: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Anyone have these tires in the rear?
  2. Happy Birthday to me!!!
  3. Specs for stock BOSE system
  4. Good Guys - Nov. 12th & 13th in Pleasanton, CA
  5. Well guys...
  6. Have the NEW '06 Diff -- and GUESS WHAT????
  7. Going to do Twin T-3 Turbo's!!!
  8. Anyone elses tire pressure monitor read 0 when its not flat?
  9. Official Post Whore
  10. Group Buy on Monaro Shift Knob for Your CTS-V!
  11. Englishtown raceday
  12. Another tire pressure question
  13. Beat an AMG E55 tonight
  14. Anyone have detailed Tech II instructions
  15. Track Day This Saturday: Englishtown, NJ - come on out!
  16. Confused about tires
  17. Who makes a pully for this car ??
  18. 2006 delay, again!!
  19. Another "inevitable"
  20. Anyone still going to Englishtown?
  21. The dealership just ordered the new diff and YES it's under warranty!
  22. looking into a mild cam, need input please
  23. oil sensor problem
  24. Info on Nav screen....hard to use
  25. GM Supplier discount
  26. Z06
  27. Will an H&R spring kit work on a V
  28. My Car Just Got Keyed!
  29. All Florida meet!!!
  30. Parker, I need some info please...
  31. 06' Differential finally in
  32. Is the V your "cool" car or is there something even more exciting/exotic hiding
  33. More Driver 1 / Driver 2 options
  34. For those with Avon 550 A/S
  35. New Tires - Last Time
  36. Driver 1/Driver 2/seat movement
  37. Need help with the Stealth V Calibration......
  38. Love the V but it's time for a change...
  39. Looking to buy 2 V-wheels
  40. uuc install
  41. Ls2
  42. got my carbon rad cover...
  43. Technical Drawings on CadillacFAQ
  44. How are you shifting to get good times in the 1/4mi?
  45. The transmission IS rubbish...Top Gear was right!
  46. New clubcts.com...
  47. Velose and rgd Mini Norcal Meet
  48. Autoshow in Motion - S.F. Bay Area...
  49. check this out from the other forum
  50. Italian sandwich
  51. front license plate fix
  52. Need selling advice
  53. Help! I stripped the fake wheel bolts. This is getting embarrasing
  54. Where are the green dots that you jack the car from
  55. Fix for drive "clunk" noise
  56. I like our group- checked out other forums-what a surprise!
  57. New V's better step up.. or else!
  58. What size are bolt heads on CTS-v Wheels?
  59. Cts-v Answers From Dealers
  60. Upgrade Door Speakers HowTo w/ Pics
  61. part number for
  62. Extinguisher and Braided Hose installed
  63. David Ortiz
  64. How many V owners in No. Cal?
  65. The new Infinity 6.4 Nav dvd works fine in the CTS-V
  66. instant on radar?
  67. New map Idea
  68. CTS-V Series Production Numbers? - HELP!
  69. immediate help needed from denver area v owners!
  70. Got throwned in the slammer for reckless driving Part two
  71. It was inevitable.
  72. Volant is on...
  73. Put 100 octane Sunoco Race gas in the V, Strange smell?
  74. CTS-V on American Chopper
  75. Test Driver from BMW Germany drove my V
  76. Top Gear Video V vs. Audi S4
  77. Sunroof Air Leak
  78. XM not working
  79. Downshifting?
  80. Last Car Show of the Year (in this CA, Area)
  81. Vegas People Look Here!!!
  82. Chin Motorsports
  83. 2005 CTS-V Black for sale
  84. Onstar on Verizon Service ??? Anyone ?? Bueller?
  85. Nearly CTS-V related!!!!! Z06 engine + SC....
  86. Those buying GM cross drilled rotors GB!
  87. Onstar: Need some quick info
  88. Watch out Urby
  89. reputation points
  90. Off topic.
  91. 1/4 Mile times with and without blower?
  92. We can only have 10 PMs stored now?
  93. 04ctsvfla...bad reputation??
  94. Got my 2005 V today
  95. uuc backorder?
