: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Same Maggie for LS6, LS2???
  2. V on pass time.
  3. Anyone have pics of KARS III diff support bracket?
  4. Maggie dead in 7 days
  5. Anyone run headers with no cats?
  6. Dyno Results: Installed Kooks Headers + Cats with Magnaflow
  7. Tunin quirks
  8. Exhaust...
  9. B&M shifter install question
  10. Installing a Diff
  11. Who in Ohio wants to be the first to see a turbo charged V?
  12. A few shifter bushing questions
  13. End of an era - for now
  14. our car's "turbo button" :D
  15. V Exhaust in Northern NJ
  16. I bought a new clutch and flywheel, now I have another question
  17. Finally got one! New V owner.
  18. couple questions. maggie involved.
  19. F.a.s.t Lsx Intake & 92mm Throttle Body
  20. F.a.s.t Lsx Intake & 92mm Throttle Body
  21. Help me figure out an exhaust that fits me
  22. Kooks Longtubes to Zoomers...help
  23. Maggie vs. STS Turbo
  24. Mod Install Order
  25. Magnaflow install - cross brace up?
  26. ALL Cadillac Corsa Performance Dyno Shootout!!
  27. PICS: BSI Cryo Drilled/Slotted Rotors, Hawk Pads, Matching Redline Painted Calipers
  28. UUC Shifter Installation
  29. Some odd noises.. Help!
  30. what fidanza flywheel do i need to use with ls7 pressure plate and disk
  31. Setting up a group buy on Maggie
  32. Calling all KARS
  33. UUC Mounts...
  34. Can somebody post some really good Kars III photos?
  35. Frayed Maggie Belt
  36. Poor man's Magnaflow
  37. Exhaust Videos
  38. B&M shifter discontinued??
  39. Picking up an 05 tomorrow! What should I be looking for?
  40. Kooks/Magnaflow VIDEO
  41. Exhaust tip alignment - anyone else off center?
  42. New Magnaflow exhaust installed! some pics/video
  43. K & N Intake + Predator Tune
  44. stock V exhaust
  45. Caddy Gear Heads Unite
  46. GTO OTR intake work for our car?
  47. stock v exhaust for sale in chicagoland area??
  48. 500rwhp on the Dyno today
  49. Center-to-center of pipes @ stock resonator?
  50. Another Hotchkis Thread
  51. Kooks & Magnaflow - factory catted connections or Corsa catted connections?
  52. Looking for CTS-V Exhaust in So-Cal
  53. More Power
  54. CTS-V Exhaust dyno vid link, check it out
  55. Uuc Shifter!!!!!
  56. New V owner with an exhaust question
  57. New High capacity RAD feedback
  58. Fast 90 on LS6 Feedback
  59. Dyno time!! New bolt on KING!?!?!?
  60. Anyone try this clutch?
  61. 05 Signed by Race team.
  62. Kars lll rearend I want the honest truth about how this upgrade is...
  63. Help with purchasing heads and cam
  64. For those w B&B EXHAUST....
  65. Cam Results: +57 rwhp / + 45 rwtq
  66. UUC Flywheel Installed
  67. KARS 3 Install Question
  68. Exhaust Performance
  69. Exhaust Tips PLZ
  70. Exhaust No cats Question
  71. Aftermarket exhaust - Which was is the least obnoxious?
  72. Where did my shifter go?!?!?!?!
  73. Seafoam and Seafoam Deep Creep
  74. need a stock shifter, please help
  75. Maggie pulley change, want smaller size.
  76. Dyno with the maggie
  77. Should I feel a big difference with Hotchkis sway bars?
  78. Virtual / Simulation Dyno Tuning??
  79. stock exhaust needed!!!!!
  80. Recommended Upgrades - Nitrous?
  81. Turbo Help on 05 CTS-V
  82. Cam Video
  83. V's going to the tuner tomorrow :2thumbs:
  84. Let's play "Name That Exhaust!"
  85. Corsa help?
  86. V Flywheels??
  87. WHo wants a turbo??
  88. Good clutch and flywheel deal?
  89. Dyno Day
  90. What shifter is better, B&M, Katech, or UUC
  91. Corsa resonator, never installed, make offer
  92. Corsa Resonator, brand new, never installed, make offer!!!
  93. BORLA Cat-Back Exhaust System; CHEAP!!!
  94. Intermittent exhaust vibration
  95. Installed B&M Short Shifter ... woooohoooo!
  96. URGENT! Free Magnaflow Exhaust Must deal with tommorrow! Grand Rapids MI
  97. BMR Opinions
  98. B&B X-Pipe for Resonator
  99. maggie owners, after cooler fill?
  100. Hotchkis sway bar kit
  101. B&B Gen 1 or kooks headers
  102. Stock cats...not for sale
  103. Coated Header Poll - Calling All Header Owners
  104. SW with stock exhaust and cut-outs
  105. maggie oil catch can
  106. '05 cam swap
  107. B&B vs Corsa
  108. Anyone descreen their mafs?
  109. Bolton Mods and cam only RWHP?
  110. Looking for someone near Chi-town with UUC Shifter/bushings
  111. DMH Electric Exhaust Cutouts on Corsa Cat Back
  112. Lingenfelter Twin Turbo Kit
  113. Stage 2 of the really fast V program
  114. No ECU Derived Horsepower Left On the Table For a Stock-ish LS6?
  115. Maggie Pics
  116. Maggie Kicks Codes, Normal?
  117. What do you all think of these GMPP cams
  118. Alright Ill come out with it....why does my exhaust sound so raspy?
  119. LS2=NASCAR engine
  120. Went to the dyno today
  121. Supercharger or Turbo?
  122. Corsa Exhuast Tip Pics
  123. Holy mother of god....drove csp3000's maggied V...
  124. Trade FFV for Stock Intake
  125. what does an exhaust/header leak sound like?
