: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. my new exhaust. it's loud and I love it. check it out...
  2. What shift knob will fit b@m shifter?
  3. Saying goodbye to the V community
  4. GTO FRC, 'round 2
  5. Running rich,low MPG, clean mass air flow sensor?
  6. Anyone know the thread on the stock exhaust bolts?
  7. Im dumping on a MP122 headunit kit on ebay today.
  8. Maggie installed on the LS2 finally
  9. '06/'07 axles for '04/'/05 ?
  10. Any Interest In Buying Modified Stock Exhaust?
  11. 1-2 shifts destroying diffs?
  12. Exhaust brand - which one and worth it?
  13. Muffler Delete / eDead 80
  14. Lindsay + Katech Motor + Son of Tranzilla = Cadjira
  15. Exhaust Sounds Different...Any Ideas?
  16. Hendrix-Engineering getting to know you axle sale!
  17. Free exhaust and springs- Pick Up only- SE PA
  18. Dyno retune with new Fast 92mm intake
  19. Gauging intrest in TVS1900 and TVS2300 maggy kits.
  20. Finally got around to installing the UUC shifter.
  21. No TVS for the CTSV
  22. Life without the maggie
  23. My suspension update
  24. Motor Mount Update...
  25. Maggie = Perma Grin Thanks In-Tune
  26. Post Up Your Results with the New DSS Axles
  27. 1st try 1/4 mile this week for my 2006 V
  28. Maggie injector question
  29. Tech help needed: Suspension, Hotchkis/Eibach/Powergrid
  30. Excessive oil consumption '06?
  31. Need Maggie stock tune (EFI Live format) urgently needed
  32. F1-A Procharger kits now being sold by EPP (partial kits)
  33. Signup list #2 for Custom DSS Axles
  34. Maggie Vs Old School
  35. The General Doesn't Learn
  36. Headers: C.A.R.B. Legal??
  37. STS turbo kit, has anyone slapped one on yet?
  38. save 250.00 and try this
  39. Installation instructions for B&M and or UUC Short Shifter?
  40. Magnaflow Install
  41. Mod Nightmare. Any ideas?
  42. Oil catch can question
  43. Apparently someone else is doing custom axles for us too....
  44. So whats the going price to upgrade to a 122?
  45. My 2 month old cts-v
  46. Searched... cannot find 06-07 V with Maggie results
  47. Starting in Second
  48. Official "Whats Under Your Hood" Engine Bay PIC Thread!!!
  49. Lingenfelter Air intake ???
  50. QA1's.. FE4s.. FG2s...
  51. TPiS just installed the short shifter in my v
  52. 2006 dyno results and 2004 Ls6 vs 2006 Ls2
  53. Installed Fuel Rail Covers for maggie..
  54. considering headers and tune
  55. quick mod question
  56. Question for People with KARS III...Does yours Look Like This?
  57. V Upgrade or Repair? Really need advice, at a mod crossroad...
  58. Unleashing hidden power with Maggie Blower
  59. Meet - June 13th - Claymont, DE - PA, NJ, DE, MD guys etc.............dyno available!
  60. Why is Dyno day thread gone?
  61. Signup list for Custom DSS Axles
  62. What's a ls6 with a maggie worth?
  63. Luv My Maggie !!!!!!
  64. 2nd gear skip
  65. Dyno With Maggie, NOT Verry Happy!!!
  66. Do your shift linkage bushings look like this? Loose Shifter? A lot of play?
  67. think this over the rad. intake for G8 will work on v?????
  68. K&N drop in filter and CAGS 2006 V
  69. Lowering with QA1 for Street/Track...Coilovers or Lowering Springs?
  70. how do tuners "cure" the hop? mallet? katech?
  71. For those with dyno tuned maggie's
  72. New Vids From Friday at BeaveRun.
  73. Trunk mounted battery
  74. Best Pricing on Magnaflow Exhaust?
  75. Ordered some headers. Few questions.
  76. Noise in neutral - sounds like flywheel/clutch
  77. Charlotte NC V meet Dyno Day
  78. MAF screen - delete?
  79. have Corsa - considering Magnaflow - whatcha think?
