: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Who do you use to service your car?
  2. Eeeek!!!
  3. Airbag recall?
  4. Geek, or Not a Geek? You Decide...
  5. Lug Nut Covers
  6. Need a spare wheel
  7. Mobil 1 ATF & Warranty
  8. Has anyone travel with a real spare tire in thier V?
  9. Lasstss Needs Your Help To Get Your Cts-v Fixed!
  10. MD,VA,PA,NJ V owners
  11. Need Your Help!!
  12. Hey! Whatsa 540i Have in It?
  13. John at CCW saves the day
  14. Anyone change mufflers only?
  15. Why are torque #'s so low?
  16. Dyno Chart??
  17. Does your crank pulley wobble at all?
  18. Just a thought
  19. Superchip Needs A Cts-v
  20. Cts-v Cats Question
  21. Anyone have GEICO???
  22. Will There Be A Cts-vr???
  23. What Is The Difference Between Ls2, Ls6, And Ls7?
  24. I think I want a truck...
  25. New V Owner - Finally!
  26. GS D3's - NOW even cheaper = $163!
  27. Been testing new combo On-Star Antenna
  28. New Tires....What about a Spare?
  29. V Sighting: Seven Together!
  30. Next CTS-v will it have the supercharged ls2 or ls7?
  31. rear wing pics??please...
  32. Need help with new tires
  33. Some observations: Changed all fluids today
  34. Touch-up Paint
  35. Wow! Check this out...
  36. Long Clutch Travel Normal???
  37. Falken RT-615
  38. Got one last night! (kill that is)
  39. Anyone know of a Sun Shade that Fits
  40. Electronically controlled rear diff, carbon fiber wheels...?
  41. Funny thing at the Chevy Dealer
  42. Car Show Report
  43. optimum tire pressure, F1s ?
  44. I got a deal for ya's..
  45. Wrecked 04 V on eBay...sad sight
  46. can you drive a ctsv in the winter? Help!!
  47. 'Accidental' M3 kill tonight, & he got nailed by a cop!
  48. Help Dancing Steering Wheel
  49. ProDyno e-store Grand opening sale! 10% off
  50. All 06 GM vehicle info
  51. Ramp Fear - It won't fall, right?
  52. Loaner Vehicle Purgatory
  53. Anyone not have a sunroof on your V?
  54. DVD Player
  55. Why haven't you tried the DTE PCM's?
  56. {HELP} What Rear End Ratio do we have???????
  57. New Tires/Wheels
  58. Clunk In Drive Train
  59. New C6 has bad wheel hop too....
  60. NAV firmware: Changes?
  61. My first kill, Yeah baby!!!
  62. Granatelli Mass Air Flow?
  63. Went to pickup my Black 05 V today, Good/Bad
  64. car cover???
  65. tire pressure???
  66. New Track Time (Headers/Catback/Tune)
  67. I am writing a letter
  68. 2nd kill-woo-hoo!
  69. New rims = questions
  70. ON SPECIAL - GS D3's for $178 each!!!!
  71. Converting 1/8 mile times?
  72. I love my V soooooo much.... i do stupid things... like....
  73. Diff Fluid Confirmation
  74. NEW CTS-V!...bicycle..??
  75. Dunlop SP Sport Maxx
  76. I Hope it Rains for the Next 6 days...
  77. mp3 player, what kind?
  78. Complaint Department
  79. Dealer service experiences? Westchester county, NY?
  80. What The British think Of The CTS-V
  81. How unbelievably lucky are we?
  82. Not a great lease offer?
  83. Well my B&B is on.
  84. Stealth V..
  85. More tranny probs, need advice...
  86. Transmission Woes
  87. Corvette Kill
  88. Diff fluid and oil change...
  89. Calling ( lastss )
  90. SoCal V Meet #2: Sun May 15 at Tustin Marketplace
  91. SoCal V Meet #1: Sat May 14 at Crystal Cove
  92. UUC update email
  93. CVP33, Glad to see you are staying
  94. Satbilitrack Question
  95. Attn: Chad Chesrown
  96. Anyone want Miglia rims?
  97. Racing Seats?
  98. New Viper all wheel steering system
  99. Virginia State Troopers make another Big Bust
  100. Installed lasstss Billet pieces
  101. well test driving an e55 has made me tempted to join the darkside!
  102. A wheel-hop solution??
  103. CTS-V vs. E55 AMG
  104. Nav smilies
  105. Pic of my CTS-V and some...
  106. Who is Selling the "Aluminum KNOBS"
  107. LS6 Emblem Keychains
  108. Extra Warrenty on Drive Train-CTS-V (differential)
  109. HELP Differential Drain Plug ???????
  110. Upgraded Diff Bushing
  111. The official would or would not do again thread.
  112. Day Watkins Glen
  113. Ebony interior isn't black, it's a dark charcoal, tough to match for floor mat?
  114. Mid Ohio SCCA race
  115. STEALTH_V Thanx bro, GOODIES LOOK GOOD! (digi & jbeech i'll be back may22)
  116. Fuel System Recall
  117. Installed a drop in K&N Filter
  118. Got the V back....
  119. Second Question 2: Power wire up behind A-pillar trim
  120. Getting Oil Analyzed
  121. First Question: Door Locks
  122. Online Fluids
  123. Cruise Control
  124. Wheel hop: Snubber bushings
  125. Sub Frame Connectors
  126. 6000 Mile CTS-V Update
  127. Suspension upgrades?
  128. Silver State Classic
  129. Anyone with an extra jacking puck?
  130. New C6 - ugh!
  131. 800 Horses in the Stable
  132. Srt4, Evo 8 Killed me?
  133. Does anyone have this tire combination?
  134. Can Technique help to reduce Wheel Hop?
  135. V's of Arizona
  136. M Powered Roadster met the V today..
  137. Does anyone feel like our Brembo brakes arent anything special?
  138. C6 vs V
  139. Removal of Dealer Tag
  140. 5 point belts
  141. My Saturday So Far...
  142. UUC Shipping ?
  143. ALL the ONES asking me the about Diff mod/change[/b]
  144. 2005 Cadillac CTS-V Specifications
  145. 12 days of dealer BS..
