: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Fuel line help
  2. Ecu tuning question
  3. BCM, ECM, electrical gremlins.
  4. 04 ls6 knocking with good oil pressure
  5. Warning tone when shifting into reverse
  6. Service Manuals for Mounts
  7. 06 V with base CTS info center and aftermarket DVD/Nav?
  8. Bent Brake Caliper line? Issue? Causing Drag?
  9. Can not enable TPMS relearn process
  10. LS2 Clutch swap to LS7 locations in South Florida
  11. Hey, New Girl in town!!! Problems with code P 0300 - 2004 CTS-V
  12. How can i add aux to my radio cts 2005?
  13. Gas tank drop
  14. Whatever Happened to The Annual V Series Meetup in Indy?
  15. 2005 CTS-V no XM band, wanting to wire in aux
  16. Outer tie rod ends
  17. Tires
  18. Parking brake wont hold car (new rotors, shoes, and adjustment) 05 V
  19. 2005 CTS-V cranks but no start
  20. Service Airbag light
  21. Coolant Overflow boiling over but temp Guage normal
  22. Engine Issues, Clutch or Transmission??
  23. Parking brake pawl broken
  24. Tablet in dash project - do you still have your old gen1 radio?
  25. Odd noise when turning right, throw out bearing??
  26. Looking for TheBigJimSho
  27. New to me 2005 CTS-V - Introducing Myself
  28. Need service on your Cadillac? Get paid for your feedback!
  29. Brake caliper exchange
  30. Looking for my (old) 2005 V vin #1G6DN56S550164332
  31. Base stereo programming
  32. New First Gen CTS-V Owner
  33. E-Brake wire hooked up causing reduced power and code 1516
  34. Best stereo update for bluetooth/phone/etc
  35. Spare wheel/jack for CTS-V
  36. Need Drive Shaft for Gen 1 CTS-V
  37. Stability Control Saga Continues
  38. How do you mount & balance a replacement harmonic balancer
  39. ABS, Traction Control, and Parking Brake lights on along with problems. No CELs
  40. Seats, Mirrors, and Radio Constantly Reset.
  41. Cam Position Sensor (LS6) replaced and then
  42. Using Base Axles
  43. Replacing Fuel Pump on my '05 V
  44. TPMS going crazy!!!
  45. p0171, p0420, p0430 Cats shot at 38k?
  46. 2004 Cadillac Audio
  47. Heat shield removal
  48. Diff flange alignment
  49. 05 CTS-V thrown codes and random no start.
  50. Broken exhaust manifold bolt
  51. Cant pass smog 2005 Cts-V California
  52. My new to me 04 CTS-V
  53. Love this forum, but saying bye to my V
  54. Last gremlins are hanging on.
  55. Cadillac Racing Team spotted @ VIR
  56. First big issue with new V: bad "squeak" leads to misfire (P0303)
  57. Gc upper strut mounts mount help
  58. Steering shake when braking (not rotors, pads, or balance issue)
  59. The saga continues
  60. Driver's seat controls fuse keeps popping ???
  61. Fe4 shock/strut part #
  62. Any other CTS-Vs near Clarksville, TN?
  63. Leak under dash on passenger side
  64. Hopefully the last few gremlins. .....input needed.
  65. New Owner - Stealth Gray 2006 CTS-V
  66. No Panel lights
  67. I'm finally an owner - and glad to be.
  68. Stuck sunroof !
  69. Passenger Seat Shaking & Seat Belt Making Noise
  70. Just saying hello
  71. Intermittent Speedo Display
  72. replaced diff bushing, reassembled driveshaft CV !