  80. First Annual MN V Dyno/Cruise Day!!!!
  81. fresh off the dyno (graph/video)
  82. Air Intake for Maggie
  83. is anyone running the FULL BMR rear kit?
  84. New pulley and filter - new numbers
  85. Springs or Motor Mounts
  86. TTP Dyno Day pics/vids/results
  87. Painted Maggie?
  88. Testing new fix for wheelhop: Custom Axles
  89. URGENT: For those who have the 561 Traction Kit
  90. Finally Got the Maggie Home!!!
  91. what do you guys use as dd's
  92. Seafoam and Maggie
  93. Dyno Day @ Vengeance (PICS)
  94. Heads
  95. Tuners and scanners
  96. Dyno Dynamics Numbers
  97. tuned the V!
  98. Fs kars iii
  99. H&R Sport Springs & Nivomats
  100. Okay, Here's the Deal on Tri-State Dyno Day
  101. Leveling the V after the Maggie - Springs for sale?
  102. What will a new shifter do exactally?
  103. Stock CTS V What kind of Dyno numbers does it come in at
  104. Dyno Day @ Vengeance (Update)
  105. Buying a Maggie V, have some questions?
  106. $50 Fix for GM Garbage Shifter Trim
  107. Dallas Dyno Results (Post Pics & Video)
  108. How bad is it if I broke
  109. check engine light... P0171
  110. First UUC motor mount failure? Yes and not the only one.
  111. How to fix a "sloppy" B&M shifter?
  112. Exhaust Question - Eliminating Resonater w/o xpipe
  113. Does someone have a list of parts for the maggie kit?
  114. Maggie / LS7 Clutch & Flywheel / RPM Level V Tranny Feedback
  115. B&B to Cat connection
  116. Quick exhaust question! Real quick!
  117. Replacement Springs for Ground Controls...
  118. is this a good upgrade??
  119. Shifter pivot bushings???
  120. TITANIUM exhaust tips (feeler)
  121. GREAT Dyno Tune Results!!
  122. Dyno Day Tomorrow! (Land and Sea)
  123. So Who's Going to Putnam Park April 18-19?
  124. eibach springs
  125. Shifter Trim / Boot Needed
  126. LS7 Clutch Kit from Luke.
  127. LED Brakelights - easiest mod ever
  128. Cts v turbo?
  129. what kinda gains w/ CAI & full exhaust?
  130. The more i read about cts v's the more i get confused also MODS LIST
  131. My "big" shopping list for monday. Let mod hell begin!
  132. Don't Ever Say I Never Gave You Anything...
  133. Something differnt, 2.5" X-pipe onto stock exhaust
  134. 1...2...3...less clunk for me (pics)..
  135. Mod Hell (used maggie install)
  136. KARS, KARS III, extreme KARS......
  137. UUC Flywheel Labor and rattling/vibration
  138. Woohoo! Just ordered my QA-1 shocks!
  139. exhaust size 3" vs 2.5"
  140. Getting Magnaflow exhaust and Kooks headers
  141. I need an LS6 exhaust valve ASAP!!!!!!!!!
  142. Mallett Cars claims to solve wheel hop CTS-V
  143. H&R springs installed (pics)
  144. (Almost Stock) Dyno Results
  145. BMR vs KARS (wheel hop kit)
  146. confusion of what to do.
  147. 1" 7/8 Kooks+w4m+BMR=BADASS
  148. Dyno Day at Vengeance Racing (Georgia)
  149. So did the drag bags work???????
  150. Cam/Intake/Throttlebody Help
  151. service stability system is this a plague?
  152. What should we be paying for a maggie?
  153. Anyone have a CAI for sale?
  154. Mid-Atlantic Meetup
  155. One Maggie, One set of Headers, One dynojet = weak sauce
  156. KARS Traction Kit Install Time ???
  157. Katech spacer / LS7 Clutch question
  158. will exhaust void warranty?
