: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

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  2. The Cadillac Corral returns to the Long Beach Grand Prix April 21, 2013 (EARLY REG!!)
  3. Ticking from the front of the motor...
  4. Help! Stripped Motor Mount Bolt!
  5. Plastidip gone horribly wrong
  6. Center counsel removal
  7. The engine has developed a knock
  8. Best bang for your buck?
  9. Steering wheel shims to move wheel closer to seat?
  10. Help ID old shift lever
  11. Rev shift trans mount insert installed
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  13. 2005 cts v...need a mechanic in the bay area
  14. Cruise control inop
  15. C6 LG Motorsports Knob on 04 CTS-V
  16. I have the service manuals
  17. 2004 CTS-V - Bought 4 months ago, what first?
  18. Time to move on after 5 years of ownership...
  19. 2014 Cadillac CTS Launch
  20. Tulip Time Rally
  21. Force balance or not?
  22. just picked up a 2005 cts v with 92k, i have questions...
  23. Can I search the forum for CTS-V shifter help ?
  24. Do I need new front shocks/struts???
  25. Service Air Bag?? What the hell?
  26. 10 minutes you won't regret...
  27. tire pressure
  28. Got Her Out. Woo Hoo! Except for one little disappointment.
  29. Greetings, coolant leak question???
  30. P0300
  31. do you know someone who can make this fog light
  32. brake pads
  33. Rims, meets, shows, rants. (My V this weekend) Sup?
  34. My Differential is leaking
  35. RPM Transmission
  36. oil pressure sensor location
  37. sunroof adjustment?
  38. I bought one!
  39. Would original rear prevent you from buying an 04/05?
  40. What's this winding noise?
  41. Need information from those who have done repairs before
  42. 2006 CTS-V wiper relay? Possibly something else.
  43. 04 CTS-V missing shifter pivot ball holder/housing
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  45. went from run-flats to std. tires, now car feels very funny
  47. I'm in the middle of a differential oil swap and need some advice!
  48. DFW RoadRally!
  49. To all those who said they were "in" on the Clear Fogs group buy
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  51. Cleaner for suede
  52. Anyone in SE Michigan want to swap taillights?
  53. Windshield replacement.....cost/reputable places in long island?
  54. Windshield replacement.....cost/reputable places in long island?
  55. Cadillac Challenge Round 2 (Next Week 3/24/13)
  56. Was Corsa Exhaust a dealer option in 05?
  57. Transmission toasted - Please help a new guy with advice!
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  59. Revshift
  60. Bad belt tensioner(s)?
  61. Curiosity I guess...
  62. Crank pulley part numbers
  63. Revshift forgot/canceled my order?
  64. Has anyone bought an aftermarket warranty?
  65. Hey you South Carolina V boys..
  66. This f*cking car...
  67. Harmonic Balancer question
  68. Free 2005 cts-v wiring diagrams.
  69. Optima battery
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  71. Lost a headlight washer cover... Where can I buy a replacement?!
  72. Colorado V in MA...
  73. New to CTS-V 2005 in Tokyo
  74. Loud bang/clunk in reverse
  75. Ready to go aftermarket nav unit
  76. Oscillating front end hum
  77. Engine hot ac off
  78. coolant issue and drifting
  79. Cruise control and other problems (also serves as an "I'm new" post)
  80. Replaced resonator with x pipe; not a fan with muffler delete
  81. New guy from NJ
  82. The Inevitable... I believe it's differential time. Advice please!
  83. Audible Vibration only in 6th
  84. Denver area V people AND new to Caddys
  85. Worn motor/transmission/etc. mount symptoms?
  86. 2013 Cadillac Challenge Round 1 Recap Video
  87. Lost 5th & 6th gear on the way to work this morning
  88. New to the CTS-V world.
  89. Ripped axle boot
  90. Who's got more miles?
  91. NOVA Meet
  92. "R" Compound Tire Sale for the month of March
  93. CTS-V Video Thread
  94. 120,000 miles
  95. Over-filling differential/capacity of differential?
  96. Strange vaccume leak
  97. New to me 2004 V
  98. Water Leak
  99. anyone need new front summer tires? ... in the chicago area?
  100. new CTSV owner
  101. new guy just had a 05 black V shipped to the north pole from Washington
  102. Drive shafts!?!?
  103. Stock shifter
  104. Looking for 2007 Bluetooth Solution
  105. Three flats in four months?
  106. Houston TX, cars and coffee
  107. I need a new TPMS sensor
  108. it's getting bad. I can't control myself
  109. Mustang Dyno Results
  110. Aluminum Radiator Sale Ending
  111. Trunk release fuse keeps blowing
  112. 06 CTS-V Navigation/Radio + Steering Wheels Controls
  113. question
  114. bay area V meet at c&c 3/2
  115. Anyone know any good body shops in Dallas,TX?
  116. Shifter Bezel
  117. loud chatter when engine shuts off.....
