast!
  149. Installing Eibach springs...where is Bump Stop??????
  150. 05 Loose shifter
  151. B&B Headers w/non B&B Exhaust
  152. Shorty Headers
  153. UUC short shifter
  154. Engine Shakes When Ignition Is Turned Off
  155. Greetings & Salutions!
  156. UUC shifter installed!
  157. Magnaflow On...
  158. Houston V Meet and Motorsport Tech Tour
  159. 323rwhp to 338rwhp with CIA and dyno tune
  160. KARS III Help Wanted
  161. Maggie keeps fuel pump running
  162. Tustin Cadillac Blows!!!!!!!!!
  163. difference btwn 1st gen vs 2nd gen BB headers
  164. Hell Did Boil Over & It's Aimed at an Install...
  165. B&B Exhaust w/Xpipe, LPE intake...
  166. Maggie Fire Sale!!!
  167. What is the point of twin Supercharging????
  168. Installed my B&M Shifter... Question
  169. Magnaflow $555 shipped to my door
  170. K&N filter
  171. clutch slipping =[ (guess the upgrades start now...)
  172. Does anyone make an intake tube?
  173. Using 2 electric cut-outs in exhaust
  174. Any V Owners in the Knox TN Area?? Meet??
  176. Been away for while and UUC is going bye bye along with car!
  177. Hotchkis Sway Bars and FG2's
  178. 06 vs. 07 shifter/tranny diff?
  179. Maggie and knock sensors...
  180. Anyone running this flywheel? Great Deal....
  181. Vs in Northern California??
  182. hay bcholka, I have a shifter question for ya
  183. Help! Car will not start
  184. L92 heads / L76 intake
  185. headers and sparkplug wires
  186. What's the Best-Bang-for-the-Buck Diff Protection?
  187. GTO shifter/boot setup
  188. DFW Meet (August)
  189. garbage can cover
  190. wet or dry?
  191. ...just a little help(i'm a new owner)
  192. Shifter Help!
  193. superchips
  194. Newbie
  195. Ha U ever shattered a piston???
  196. 90HP from just a cam in a LS2?
  197. How does a TPIS shifter compare?
  198. Magnaflow on ebay for $660 shipped
  199. Specter Werkes CTS V Cam Swap
  200. Looking for options on this clutch
  201. Maggie And I Are Splitting Up!
  202. Must get rid of shifter.
  203. Kars III F/S
  204. Ppl with Headers come on in......
  205. '06 maggied dyno, new low record?
  206. FINALLY!!! ... headers being picked up tomorrow
  207. Is this a threat for the V
  208. Second Diff is already bad
  209. Anyone selling a B&M shifter?
  210. Hot intake tube thread
  211. Hey! New Joinee!!!
  212. Eibach Springs and CTS sport rear shocks
  213. Not another CAI thread!
  214. Katech Short Shifter?
  215. Noise at idle, anyone know how to remedy
  216. The V got a garage-mate - Ferrari
  217. Detailed writeup on the CTS-VR
  218. How much to install Clutch and Flywheel?
  219. Billy Boat Exhaust - CTS-V
  220. Maggie + StealthV Tune = Beast!
  221. Anyone have sway bars?
  222. DFW Meet This Saturday? And Cam and kooks results...
  223. GM Flywheel mass/cost summary
  224. Solution to Aluminum DIY Intake Tube Heat Soak???
  225. LS7 Clutch Going in TOMORROW!
  226. Who's got the Maggie on EBAY?
  227. Heads and Cams for the V....
  228. UUC Flywheel/Aggressive Clutch (New News)
  229. Exhaust header Choice
  230. Yet anudder Maggie to the auction block
  231. UUC Flywheel, what's the best clutch available
  232. Anyone use the Spec stage 3 Clutch and flywheel
  233. Sorry guys... Been gone
  234. C5/C6 shifter on the V shaft.
  235. B&B LT's To Corsa Catback?
  236. Cheapest way to 505hp found?
  237. B&B Headers install started, what the hell started Flywheel install too...
  238. Just got the V dynoed, numbers posted...
  239. Free flywheel !!
  240. Return Of The Stuck At Work Sale
  241. 07 Dyno Run... Mostly stock
  242. Get an oil catch can. Seriously.
  243. CAI & Fast 90
  244. Quick question on Header Gasket.
  245. Maggie For Sale!!!
  246. Maggie Belt Too Short! ... HELP!
  247. Picked up a (damaged) 05 V for less $20K with 13K miles, fixed it and WHOO HOO!
  248. CAMs-R-Us
  249. Take off!! With the B&B X-pipe
  250. Corsa or Zoomers?