  159. Anyone have a stock shifter?
  160. Finally, retuned, redynod. Very happy.
  161. Just installed Katech shifter WOW!
  162. Voodoo Performance KARS III - Now Taking Orders
  163. uuc shifter vs stock
  164. Cam dyno results
  165. Corsa driv'n me nuts!!!!! i think!
  166. Voodoo Performance Strut Tower Braces
  167. ARP Headers Bolts
  168. DETAILED sway bar questions on the V
  169. Cheap exhaust idea!
  170. Looking for install guide/information on shifter bushings
  171. Question on setting Stability System / Dyno
  172. Got my car back from performance shop...Should I be happy?
  173. Anyone here just running a head/cam as the only mods?
  174. Cadillac engine mod Question
  175. So who wrapped their headers?
  176. Dyno tune Or w4m tune?
  177. Lingenfelter CAI causes check engine light to come on... help
  178. Weird engine shutdown
  179. The truck motor intake tract project
  180. Question on Exhaust
  181. New Camera, New Exhaust Video :)
  182. Kars kit....
  183. Rearend housing reinforcement
  184. dynoing these things
  185. Used Magnacharger - Bad Bearings - Low Boost
  186. do I have a clutch,trans,or shifter problem?
  187. B&B x-pipe vs. resonator
  188. exhaust questions
  189. Need Stock Exhaust, Have a Corsa Exhaust
  190. Contemplating mods
  191. Diff Bushing Install/ Removal
  192. Bassani Exhaust Group Buy
  193. Opinions sought for intake decision
  194. X-Pipe Only ???
  195. Depressed.... Maggie install delay.
  196. Stock Intake Tube?
  197. Looking for a stock V exhaust.
  198. New CTS-V Owner with couple aftermarket questions!
  199. Best price for K&N intake, or is anyone selling one?
  200. Texas Dyno Day - Update
  201. Where can I get a tune for my stock V w/ a Maggie
  202. How loud are headers really?
  203. Does the Inner-Cooler for maggie need to be completely full?
  204. Cowan's Maggie Re-installl .... maggie self installers come in...
  205. engine cover Paint
  206. New Maggie Owner - Install Help? (E. Tenn.)
  207. Dyno with Maggie!
  208. DFW Dyno Day
  209. All LSX Meet/Dyno Day @ Race Proven Motorsports in Claymont DE!
  210. Intake.. Aftermarket or Stock??
  211. Headers install cost?
  212. Hey guys
  213. WP #4 - Custom Intake Tube - Done.
  214. Need help with LS7 clutch kit compatability
  215. UUC Shifter
  216. Corsa exhaust - decent price
  217. Feeler: KW Coil Over Group Buy
  218. Camshaft Specs
  219. Fried Clutch! I think I wanna ZO6 clutch and flywheel.
  220. LS6 CTS-V maggie on ebay
  221. Lets talk about springrates GC/Maggie
  222. New Headers
  223. luke! I have a question!
  224. DIY Katech Shifter Knob! (Caddies are for Pimps...Right?)
  225. CTS-V Mufflers only w/out full exhaust
  226. Maggie balancer question -
  227. wow the guys on the V2 forum have lost there mind.. or have a lot of $!
  228. Install of a LS2 Maggie
  229. Ground Control Noise Issues
  230. Clutch guru's?
  231. install a new intake
  232. Finally installed the PCV catch can
  233. ACT Twin Disc clutch review
  234. 540whp CTS-V
  235. Prepping for the maggie - hopefully not another maggie thread
  236. Official Differential Bushing Puller Loan-A-Tool Signup.
  237. C5 Corvette Battery Shroud
  238. need pics of driveshaft
  239. Need to shave off more weight
  240. anyone have this exhaust set up? how loud
  241. Some one plan a spring meet in the chicago west suburbs please
  242. K&N problem
  243. Need an exhaust note...muffler recommendation please
  244. How did you "silence" your aftermarket shifter???
  245. Saw the doctor and here are the results
  246. Anyone considering the STS turbo system?
  247. Mystery Shifter in my V
  248. New user saying Hi!
  249. idle issue?
  250. Atlanta Performance and Fabrication