: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods

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  1. Hotchkis is good!
  2. Getting parts together for clutch and headers
  3. Gforce CTS-V Anti-Wheel hop axle kits
  4. How can I tell what differential my V has?
  5. 383 Build starts tomorrow.
  6. Secondary cooling fan motor....
  7. Video of Mustang Dyno Run for Twitch (Tony)
  8. Fast 92 Intake No Longer In Production
  9. ACT HD 6 puck clutch kit
  10. On the fence about running E85? --- Duel Flash PCM!
  11. Differential leak from diff vent.
  12. "sticking" throttle after new mods (kooks, k&n intake,spark plugs)
  13. !Tire costs going up 8 to 12% on Jan 21st!
  14. Modded my shifter this weekend
  15. Forgot to lube the oil filter gasket
  16. And we have a cam now
  17. Doing some Installs today!
  18. What are the thread dimensions on clutch slave cylinder
  19. Madman's rear IRS
  20. Motor Mount - Stock vs upgraded - under car video
  21. For those who have done the MOD
  22. Check this out!!!!
  23. First Mod!!! Virgin V...
  24. In for brakes and find...
  25. Who sells front-end poly or alum. bushings
  26. where are you guys buying your maggie kits?
  27. Those with Maggie's check for belt wear.
  28. Good RPM signal to use for dyno pulls?
  29. V1 vs Japan sedans...
  30. Axle popping out of Diff!? HELP
  31. Eibach Pro-Alignment Camber Kit 5.81260K CADILLAC CTS
  32. 4" Intake DIY
  33. is this real?
  34. Trailing Arms bushings
  35. help with a LS2 maggied ctsv
  36. 05 CTS-V Muffler Only Replacement
  37. Kooks Exhaust 10% Discount and Free Shipping
  38. Heat soah aid
  39. School me on clutch choices
  40. Hotchkis question
  41. anybody done a twin intank pump set up?
  42. Time for New Tires
  43. E85 Conversion on Maggie'd V
  44. Tune???
  45. Coil-overs
  46. Energy Suspension Forum Pole
  47. Nitrous dyno results
  48. new style intake manifold - benefits - see link
  49. Christmas Present (Finally Some Kooks Headers/HF cats)
  50. Fitment issue w/ 2006+ K&N CAI
  51. Whipple Supercharger (3.3l) installed on LS6 CTS-V (should work for LS2 as well)!!!
  52. Time for a New Clutch
  53. 0-60 Maggied V?
  54. CA. smog legal cam choices (suggestions)
  55. typhoon 96mm intake manifold
  56. Wheel Hop Question
  57. Power steering hose?
  58. 8" crankshaft pulley vs 2.6 w/ tensioner
  59. Kooks headers and Magnaflow Exhaust
  60. A word of caution!!!!!
  61. Big Thumbs Up to Magnuson
  62. In the middle of header installation.... question!!
  63. Embarrassing emergency question in regards to header studs
  64. Maggie + HE axles
  65. Harmonic Balancer Replacement Questions
  66. Seafoam before or after header install?
  67. BMR Strut Tower Brace For Sale
  68. LS6 oil pan CTS V
  69. Some news I need to share
  70. Installing Headers and Full Exhaust...
  71. Available ring + pinion ratios?
  72. crank relearn???
  73. 2006 mass air flow
  74. Anyone do cts-v dyno tune in ottawa, ontario canada? Or near here?
  75. Stock OEM muffler cfm?
  76. I need an 06-07 CTS-V
  77. Searched the forum and still confused, HELP!
  78. Brake bleeding trackside
  79. Why are there no full exhaust systems w/ H pipe or other for cts v?
  80. BFG R1 Track Tires (265/35ZR18) (a few ???s)
  81. Maggie i-cooler hoses flat?
  82. Dyno'ed the V today
  83. Kooks headers to MagnaFlow exhaust help
  84. so i finally did it!
  85. good deal on Kooks headers
  86. LS7 slave failure
  87. cts-v mod plan.. help me out
  88. Overdrive Pulley
  89. Rev Speed: Stock vs LS7 Flywheel VIDEOS!
  90. Magnacharger going in this weekend, help me with the check list
  91. H&R Install Question
  92. Possible DISSASTER!!!! HELP!
  93. Help me pick a CAM and accessories for my Maggie'd V
  94. UUC short shifter
  95. Hooker Headers for the CTS-V?
  96. FAST fuel rails - whats used to connect to main fuel line
  97. maggie
  98. Stock CTS-V exhaust headers...
  99. dyno and ABS
  100. Injectors Choosing, be careful
  101. lowered v
  102. She won't start
  103. Upgrading stoping power for track use...
  104. Has anyone measured or noticed gains from replacing intake snorkel
  105. Z06 Struts/shocks? or 09 ctsv's
  106. GMPP is AWESOME.
  107. MSD 8.5mm Wires versus Taylor 10.4mm
  108. Another "here's my dyno graph" thread
  109. RPM help
  110. Corsa Catback 4 sale 800 shipped
  111. Well she broke again.
  112. UUC Bushings/Shifter, LS7 Clutch in. My review
  113. All New Creative Steel/Ultramounts Poly Diff Bushing Installed!!
  114. Twin supercharger.. old news?
  115. Cheap Sways!
  116. Which Redline Transmission Fluid?
  117. See as most everyone has one Ill ask......
  118. CEL points to low signal at MAF sensor
  119. Cheap, brand new FG2's
  120. Just got B&B exhaust --- a bit confused!!
  121. Motor mount dilemma
  122. Axle installer FAIL!
  123. we are looking for someone who wants to do a Whipple
  124. Magnaflow Issues
  125. Need a favor
  126. Anyone have a corsa exhaust system for a 07? used/new
  127. Lightweight flywheel question
  128. Straight Axle conversion option!
  129. Reliable Net Merchants?
  130. Cleaning out garage
  131. Supercharger Motivation
  132. 800 HP Tranny options?