  146. MSRP Prayer
  147. Third gear
  148. Minor Wrenching This Afternoon...
  149. Buy a V that has had the read replaced
  150. Want to know who the new driver for the Cadillac Team will be?? Pic inside..
  151. The V is in!! I get it tomorrow
  152. Good or Bad
  153. No New Diff for me
  154. are these HRE's better than Fikse?
  155. My First Oil Change
  156. Header flange gasket question?
  157. Catch Can installed
  158. BWV contingent
  159. Magnuson install problem HELP!
  160. I just bought Andy Pilgrim's 2004 CTS-VR
  161. Officially Joining the V Community Tomorrow
  162. Missing my "V"
  163. Mercy Killing
  164. bumper plugs
  165. OK, I am back in the office
  166. I Must Apologize
  167. Vera Cadillac/Vera Motorsports Base Dyno Runs
  168. Not again!!!!!!!
  169. and the #1 FAQ question asked....
  170. Does anyone use 5th gear??
  171. Got a call from Cadillac Customer Satisfaction Today
  172. Who needs a Ford GT anyway?
  173. SRT8 Wins in Test?
  174. Why GM is Doomed...
  175. New Quick Survey: Please Take 2 mins to fill out
  176. Official Aftermarket Wheel Thread
  177. Need sales advice...
  178. Just ordered my front air splitter
  179. Cadillac Subscription?
  180. ? for those who replaced their armrest
  181. Surprised Jap Bike last night..
  182. Grand Am Cup: Article about Powell Motorsports CTS-V Campaign
  183. The 400 HP Club
  184. Picked up my Stealth Gray 4 days ago, link to pics & hello
  185. Nothing Like V Broke Down On 202 Freeway In Phoenix, What A Mess!!!
  186. Taking the Plunge....Please Advise!
  187. Stock Wheels wanted
  188. Selling my V - thought I'd share...
  189. B&B Headers are Beautiful
  190. Excuse the NOOB question.. but regarding the clunk in the tranny..
  191. GROUP BUY: DTE upgraded Diff - Who's serious?
  192. Wheel Repair
  193. Dealer Performance
  194. Bald Hill, Long Island
  195. New V Customer Memo From GM
  196. whats the dealer doing..
  197. UUC Shifters
  198. Opinion of esteemed V owners on the S-Type R?
  199. Helm service manual for CTS/CTS V now in stock.
  200. Review of aftermarket parts
  201. RS6 vs. CTS-V
  202. HELP: Aftermarket Rims + TPS
  203. 2005 Cannonball - One Lap of America
  204. New colors for '06??
  205. Jacking Pucks--Cheap
  206. Good information alert
  207. Surprised the hell out of a Porsche
  208. Rick, StealthV Inside
  209. Wildwhl or Mildwhl? You be the judge
  210. Have anyone tried this? Katech LS6 Billet Belt Tensioners
  211. V Badge coming off??
  212. msheri01 ordering ?
  213. SVT forum members love the V
  214. FRCs Installed AC Experts Step IN
  216. My first kill (M3)...how sweet it is
  217. C5R shift knob installed
  218. Get together In North Texas
  219. Picked up 05 yesterday and couldn't be more happy
  220. Car and Driver: SRT8 0-60 =4.7
  221. Torque on lug nuts
  222. American made stereo, need this in V! Who needs xm with retrotech
  223. F1's gone, GSD3's back on, still hoppin'
  224. Come back when you have four more!
  225. Potential Purchase Tomorrow - How's This Price?
  226. Great Vendor - Car Motor Sports
  227. For statistics: Have you had problems with the read diff in your V?
  228. Miami CTS-V, GTO Meet (Apr 29th Fri, Tomorrow)
  229. Rusted Pedals in Miami?
  230. Getting PCM Tune...what changes would you recommended?
  231. Need some Navigation help!
  232. My V versus a new C6
  233. CTS-V with Lambo doors....
  234. PHOENIX.. Is LUND still having car show, because..
  235. Anyone With A Cts-v Fron Missouri???
  236. New wheels
  237. Help! I'm Looking At V Withdrawal......
  238. Drove an '05 CTS-V today... '04 & '05 differences
  239. Southern California V Get-Together?
  240. Wheel Hop GM Service Bulletin
  241. Service Experience w/ Dealers in Austin, TX
  242. Need you audio guys .....
  243. Sub Replacement
  244. Get together in MA.
  245. Wheel Hop
  246. What is the chance of ls7 cts-v?
  247. Maritz Research on Luxury cars
  248. To the victor go the spoils! Several kill stories and some pics of my victims. =)
  249. My Delima
  250. And this is where the addiction begins...