: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Picture identification: please help
  2. Ideas on a Strange Noise???
  3. Used Wheels
  4. Had a good run in with a brand new modded Mitsubishi Evo last night...
  5. Katech-built LS7 makes 655hp 579lb-ft NA!
  6. wrecked...again
  7. Will LT headers work with stock cats?
  8. Anyone have CARFAX???
  9. CTS-V at CES...
  10. How have the clear bras been holding up?
  11. Turn off A/C for max take-off?
  12. Shock question
  13. Dream Girl on Dream Car (Pic)
  14. Calling Canadian Buyers!!!!
  15. Calling all 408 strokers
  16. Diff leaking
  17. Wife wants to ditch the V
  18. caddy car cover...
  19. Please explain: what is "the clunk" ???
  20. Track day suggestions?
  21. Can someone run a carfax for me....
  22. Royal Purple Synchromax in Tranny?
  23. Tranny blown? Please Help
  24. Any suggestions?
  25. What do you think about this?
  26. Chromed OEM on the Redline
  27. Fuel Rato Meters
  28. Latest Diff Info From The General
  29. gto shift knob...
  30. z06 engine covers 4 sale
  31. 06 V Owners: In-motion DVD playback "hack" disabled?
  32. Darn... stereo peeling victim... Volume knob........
  33. 2 B&B Qs
  34. Captree Sunday (Jan 8th)
  35. New Floor Mats from Car Motorsports!!!
  36. A response from GM
  37. Stealth Sub Enclosure
  38. Oil Temp Mystery
  39. help w fog lamp BULB change - silverstar
  40. momo shift knob install Q?
  41. rear end update
  42. Anyone break into the 11's
  43. Considering taking the plung...
  44. kappas- to tweet or not tweet?
  45. Tire recommendations?
  46. Oil Cooler and Tranny cooler on 2006's?
  47. Please use the classified section to sell items...
  48. Selling my V
  49. So Cal on sunday 01-08-06
  50. '03 brake setup different?
  51. Mo' Bass
  52. One of the header studs screws came off....
  53. Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty (Audio Guys)
  54. Where to get a great deal on FOOSE wheels and tires?
  55. JL Audio CL-SSI new for 2006 (Audio Guys)
  56. bose problems
  57. Brutal Winter
  58. F.S. CTSV wheel & tire
  59. Katech's newest project: 2006 Z06 upgrade (tons of pics)
  60. Stabilitrak System on the fritz! CPU says it needs servicing..?!?
  61. Has anyone thought about...
  62. Tire wear problems ???
  63. Southern California Dealer Who Will Work With You!
  64. Pillar Gauges?
  65. Changing front door speakers?
  66. Another Ash Tray Makeover.....
  67. Got my first speeding ticket in the V
  68. Post Who____!!!!!
  69. Man I wished I lived in U.S.
  70. Parts 4 cheap! LOL
  71. Diff update
  72. ...not...
  73. Engine Cover
  74. "I Really Like My Car" 25,000 miles
  75. BRM Anti-wheel hop kit & Pinion support - 4 sale
  76. This car is driving me mad...
  77. WTF..... No grease fittings on the ball joints?
  78. 9,500+ miles and the diff is...
  79. Spoiler Opinion...Just For Looks???
  80. VR Velocity stack - Opinions?
  81. Computer is going CRAZY
  82. Diff FYI..
  83. With all the "Whats my car worth post" One more..
  84. Dunlop Winter Sport M3 Runflats impressions
  85. A&A Corvettes... please give us a H&C package special...
  86. drivers lumbar switch not working
  87. Lower profile tires on stock rim
  88. Torque spec. on Hotchkis setup
  89. New Tune.. New #'s...
  90. Guess what I did today?
  91. Am I THe Only Guy From Frozen North ?
  92. How Do You Bleed Clutch Line?
  93. Hre's 4 Sale
  94. Runflat hydroplane from hell, my CTS-V is dead :(
  95. PM's
  96. Anyone get this in the rain as well?
  97. Can cags somehow effect reverse lockout in any way?
  98. Autovation pedal heelplate installation?
  99. Delay in redesign of V vs. CTS
  100. 06 V update
  101. Can someone please run a Carfax for me?
  102. Looking for the these wheel specs? HAVE PIC
  103. New Year-New Kill
  104. Happy 2006
  105. Heres something to think about
  106. Rear Diff' gone again
  107. 4th gen Mustang
  108. "Piston Slap" ...... say it is'nt so!!
  109. What BRAND TIRES are on the 06 V?
  110. Join the M3 Forums!
  111. Selling my V
  112. Just raced a C5
  113. YaaaaHoooo... The "GORILLA" in my trunk is gone!!
  114. suggested tire pressure for bridgestone s03 pole position?
  115. 471 RWHP 402 "Caddy-Cam" Motor
  116. Anyone have spare rear shocks (FE4)?
  117. Well, It Was Worth a Try
  118. Radiator Replaced 04 Cts V
  119. 2004 "V"..... Possibly The Rarest of them All!!
  120. Hot Rod Article feat Blitzer?
  121. need a quick answer...
  122. Best Summer Max Performance tire in the world!
  123. 06 v oil type?