  73. Fuel Pump Module & Connector Recall completed
  74. DIC Vehicle Personalization issues, newb help
  75. Lowest Odometer Reading
  76. Creative Steel Motor Mount Failure
  77. 25873498 - Gen IV Carrier / Differential
  78. 4 tires, brakes, rotors, tpms change
  79. Mechanic LS7 clutch parts list?
  80. Carrier bearing mount failure.
  81. Bad whining noise coming from tranny possibly? Video
  82. Rear Differential Bushing Help
  83. Woodward Dream Cruise
  84. AC Smells like mold
  85. 2005 CTS-V seatbelt recognition
  86. P0449 CEL & Evap Vent Solenoid Circut
  87. AC Compressor, Thermal Expansion Valve
  88. Driveshaft click
  89. Balancer
  90. Blown V rear differential
  91. Crack dash replacement poll
  92. AC Compressor ACDelco 15-21224 R&R questions, oil? volume?
  93. Connection plug arrangement headlight connector
  94. updating the v
  95. Anti-Theft Lock System Issues
  96. Piece fell out of parking brake- any ideas what it is?
  97. Please help - shop for clutch install in NorCal?
  98. Leaky diff?
  99. New to the Club
  100. Stock LR axle replacement. Best place to buy?
  101. How to: Fix/Unplug 04-07 Cadillac CTS-V Sunroof Drain Tubes.
  102. Wrong bolt on radiator swap - how bad is this?
  103. Tc light abs no cruise control issue
  104. DC/MD/VA area CTS-V Meetup Sunday July 10th...
  105. Fun in "Club V"
  106. Cheap Shift Knob Option for Katech Shifters
  107. Pulled some DTC codes today
  108. Interior Door Panel - Black Paint Came Off
  109. Throttle body bypass?
  110. Need help with some abs codes im getting
  111. a few updates.
  112. EBCM Repair
  113. Windshield Washer ??
  114. DIC reports: air bag, stability, TC, hi battery 16v. Now clears but low voltage WTF?
  115. changing starter with long tubes.
  116. Anyone had the plastic "accordion" pieces deteriorate on their sunroof?
  117. CTS-V won't start after clutch install
  118. Why buy parts from Lindsay Cadillac?
  119. Father's Day Special: Road Atlanta June 24-26
  120. Replacing air conditioning compressor
  121. New 2005 V owner
  122. another nav question.
  123. Doing an LS7 without clearancing the transmission.
  124. What's supposed to be under the spare tire well cover?
  125. 2005 V in for recall lost tune on Supercharger
  126. Front strut lower bolt size
  127. Overheating and stuttering
  128. Any downsides to Tech 2 Clone?
  129. aftermarket radio
  130. South florida shop
  131. Anybody re-condition their leather shift boot?
  132. Interior Light Issue - 2007 CTS
  133. Ever Had A V1 Stolen ? Ever Heard Of It ?
  134. Rare sighting in the wild . . .
  135. 2005 V has become possessed
  136. Coolant Temp
  137. General question about coolant temps
  138. Found a clean one! Maintenance/upgrades around 50,000 miles and other noob questions
  139. Check your subframe bolts!!!
  140. Oil Pump Went... Options? Experience?
  141. mp112 ,2.9 IW pulley 10% Over, what belt?
  142. 2007 CTS-V electrical, speedo, brake light problems
  143. is it possible to enter self diagnostic mode on 2006 cts v nav?
  144. Fuel filter from hell
  145. Power steering dying . . .
  146. Just Bought a 2005 V. Have some questions/problems.
  147. Got a "Service Air Bag" warning yesterday
  148. Un-hack-jobbing the stock sub
  149. Changing the hanger [aka carrier] bearing on driveshaft
  150. OEM shock question...
  151. Factory HID light question
  152. How to add about an inch or 2 of ride height.
  153. Seat belt help
  154. Gen 1 5.7L Spark Plugs
  155. 05 CTS-V with bad drive train vibration.
  156. 2006 cts v when engaged on reverse no "R" display??
