: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. audi A3 almost killed me!
  2. Wildwhl Needs your help - a shock.
  3. RANT! - Relaint-K sprays oil!
  4. 2006 V 1/4 mile time (bone stock)
  5. Avons Off-Bridgestones On
  6. Hotchkiss Swaybar road/track evaluation.
  7. shocks
  8. CAI/free flow update or opinions?
  9. ++++ Reference SBONES!!!
  10. Broken GM Bushings
  11. CTS-V Newbie Questions (Technical Answers Preffered)
  12. Drag times for today
  13. Finished amps/speaker install, for now...
  14. long lost Eagle F1 Supercar EMT's
  15. Revisiting Fuel Rail Covers...
  16. Ground Control//Where are you??
  17. Differences between a dealer who cares and those that don't
  18. Keeping it UP....... GSD3's that is.....
  19. radiator seal cover
  20. Question on Emblems
  21. The New Car Pains
  22. Powder Coated Wheels Help!!!
  23. Torque spec for the engine cross bar?
  24. CAGS Eliminator
  25. Check This Out Looks Amazing!!!
  26. Kill Stories (Post all Kill stories here)
  27. V Kill Recommendation
  28. New guy! Whats up all? Great forum!
  29. West Chester,Pa area anyone?
  30. Save Up To $400.00 Through Sunday, April 9th!!!
  31. V Car Show?
  32. front end clunk Cured!
  33. The Next Big Thing, I Fear...
  34. sound of car...