  124. suggested tire pressure for s03's
  125. Drift Caddy
  126. Chrome OEM 6-spokes are on their way
  127. Question on K&N air filter
  128. Sell V with Mods or stock??
  129. when does clutch wear out?
  130. Goodyear Sucks!!!!
  131. WOW, what a Mod!! II
  132. New seats
  133. No. Calif Track Days - Who's signed up for what?
  134. What is up with our trunk open graphic on the NAV?
  135. Miami Body Shop
  136. Specter Werkes Bushings
  137. Is the LS2 always the same?
  138. Rear shocks that fix the wheel hop.... do they work?
  139. Sold the V and got...
  140. Performance Shock Absorbers poll
  141. Badges? We need some stinkin' badges!
  142. A&A Corvette Performance - Now a Supporting Vendor
  143. Help the FAQ: Vendor list
  144. new tars......
  145. Something must be done about CTSVett
  146. SLP Head and Cam
  147. Looking for a horn like this...anybody know where to get it?
  148. Headers for my Maganflow
  149. lasstss-RT Hiflow Cat ???
  150. CTS-V oil pan dimsensions
  151. Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Cradle Bushing Squeak.... OH MY!!
  152. Wheel hop question ... sorry.
  153. New noise fella's...need help.
  154. Chased by the cops and hit about twenty cars.....
  155. CAGS eliminator
  156. Why is there no mute/talk button in the V?
  157. Anyone on Eibach drop?
  158. Cadillac Owners Forum and Mercury Advertising
  159. Anyone have and high res widescreen V wallpaper?
  160. Buy a Katrina Damaged Cadillac?
  161. The FAQ shows a new GM Badge behind front wheel?
  162. BMW M3 Owner considering V
  163. Programmer for you guys
  164. Miami Meet?
  165. Anyone have any hosting space for a 140mb video clip of something race worthy?
  166. sold v got e55!
  167. Help with Tuning the V
  168. Might have spoken too soon
  169. Rear cradle bolt torque?
  170. Some fun for the HollyDaze
  171. Looking for a Closed Course Road Track
  172. Might get rid of my V! What should I ask?
  173. (2) G-Force T/A Tires for sale
  174. What did your V get for Xmas?
  175. F1 road force balance
  176. X-mas color sand, clay bar, buff, and wax
  177. should I go a size up from 245/45??
  178. Drilled Rotors...which way does the pattern go?
  179. front tire wear Q?
  180. Merry Christmas
  181. Mods for sale
  182. Gpod
  183. Been a long time!
  184. What happened to my Rear passenger side Seat belt!!
  185. LASSTSS (Marty Rear Carrier Update): Member Contributions
  186. V Birthday Cake
  187. GM buys my V back!
  188. X50 install Instructions?
  189. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  190. TR discontinuing MM's for the V
  191. Bushings TSB for '06
  192. Used Magnacharger? Anybody have one?
  193. new wheels on TR for the V
  194. Widening the Stock Wheels
  195. 2006 Steering wheel controls
  196. Need programing Help; lost driver remote-1 & key...
  197. Just got back from the Dealer. Quick Question.
  198. Any 05 v left in metro dc area?
  199. CTS-V Maggy Blowout special!
  200. Attn Escalade and CTS-V Owners! End of the year special!
  201. Katech Christmas schedule
  202. Nail removal/fix in runflats? Any quirks
  203. BMR Fabrication In Stock!!!!!
  204. 2006 CTS-V Hybrid
  205. CD-Rs don't play anymore!
  206. Speakers crackle (WTF?)
  207. Can you ever REALLY shut the heater/ac off?
  208. Slipping interior sunroof cover!
  209. Tweets in an hour
  210. Who is interested in 525 RWHP CTS-V
  211. Tire Review: Falken Azenis Rt-615
  212. Name Display
  213. Any options worth it?
  214. Stupid Question about the armrest?
  215. StealthV tune
  216. I saw a black ctsv with a batman sticker
  217. Must Have Features/Options for the 2007 CTS-V
  218. Come on someone run from this
  219. Quick question
  220. tail light lens..
  221. Any '04/05 V vs. '06 V skirmishes yet?
  222. Top Gear CTS-V Review
  223. Has Anyone Removed The NAV System
  224. Saw a new M5
  225. I-Pod Kit - Battery Draw?
  226. BMR Fabrication
  227. Tell me about Competition Mode
  228. Tire Pressure for Wintersport M3s
  229. 1ST Problem With my "V"
  230. Spark plugs? Gap? with magnacharger
  231. Who did I meet at Captree?? (Pics)
  232. Maggies get 90mm TB opening
  233. S2KCA or Track Masters?
  234. Volant Needs a CTS-V in California
  235. The V is back at the Service Dept.
  236. Video out on Factory NAV to Headrest Monitors....
  237. CTS-V Radiator replaced
  238. hood update
  239. Any V owners in Palm Beach County FL
  240. I hate to do this - 265s on the front question...
  241. NAV tracking on during track day at PIR
  242. WANTED -- mini spare tire
  243. XM Radio disappears
  244. Anybody able to confirm Dealer Invoice for a V???
  245. 2006 Cts V Black/black
  246. Illinois CTS-V owsners... Front plate or no?
  247. Fixed The "clunk"
  248. ls7 bare block part number
  249. "kitty" power of the V
  250. Dealer Drilled Plate Holes