  157. Just got a CTS V - have some issues
  158. 05 cts-v not starting really need help
  159. CTS-V values
  160. Cts-v rear brake rotor thickness?
  161. Alignment issue?
  162. Motor mouts
  163. Stereo Wiring - Mystery Wire
  164. Where did you sell your catalytic converters and how much did you get?
  165. Returning Member - 2007 CTS-V
  166. Camshaft Position Sensor: OBD Code P0343
  167. 2005 CTS-V Engine Swap
  168. 2005 CTS V Seat/Mirror Memory Switch
  169. After six and a half months ...
  170. Little help with a Part Number
  171. Stock Speakers
  172. Does the LUK Part # 04216 clutch kit from rockauto.com come with a Slave cylinder?
  173. Refreshing the Badilac
  174. Hose from surge tank is capped with a bolt! Normal??
  175. 05 V, 170k, lost 5th and 6th gear looking for recommendations
  176. Competitive Driving Mode Won't Engage
  177. 2006 cts v for sale opinion?
  178. Clutch Slip and Stiff Pedal at High RPM WOT - 2005 CTS-V
  179. Tach shuts off when turning left
  180. Battery tray removal mystery
  181. What is the newest navigation disk for a 05
  182. need help finding a wiring diagram
  183. LS3 on factory calibration?
  184. Maintenance for very low mileage 2004 CTS-V
  185. front end creak
  186. Unsolveable Rear End Clunk
  187. 6-speed hard going into gears
  188. Oil coming out of the valve cover bolts, catch can routed wrong?
  189. Steel Wheels
  190. Freon leak behind dash, leaking onto the pedals.
  191. How to remove the battery, and whats going to blow up when I do?
  192. Engine rocking / movement, how much is normal?
  193. Oem gm car cover incorrect fit correct part number ? Please chime in if you have one
  194. Looking for rand49er
  195. How often do you change your air filter?
  196. How low do you go?
  197. Front Passenger Window Stop Working
  198. front rubber lip
  199. Just picked up my 2007 CTS V Black Raven recommendations needed please
  200. Upper and lower ball joints.
  201. Infotainment screen rebooting
  202. WY people?
  203. 04 cts-v sunroof switch
  204. Need help with hose
  205. P0155, do I need a new o2 sensor?
  206. Come on spring
  207. rear end pulls
  208. New to me V1
  209. New to the GM world
  210. How many miles are on your V1?
  211. Should I avoid buying a mk1? 04-07
  212. Need help my V1 Reverse!??
  213. New Guy, new CTSV
  214. 2007 CTS v Catalytic Converter
  215. Clutch/Flywheel Noise
  216. Anyone got an R&R guide for dropping the differential?
  217. Driver seat feels loose...anyone else have this problem?
  218. Looking for a canadian Speedometer / instrument gauge cluster
  219. 2004 cts v low Oil pressure
  220. Long time no see Cadillac forums
  221. 08 STS diff in 05 CTS-V
  222. Bought a 2005 CTS-V!! NEW here From Minneapolis!
  223. Interior Fire Damage. Now what:(
  224. Stereo update
  225. Question about tire pressure readout in the dash after mechanical work.
  226. 2004 cts v question - very rich throughout mid-range
  227. 2004 cts v mass air sensor wiring diagram
  228. Awoke the Beast After an 8-Month Slumber
  229. P0161 Oxygen sensor code
  230. LS7 Clutch Install Issues
  231. Help with radio
  232. Sounds like BB's hitting the windshield
  233. belt noises
  234. Lower control arm compatibility
  235. 04 Cts V won't go into gear after trans reinstall
  236. Blowing 60amp fuse
  237. How much is too much for these cars these days?
  238. TPMS Receiver Location
  239. Alignment issue
  240. Engine codes P0131 and P0151 - please help
  241. Incorrect Power Steering Resevoir?
  242. GEN 1 CTS-V AUX input PAC AUDIO AAI-GM12 and aftermarket Sub install (XM)
  243. 2005 CTS-V at local Carmax
  244. Clutch position switch ?
  245. 06 CTS-V tough start, rpm inop, runs rough
  246. Flash drive input for stereo
  247. Second gear grinding at WOT after short shifter install
  248. V Got Flooded Last Night
  249. Nav System DVD Question - anyone know how good SW Ontario coverage is?
  250. Cleaned throttle body Car now idles at 2k