: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Specter Hood Underside Pics
  2. What sedan's are faster
  3. New nav disk
  4. Anyone interested in a subwoofer/amp and custom mounting bracket?
  5. BLS in Germany
  6. got to really drive a V today
  7. Who needs carbon fiber!?
  8. is there a rear lower spoiler for the V
  9. Mirror Removal Instructions
  10. Dealer satisfaction statistics
  11. In need of Warranty History and Carfax if possible
  12. Spy Photo From DTE
  13. LS7 in the CT-VR
  14. XM stopped working today
  15. Embarassing XM Moments.....
  16. No Runflat = not so good
  17. Fella's i need your help..fast..
  18. Moore Motorsports once again on Fox News
  19. Ran across this site
  20. ATTN SOCAL area people
  21. Heh.. looks like I just bought StealthV's HRE wheels....
  22. Sept/Oct Photo caption contest
  23. New CD
  24. SRT/4 Neon walks me, redeemed myself at the expense of a brand new E55 AMG
  25. PCM/ECU tune... Custom tune (i.e. StealthV), Dyno Tuning...more questions inside
  26. Ctsvonfire - Can U Please Run This Vin #....thanks
  27. I'm so happy! I'm so happy!
  28. StealthV tune !!!
  29. Yeah! Speed GT race coming to Utah
  30. iPods for the V....
  31. '06 V info / Caddy Personal Assistant... wrong?
  32. stabilitrak
  33. Looking for a deal on new 05 cts V
  34. Should I buy this V...Look
  35. Lost a good guy over the weekend
  36. PROJECT 600hp+cts-v(Q's to be answered)
  37. "SERVICE VEHICLE SOON" in DIC wont go away HELP!!!!!!!
  38. SHOWS Balto area
  39. Guess what diff the Soltice is using?
  40. Just came back from a weekend at Laguna Seca
  41. drift video from ODS this past Saturday. Very fast :)
  42. i need a mechanic
  43. Stole the spotlight at a corvette show
  44. Oil Temp Flash + Gas Gauge
  45. Looking for a stock exhaust system near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  46. cai housing
  47. Lingenfelter CAI - HURRY
  48. Wildwhl, what do you think about this?
  49. Drift exhibition at Kil-Kare Speedway with the Moore CTSV
  50. Free NAV discs?
  51. Chrome Fender Ports-Anybody have these?
  52. Running a wire from the Ashtray to the trunk...
  53. Finally replaced tires w/ Pirelli Zeros
  54. pics of rotors...
  55. Pictures of Chrome OEM Rims on a Plat V
  56. I'm thinking about getting the heat pad under the hood painted...
  57. Anyone with new tires on a Lowered V??
  58. Does anyone have CTS-V Eibach's in stock?
  59. Going to the drags
  60. Visor warning stickers...
  61. a victim of hurricane Katrina needs help!
  62. FAQ and Regisry reminder
  63. Rearend replacement
  64. The More I Read About A V......
  65. South Florida Cobra Troopers...
  66. 200+ miles with LPE CAI and no whistle at all
  67. OK so maybe those $59 blowers really work
  68. pic of volant installed in v
  69. License Plate for car show...
  70. Well, Ya Gotta Love Cadillac......
  71. Stability control off
  72. [Need opinions] 2005 V...
  73. Volant Has Poor Customer Service
  74. Stealth please send me tune email
  75. Registry and Faq site
  76. Where can I get a CTS-VR car
  77. Raced a well driven M3 finally
  78. CTS-V vs. CLK55 AMG
  79. Never, Ever "Just Pay" a Speeding Ticket!!!
  80. Rear end noise at parking lot speed.
  81. drilled rotor's..
  82. Tranny Problem?
  83. OK GOt VOLANT CAI in today, pics &
  84. Factory (CTS) Jack INFO
  85. Another WANT-a-be VEE
  86. found the source of the banging in my rear
  87. Tire Wear..is it really that bad?
  88. Anyone added a tv tuner to the NAV?
  89. Factory GM bushing kit installed
  90. Looking for used stock wheels / tires
  91. Oil change
  92. New V owner!!! Bought one today!
  93. Just another another tire combination question
  94. V Paint Colors...
  95. Is your rear-end not shot?
  96. Help Fast!!!!!
  97. CTS-VR body parts...
  98. Best Tires
  99. Winter Car
  100. Anyone buy Manaflow from Highhorse Performance?
  101. got my first ticket in the V...
  103. Another grille thread...with pics.
  104. Is the new Z06 really that fast?
  105. WHO HAS USED EFI LIVE ver.7 (need help)
  106. Anyone Heard of Federal Tires
  107. Just had the wheel hop recall done...
  108. Fastest V
  109. Discount Tire
  110. I need to vent...im so pissed.
  111. FS: Tire Pressure Sensors
  112. Fogged Headlights
  113. How to remove/re-install PCM?
  114. Does anyone make a Line Lock Kit for a CTS-V
  115. I am trying to get complete custom rear for V from:
  116. bad ass v calender..
  117. '06 Vs?