  35. Engine Knocking
  36. Team Cadillac Visit with Andy and Ron
  37. A few Snaps of My Ride...
  38. Another dealer wheel damage story!
  39. Brake Pad install.....How hard?
  40. Worst CTS-V buying experience ever
  41. James @ Lindsay trades in V for a new baby...
  42. Buttonwillow this weekend anyone???
  43. RSA Runflats and G Meter
  44. lowering
  45. First gear pops out and it sounds terrible
  46. What's the final payout on the '05s?
  47. New Gs D3's Installed
  48. Top Gear review of CTS-V (video)
  49. Local GY Dealer says "no Deal" - Corporate GY says "Deal"
  50. Head/Cam on a daily driver...
  51. Got my Hotchkis GP swaybars today and toured Vivid Racing's facility!
  52. Cts Super V
  53. should have ONATRIO MEET
  54. S. Cal. V owner that recently had his diff. repair denied?
  55. Red or black Corvette Engine covers??
  56. Hotchkiss Swaybar Confirmation
  57. Stock wheels in San Fran Bay area
  58. Just got a New CTS V!
  59. For Sale in classifieds...
  60. NAV DVD Stolen Will Escalade DVD work?
  61. Redesigned CTS-V
  62. Diff update
  63. Sound deadening revisited, with a twist *4 pics*
  64. Super V surfaces!!!
  65. Attn: Long Tube Owners
  66. 2 Stock wheels for sale in DFW
  67. V badge and CTS script logo
  68. Arbitration Hearing on Tuesday. Quick question about GM bushings...
  69. pic from a cruise yesterday
  70. TSB Clutch Replacement?
  71. Another trip to the strip and .....
  72. Video sneak peak of the 2008 CTS/CTS-V anyone?
  73. So the V got it's first coats of Zaino, and it made me realize....
  74. Anyone want like new V brake pads...pay the shipping
  75. Urby, tell me the truth.
  76. Need some advice how to mod a leased V?
  77. CTS 'LED' brake light...
  78. V-Nob Rattle?
  79. TPS:Where can i get new ones for new rims and tires
  80. My V vs. Redneck "690" whp truck
  81. Well , went to the track last night..
  82. C6 Vette 400hp LS2 OWNED
  83. Shiftlight install test runs yield....
  84. StealthV tune installed!!!!
  85. Another Tire Settlement Story
  86. Anyone get a clear bra in MN,NE, or IA
  87. Clicking noise from engine-
  88. So I'm reading Hot Rod Magazine.....
  89. Do you need to register/pay for homelink to get your sunvisor to open your garage?
  90. Perminant Fix for Rear (not april fools joke)
  91. On the road again............
  92. XM disappeared... for a moment
  93. V shirts
  94. Just Installed Headers and Hearing Some Vibration?
  95. Cadillac CTS-V Series Apparel
  96. 04-05
  97. I'm comfortable with my sexuality
  98. Paul McCartney CTS
  99. Creaks/groans from interior plastic - fixes?
  100. The Faq Is Closed? What Happened?
  101. pop/bang from rear
  102. Pics of my 06 "V"
  103. Talk about a bad week......
  104. First Pics of the Extreme Composite new hood
  105. dealer wheel damage
  106. Top Ten Gay Cars.....
  107. Tell the truth...got V tude?
  108. Oil Usage?
  109. Quick question concerning differential
  110. Hey Mr. Lexus IS300, take a picture, it lasts longer.
  111. Jack pucks needed?
  112. C/D Editor of the Day Program: CTS-V trompts the M3
  113. FG2 shocks - review
  114. Need WW. spacers! where can i get em?
  115. Long beach event- Meet Andy Pilgrim
  116. New V Owner
  117. Specter Bushings + BMR Cross Bar = :)
  118. Tire Pressure Monitor with Non Run flat tires
  119. Micro Fiber deal
  120. Rear End Clunk
  121. Racers... any fix for discolored calipers??
  122. CTS-V owners opinions, please
  123. **Stereo Upgrade (Part 3)**
  124. Recalcitrant Trans
  125. Just Got My GM Bushings....
  126. TSB and Factory Warranty..
  127. New guy
  128. DS-G3's and not rotating...what to expect.
  129. Before Showing Off, Check Your Mirrors!
  130. More of the Super CTS V Powered by LS7 from Autoweek
  131. One Great Kill and One Funny Kill!
  132. Ahh.. Morning breakfast road kill with a Silver lining!
  133. Ash tray removal
  134. V written off with a test drive. Saleman seriously hurt
  135. 04 Raven for sale 393hp
  136. Carfax Please
  137. Fastest V
  138. Rumors may be true afterall
  139. Anyone looking for the sickest V around. SEMA Vehicle
  140. Velose and Dreamin at Laguna Seca
  141. What about Twin Turbos on a V???
  142. Custom "STOCK" wheels mounted (pics inside)
  143. Bought new tires even though I dont need new tires.
  144. How to remove rear seat for wildwhl mod???
  145. Anyone Ordered A New NAV Disk
  146. VA/MD/PA Owners - Autocross School in April
  147. What are the factory fan(s) on/off parameters?
  148. CTS Super V - Want more Power?
  149. SPEED World Challenge
  150. 06 owners, is is possible to program the steering wheel controls?
  151. g-tech pro times for V
  152. Does anyone in Phoenix need a set of brand new 255/40/18s Falken Azenis RT-615s?
  153. MethInjection FAQ....Nice!!!!!!
  154. Z06 @ Laguna Seca
  155. Can you adjust volume..?
  156. CTS-V Garage clean out
  157. Boss wheels - got any insights?
  158. What are the weak links in on the CTS-V
  159. Clunking and whining rear after Spectre bushing install
  160. rough idle
  161. Tires and a wheel...
  162. Light grey interior owners - floor mats
  163. Do your Wildwhl spacers clunk?
  164. Tubes Are Going In As We Speak!
  165. What Fluids Are In Your Engine?
  166. Warranty on US CTS=V imported into Canada?
  167. 20" Foose wheels on Ebay $500 no reserve
  168. Cai
  169. Stealth V !CAGS killed more than SKIP SHIFT
  170. GM program cars?
  171. hey all newb here, thinking of a cts-v
  172. V Drive
  173. Props to V in Temecula
  174. Paint Code?
  175. LS6 vs LS2
  176. Good Deal??
  177. Eibach & 255's in the front???
  178. Selling my 20" Asanti Wheels and Nitto Tires
  179. Ran the V at the track today, 12.39@116mph
  180. WD40 on wheels for brake dust?
  181. MD,VA,PA Events
  182. Taking Delivery on 2006 V
  183. How to remove the cadillac emblem from the grill?
  184. Hoods and wings and suspension
  185. List of Official 2007 Changes
  186. Check your fluids!!
  187. Foose 20" Wheels with BFG's For sale
  188. Torsen T2-R differential?
  189. Thanks for the $1,286 credit Goodyear.
  190. My CTS-V featured on SVC website
  191. Tire rotation question
  192. Getting the dealer to install the latest ECM firmware...
  193. Be Proud - CTS-V @ Trackday Summit Point FATT
  194. If you maggied your V
  195. Paging wildwhl
  196. relocated fuse box
  197. First kill. Well, he sort of chickened out.
  198. Want to Buy some Floor Mats
  199. AutoVation CTS/CTS-V Racing Pedal Install Pics...
  200. Velocity Stack on order.....
  201. Good Guys Car Show - Pleasanton, CA - March 25th
  202. Line Lock for a CTS-V
  203. Time to sing the praises of UUC
  204. 18" Wide Wheels
  205. Parkers V on the Road ??
  206. FREE Kooks Long Tube Headers with Magnuson Supercharger Purchase!
  207. CTS Super V?
  208. Can someone run a VIN for me?
  209. Movies While Driving?
  210. semi-urgent install question
  211. What's your biggest V-OCD
  212. Cadillac Considers Super "V" Series!!!
  213. Tire warranty deal GSD3's good deal? and do you like em?
  214. Throttle BODY Stop MOD......Free up a few extra H.P. !!!
  215. 05/06 differential swap?
  216. Looking for stock lower billet grille
  217. Tracking the car, anyone install a harness?
  218. Part # for driving lights(bulb)
  219. What Tire Pressure are you running?
  220. pic of my 06 cts-v
  221. ls6 vs ls2 model rear subframes
  222. 18's vs 19's
  223. V Alignment
  224. V on the Prowl
  225. Found Out Something Interesting About The NAV
  226. V-1 Install Question
  227. FYI: For those wanting RT Cats.....
  228. Stainless Steel Brake Lines Feedback...
  229. I'm getting a 06 in the morning!
  230. Whoever's had the new TSB Clutch installed...Step Inside
  231. Respectable or dispicable
  232. 275/40/18 tires fit on the rear?
  233. Got Stone Chips?????
  234. Problem with UUC?
  235. Spare tire idea
  236. Lug Nut Covers??
  237. Need shop recommendations in Houston
  238. I had the stangest dream last night......
  239. Bang noise from rearend, and "no" its not the parade clunk.
  240. My 2 kills today
  241. Clear Bra...Where Can I Get One?
  242. LS2 and/or LS7 Corvette Clutch/Fly/Plate
  243. FG2 Group Buy - any interest?
  244. wildwhl spacers needed...
  245. Odd problem-paint at rear center light...
  246. Anyone had a nav disc get stuck in the player?
  247. O-ring cracked on TP sensor. Replace O-ring??
  248. How Much HP Can LSx SB Handle?
  249. Posted this on m3 forum.com - Should I sell my Caddy and buy an M3?
  250. B&M and Bushings