: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Who's got A stock V?
  2. Would you do it again?
  3. 20" Forte Wheels 4 sale
  4. MD/DC/VA Folks - Kart Racing POSTPONED!!!!!
  5. Anyone have Eibach's for sale...anyone....anyone ??
  6. Goodbye Z06, Hello CTS-V
  7. Does the "V" have battery run down protection?
  8. First Day with new 06 V
  9. Specter Spoiler Installed Today
  10. Stolen from CTS forum.....new idea lasstss hood
  11. Warranty Lookup
  12. dts interior lites
  13. V getting a Makeover....DTS loaner *pics*
  14. Awsome dealer service!!!!!!
  15. Service Manuals Available?
  16. Installing Eibach Pro-Kit - any advice?
  17. rotate NON-run flat tires:diagon or f to back??
  18. Time for new tires
  19. What rpm is the best for blasting off on a 1/4 mile drag strip
  20. Nav system part number
  21. Got New Tranny today and have 5th grear back
  22. Spare Tire for the V - Thanks CadillacFAQ and Cadi Forums !
  23. Headlights suggested??
  24. UUC Installed Today
  25. 20" Foose Speedsters with Falkens! Want them!
  26. Coke on the V!
  27. Geez, another Tire Post
  28. SoCal V Meet at Caddy Test Drive Event
  29. Service Bulletins
  30. B&B Cat Back Installed
  31. So, what kind of specials do YOU want from me?
  32. no pm until 50 posts
  33. What is the phone # for Stealth Engineering????
  34. Jongbloed rim for V available soon
  35. USED Borla cat-back for sale $590 shipped
  36. More performance gone need NC Mechanic
  37. Those of you with Ultimate Pedals
  38. No Private Messagaes until 50 posts? CTSVLS6
  39. 1st to 3rd
  40. Radar Detector
  41. Weld Rims for a CTS-V
  42. Leather from CTS-V
  43. Directions to Lindsay
  44. Holy crap, they must be standing around in the factory
  45. Satellite Radio Issue
  46. 2.8 + Volant + StealthV
  47. Getting my second v
  48. Best price on a new 06 V?
  49. center channel size?
  50. Socal Chrome Rims?
  51. test drove rs6 + c55 + srt-8 300
  52. Any good Shops in san diego that work on Vs
  53. Part of the club...Didn't think it would happen!
  54. will the 6 lug viper wheel fit on the V
  55. What's the hot poop on the GC spring kit!
  56. FS: B&B Tri-Y Headers w/ Gutted Cats
  57. Falken AZENIS RT-615 availability....
  58. Baby-V is baaaaaaaack!
  59. Forgeline 3 piece wheels & Tires 4 sale
  60. help please
  61. Can NAV Play Video Files?
  62. orlando area installers
  63. Installation Costs?!?!?
  64. Tire pressure cost?
  65. 2005 vs 2006
  66. Wider stock wheel replicas??
  67. SOCAL CTS and CTS-v meet: Sunday, February 19, 2006 11am
  68. Tail light treatment
  69. OnStar Diagnostics and the Black Box
  70. want to rent a track for a day????
  71. Help...what Tires Should I Buy???
  72. Radar detector install Question (not V1)
  73. would this work for our cars????
  74. Paint Touchup
  75. Any ideas why my speedo doesn't work?
  76. Help!!
  77. Report all diff problems
  78. Response from My Attorney Plase Read
  79. What's her name?
  80. Inviting all CTS-V Owners to Laguna Seca
  81. Lemon Laws
  82. 2006 CTS-V Pricing.....Help & Info Needed Please
  83. M5 really isn't all that
  84. Need Some Help with Photo cut and paste!
  85. Saw 3 Vs today
  86. I missed my car
  87. San Antonio V Mini Meet *pics*
  88. I Pod installed
  89. Need some help with insurance claim on both front tires...
  90. Where are you New Yorkers getting...
  91. How much does fuel matter?
  92. Tire storage question
  93. FINALLY test drove a 'V' and......
  95. Xlr V
  96. CTS-V Tuner in Bay Area NOCAL?
  97. I just got the new Diff . . .
  98. So so so so close!!!
  99. The V is gone...
  100. Why are my tires rubbing (fronts)
  101. I traded the 04 Silverado SS for an 04 V
  102. Anyone know where to get a dirt cheap 18" aftermarket wheel for the V?
  103. Verizon linked to OnStar!
  104. Thinking of Buying a V
  105. pics of v wcaddy optional wheels
  106. Back from the shop and these two front bumper clips are very loose..
  107. Dyno in Cleveland
  108. If you're serious about fixing the rear differential problems
  109. @ rand49er
  110. Successful Nav DVD backup / copy
  111. Why I love the V (the positive thread)!
  112. What colour for the grill?
  113. Awsum deal on a V.
  114. Cts-v Logo Shirts, Hats, Jackets And More
  115. UUC Yesterday, Dead Today?
  116. Installing Diablosport
  117. Clayed the V today...Pics
  118. top gear vid
  119. Why so much depreciation on the V, flame suit on
  120. gaskets
  121. Sold my CTSV for a Porsche 997
  122. LQQKING for stock LS6 head specs for my 2004 "V"...
  123. February Socal V meet- Official Thread
  124. OMG! Did anyone see consumers rating of the EMT F1 Supercar tires on Tirerack?
  125. Came across these tires on eBay
  126. Need help tonight!!
  127. I embarrassed my V today…
  128. hotchkis group buy--whats the deal??...
