: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Anybody near Plattsburgh, NY?
  2. Chance at a C6 Z06
  3. Stock tire discussion
  4. OZ CTS-V/R Wheels Response
  5. CTS-V Class
  6. Socal Weekend
  7. M3 Last Night
  8. Went to Track wendsday
  9. Tower Shops Tonight!!!
  10. Track weak points
  11. My Take on the CAGS Mod
  12. Extended hospital stay for the V
  13. Horn color?????????????
  14. Production date.
  15. People with the FG2's from Jason..
  16. Can we revisit the Diff issue. Our Vs use the Getrag Type 645 whereas the z06 uses
  17. Sacramento, CA Area Dealer?
  18. Praising run-flats
  19. 05' V versus 03 BMW 540i - I may have embarrassed us.
  20. Car will no longer go into competitive driving mode? help
  21. CTS-V may be short of claimed horsepower
  22. Our CTS-V Apparel And Merchandise Collection
  23. The V loved the mountains
  24. Perhaps the 6.0 liter LS2 is exactly what the CTS-V needs.
  25. Pictures from Lime Rock last Sat.
  26. Rearend Solution?
  27. Hoot Whine Howl from "Behind the Dash" - How many people have this issue
  28. FS Factory Spoiler Black
  29. ATTN: Stealth V
  30. Wheel hop here? No just 11sec's
  31. Will GM put the 6.0 Liter 475-500hp LS in the CTS-V?
  32. CLS 55 vs. CTS V
  33. Clutch shudder
  34. Awesome deal on B+M good till 7-10-2005
  35. Who's going to American Lemans @ Portland 7/29-31 ?????
  36. I sent my V to More Performance
  37. CTS-V Owners-- In St. Louis????????
  38. Aluminum door locks
  39. Everyone who has 19's
  40. Oh My God.....an E55 AMG Station Wagon!
  41. Dead spot between shifts??
  42. Video of Moore Motorsports CTS-V Drifting at Beaver Run.
  43. Reply from GM on petition
  44. Anyone from Minnesota??
  45. I like to see how things work... i like to test drive cars before I buy...I have an
  46. GM Link.com shows recall 05544 on my car
  47. CTS-V Semi sighting
  48. v-series tech. You Phone #?
  49. not AM, not FM, its XM satellite radio... 3 top stations...
  50. Lime Rock GT race last saturday...
  51. Pics from Track Event in Seattle held by the Xbox Forza Motorsports Team (spot the V)
  52. Dealer service opinions
  53. electrical nghtmare...antenna module 'aking up' in public parking lots
  54. Headlight washer motor burned up
  55. CTS V wheels on STS...
  56. Future Owner
  57. Anyone done nos yet?
  58. Rims Tires
  59. New owner/need help with shifting.
  60. Someone shot my brand new V!!!
  61. My Bad Luck
  62. Need to sell my V's winter tires
  63. Fast Cop On The Road.....
  64. can anyone top these license plates? :-)
  65. advice on Magnuson supercharger?
  66. The V has an automatic option!!
  67. Limerock results (SPOILER)
  68. Where's the Beef? (Wheels/ Tires back)
  69. here you guys go....green V
  70. Has NE1 installed pullies yet on a V???
  71. Who has the fastest V?
  72. Underhood Mat
  73. Fuel delivery for high HP
  74. B&B Gasket Replacement
  75. question for those who have changed out the factory air box.
  76. New Clutch and Off to VIR
  77. fg2-ebay NOW!
  78. Chromed stock wheels?
  79. Car and Driver "Editor for a Day"
  80. $740 oil change
  81. CTS-V to move to FS in SoloII
  82. So Cal track day!
  83. Austin Country Club - Platinum V
  84. 'V' drivetrain available on E-bay
  85. My Rear End Fluid was Changed Today
  86. 06 CTS-V Arrival Date?
  87. wow---a competent dealer service shop (alignment)