  118. Brake lights
  119. New to the V world
  120. Bushing help
  121. RevShift mounts installed...!
  122. How to re-install rear grab bar
  123. Changing the radio buttons
  124. 5 Lug Spacers
  125. Sold my V - How do I remove Nav and Garage opener history?
  126. Finding Wheels
  127. Driver side door lock dropped - Needs the bst locksmith
  128. Picked up the V on Vday
  129. bad radiator
  130. Hennessy's 1066 RWHP sled is for sale $350K
  131. tranny v 07
  132. Diecast
  133. So which Motor Mounts and Diff Bushings are the Consensus Go-To these days?
  134. D3 Competition Sedan ready to hit track this weekend!!
  135. Changing buttons on my Nav/Stereo. Want to clean inside of display glass
  136. Phoenix area Meet
  137. Clutch pedal wiring diagram...
  138. Broke my god&*n air cleaner holder
  139. Cure for your winter time blues - More CARNAGE!
  140. Group Buy Feeler: T56 Stage 2 Rebuild Kit
  141. Fan blade upgrade
  142. Hesitation?
  143. Is This Old News?
  144. Chevrolet's new SS what do you think/know so far?
  145. Looking to buy a CTSV 04-07, have questions...
  146. New Guy To Cadillacs
  147. really headlamp issue! Any help appreciated!
  148. Anyone ever try this approach to their audio setup?
  149. Bad ABS Sensor - Service Stability System?
  150. Would You buy it?
  151. Would you buy a V with over 100K miles?
  152. What are the factory ride height measurements?
  153. O2 sensor readings... whats normal?
  154. Stupid Check Engine Light!!!
  155. 4th Radiator replacment in 3 months, Am I missing something?
  156. Stock spark plug wires
  157. Hey guys new to this thread and wanted to let you know i have a 2005 cts v
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  159. One of a kind up for sale
  160. 05 CTS-V Starting Problems
  161. Headers with Cats Bolt On ?
  162. !! PISSED !! @ (RevShift)
  163. New options for Pedals
  164. What do you think?
  165. CTS nav not working!
  166. qustion regarding the steering column switches
  167. Callint thebigjimsho.....
  168. Info on stock nav screen ribbon cable pinouts
  169. 20s inch rims
  170. Need to find new drivers side head lamp and grille... Deer are the Devil's spawn
  171. Indy V meet - April 6, 2013 at 2 PM
  172. Newbie | 2006 CTS-V | Intro | Mod Help/Input/Suggestions!!
  173. Hello Everyone New CTS V owner here.....I have some ????? PLZ..
  174. Wrecked and Totaled 2005 CTS-V :(
  175. Exciting News - CORSA signs on as a Class Sponsor for the 2013 Cadillac Challenge
  176. RippyPartsDept: Clean out our PM box.
  177. Rear Seatback - Cloth Removal?
  178. This Sucks!
  179. AC belt off, Serpentine belt sliding forward????
  180. Sloppy shifter - what next?
  181. Hoppin on a Mustang!
  182. Driver's side outside rear view mirror
  183. Major guard / sunroof track
  184. 2004 cts-v
  185. Cadillac Meet @ Auto Club Speedway 2/23/13 (Season Opener for Cadillac Challenge)
  186. Very weird Reverse light issue, Input needed
  187. Hi
  189. 2005 Cadilla CTS-V with 90k DEALER IS ASKING 15k
  190. Obnoxiously loud noises coming from speakers weeks after Double Din install. HELP!
  191. Bose ausio system question
  192. Anybody use this brake kit yet??
  193. You Know It's Been a Long, Cold Winter When...
  194. Lost my XM radio??
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  196. Rear Cradle Parking Brake Cable
  197. Can you buy OEM replacement seat covers?
  198. Checking the engine mounts
  199. About how long will it take to change out stock shifter to aftermarket
  200. V owners in/near Michigan
  201. Cadillac's & Coffee Long Beach Gran Prix (Save the date!!!) - 4/21/13
  202. D2 Coilovers installed
  203. 1600hp+ = '13 Shelby GT500, '12 ZL1 & '06 CTS-V
  204. Broken Thermistor in my 2006 heated seat. Which one do I need? Where do I get one ?
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  206. Pros & Cons of Rolled Fenders
  207. N00b from AZ!
  208. Corvette water pump fitment in 04 CTS-V
  209. Loosing engine power while in 6th gear
  210. Dash lights are dim when auto headlights come on
  211. Throw out bearing #
  212. 05 exhaust
  213. Shifter Knob question
  214. Another Newbie Joins the Fold!
  215. Recommendations on Good Shops in the DC Area?
  216. Free S&H Coupon Code Offer - Cadillac Logo Merchandise, Floor Mats & Car Covers
  217. child car seat?
  218. Rand49er - Empty your inbox!!!
  219. Anybody ever replace the front wheel stud
  220. Group Buy Opportunity: McLeod RXT Twin-Disc 1000 HP Ceramic Clutch
  221. Would like to purchase a hand held tuner for performance gains
  222. Garage Door Opener
  223. Can never find a V1 when your ready
  224. 2005 cts-v
  225. Textralia Clutch Question
  226. Need specific advice
  227. Another Harmonic Balancer Bad
  228. The Official: What your DIC says?
  229. Personalized License Plate Names
  230. R1 VIC displays on DIC
  231. New vanity plate
  232. Ls6
  233. Dealership doing CKP and security setup on W4M tuned computer
  234. Engine mount replacement
  235. Widest Tires for 2005 CTS V with stock rims?
  236. Borrow harmonic balancer puller and installation tools in MD/DC area?
  237. Hello Everyone
  238. Do I have to change the brake rotors?
  239. Whats the best short shifter for 05 v
  240. Where can I get aftermarket headlights?
  241. Bicycle rack?
  242. Need Help with Wiring
  243. Buying a CTS-V within next week and have questions
  244. LS7 Clutch Install Question
  245. Winter Track Day - NJMP Thunderbolt (01/12/13) - $295
  246. POR-15 Undercoating Process
  247. shifter loose and clunks when put into gear
  248. Brake Pad Comparison
  249. Cel p0128
  250. Dealership install pricing?!