  129. 05 V for a great price
  130. Recall? What Recall...
  131. GM wheel hop bushings.
  132. Traffic Collision In My V Today
  133. Over-spray from paint touch up question!
  134. Strange Electrical Problem
  135. NJ V tuners?
  136. how much does the V pollute?
  137. Window won't roll back up after Dynamat job
  138. Removing Pcm
  139. Light? is that light at the end of that tunnel?
  140. NAV replaced,Comp Mode not working cant find TSB
  141. Tire Monitoring System Question
  142. GM VIN lookup
  143. Where to buy Toyo T1S?? 275-35-19
  144. 2006 DTS interior lighting
  145. The LAPD Feedback
  146. Thinking of buying CTS-V
  147. Reply to pietroraimondi:
  148. Goodyear Eagle F1 EMT P245/45 R18 For Sale
  149. CTS V or STS v8??
  150. Diff lube change at 8K
  151. Dealer Can't Get Xm Radio Into Nav>!!!
  152. hotchkis group buy--whats the deal??
  153. brake noise (not braking)
  154. V Wheels
  155. finally new tires
  156. Need help with Bose amp wires to aftermarket amps
  157. Decided not to use the B&B headers, FS
  158. Well everyone, I had to let her go today :(
  159. Forum woes??
  160. Goodbye Wheel Hop
  161. Did anyone take this V for a test drive?
  162. Camber
  163. Screw in tire
  164. new cts-v owner
  165. Who says they dont listen: Shift knob TSB
  166. Drifting the V
  167. Power tap
  168. just need door locks
  169. Synthetic Oil
  170. OC Vette Parade, Where's the V's? Socal Meet?
  171. 1800 Horsepower...
  172. The "clunk"
  173. Low Key Vs at DC Auto Show
  174. What problems should i look for?
  175. Nurburgring Video!!!!
  176. 2006 V Performance Parts
  177. First Kill
  178. 20K- V-day
  179. No more CTS V
  180. My V Has A Grinding Noise :(
  181. Dealer visit today...
  182. Need advice RAT ate my V
  183. Scratches on NAV screen...can it be replaced?
  184. Spoke with Ground Control today.....
  185. Photoshoot from today..
  186. V stuff for sale...
  187. DiabloSport Predator
  188. Stereo Upgrade Part 2 w/Pics
  189. More on Laminova cores in Maggies intercoolers
  190. New Hp Numbers For My V
  191. can't decide- porsche or cadillac
  192. Anyone run these on the road courses?
  193. Powertrain mod options
  194. Katech's CTS-V in popular hot rodding.....
  195. Is there any Colorado V's out there?
  196. 2006 Z06 500hp/500trq camshaft in a LS6 "V"...
  197. Coming Back. V style
  198. Mustang Has Wheelhop On Its Commercial!!!
  199. Calling Any Bay Area Maggies?
  200. Ground Control availability and...
  201. She's "gone"
  202. Pics of the Falken Azenis 615s on the car
  203. Final Call - Hotchkis Group Buy
  204. Three Kills! 3-0 for the V
  205. Katech valvecover group buy
  206. Where to get custom centercaps for 19" Bryal rims?
  207. Western Canada car Show!!!!
  208. Wheel Hop explained and some cures.
  209. Wood Trim Available for the V?
  210. Hey V owners.....Sorry, been busy. LOL
  211. Post subject: Just put 30 car lengths on a new Boxster S, & he WAS racing!
  212. Need new tires for the V....
  213. Boost Guage Q
  214. Lindsay
  215. Sound deadening Interior Tearout FAQ *pics*
  216. Marty, give us an Aussie update, please
  217. why??
  218. Automobile quality article on Money.CNN
  219. New Sponsor sayin Hello....and a little info on us!
  220. how much can our differential take???
  221. tip for finding great road 4 driving v
  222. highest g-meter reading-track?
  223. highest g-meter reading-street
  224. Hello- Header inquiry
  225. RE050 265/40/18s going on today...
  226. when do i chng diff fluid??
  227. Supporting members ????
  228. 2006 cts-v computer
  229. Conti tires - in case you're wondering too
  230. Latest CTS / CTSV TV Commercial
  231. Onstar feature...
  232. need a quick favor if someone has owner's manual handy...
  233. Bluetooth car kit for factory head unit integration?
  234. MD/DC/VA - Let's go go-kart racing!
  235. Tell me I did the right thing.........
  236. Diff Lube swap #4 *pic*
  237. I love Bellevue Cadillac!
  238. Getting ready to hit 20k miles..
  239. Found a trans and diff fix for mine!
  240. Third Kill Today!
  241. ready to pull the trigger
  242. City of Chicago says what?
  243. Looking for a good wax....
  244. Redline TimeAttack..Unleash the Vs!!!!
  245. Anyone have this happen??
  246. Ipod/Cell Phone Mount
  247. door lock covers wanted
  248. I've had enough!
  249. NYC/L.I. V owners....
  250. Warranty question...need help