  133. Cts-v 2006 automatic conversion
  134. Got Some Test Pipes to Replace Stock Cats
  135. Specter Werkes Cradle Bushings
  136. Eibach Spring Part # Question
  137. LS7 Clutch Kit Ordered..To Remote Bleed or Not to Remote Bleed?
  138. Clutch Help
  139. Accessory power location
  140. Nitrous purge location
  141. X pipe ??
  142. Other than stock shifter bushing with Katech shifter?
  143. Ebay Rotors & EBC Yellows = AWESOME
  144. My V finally feels like a true "Sports" sedan
  145. HELP, were is the speed sensor located ?
  146. Fitting a compressor and air tank in the spare tire well...
  147. Is this old news?
  148. Monster Clutch Co. Holiday sale
  149. Air Filter Part Number (cone filter - aftermarket)
  150. LS6 Intake Part Number
  151. Help! Super Newbie here!
  152. I got it on last night.....The Maggie that is!
  153. Textralia exo-skell install help!!!
  154. Anyone install a resonator on a Magnaflow exhaust?
  155. Methanol Injection
  156. Going to make new Motor Mounts Have Q's
  157. Does anyone make a remote bleeder for the CTS-V slave???
  158. What basic mods won't void the warranty?
  159. Anyone know what kind of shifter this is?
  160. Half Shafts...
  161. Check Ebay for exhausts quick!
  162. Dyno baseline for nearly stock '05 V
  163. Gotta go back to stock springs with air bags
  164. New exhaust front to back
  165. how much $ for pinion support bushing install through dealer
  166. PAH!! Bolt on 80HP of Awsomeness!!
  167. 04 ctsv vs 08 vette ls3 auto
  168. What's the best hand held tuner for a 2006-2007?
  169. All I ever wanted to know about CAM's and a few other questions
  170. Brakes stock vs aftermarket for DD
  171. Baselining the V - a visit to the strip
  172. Looking for headers (kooks) install walkthrough
  173. LS2 ported throttle body
  174. Where can I find a Maggie LS6 Valley cover ASAP??
  175. Flip Drive Belt System for Maggies
  176. PS2s to Hankooks
  177. 315 too much rubber??
  178. Gforce axle testing conclusions
  179. About to order B&B headers and exhaust!!
  180. Yet another Tire Question
  181. auto-x on 275/40 rear tires
  182. Z06 or CTS V
  183. Gforce Engineering axle kit ordering
  184. Want to lower my V
  185. Who Wants an Off-Road Test Pipe That Will Still Pass Visual Inspection?
  186. Headers and cats on.....now a question
  187. what is part number of 05 V ECU?
  188. New Maggie Installed
  189. Need part numbers for LS6 MAP sensor and IAT sensor for maggie.
  190. New mods and dyno sheet.
  191. Gforce Axles Review
  192. E85?
  193. New maggie headed my way via Hendrix Engineering
  194. GC Question
  195. Relatively new V owner seeking some advice
  196. Borla Exhaust
  197. World's Fastest CTS-V in Standing 1-Mile
  198. Race Series or Performance series?
  199. Lowered suspension feel - new owner
  200. Which cold air intake is the best? Ported TB??
  201. maggie+90mm TB.
  202. MSD products?
  203. Too many diffs in stock
  204. Spec Clutch
  205. Craig's List Cam\Head Package
  206. Best NOS: Which kit and why
  207. 102 mm maf
  208. New numbers after dyno tune
  209. Lowering Parts I don't need....maybe you do? z06 endlinks, lowering spacers
  210. Hendrix Clutch Review
  211. Hendrix econo axle installed....it works!
  212. I bet this is one reason why we have clunk! (Video)
  213. Help with shif linkage and clutch
  214. Am I missing something?
  215. Cam, Header install almost wrapped up
  216. Maggied 05, fuel rail cover questions
  217. Have you guys heard of these brakes??
  218. Looking for rear toe rods and trailing arms
  219. Brake Job - new rotors help
  220. Installing B&B headers and catback in 2 weeks!!
  221. Fuel Pump Change?
  222. Specter Werkes Cradle Bushings ready to ship
  223. Broke the Crank Pulley last night
  224. LS7 Throttle Body
  225. Question on a FAST INTAKE????
  226. B&B resonator
  227. Hendrix HEX Clutch Review
  228. Hendrix-Engineering econo axle ready to ship!
  229. Cquence rotors...
  230. Monster Clutch Install
  231. Yet another cam question
  232. Creative Steel/Ultra Mounts Transmission Mount Full Review
  233. Hendrix Econo-Axle Review
  234. **rlj5 runs 11.64**
  235. More Maggie info....please help.
  236. Maggie group buy
  237. B&M short throw shifter??
  238. Need CAGS, who sells it?
  239. Now I know why they call it the fastest color....
  240. WTB Stock Motor & Trans Mounts
  241. Diagnosis Needed
  242. A bit confused about "tuning"...help needed!
  243. @#$^!* UUC Transmission Mount
  244. Will no cats cause any problems??
  245. Photos of Creative Steel Ultra Mounts Transmission Mount Vs. UUC Transmission Mount
  246. 1 7/8th vs 1 3/4" headers
  247. Looking to stop wheel hop need help!!!
  248. Surprising Weight Savings from Aftermarket Wheels
  249. anyone know how to contact voodoo performance for rear suspension
  250. Nitrous Oxide....way better than cags!