  96. Soap Box Time
  97. Cant get into Performance Mode......
  98. 10:30 am.......V and a Rustang GT
  99. Michigan Modded drag racing gathering
  100. Towing Capacity of V
  101. Simple Question - Best wax for the V
  102. new diff part #
  103. What do you think of this wheel??
  104. Picture of my car from Car show
  105. Drift practice video from this weekend in Michigan.
  106. Shift Knob GM Should Have Used In The V
  107. For those that have had diff issues
  108. Members ONLY - EMBLEM DEAL
  109. ...pacing back and forth
  110. CTS-V plus
  111. Help, I want to replace my factory subwoofers
  112. Sad to see it go, but my car is for sale... 2005 Platinum.. more inside
  113. 2006 CTS-V Option Changes
  114. Mobile 1 vs. Castrol Syntec
  115. Need advice: M series or CTS V
  116. ?'s for GM Optional Wheel Owners
  117. Who was at NHIS yesterday? 10/17/05
  118. Blew Out My Rear Diff over the weekend
  119. Lingenfelter CAI for sale...
  120. Heat Wrap...
  121. M3 to replace V
  122. Vinnie from American Chopper drives a V
  123. Audi S4??
  124. Gainesville V Owner????
  125. Colorado V Owners' Meet???
  126. ~~ Wheel Hop makes me sick! ~~
  127. VIN Lookup?
  128. Dragnight 10/21/05 New England Dragway
  129. Any body in So Cal got a BB X-Pipe cat I can hear live?
  130. Mods - what's rep power?
  131. New Clutch!
  132. Stereo Upgrade Complete, very happy camper!
  133. Lindsay yet another GP
  134. New Stuff
  135. What's The Diff?
  137. Eibach Coilovers?
  138. Pics of my Black V with 505's
  139. Race a 2003 Porsche Convertible awd for a $1000?
  140. SPOILER - Laguna Seca
  141. Toyos...
  142. Free NAV updates for 06's?
  143. Where Can I getan X-pipe?
  144. Hey St. Louis - St. Charles, V Heads Chime In !!!
  145. Where are the best V roads?
  146. Way To Go Team Cadillac!!! SPOILER
  147. GT Championship Season Finale @ Laguna Seca Live Now on Speed Channel!!
  148. Went to OBI today. (Long Island NY)
  149. Interior
  150. Where'd the guys from Moore go???
  151. Can the F1's be patched ?
  152. Another tire thread- Avon/Continental and the runflat thing
  153. Red/Blue Anodized or Polished Oil Catch Can
  154. question for those running 255 sized tires-please
  155. How many miles on your V?
  156. GM techs is this correct?
  157. Screen Out Your Brake Air Dam!!!!!
  158. '05 vs. '06 V Sound and Feel?
  159. Clear Bra anyone?
  160. My Best Mod So Far!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  161. Should I Buy a CTS-V?
  162. Question for drag racing V's...
  163. Another Reason to get a Stealth-V tune
  164. Update on the B&B longtube Headers "Kinda"
  165. EVO and 300 Experience
  166. Lindsay Group Purchase - Carbon Fiber Rad Cover, Rotors, Wheels
  167. gathering header install goodies...*pic*
  168. Advice on Pricing my Wheels for Sale
  169. New CTS-V owner with Question
  170. EBC Brake pads installed
  171. Paint Codes?
  172. Need a background check.
  173. Xm Channels Reset To Ch.0
  174. GM Optional Wheels ???
  175. CAR Motorsports Five(5) Day Sale
  176. Notes from a 3,500-mile roadtrip
  177. Can one of the techs/dealers run a VIN for me...
  178. Went to Shane's recommended dealer and nav question
  179. No V's in Hawaii?
  180. Fire! My 2005 V Caught On Fire!
  181. Any fellow V owners attending the MN Meet this weekend?
  182. WHY does the CTS-V Depriciate so FAST
  183. Pics of Infrared CTS-V
  184. Really bad night.
  185. ATTN:: daytripper ::
  186. How about this V????
  187. Where are the SRT8's?
  188. 2006 Cts-v
  189. F1 runflats available
  190. VHT High Temp Clear (Rotors)
  191. brtnharv - msg or email me please
  192. DO NOT buy this V.
  193. What happened to our New Orleans Refugee?
  194. a question for you audiophiles.....Musicmatch Jukebox burned CD's?
  195. Starting off in 2nd gear
  196. Automatic transmission in a CTS-V?
  197. Handheld tuner questions
  198. Serious problem during 1000 mile roadtrip this weekend
  199. Moore and Lindsay - Show us some more love
  200. Anyone got some FG2 shocks for me?
  201. Creaky Bushings
  202. some of you V drivers need to........
  203. CTS-V Racer Andy Pilgrim, Live From The Paddock At Laguna Seca
  204. Dumb Nav question...
  205. Problems shifting into Reverse
  206. SEMA Tickets are in!!!
  207. 255/45YR18 BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2 Quick thoughts Please
  208. Why do CTS-V owners think they're better than everyone else?
  209. Got killed by a NSX
  210. Crazy Kill Story!
  211. new Differential
  212. Battery Tender !!!
  213. Should I take my car to get serviced before gettin a tune
  214. My Car on G4TV!
  215. hey header install DIYers....questions
  216. iPod Kit: comments please
  217. Anyone here running the CTS rear shocks?
  218. Those with Black V's - what to do with the scratches
  219. Wow! Three M-3's & My V
  220. Can someone answer this Q
  221. Went To The Shop With The Whine
  222. low coolent level...
  223. CTS-V lap time at Nurburing?
  224. Question for Rick?
  225. More CAI Belt Pullet Clearance
  226. A Quick thanks to StealthV
  227. CTS - V in SNOW?
  228. 285/40/18 - Stock Wheel
  229. Lingenfelter CAI N.I.B. For Sale - $130.00 + Shipping Cost
  230. How fast was your ticket for?
  231. How do you like your Predator programmer?
  232. kvr rotors
  233. Chrome Lugs
  234. Broken wheel lock.
  235. Drilled Rotors Installed - Pics
  236. What's an easy Subwoofer upgrade
  237. Additive or not
  238. UUC Install - Maryland ***UPDATE***
  239. performance modes?
  240. Severe Brake Fade?!?
  241. Winter Storage
  242. Another Kill.
  243. What plugs is everyone using???
  244. Deat cats...BB header folks....gutting questions
  245. Factory Chrome Wheels
  246. GM' take on Non-GM Parts and Accessories (Aftermarket)
  247. STEALTH.. Urgent..
  249. Stereo question: iPod in?
  250. 06 V for sale???