  88. St. Louis CTS-V Owners Wanting a TUNE Chime in
  89. O2 bung wide band
  90. Any more pics of these wheel flares?
  91. Clutch doesn't re-engage
  92. Last Warning! (All southern California V-)
  93. V n C does twisty
  94. 10 Days
  95. Time to Race - Richmond July 9th
  96. I think I got carried away
  97. Ls2 Bad
  98. BMR brace for sale
  99. Tickets for Denver Grand Prix?
  100. Nissan DVD NAV
  101. HPE "GTO" Dyno day in Houston July 9th
  102. Having J+M Dyno my V, suggestions?
  103. CTS-V Sub-Forums???
  104. Swapping Tires to New Rims - Goodyear or Caddy Dealer?
  105. It was a good day
  106. Why are my brake rotor turning orange....?
  107. CTS-V or SSR - Should I trade???
  108. Crazy TPS
  109. Black V Getting Ticket North of Pittsburgh
  110. For the FAQ
  111. Smoked by my own V...
  112. oil temp - is there a limp mode
  113. Where can I get the best deal for a Magnacharger?
  114. Volume Indicator
  115. Finally!!! Video of 12.8 Milan Run
  116. Carbon fiber ain't the answer
  117. Blue Devil my ^ss, this is Satan himself
  119. Final day...10% off everything!
  120. Shimmy sleeps with the fishes, but.........
  121. CTS-V Velocity Cadillac Website?!?!
  122. Black v at tower shops
  123. Favorite Avitars
  124. Article in Road & Track "SPEED"
  125. Headers
  126. Track near Philadelphia...
  127. Run The V On An Oval?
  128. V on Tappen Zee Bridge, NY.. anyone?!?!?
  129. Lime Rock Sat.
  130. Fueling the LS7 CTS-V fire...
  131. Stealth V
  132. Drag radials, thoughts welcome..
  133. Stealth V
  134. Stealth V
  135. Gat a follow up call from Caddy LOOOOONG
  136. Volant Cai
  137. New rear diff noise
  138. Black V sighting - upstate NY!!!
  139. M owners are F'ing morons!!!!
  140. New Sighting in Newport
  141. Southern California V-Meet Rancho Cucamonga July 2
  142. The V went Crazy on me....
  143. 05 CTS-V does not have rear diff problems????
  144. Time slip from Milan last week
  145. Chrome CTS-V Wheels
  146. Cadillac Race Team at Lime Rock
  147. ctsvett...
  148. Adj Lower Arms
  149. CTS-VR's at Cleveland. GT class
  150. Can anyone copy my 8 mm video?
  151. JL Cleansweep??? CTS-V
  152. Wheel Weight...Stock vs Aftermarket
  153. Grand Cherokee SRT8
  154. NOS system for V
  155. Thank You Reed!
  156. tps now reads---
  157. Top speed question
  158. CTS-V in online porn video
  159. KC area V owners
  160. Anyone in the NW?
  161. carbon fiber brace...
  162. No CTS-V in 2007 ?!
  163. Fidiot Warning
  164. Grab these wheels before they're gone
  165. Factory Spoiler For Sale
  166. Drumming up support...
  167. B&B Header Installation Step-by-Step Write-Up
  168. Pics of my car
  169. Newbie needs help!
  170. ebay fg2
  171. Rear Spoiler
  172. Fg-2's
  173. window tinting & dot matrix issue!!
  175. The New Caddy FAQ's newsletter is HERE!!!
  176. Yet Another British CTS-V Article...
  177. Time for some V love
  178. A special thanks to two of Portsmouth Police Department's finest
  179. Bird Shit
  180. Price for 2005 V
  181. Credit Approved!
  182. I got dusted!
  183. Part Numbers for Front and Rear CTS-V Calipers
  184. Contact
  185. Cruise MD
  186. Another V diff blows...
  187. Warranty Work Advice
  188. Navigation DVD
  189. SVT Cobra Coward
  190. Dunlop Direzza promo deal
  191. StealthV Tune Earns CVP's Highest Rating - The Golden Woody
  192. Bypass "Agree" on navigation?
  193. where to buy spoiler?
  194. In honor Of LAWFIVE's Avitar
  195. Upgraded Mass Air Sensor? Granetelli? 18 rwHP?
  196. new v price I saw today..
  197. carbon fiber is in..
  198. Take your girls top off...you might enjoy it!
  199. Ls2 ?
  200. LPE CAI makes a horrible noise!
  201. Going to 3th but hitting reverse instead...
  202. help -change clutch fluid
  203. Interior swap.
  204. wheel hop... no wheel hop... =\
  205. FAQ newsletter
  206. SOCAL gathering- Redondo beach Friday- June 23
  207. Any info on 06 CTS-V?
  208. Ran w/ a C5 and killed an SS...
  209. CTS Armrest Swap - LT. Neutral Leather
  210. 2005 V's 41900.00
  211. Heard "willsctsv's" B&B w/o cats today
  212. The SRT-8 isn't our only competition anymore.. look what Chrysler has up it's sleeve
  213. Yes .. I know it's rice, but this car is off the hoooook!!!!
  214. How to tune a BMW
  215. Play DVD movie while driving?
  216. For the St Louis Guys (56k killer)
  217. Hal, open the bay door Halů
  218. Dealership experience...alarm activation PIB #?
  219. Someone Broke Into My V!
  220. Petition to fix DIfferentials?
  221. View outside my window...
  222. Video: B&B Headers and X-Pipe on the Street
  223. I've decided on the CTS-V, but...
  224. Video of the new M5 (Top Gear)
  225. DTCs PO 120, PO 220, P1 156 car in limp home
  226. Wanted: stock CTS-V rear shock
  227. Cadillac Pettition
  228. Must see video
  229. SpecterBushings Delivered..Again.
  230. Fs : 2004 Blk
  231. First kill...M3
  232. Photo Radar Reflective Plate Suggestions?
  233. Help-StabiliTrak Issues
  234. Just installed the Diablo Soprts Tuner
  235. Mods Mods Mods!!! The quest for more power...... what to do what to do
  236. Top Gear show on the CTS-V
  237. Performance modules
  238. V Differential
  239. Check out this bad boy...........
  240. Would SRX/XLR wheels fit on the V?
  241. Anyone have a suede headliner in their V?
  242. Who's got NOS?
  243. 05 CTS-V take over lease or buy
  244. CTS-V Suspension vs. CTS
  245. Milan Dragway..Michigan
  246. Pontiac Solstice
  247. o2 sensors again..
  248. Specter Cradle Bushings
  249. New CTS-V Commerical
  250. New England Dragway.. Friday 6/24/05?