  126. B&M Shifter - Knob
  127. Maggie Owners, Please Read
  128. New V Owner
  129. Dyno Day Video!
  130. Good Dyno results for stock???
  131. Life After Stealth V - Now How Do I tune?
  132. AMAZING performance parts!
  133. Kooks Headers In, No Codes, and DYNO TUNE RESULTS
  134. $400-$500 Left!
  135. Some water on exterior of exhaust?
  136. What Kind of Exhaust Wrap?
  137. bad idle
  138. Balky shifter
  139. Well got the Maggie on.
  140. Magnaflow Install before/after pics & videos
  141. SW system installed and no DRONE!!!!!
  142. Different Mod-Hell Questions
  143. Corsa Catback Vid Clip
  144. Another Headers Question
  145. Borla Exhaust Video
  146. Self Install Headers......ahhahaha yea right!
  147. Exhaust leak
  148. Free stuff.
  149. The Maggie just arrived but have a question??
  150. where to get high flow cats for my B&B headers
  151. Maggie Drill Guide and Bit
  152. VIDEO: k&N CAI, Kook's, High Flows, Magnaflow w/X-pipe
  153. Wanted: Kars Kit
  154. TPIS Headers Sounds Video. Watch it!
  155. Shifter Knob options
  156. How would this Flywheel/Clutch Setup Compare to Stock
  157. Dyno Sheets.
  158. Numbers from my EPP tune CAI/Headers/Cats/Magnaflow
  159. Where to price Maggie from...
  160. New Weiand Intake
  161. Last service before warranty is dead
  162. Looking installing a stock CTS V exhaust
  163. Do These Kooks Cats Look Right?
  164. Anyone want to trade their B&B for Magnaflow?
  165. Engine cleaning...
  166. Aero Exhaust, heard of em?
  167. Maggie Anyone????
  168. Exhaust Swap Band Wagon... Borla for Corsa Anyone?
  169. Anyone want to trade their Magnaflow for a Corsa?
  170. Vids: Cutouts vs. Magnaflow
  171. Got a baseline Dyno for my car today
  172. Headers + No Tune?
  173. Dyno Tuning
  174. Help with the Maggie needed
  175. what are you doing with the stock shifter?
  176. eibach rear lowering spacers
  177. WTB: TPM sensors & Shifter knob
  178. Would 05/5.7L headers fit on an 06/6.0L?
  179. Dual Mass flywheel question
  180. Homemade catch can doesn't seem to catch oil....
  181. Hi-Temp Header Coating
  182. My CTS-V K-Series Burn Out
  183. B&B Headers for DDriver...Yes or NO Help
  184. Who has Kooks with Magnaflow?
  185. maggie owners
  186. "inexpensive" Track Wheel
  187. Maggie Installers in North Central Florida
  188. WOOOHOOO! Got my Exhaust done!
  189. Need help please
  190. Advice on shifter install
  191. Custom exhaust question
  192. Dealer just put in a new shifter...
  193. Best Cold Air Intake
  194. Kars Bushings
  195. Have Headers? Brake Line Precautions
  196. How did you safety recall work turn out, here's mine!
  197. The final word on retrofitting the '09 differential
  198. what do you guys think of this exhaust?
  199. Newbie with a Maggie
  200. Exhaust and Cat removal question.....
  201. Potential Exhaust trade... DMH Cutouts
  202. Cts-v = Dog bowl?????
  203. Titanium ZO6 exhaust/mufflers on CTS-V?
  204. WTB Kooks/Corsa complete will pay $1600
  205. Carbon Fiber Look Engine Cover
  206. Kars Kit and New Rear
  207. Huge sale on all Stainless works products and magnacharger
  208. Anyone need a stock exhaust system????
  209. My motor rebuild -pics
  210. New owner....need mod opinions
  211. UUC Shift Knob with Stock Shifter Boot
  212. Motor Mount and Header Question
  213. Spectre Cradle Bushings or BMR for wheelhop?
  214. The V beast is ready for the dyno
  215. Need new valve springs!
  216. best heads and cam package?
  217. Headers melting spark wires/breaking plugs??
  218. which exhaust has no drone?
  219. B&B exhaust tabs..help
  220. More UUC Flywheel Praise...
  221. UUC Flywheel .... WOW what a difference!!!
  222. Uhh...guys...where are my mufflers?
  223. Cat Back B*B
  225. Is there such thing as KARS anymore?
  226. ls6 rough shutdown engine noise
  227. Exhaust question...
  228. Weight savings with headers
  229. DFW V's first dibs anyone?
  230. Need Your Input Guys. Which header and cats?
  231. Kooks or stainless works headers with a maggie?
  232. Head And Cam Package With A Maggie
  233. Need help finding some part numbers for the CTS-V intake and rear suspension bolts
  234. Eibach springs and Ride Quality
  235. GMPD Sway Bar question
  236. Volant or K&N intake pipe
  237. My clutch is being replaced...how much should I have to pay to have addtnl wk done?
  238. Thinking of selling a Maggie...Interested?
  239. What is next - ? for V GOD's
  240. How the hell can HSW sell nitrous kits so cheap???
  241. Wtb: B&b Headers
  242. Which headers to get?
  243. Shifting...
  244. Thought I dodged a bullet on the UUC shifter
  245. Supercharger options
  246. Installed new Katech shifter
  247. One Day Exhaust and Brakes Sale - Friday 1/11/08!
  248. CAGS! for the budget minded.
  249. What type of grease for shifter install?
  250. Looking to sample someone's UUC shifter in South Jersey