  118. UUC VS B&M
  119. Stock Wheels and Tires Wanted
  120. F/S Passport Solo 2
  121. StealthV Engineering has Moved
  122. What do you think?
  123. Tired of the bs
  124. Anyone else thinking about lowering their V?
  125. New CTS-V Black grille?
  126. steering wheel vib
  127. Need Tires! Buy Them Now!!!
  128. Getrag,
  129. How many miles did you get out of your stock pads? Looking to replace pads
  130. GM releases DEXTRON VI ATF fluid
  131. Does anyone here work with ups & customs?
  132. HP gain with headers
  133. Adaptor for CTS Spare Tire ... Any Update?
  134. Winter Tires -- any suggestions
  135. '06 CTS-V info?
  136. FYI- Tire pressure loss
  137. Mysterious clunk in front right
  138. Need Help with Tires QUICK! Really different question too!
  139. New 0-60 times in adds
  140. Virginia V owner in Cambridge, MA??
  141. Pics of my new SG '05 V...
  142. Eibach
  143. C6 1/4 Mile times made me feel better
  144. Aluminum Overlay
  145. Lowered the V the WildWhl way this weekend
  146. Instrument cluster Part #??
  147. any downside to installing bushings?
  148. Got My First Ticket in 21 years
  149. want wheels
  150. Trac control button in glove box...
  151. Wild...
  152. Going to the Dealer and need the TSBs.....??
  153. Any Breakdowns Here?........
  154. Flashing Ad
  155. CTS V Secret Hiding Places
  156. Another Spark Plug Question for the LS6
  157. reed, whats best IR palm that works in car?
  158. Will the Detroit CT Locker diff work in the V?
  159. New battery dead after just three days
  160. Any News Re: the STS-V Wheels?
  161. Forum Format
  162. Regular gas vice Premium
  163. A Steel Blue V?
  164. Sunday October 9 in San diego
  165. Dirty Pool in MA
  166. black coating on Nav buttons flaking off
  167. MSD Blaster Coil LS1/LS6
  168. Auto headlamp washers?
  169. 06 has Magnetic Ride Control
  170. Better Brake Pads?
  171. California V Owners!
  172. stuff for sale: Pheonix
  173. Clutch and rearend problems????
  174. Is there a CTS-V caps and stuff vendor
  175. WHO makes the BEST O2 SENSOR That:
  176. Please help those who got free extended warranties..
  177. Marathon gasket install session today....verdict is...
  178. PCM Programming
  179. Lawfive: Where are you?
  180. burnout
  181. Will High Gas Prices Mean Less Horsepower?
  182. Billet Pedals Are On...pics
  183. Long Island NY CTS V Meet
  184. Air induction kit
  185. Almost new StealthV CAGS eliminator, $40 free shipping
  186. need a diagnosis
  187. Wildwhl needs your help.
  188. Bushings installed - hop city.
  189. General Motors - WAKE UP AND SMELL THE PROFIT$!
  190. here is how to use tires to their fullest potential :)
  191. Cam and head package
  192. Those With Rearend Problems.....Please Participate....Poll
  193. Well...LS2 for the 2006 V
  194. Cadillac emblem questions...
  195. Moore Motorsports has sponsored the v-series category
  196. 2005 CTSV-alue?
  197. Video of the Moore Motorsports CTS V at Indianapolis Raceway Park.
  198. Where is water temp sending unit located?
  199. Well i did it.. I bought the new EFI LIVE Tuner. It is nice...
  200. Antenna Replacement For Xm Radio?
  201. New TSB- onstar upgrade
  202. Admiring the 'V' calendar
  203. 04CTSVFLA,Your v is stolen, sorry
  204. That's BS... look at this
  205. Catch can
  206. Anyone with a spare set of FE4 shocks?
  207. I Was Told Today....
  208. Is GM this screwed up or is my dealer lying to me?
  209. Alignment specs for light track use..yes I have checked the FAQ
  210. I'm going to sell the V.....
  211. 2006 V Ad
  212. Billy Boat "sandwich" gaskets arrived *pics*
  213. 2006 and new Infared color
  214. Wildwhl help with Nivomat mod
  215. Dude (CTS VETT) Where's my car?
  216. My V is for sale
  217. Hi all, from a New Orleans V refugee
  218. Mille Miglia's for sale
  219. V-tech
  220. LS7 in CTS-V!
  221. Throttlebody Gasket Problems...Help!
  222. Tranny/ Drivetrain Questions
  223. Any former M5 owners here?
  224. Q-Forms kickpanels for the CTS?
  225. Question for the StealthV Tune Guys?
  226. The CTS-V's interior just sucks!
  227. Cross-Drilled (GM) Rotors now Available
  229. I can't believe Houston dealers will not deal on 05 Vs!
  230. Almost...went to jail.
  231. Interesting article
  232. Need advice - What do I do
  233. Headrest Monitors
  234. U.S.Drift Nationals Event #3 - September 10th, 2005.
  235. New to the threads
  236. Any Feedback on Allen Cadillac in SoCal ...
  237. October '05 Road & Track on '06 CTS-V
  238. Show this weekend.
  239. My V Service Update
  240. CarFax, and anyone near Wilmette, IL??
  241. Decent Deal On 04 V
  242. Socal CTS-V meeting REMINDER
  243. Tag Decision
  244. 1 more 2005 v-available
  245. What's your Profession?
  246. Pics As Promised
  247. Clutch Question ????
  248. Corporate responsibility
  249. Little 'clunk' on passenger side
  250. My 'friends' track school day